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  1. Hello, it has been awhile but today I got to testing that code. It actually worked but there's a few quirks. For example if I set window.scrollTo( 0, 440 ); which would scroll the right amount to the start of the version changes text on a desktop. But if you are on a mobile - this begins to miss the correct height because of different layout. also another thing is when you first access the page it also scrolls down to the set height automatically without pressing on any version. That's not cool unless you use scrollTo (0,0). Do you believe there is a way to take advantage o
  2. Let this serve as a suggestion.
  3. I'm revisiting old news but I'd like to reiterate that perhaps self-integration tasks (I mean within the IPS itself and not including zapier) should be a thing. Pretty much something like the rules app which comes up quite often when zapier integration is discussed. Please consider trying to add something similar in future version of IPS software which would allow such things like user described one post above me. Now that could bring things to a whole new level. 🙂
  4. Yeah exactly like you said. like like google has goo.gl or youtu.be (but mines 3 letters just like bit.ly) Well what's the difference bit.ly or tib.ly for example? they are not the core domain so how could it hurt seowise?
  5. I have a short version of my own forum domain. I wonder if I can set it up somehow so that domain can be used for automatic shortening of links posted on social media and so on?
  6. same like you, it's my passion project. I had mine for 14.5 years now. In its heyday it was the most popular thing in its niche in my country. Back in the day I earned a lot of money with it but not much since 2015 when FB took over and I got lazy and did not update the forum and stayed on 3.4. last year I made the big upgrade, slowly regaining traffic and member activity and I earn nothing. I spent 4 months almost every day upgrading it, planning it, working on it and so on and I have not earned anything substantial back. and its not a problem. I just love having a place where people mee
  7. I have this strange error - your mod saying that there is not data. But the game profile on gamebomb exists. Can you check on your end if these games pull up the information successfully and store it in the topic? https://www.giantbomb.com/beyond-blue/3030-68994/ https://www.giantbomb.com/etherborn/3030-62353/ https://www.giantbomb.com/outriders/3030-73726/
  8. @Morrigan but did you try pasting a few videos one after another? Like paste youtube link, enter, paste link, enter a few times and see the window become bigger?
  9. Hey guys I caught a nasty bug in 4.4 and saw that it made its way into 4.5. Happens on firefox and chrome. when in quick post reply window you paste one youtube link and it gets a preview, then paste another wait and then another and with each instance the window will deform and go long downwards. See the screenshot. And please tell how can it be fixed in old version too. 🙂
  10. hi, got an email saying this, is it serious? What we as users need to do?
  11. Yeah seems like there's no proper way for it to work. I believe creating locked topics could serve as an announcement.
  12. Hey @Adriano Faria I wonder would you address this issue? This is a quite important aspect. What if somebody creates a quiz in two days? Other people probably will never see it on their feed.
  13. I'd love for such a thing to exist again. I've read a lot of nice things about Rules app, shame it had to end up that way. Lets hope IPS 5 brings us such automation because I believe for such a complicated feature IPS should be behind the wheel.
  14. What will happen with 4.4 which allows Facebook logins? https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2020/08/04/Introducing-graph-v8-marketing-api-v8 Should we be concerned?
  15. moviebuffs.movie redundant what about moviebuff.me ? 😄
  16. It needs to be improved, one giant thing being is the overall speed of the app. It takes awhile before it opens up. Much faster to open chrome and enter the url. 🙂 I'm positive guys at IPS will figure this out eventually. Tapatalk app has a decent speed so why not IPS app too? 🙂
  17. @Davyc I too noticed awhile back that your forum switched to other software. I felt sad that you made all this nice and tedious work and had decided to pull the plug 😞
  18. Absolutely @InvisionHQ , I can test right now. PM me.
  19. then you dont really need the answer, lol
  20. That is easy Morrigan, please look here https://ggames.com.br/downloads/ Now compare it to your forums. It wont be the same. Facebook also uses the same method of sticking which me and Sonya crave so much lol 😄
  21. though the sticky sidebar is not scrollable. if there is room for it to stick it sticks the top of the sidebar and it stays there until you scroll down enough for sidebar to reach the bottom of the page and only then you start scrolling thru the rest of the sidebar.
  22. I checked out and it seems google had a brainfart. it complained about an entry on calendar which was indexed back when I was running 3.4... I upgraded 8 months ago.. I guess this can be ignored.
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