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  1. was this ever addressed so that a batch of emails would not be send when somebody visits forum homepage, but rather batches of emails be sent every x seconds or something. because last time it took me like 3-4 weeks to send out a newsletter to 36k of people. please can anyone point me in the right direction to have these emails sent out more quicker?
  2. that's just a too much of an unlikely thing to happen. leave it as it is.
  3. ok while we wait can something like that be done manually? I mean I download via ftp all the original images from ips gallery. batch run them myself to decrease their size and resolution/perhaps change the format and upload them back overwriting the original files. and repeat every few months. would that be doable and worth doing?
  4. I did not know this was an issue, but I truly believe there must be some way around this. Gallery can become such a space waster...
  5. I have read about it but honestly I have no idea how it can benefit me. In what circumstances I could for example take advantage of the REST API? I'm running a community for 13 years now and when it come to API stuff I'm clueless.
  6. This is what I would second to. A Truly nice function. I imagine it could work as The Old Man described - when news are scraped from rss feeds and put on ip.pages database and left there as a draft whereas I come as an admin, review the draft / make some changes and simply publish it then. That would save hours of work doing the initial copy paste and make news driven forum owners very happy.
  7. just add more sites which are customized so we can get inspired when creating our own
  8. that is a great idea. hope you keep up adding more sites to it.
  9. Great changes! Very welcome! Just answer this thing. Is there a way to impose a limit of max. resolution of an uploaded image? I mean I do not want people uploading 5000x4000 or similar size images and eating up the space. Would be awesome if it would be possible to set a maximum 1500x1200 limit and uploaded pictures being bigger than that would be automatically resized. And that it would work the same retroactively with all currently uploaded images. Like a rebuild. ?
  10. it was released days ago. 4.2.3 is online.
  11. sorry for perhaps sounding a bit dull but isn't this function already handled by following topics, etc. ?
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