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  1. We live in very strange times in the whole world. I cannot imagine that we should follow social distancing and wear masks till vaccine is available. And what is if there another new virus? Is it how we will deal with it every time from now? This scares me. Especially I fear about future of my children. Will they be able to be social after a long time of lockdown? What does my 2-years old son think when I forbid him to contact another children on the playground. What does he learn from it? Other children are evil, bad or what? He is not able to understand what disease is. He is looking at me and ask "Why?" and cry then as he just would like to play with other children. My elder 4-years son starts to say he hates me as I cannot play the same way the other children have played with him. He is tired from this isolation and I cannot help him. I cannot replace contacts to other children. My mother heart breaks when I see how they suffer from the situation. πŸ˜₯
  2. Everything opens here, shops, restaurants, entertainment parks, zoo's. The borders will soon open, so that people can journey in July. However there is still no kindergarten. The children are still in lockdown. Now till September. Parents fear that there will be a usual seasonal flue wave in autumn and they will not able to differ between Corona and flue. So they will close kindergarten in October again. It's a disaster for working parents here. Unfortunately we have no lobby. People who do not have small children cannot understand our situation and say we should not yell. They say it's OK to lock up the children till vaccine is there (in a year or more). Children cannot follow social distancing, so they have no right on social life any more. For me it means working at night while children sleep and spend a whole day with children care. No pause. No fun. I am elreally exhausted.
  3. Social media sites die as well: Google Wave, Buzz, Plus, MyPlace, Yahoo Groups. This is normal. Nobody knows how many pure content websites were created a year or two ago and are offline today. Forums are like any other site. They come and they go. I do not see anything crucial to the forum here. Go to any old site directories and look them through. Many of the sites will be dead. Why? Social media, Google? Or just life? πŸ˜‰
  4. That's life. There are 200 million active sites in the world. Some of them were created years ago and some of them a day ago. Some of them have died (even Google Wave, Google Buzz and Google Plus) and some of them have grown. Like any offline business as well. Nothing specific to the web. πŸ™‚
  5. I assume you have to be IPS client (active client) to be able to renew it. It seems that your IPS license is expired.
  6. I wish there will be not only credit card. Something like this: Acquire a free trial version Collect the data for future invoice Invoice is automatically generated when free trial is over The customer is free to pay or abandon Is it possible with the feature?
  7. little confused...on the developer page, says you are available...but your profile says you are not.
    Take it I should go by profile?

    1. Sonya*


      I am not available due Corona circus in our country and missing kindergarten now till September 😑

    2. David Stringer

      David Stringer

      How does that prevent you from working if you are talking though?

    3. David Stringer

      David Stringer

      my guess would be little children being too disruptive...

  8. Well, I see parents that suffer from severe pollen allergy every year. They have stay at home every year in spring, that's life. We will not dig out all plants to help them. I see parents that suffer from nuts allergy. They should care about what they buy and eat or they can die. But we will not abolish all food containing nuts to help them. I see parents that have immunodeficiency, they should pay attention to their contacts but we will not create a life-long shutdown to help them. I see old people that can die on flue. They should stay at home while there is a flue peak every year. Right? This is how this works years before. Why this is so different with corona? And right now I can see parents that are chronically ill (e. g. multiple sclerosis), working at home, doing homeschooling, making household, not allowed to take baby sitter or any other help. I see parents that had depression before pandemy, some of them now can be close to suicide without any help, any therapy and so on. Or I can see parents that need back or knees surgery but they have to live with their pain right now for indefinite period of time as this is not important enough now to be handled. The question is: who decides whose life is more valuable? The life of the people that can die on corona? Or life of parents that can die on depression? Or the life of the children that can develop social abnormalities for their lives? I am not a person who accept something that can be changed. It's just me πŸ˜‰ Sorry. Yes. Read above. Unfortunately there have been always people that had risk for anything. And they had to care about themselves. And is not selfish attitude of this risk group to say: please lock up every other including children for months? My private child care is over right now, so I have to stop the discussion for some days πŸ˜„
  9. You can "just pause". Parents with small children do not pause. Since 6 weeks till August and probably further. It is not like not being able to go to pub, or missing music concert or soccer stadium. You cannot compare it. There is no other group that is affected more. The parents cannot "just wait". They need solutions. They children cannot "just wait". They grow, right now. And the contact to other children is the basic need for all children otherwise it would have negative traces for their social behaviour and psychological health years after the pandemy. I do not fear any contact. I am not in risk group, my children are not in risk group. If I am infected I will survive to 99,9% according to stats, if not, then that's life. There are much more possibilities for me to die out there. But this is still not a reason for me to lock me and my children up at home. I do not see any high risk for myself right now. Not a single stats say me, me or my children would definitely die if we are infected. Unfortunately we cannot pause. And our children do not pause with their growth. No stand-by.
  10. It is just my kind of answer to the measures in our country. Can you provide any counter arguments to these absolute statements? ALL children are forbidden to play with each other since 6 weeks, the end is open ALL playgrounds are closed since 6 weeks, the end is open ALL parents in home office have to play at least two roles, children care (homeschooling) and work, 24 hours / 7 days ALL zoos are closed ALL swimming pools are closed ALL parents that cannot work (home office is not possible or the operation is closed) do not have their full salaries There is no even evidence that children are virus spreader. In opposite there are studies they are NOT https://academic.oup.com/cid/article/doi/10.1093/cid/ciaa424/5819060 You will find more if you would research. And you would not find any study that proves that children are in charge of the disease and should be locked up for months and years. In my eyes it is a shame, that people who do not affected by the pandemy do not prove the statements of governments and just follow the news. That they try to shut up those who are most affected in the situation. In our country the clinics are starting to move to short-time work as they have nothing to do. The politicians discuss about soccer games, Oktoberfest, opening of churches or car services. They ignore that there are parents who have not had any free minute since this pandemy starts. They ignore that children also have their rights. I am a person who IS affected trying to play home office and child care. And my children ARE affected not allowed to have contact to other children.
  11. This is what I see in the worldwide stats as well. Different measures, same stats. Norway, Sweden, Songapour. The curve declines after sometime. But if governments would admit it, they should also admit they were idiots and are ruining economy without reason. 😐
  12. I am not sure I speak the same language as they do. They say many words that belong to my language but all those words do not make any sense when put together
  13. Fair enough, don't know the background or the credentials of the participants. My comment was based on that that pretty much everyone has their own opinion and most often it is exactly that - just an opinion, not based on anything substantial. I was just scared that people who decide about measures in our country can really have this opinion. They call children "virus spreader". However, they are not only virus spreader, they are also human being and have their needs. 😐
  14. It was an official political dispute on TV.
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