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  1. Sonya*

    Custom Errors

    I did, but update was rejected because of one language string not implemented properly. 😐 I will resolve the issue and hope it will be approved soon.
  2. You can create a page without HTML wrapper and paste the raw html content of the iframe into this page. Then use iframe to load this page.
  3. I am in IN_DEV. I have created a custom block template (Pages -> Templates -> New -> Add block template). I have created a custom block based on plugin RecordFeed. I cannot apply my custom block template to the custom block unless I switch off IN_DEV. The only template I can select when IN_DEV is Default template. Does it work as desired? Every time I edit a block, I have to switch off IN_DEV to keep the custom block template applied. If I forgot it, the template is reset to Default template.
  4. There are some bugs in CSS and JS GUI of CMS. 1. Deleting Javascript files How to reproduce: In AdminCP, go to Pages -> Templates and select the tab JS. Click on New and select Add Javascript file. After saving, click on Delete and confirm the dialog The list of templates you see now is from HTML tab, although JS tab is selected Clicking on JS tab does not change anything, you have to refresh the page to see the real content of JS tab. The same if you click on Add Javascript file, but do not create one and close the modal with "X". The content of JS tab disappears and comes back after refreshing. 2. Unable to use created folder when IN_DEV How to reproduce Create a new Javascript file in a new group named "Test" Try to create another file in the same group. You will not get "Test" as existing group. The only group you can see in the list is JS. But this group does not really exist. You will not be able to add another files to the group Test unless you switch off IN_DEV.
  5. I just wish the same for CSS/JS. 😊 And the ability to download HTML/CSS/JS as XML and upload into another installation. Entirely without app or plugin.
  6. I know, I can do it, but this is not the same. 1. The scope of app CSS is inside the app, I would like to have it included into the page. 2. CSS of the app is edited via Themes, I would like to have them under Pages template where other HTML templates belonging to Databases and Pages are. 3. There is no conflict screen during upgrade for CSS/JS. I like the same conflict screen we have for the HTML templates included into the app. 4. I do not have a bit of JS code. I have "huge" JS codes 😊 that should be loaded only if the database page is loaded. If I need the code in display, category listings, form etc. I have to add it manually to every template. Binding via Page is cleaner and not redundant. 5. These CSS and JS belongs to Pages, they do not make sense without Pages. They do not make sense inside Themes as they are normally used only for one database/page. 6. If I download/upload templates, I would like to have them all (HTML/JS/CSS) in one file to port easy to another installation without doing manual copy/paste. 😉
  7. We can download and upload HTML templates for Pages (database, blocks, pages). However, there is no such possibility for JS and CSS. There is also no possibility to deliver CSS and JS with an application like HTML Templates to make them upgradable during app update. You already do it for HTML templates including conflict screen if something has changed. Is it an oversight, or are there technical restrictions for not doing it? Right now, CSS and JS must be copied/updated manually between the installation.
  8. Sonya*

    Custom Errors

    I will try to reproduce this. Thank!
  9. Search for the language key you try to translate. If there are two of them, then you can translate only one.
  10. Sonya*

    Custom Errors

    I have checked it on 4.6 without any modification and cannot reproduce. This application does not actually create any errors itself. It just catches 404/403 errors, logs them and makes a nice output for them.
  11. Sonya*

    Custom Errors

    Thanks, I will look into it.
  12. There are some orphan strings in core_sys_lang_words after deleting a database (Pages): digest_area_cms_records<DB_ID> digest_area_cms_categories<DB_ID> content_field_<FIELD_ID>_desc content_field_<FIELD_ID>_validation_error
  13. Error after creating table. How to reproduce: Open developer center on any application. Click on the tab Database Tables. Create a new table Change to the tab Default Inserts to see the error: Additionally, when Inserts are created and there are many columns, the control buttons (edit/delete) are out of view.
  14. Sonya*

    Translit URL

    A new version has been submitted a while ago. Unfortunately, still not approved. @media, I have tested it in 4,6. No changes are required. You can upgrade your community and use the plugin in the 4.5 version.
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