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  1. I do not use the button myself. But my community screamed for it as it had disappeared, so that I had to install it.
  2. The first time I have heard of Discord was here on invisioncommunity.com. I have never seen or used it though I guess it is something for the gaming communities and I have no games to play on mine.
  3. I like the idea of going mobile. But I do not like: having one app for all communities no possibility to customize the look any style no possibility to use custom extensions, plugins and so on
  4. I know what timezone is. My question is how my visitors know what time they actually see? Look, I am in Germany, I have created an event in 13:30 at a place in Germany and I was sure it was right. Some days later I was said that guests see 11:30 (without any notification that this is not a local time). The question is what controls here what. My browser? IPS? Any settings for my users? Any settings for the visitors? Settings of my server? I just would like to have local time at event's place shown to anyone visiting my calendar. Is it possible to achieve?
  5. So my party starts at my place at 3PM, but you will come at 7PM? Well, I know what you mean, it would make sense for the webinars or any virtual events. But in my case there is still the question is, how do my user or visitor knows at what time my party starts? How can I as admin (not the browser) control the displayed time for users or visitors? E. g. I would like them all to be at my place at 3 PM Germany time. I would like to be sure that everyone who visits my site (logged or not) knows the local time at the given place when the party starts. There seem to be at least four different settings: my timezone (I cannot control it) timezone of my browser (if I use a public one I cannot control it as well) locale setting for the IPS date setting in calendar I just want to be sure that everyone comes to my place at 3PM local time (despite of his browser or timezone setting). Another example: when I book the flight I always see the time in local zone of the start or arrival place. It is never in my timezone, it would be disastrous if so. When I browse events in New York right now from Germany I see the local time in NY for them and not my German time. Despite of my browser settings or anything else.
  6. This does not make sense. The event is attached to a physical place where it starts at 13:30 (01:30 PM). If IPS adjusts the time then people will arrive at the wrong time. It is usual in the whole world to use local time for events and not the timezone where the user actually is. Beside this I am in Germany and I create an event at the place in Germany so the difference is weird. There should be generally German time for this event, for everyone who looks into calendar. Otherwise it does not make sense. How the user or visitor should now WHAT time is shown in the calendar?
  7. Locale setting is Deutschland (Deutsch). English is disabled.
  8. Another issue with calendar: I see different time for the event in the different browsers. In Google Chrome logged in as administrator I see 13:30 for the event start In Firefox not logged in (viewing as guest) I see 11:30 Uhr for the event start I have not changed any time settings and this is something weird, as event start should be always the same (and not different for different users).
  9. Another issue with inconsistent date display: This occurs on fresh install 4.4.6 with no customization and default theme.
  10. I have just seen, that if I add a comment to the ONE event then this comment is automatically attached to every event. It does not make sense if the comment is related to only one occurrence. 😞
  11. When I create an event then I have to enter time in AM/PM format: Right after submission the date is displayed in 24 hours format: I would like to have the same format in the submission form and display view. I am not sure why I see AM/PM in the submission form, I do not use this format at all here in Europe.
  12. Hi, I have created a new block for upcoming events from Calendar. While it looks good on desktop, the block lacks important information like event date and time on mobile and tablet. I can only see event title, cover and submitter. I wish there were date and time (submitter is not important in my case as all events are submitted by Admin). Thank you, Sonya
  13. I wish repeating events were shown in the upcoming events feed/block. At the moment only the first occurrence of the event is shown but not the others.
  14. I have a group that have not access to Classifieds System (permission for group No). The user of this group still can: see Classifieds menu the user profile (My Adverts, My Renewals, My Wish List). This should not be available if access to the application is disabled. see the page "My Adverts" from the menu https://exmaple.com/profile/3-user/content/?type=classifieds_advert The page should not be accessible for him.
  15. And what is the reason for me as purchaser to see this among other purchases? I do not even remember what files there should be. I suggest that those purchases are hidden by default. We do not have any filter or any sorting possibilities in my purchases. And those "DELETED" files add another layer of difficulty in sorting out what files are active, expired, rejected, can be renewed (or not) and so on.
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