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  1. Hope you guys fix this again in 4.4.5
  2. I say leave Apple and it's iPhones in the dust. Why must everybody wait for some company which may end up NEVER doing that? I sincerely believe that you should go with Android which has a HUGE userbase. That would benefit IPS users NOW bring more profit NOW. I honestly can't think why you haven't done this yet. It's not like Apple has 98% of the users and 2% are Android ones..
  3. someone who made mods here before? why the secrecy? 😄
  4. hi, guys, I wonder do any of you know some sort of game release date calendar which can be imported to IPS calendar and have it continuously populate the calendar with newest information? I tried looking but did not find anything good.
  5. common guys, as you see there are some interested users, please one of you who knows how to make applications take this one on :)
  6. I kind of agree, awaiting how others will reply about this 🙂
  7. Hows it going with this arcade thing?
  8. @HeadStand Hi, is there a demo available of this app? Perhaps more screenshots can be added. I;m missing the visual part of it all. Does it make something like Discovery Streams available for placement in any page?
  9. This is real nice and all but I wonder is it possible to also show Latest articles before the stream? Can IPS be set up like that? I assume now you can set either Content Discovery as your homepage or Articles. Is there a way to have both these things on the same page? To drag all that content discovery as a block and save it?
  10. oh well. still this looks like a great mod to consider. thank you for your input in this topic. best regards, Adriano
  11. okay it's like halfway-there kind-of-thing. can this be improved in your opinion?
  12. @Adriano Faria isnt this mod what I'm talking about which you made? how is it different from what I ask for?
  13. I understand that it's a FORUM setting. I'm asking regardless. For communities that aren't big enough like mine is it possible to host both types under one roof (I mean under one forum).
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