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  1. You would need the CSRF key in the URL, but otherwise yes it's doable. Would you kindly provide an example.how could I obtain that key?
  2. Please would you be up for doing IPS community a big favor and updating this mod 🙂 It can be paid even, I don't care. I just need the working version of this mod! Please hear me teraßyte 😄
  3. amen brother: 1. We could get the option to create a new icon folder and assign that folder in our themes acp to that theme how is this not possible yet I don't understand.
  4. Not particularly useful in my case, but I'm glad more things are made into the suite. 🙂 and Viber!
  5. I wonder does an easy way exist in 4.4 to change a skin via url. perhaps a link to change skin directly can be added via menu manager?
  6. @Matt on the same not here is how Invision newsletters look like on Xperia Z3 Android Gmail app. I don't think that's normal.
  7. I second both of these suggestions. Hopefully shouldn't be hard to do, at least the second one. Especially this one When removing a manually added member from a subscription there can be a checkbox whether to move him to the original group he was in. @AlexWebsites perhaps you had a plugin made for those tasks?
  8. @MIXOH hey that's right, I justd tested it and it does not work like that. I need members who cannot access the reaction to see they got a reaction they cannot use to make them em jealous. please fix that.
  9. This is great, I will add a number of feeds of news websites and it will make my news articles even more quicker to be added. Right now I had to resort to importing to a hidden forum which I read and promote to articles these posts that I liked. Very good decision indeed. RSS is far away from being dead.
  10. Mark my words, we will get a Dark Mode default skin and Dark ACP skin too 🙂
  11. alright, I stand corrected 🙂 sorry Fosters.
  12. Looks nice, but I'm completely satisfied with the current ACP theme. 🙂
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