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  1. I have rewritten it. You can try my version. Just update the plugin with the version below. Members Age_corrected.xml
  2. Hi, the app breaks post before register functionality. At least in calendar. If guest submits an event and then redirected to sign-in screen then their email is not defaulted and the event is never connected to their fresh created account. Hence it is saved in the database but never appears anywhere. If the app is uninstalled then PBR works as desired and the event is posted by newly registered user. I had to disable the app due to this error.
  3. No other product. This was entirely my idea and I am giving it to you as a gift
  4. Me too. Back in my teens in Ignalina learning Lithuanian. Unfortunately the only things I can remember are: Labas and Tu turi cigarettes? Ten years ago then the second time with boot in Klaipeda and Nida. Beautiful country and very unusual language.
  5. The W3C checker says: The country is not defaulted. Checked with Chrome with German interface in Germany
  6. Yes, it is like a permission Grid where we have cases at the left side and numbers at the top. Picking the right word form we could ensure the string is grammatically correct. And yes, we can use the same word form in the matrix if there is no difference in one specific language. In German we have "only" 4 cases and a lot of words do not really have different forms in all these cases. In Russian we have 6 cases and they are heavily used to build grammatically correct sentence as we do not have firm word order in Russian. The only possibility to distinguish between subject and object is to apply a correct case.
  7. I still think the best solution would be to use a case matrix as described here and then pick the right word form from the matrix by case and number
  8. I can confirm, using above strings is awkward in German and grammatically wrong in Russian This has been already reported in the past with very good explanation why this concept is not appropriate for other languages:
  9. Restrict payment methods for Gift Cards Send Gift Card per PM (instead per email that is not public) I desperately hop it would be features in the new release, that's why I have not implemented it myself sofar.
  10. This was indeed a warning for 3.X project. Well, time to update
  11. Just got a warning from Google: As of April 6, 2020, data-vocabulary.org markup will no longer be eligible for Google rich result features. https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2020/01/data-vocabulary.html?m=1
  12. It is a custom plugin that extends default RSS output. The plugin adds enclosure-tag to RSS output. If it is a database record, gallery image or post with image, it uses the embedded image. In case there no image can be found for the item, it looks in the media folder we have created via ACP. The folder contains about 100 random images. So the plugin picks randomly one of the images and add it to enclosure tag. No magic
  13. It does not work for me. The country is not defaulted. And I mean the field is not filled with any country. I am in Germany using browser in English. What should be default in this case?
  14. We already use a semi-automatic solution to add random images to RSS output items, that do not have any image. Right now we have saved about 100 images that match the general subject of the project like "gardening". When RSS output is created AND no image can be provided for the item, then a random image from those 100 is picked. If there were a possibility to combine this feature with improved RSS we could replace our "rich RSS" plugin entirely.
  15. Perfect! BTW: I could react and comment via Invision app. Till now it was not possible in Pages. Happy, happy
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