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  1. no need for real names at all. and the Austrians are crazy, 1984 creeping upon the people more and more.
  2. Perhaps I wasn't clear on that. Let me explain. Though I thought it was obvious. So.. here was one condition implied - if you understand English language then why you should translate it? As it is in my case. Though English is not my first language I would never translate it into to my language because it would only bring confusion.
    Thanks a lot for this, will sure come in handy when the time comes. However I got a question - will the member that was logged in into will notice that somebody was using his account. I mean like unread content disappearing or last visit date on profile card?
    Is this thing working on 4.4, anyone tested? is even such a mod necessary on ips 4.4?
  3. Sweet lets wait for the update 🙂
  4. I know it isn't but let's just say that in old days when I was selling LT translation only roughly 5% asked whether ACP was translated. People mostly care only about front-end and that's a fact which I'm stating from my past experience. Other translators are free to do what they desire.
  5. YES, my point exactly. I remember I was so fond of 3.4 version where almost every occurrence of the word was up for translation because in LT language the same word can be translated in few ways depending on the context or situation. One size fits all when it comes to translation should be strongly discouraged @Matt @bfarber
  6. @Matt @bfarber guys please take note. You did a real disservice with putting all translation in one pile. Please consider adding at least an option to filter admin / public / admin+public shared strings. That would make it so much better than what we have now. Nobody in their right mind would translate ACP which if I remember correctly from 3.4 days is like 2/3 of the whole suite while forums makes up about 1/3 or total strings.
  7. A mod was made for that, check it out on the Marketplace.
  8. I did that and believe me when I do a search for a string I translated a.k.a. I input a string in Lithuanian in the search and its was not found. Not listed on ALL or TRANSLATED tabs. And the string is a long one. Not 2-3 characters.
  9. This is bull**** why fix something that was not broken in the first place? Keep those strings separated like old times and save us the headache. Can't split strings reliably? Are you serious? They can make such a complex community suite, but can't handle strings? Sounds like a joke to me. Also another thing I noticed that when you search for strings - search doesn't look for TRANSLATED strings. That also worked fine in 3.4 days. What if I made a mistake during translation and now I have to know how it was in English before I find and fix the translation? Sadly translation process went downhill real good.
  10. Hi, I tried the demo and peeked at how translations are done and I have not been able to figure out how I should tell apart public translation strings from admin - which I will not be translating. On 3.4 we had it pretty straightforward: admin_blabla - where acp texts are and public_blabla - where public texts are now its all one big pile of text to translate, not cool. how can I tell apart which strings are which?
  11. Hope this gets updated for 4.4 if it does not work. Haven't tested it yet.
  12. I hope that this mod gets all the love it needs to work fully on IPS 4.4.1 🙂 this is a very useful mod. Thanks @teraßyte for keeping it alive!
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