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  1. Maxxius

    What's new in 4.6.0?

    Congrats!! Well done everyone!
  2. Count me in. Forums got to use every trick and advantage known to man to gain advantage over all other sites ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. Yeah yeah I know it does, I'm calling for it to be a part of the core suite. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Quite a number of my members tend to post status updates and quite often they turn into a big discussion. This valuable tool helps me transfer it into appropriate forum section. Highly recommended! Great work by @Adriano Faria as usual! ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. a request as old as the time itself ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. I was indeed surprised when I saw that this is not a default core setting. Disabling reputation for offtopic forums seems like a reasonable idea. Thanks to Adriano he make a plugin. But it really should be a per forum setting: enable reputation yes/no. @Jordan Invision
  6. I also noticed that it is used as an unread content icon, which can be easily replaced and then as a spinner icons when browsing notifications/PM in head menu and in PM page when selecting different conversations. Strange thing I went to applications/core/data/javascript.xml and replaced all instances of icon-spinner2 ipsLoading_tinyIcon with fa fa-spinner fa-pulse fa-fw and recached the skin. However javascript created in uploads/javascript_global/root_framework file still contains the old code ๐Ÿค”
  7. @Daniel F I know it was removed in 4.5. I'm sticking to 4.4 until IPS is well into the 4.6 branch like 4.6.5+ ๐Ÿ˜„
  8. @AdlagoI wonder how could we completely remove the icomoon from IPS 4.4 version? Where that font is it used exactly?
  9. Showing not exact amount in hovercard makes no sense.
  10. @Fosters when you will fix this mod? It's completely not functional. Own up to your products! You charge money and all you do is ignore these bug reports, you don't communicate as to when these will be fixed. No accountability on your part whatsoever. @Jordan Invision is IPS fine with having developers with this kind of work ethic on its marketplace?
  11. Forgot to tag you guys @Jordan Invision @Matt ๐Ÿ˜„ as usual
  12. There were many many times when I was writing and sending PM messages when the member has left the chat long since. And you dont get a notification, you dont get a clear message that you're the only man left in the room so to speak. You have to scroll to the top and check the status in member is still participating. So what if you make this inside the PM conversation window to indicate changes to the conversation, like new member added, a member left and so on. Just like in topics.
  13. Yeah, I know that it's not possible to log in with various social websites to IPS, but this method is a bit different as I understand. You can learn more about it here: https://developers.google.com/identity/gsi/web and here https://developers.google.com/identity/gsi/web/guides/overview
  14. Probably the biggest advancement in Single Sign In seems to me to be the ability for everyone who are logged in to their Google accounts is to display the Use FORUM NAME with Google popup - as Reddit and Pinterest do. @Jordan Invision @Matt
  15. Why not just leave it in? It's already built in. Why we can't have both? Just make it turned off as default for new installations. Why it can't be that simple?
  16. 1. Tools menu can't be installed on ACP marketplace since its compatible only with 4.3... Had to download 4.3 version and try my luck. However after installing I got to click on the reported member option just to find out it brought me to mod CP and there is nothing related to reported members. 2. But the menu in the ModCP should work as long as the moderator has permissions to view reports. - I'm the ADMIN and I see NOTHING. Lastly I renamed the file I got to see the ModCP tab for reported members, but then this happened You need to fix this.
  17. This one is buggy and does not work at the moment.
  18. I second that. Why is this not fixed yet???
  19. Hello, @opentype I'd like to know can anything be done so Latest blog images would not be served as a full size image? I was checking out the demo but having heavy images will not do well the eyes of search engines.
  20. @Jordan Invision I know I made a screenshot and I can't locate it now to save my life. But I fabricated one to look exactly what I saw. A word just gets cut off just like that on notifications that have long texts. Devs can easily verify it it's the case without my legit screenshot. It would be nice if it just said meani...
  21. I just noticed that my site was affected by it after God know how many months. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
  22. Hi guys, I'm having this question and I can't seem to make a decision should or shouldn't I use non latin characters in URLS? I mean I watched a google video saying that search engines pretty much dont care if links are like: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/504-dฤ—vฤ™lopฤ—r-ฤonnectฤฏon But how is it in real life? For example wordpress makes the transliteration to ascii characters. always. I looked at sitemaps of the biggest news sites in my country and all of their links are transliterated to ascii characters. If it makes no difference then why they do that? why wordpress does that? I get one reason why - perhaps sharing URLs in social media and elsewhere becomes a bit of a nightmare - since you get %E3%82%A2-like characters all over the place. But besides is that cosmetic issue is the only one? Can't seem to make my mind up. What caused IPS to make a decision to leave UTF8 characters intact while wordpress transliterated them?
  23. Currently on my 4.4.10 board twitch embed don't work and look like this. I know it was fixed on 4.5, but I will not upgrade to it anytime soon.
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