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  1. Okay, I caught another bug this morning. In the notification that I received when somebody completed my quiz for some odd reason has inaccurate data - how many percent did the member got on a quiz. so far 8 members did the quiz, all of their scores were correct but the latest one - in notification says 100% but in leaderboard 57%. 😥
  2. oh sorry I mean can you provide the fix so that cheaters would not be placed in leaderboard
  3. Can you tell me how exactly you fixed this? Post what code needs to be changed or an updated file via PM?
  4. Nope, they indeed are saved in the leaderboard! You might have a bug. navigated to another tab in 2 seconds into the first question. save to leaderboard and is seen by the member who played and an admin user.
  5. @Adriano Faria Another important feature request. When viewing the Leaderboard you should somehow highlight those users who tried to cheat and moved away from the active tab and got disqualified. I mean at least an icon or something to indicate that a particular member tried to cheat and got owned and never finished the quiz. Because now if a member gets some answers right and cheats on a further question his stats still enter the leaderboard with correct answers taken into the total point amount. That is fine. BUT Cheaters should definitely be highlighted in their own way in the leaderboard.
  6. Yeah, lets hope they are not potats. 🥔
  7. Nice also quizz_answers_right_total - This quiz has %s questions, %s possible correct answers out of %s total answers. has the same problem. Also when I add the multiple right answer type of quiz I can literally submit such questions. Don't know if there actually should be a mechanism to indicate IDENTICAL answers which can be RIGHT and WRONG:
  8. @Adriano Faria I'm trying out this application right now and first thing I noticed when translating that this phrase can use more flexibility: quizz_questions_total - This quiz has %s questions. Instead you should make it like this - {# [1:question][?:questions]} Will post more suggestions as I figure this app out.
  9. hope the next update comes with a way to reduce which groups can see the Post to videos button under each post?
  10. I really like the plugins you made and I got really excited for this one. But I learned that thesportsdb.com does not have much detailed information on WWE wrestling events.
  11. @CodingJungle hello. I have a Keyword Tooltips question / feature suggestion. 🙂 Can it be done so that in ONE POST if the same keyword is used multiple times would be highlighted only once?
  12. any chance fix can be shared at least in a manner of a silent update or code or hook for 4.4?
  13. Understandable, IPS, please fix it 🙂 @bfarber
  14. Oh please don't leave 4.4 behind!
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