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  1. @Meddysong oh you traveled a lot , nice 🙂 I've read your site some time ago , now I remember. @Sonya* wow you know the right thing to ask 😄
  2. Yeah.. I have little hope for IPS 4, I'm just trying to get the attention so it would be addressed in IPS 5 at least. Because if you'd bring it up when IPS 5 is released then you can wait for many more versions. At the time I'm strongly thinking about using abbreviations for such words and be done with it. How did you worked around these limitations? Anything out of the ordinary that gave you good results @Meddysong? I see you know a bit about my language. Are you also from the same country?
  3. Another one: __indefart_blog_entry In one instance it should be translated as blogo įrašą and it sounds good when the sentence is like Somebody reacted to blog entry. But when you are mentioned in the comments of the blog entry when you get a notification it should say blogo įraše. and instead you can only have blogo įrašą and in that context it makes you look like you made a completely childish mistake when you made the translation 😄
  4. hi, I have had to set up custom stream filter for myself to exclude ONE forum I dont want to see topics from and I end up with a monstrosity every time I go to unread content. Just where the red arrow points imagine 15-20 lines of text listing every available from except for the one I blocked in custom filter. That's bad. Thankfully AllAstronauts made a hook to truncate all that after 3 lines of text and a button read more to reveal everything else. Does IPS really have to display all of that? What if I had even more forum sections? Can a spoiler or show more link be added here to reveal the full list of forums the content is gathered from? It looks ridiculous. Thank you.
  5. hi, some time ago I made a suggestion about your website - IPS and its section - Release notes via ticket, but I guess it didn't make it so I go again here 🙂 https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/ Its a fine page to track all the changes, I love it. But it misses one vital user experience enriching function. When you for example scroll down some more and you click on for example on Released 04/11/2017 The information loads but you have to manually scroll back up to see it. That is not a good user experience. IMHO whenever a tab with a version is clicked you have to be automatically scrolled back up to the top automatically so you can see what was done in that version. 🙂 hope you come up with a fix, share it on https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/suite-applications/pages/recreating-the-release-notes-section/introduction-r101/ so I can make one myself 🙂
  6. hi, here's one instance where you can't translate accurately from english to my language (or I assume to some other languages too). There is this string user_own_activity_item which sets this string %2$s posted %1$s. In english its all good. you can post an image you can post a forum post, you can post a comment. But in my language you can only: you can post (patalpinti) an image you can post (parašyti) a forum post you can (pakomentuoti) post a comment. each activity has its own word best suited for it. something similar like that was attempted since there is also this string album_user_own_activity_item - %2$s added images to %1$s in but its not enough. The same goes for the dreaded create a database where you need to enter: Singular Lowercase Noun Plural Lowercase Noun Singular Capitalized Noun Plural Capitalized Noun Indefinite Article which is a good attempt at letting us localize it but still its not enough first thing that stands out is that when you view somebody's activity on their profile page and you get to Articles. Word strings look like that: module__cms_records1 (good) content_db_lang_su_1_pl (good) content_record_comments_title_1_pl (bad) because it takes Singular Capitalized Noun + adds the translation of word comments. Thing is that Singular Capitalized Noun does not go well here while it goes good in other areas. And none of the 5 nouns that we can input when creating a database matches the word which should be in content_record_comments_title_1_pl we need a 6th string. I will post back in this topic when I see or remember anything else related to the difficulties translating IPS.
  7. Nicely done and very well organized, one of the nicest I ever seen. wow, that one blew me away, so much attention to detail, everything is kind of perfect. definately one of the best IPS sites if I ever saw one. great job.
  8. Hi, I'm a big fan of this imageproxy thing which downloads and servers external images making sure images don't go blank when original source gets deleted over time. but it has its problems about which I want to talk and hopefully inspire the team to address those issues. 1. ability to exclude URLs from having imageproxy mechanism touch those images. for example if built-in Giphy images are used and they weigh a lot it eats a lot of storage space. I doubt that giphy will go away anytime soon so I would prefer their gifs not to be cached. + the same goes for other instances like gamercards in signatures for example this image is dynamic it gets updated every day but once imageproxy gets it does not update anymore. 2. when imageproxy is turned on when you click on cached images - they no longer open in a lightbox and open in a new window tab instead. I went back and forth about this in ticket #39054 to no avail. I grew tired of it all and gave up on the conversation. If somebody else from the staff would read that ticket to the very end give their opinion of what was said I'd like to hear why this cant be done. and why images are saved full size (which is actually good) but ips staff referres to them as thumbnails.
  9. @Daniel F I know of the plugin and other workarounds but that should be included as a core feature by IPS. That's why I'm suggesting it.
  10. Hi, I hope you can introduce this level of customization soon which allows people to customize the sidebar blocks on the forum and topic pages per forum. That would show one set blocks in Forum A and another set of blocks in Forum B. That's the rough idea, the more flexibility to use different set of blocks under more unique circumstances throughout the suite the better.
  11. happy new year guys 🙂 let the 2020 be the year when forums make their real comeback 😄
  12. The only thing that could help here might be some sort of instant google translation or just add a button somewhere which you click on and the threadstarter info/description text gets translated automaticaly. I dont see how else can this be done.
  13. It is a very small plugin with up to less than 50 phrases on the frontend. You can spend 30 minutes and make a perfect translation. 🙂
  14. @MIXOH I'm sorry you got health problems, but buying this mod I had expectations that I will receive a function that I'm after. That a member who can't access a certain reaction will see this reaction awarded to his or other peoples' posts/articles/statuses/whatever. When do you plan to fix it?
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