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Jordan Miller

New Live Community Features!

Invision Community’s new Live Community features offer an immersive, real-time experience for members. 

Clients on select standard plans now have access to live components that drastically change how their users engage within the forum section of their community. 

These live features are included in the new Smart Community section in the Admin Control Panel. When enabled, Live Community allows a community to track and display hot spots where members are most enthralled. 

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Admin Control Panel -> System -> Smart Community -> Features -> Live Community


Our Live Community components include:

  • Who’s viewing an area live
  • Who’s typing a response live

Who’s Viewing 

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Our new Who's Viewing feature shows a list of members who are viewing any area within the forums application.

Sound familiar? We previously created a "Recently Browsing" block that shows what members are viewing a topic, however that block was a snapshot over a small block of time. The new Who's Viewing feature shows a list of members who are viewing a topic (and when they leave) in the present moment. 

Who’s Typing

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We also implemented a live Who’s Typing feature. If you're quick, you’ll see a member typing a reply in real-time when formulating your own reply at the form located near the bottom of a content item.

These live community features can enhance your community by inspiring members to stay engaged within the community for longer, as well as feel connected to the other registered members. 

Whether you’re patiently waiting for a comment to come through because the reply form indicates a member/multiple members are typing, or gauging who’s viewing what in real-time, Invision Community’s new live features will elevate your community’s experience in the here and now.

No time like the present; that's why it's a gift! The Live Community features are available in our new version, 4.7.1. 


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