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  1. Hi, suggestion is quite simple, when you visit main index page of the gallery where you see latest images right below categories - please add a LOAD MORE button so more image can be continuously loaded. Simple thing but was requested by many long-time users of my board.
  2. @Jordan Invision @Matt @Charles I need clarification. The translation and video converting service - will it be available to self-hosted clients?
  3. hi, since gamification deal was introduced I missed the ability to promote somebody based on how many points/awards (or particular award) a member has. will you consider adding that in the future?
  4. Absolutely agree. Leave a setting in ACP for users to decide.
  5. Watched it yesterday. I enjoyed it while laying on the beach 🙂 Good to hear some more in depth scenarios how achievements could be utilized. Smart Community also sounds interesting. Got an idea while listening to it. What if..? It can be set up to auto-translate english to other languages during the process of a news article import via RSS to Pages? For example you don't want to spend time manually adding news articles from english sources to your lets say german IPS website. So you set up the usual RSS feed import but the extra thing that happens the RSS text of english language gets auto-translated to german and then posted? It might still need to be checked manually if its properly translated I guess depending on how well the translation system works but it would save time copy-pasting into google translate etc. @Jordan Invision @Matt
  6. Maxxius

    What's new in 4.6.0?

    Congrats!! Well done everyone!
  7. Count me in. Forums got to use every trick and advantage known to man to gain advantage over all other sites 😄
  8. Yeah yeah I know it does, I'm calling for it to be a part of the core suite. 🙂
    Quite a number of my members tend to post status updates and quite often they turn into a big discussion. This valuable tool helps me transfer it into appropriate forum section. Highly recommended! Great work by @Adriano Faria as usual! 🙂
  9. a request as old as the time itself 😄
  10. I was indeed surprised when I saw that this is not a default core setting. Disabling reputation for offtopic forums seems like a reasonable idea. Thanks to Adriano he make a plugin. But it really should be a per forum setting: enable reputation yes/no. @Jordan Invision
  11. I also noticed that it is used as an unread content icon, which can be easily replaced and then as a spinner icons when browsing notifications/PM in head menu and in PM page when selecting different conversations. Strange thing I went to applications/core/data/javascript.xml and replaced all instances of icon-spinner2 ipsLoading_tinyIcon with fa fa-spinner fa-pulse fa-fw and recached the skin. However javascript created in uploads/javascript_global/root_framework file still contains the old code 🤔
  12. @Daniel F I know it was removed in 4.5. I'm sticking to 4.4 until IPS is well into the 4.6 branch like 4.6.5+ 😄
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