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  1. Here is my suggestion below. Please make something of it. I'm a bit tired of seeing blurry avatars in a number of my members. 😞
  2. Maxxius

    Group Mention

    @Aldro was your problem fixed which you reported above?
  3. thanks for your perspective @Morrigan I tend to believe that things change and IPS will come around on that idea too one day 🙂
  4. Yeah, I know of these plugins, but I'm afraid I don't feel comfortable with letting a 3rd party get involved with such a complex (imho) feature. I'd feel much better if that was a core feature developed and supported by IPS themselves.
  5. Hello, thanks for keeping this mod alive. 🙂 I tried this mod, worked pretty well but for some reason it used english locale instead of my native (while IPS itself uses my native translated locale without problems). Any way to override it so my defined locale would be used?
  6. @Fosters anything to the @ahc comment above me? I'm thinking about this mod but it does not show me any good faith when you don't comment on issues for weeks...
  7. I second that, having a core feature to send news as notifications to members using various filters much like BULK MAIL does. it would be great if we could send short messages as notifications to members. even having some sort of analytics how many members viewed the notification or click on it would be nice. @Jordan Invision
  8. Sadly yes. I guess we need a new mod for this function.
  9. Tagging @Jordan Invision to evaluate this suggestion and perhaps, pass it on. Showing updated files in a new content stream is a bit different from Send me version updates function. It's not a notification. That's the main difference.
  10. And your plugin sadly does not work anymore on 4.5 😞
  11. Well yeah, but don't you think this should be a core feature?
  12. @Jordan Invision making sure this doesn't get lost too 🙂
  13. Back in 4.4 days I made this topic and @All Astronauts made a fine plugin to handle this. Today I'm working on a clients' forum and I bump into this inconvenience again. Please read more about it here: Since the EXPAND POST feature is now available with QUOTES and whatnot I strongly suggest that you make this work in new content stream page. My client also has tens and tens of forums and if you make a custom stream you get many lines of USELESS text where posts are shown from. This either needs to be truncated or made into a popup window which then load up all the forums if clicked. @Jordan Invision buddy, I hope you deliver this feature and it makes its debut at 4.6 🙂 @Matt tagging you for obvious reasons too 🙂
  14. Maxxius

    Clear Cache

    seems like you are also not updating this plugin. Can somebody take this over?
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