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  1. Hi, I have a suggestion: is it possible to limit polls to those created by certain user group At the moment we can only limit by users.
  2. @Upgradeovec, for our needs we would like to have main views dependent on the language. Especially blocks and activity streams. If user have chosen English as a language then he should see only items (nodes) in this language. And blocks. And activity streams filtered by his language. And we also need RSS dependent on the language to export into other resources. Another "issue" would be: It is also not enough just to use cookies for Google for this solution. Google prefers different URLs for the multi-language sites: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/182192?hl=en So, there should be very deep change in the suite URL structure so that Google is not confused by different languages mixed together on one project.
  3. I would not rely on anything user must set or select. The most of them will not change anything. I would rather use language detector https://github.com/landrok/language-detector
  4. This would be genius. We are evaluating new project now in three languages. Using IPS I have to install three separate projects (with three separate licenses) to just separate the user content in different languages. Wortlab can do it (see there start page and switch languages), that is the only reason why we look into it. But I would prefer to work with IPS if it were possible. I would mark every user content item according to his preferred language (forum post, blog entry and so on) throughout the whole suite and not just nodes though...
  5. What happens if I set the tab About me to be first and there is no this tab in the user profile? Because he has not filled out the field. Will it fallback to the second tab I've defined or the activity tab?
  6. Can you please answer the question as well? Please create a subforum and make a screenshot where the form is placed in this case. Thank you!
  7. @Fosters, is there any demo? I do not understand WHERE exactly this form will be added. Only on forum index page or inside categories or forums and subforums? If I have a forum with subforums where the form is placed - above subforums list or below?
  8. @TheJackal84, any chance if you can look into it?
  9. @CodingJungle, can you please look into issue #1 above. This is a very dangerous bug as it wipes out the whole content of the item instead of just linking one word in it. I can reproduce the error on the test and live server.
  10. Keywords Tooltip I have two issues: If I use an URL Keyword on my live server, then the whole item content is replaced by the linked keyword. Like the text were: "Here is something about wonderful holiday." The keyword is "holiday". If enabled, the whole text is replaced by single linked word "holiday". There are language strings that are not assigned in search
  11. I see, it only removes the blog header when viewing blog index page of the club. But it does not change anything when viewing a blog entry, where we have 4 headers: site header club header blog header entry header This is what is the most messy for me.
  12. Be sure, that if you remove the blog header, you will loose Follow button for the blog.
  13. May I? Categories Integrate Pages in clubs (e. g. databases that can be used as collections of clubs member, like pets, children, cars, computers and so on) Promote clubs throughout the community (we cannot as we have over 200 clubs and therefore performance issue) Allow to select clubs in Activity stream and RSS feeds along with other selected content Make the header mobile and user friendly especially with long club titles Announcements in clubs Closed clubs with no list of members (the list should be private, nobody should see who is the member)
  14. I have already bought it and would really like to use it. But I was afraid I am going to install something that will be probably abandoned in the future.
  15. @InvisionHQ, it is not about absence itself. It is about not talking with your clients. These are some suggestions : Let your clients know, that you are on vacation and not available. Do it public, here in forum. Create a kind of automatic reply that you send every time you get a PM. The same as above: "Sorry, I am on vacations." Inform clients when you are available again, like "I'll be back on [date]". It is always easier to wait if you have a time frame. React to the issues in your support topics, write anything, but write, do not ignore. My personal negative example: I have posted a critical issue with your another app over a month ago. I have not got any answer, nor "yep, I will look into it [time frame]" neither "no, it might be critical for you, but I do not care" or just "I am on vacation now, be back [date], please do not disturb me". If you try change to point of view to mine, what would you think in this situation? By the way, I have uninstalled your other app, so no need to react any more. Disabling apps - is not a good idea. Just tell your clients when you are available again and where they should report bugs. Here? On your site? A bug tracker would be helpful to see if there are unsolved issues and how many. Also to see how often you address the bugs. The issues in support topics are often overlooked.
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