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  1. Major annoyance with search

    Yes, member search is broken if going back. I have only tested "All content" and there is no issue.
  2. Major annoyance with search

    I cannot confirm step 4. I see search results as expected when click back on browser (Windows 7, Chrome).
  3. I would like to follow Invision Community Blog but cannot see a follow button.
  4. Please test search

    Well, when I open "More search options" and select Contain all of my search term words then I get OR by default? It is not logical. And if I select Contain any of my search term words then I get the same result. The option ist useless for me right now. Can I get AND results only using operator?
  5. Hi sonya, can you read the message I sent you?

  6. Please test search

    @Mark, the search containing ALL of my search term words stil does not work. E. g. this https://invisioncommunity.com/search/?&q=search paifhdsjföaf&sortby=relevancy I would expect that no results are delivered if I search for gibberish and would like all words to be found.
  7. Please test search

    Yes, it works. Seems that I missed something when testing. But another question, where the words that are not in the search are ignored and results do not respect ALL search terms is still there.
  8. Please test search

    It is either does not matter, if I search for "our picks" or for "our picks" + Search By Author and enter my name. I would expect that my entry to Our picks comes as first result:
  9. Please test search

    It does not matter whether I search for: our picks our picks sonya our picks pokemon blabla our picks The results are the same. Even if I choose "Contain all of my search term words" as search option. Intended?
  10. Please test search

    Will stemming feature work for English only?
  11. A lot of people DO have a non-fake Facebook account and do not want to create another one just to have anonymity with their private stuff. Creating another account is against Facebook rules and such accounts can be suspended: You will not create more than one personal account. (Rule 4.2 of Facebook’s terms)
  12. Another reason: Facebook is not anonym. There are a lot of things in our lives that we would not share with our real names. E. g. health, family planning etc. This part will never be covered by Facebook entirely, in all parts of our live.
  13. Search - Feedback on Survey

    Please, make the search faster for large boards. We have over 8 millions posts in board, lot of blog entries, images in gallery, millions of comments. We are using sphinx on 3.4 with no performance issue. Actually we cannot upgrage as the search on the test server with 4.2 takes over 2 minutes.
  14. There was a blog entry where usage of Tables has been explained. The images are gone and text is slightly outdated. Can you please add a new section in Developer Documentation with the updated blog entry and images? Thank you.
  15. Hi, I am trying to search in Developer Documentation on this site. I have "This Document" as search area, but the results come from news and forum. I cannot figure out, how to search through documentation only. Bug or handling error? Sonya