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  1. @Nehaj I would file a support ticket for it.
  2. The links I can see in AdminCP in mobile settings are: for AppleOS https://testflight.apple.com/join/bzsWOXFO for Android https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.invisioncommunity.communities I have no idea, why you cannot see those links in your AdminCP. 🤔
  3. I have the best CPM when showing Google ads only to the guests and fresh registered users. The old users are kind of "blind" for the ads. They produce a lot of impressions but no clicks. I also have paid subscriptions that allow to use the page "ad free". Those users do not see AdSense and do not see any ads from direct advertisers or affiliate links as well. For my experience you cannot use Google on the "serious" websites. Hobbies, gaming, casino, 18+ are OK. The more direct advertisers you can attract the sooner you should get rid of AdSense.
  4. Sorry, due to the corona circus and therefore the constant lack of reliable childcare and quarantine, it is currently impossible for me to plan and execute my tasks in time. I will look into it as soon the childcare is available again. 🤮
  5. In your AdminCP go to System->Mobile App->Settings. You will find there links to the App Stores. This has worked for me.
  6. Try the official app. You will see, it is very very very beta 😊 I would not "give" the end users the app at the moment. Just too many issues.
  7. A user has to create (or choose) category for every entry within his blog. Those categories are for this single blog only, not general for all blogs or users. When he submits another entry to the blog later on, he can choose already created category (one of the previous entries) or create a new category.
  8. There are two kind of categories: Categories for blogs, e. g. General, are there to structure blogs. They are managed in AdminCP. Categories within a blog are there to structure entries. They are entered by users who submit blog entries on the frontend.
  9. Not them. But the company with the similar model in other country 😉 They contact forum admins and offer them ad contracts. If forum owner agrees, they place ad tags with advertising platform like Google DFP. If there are no direct advertisers they automatically display AdSense for unsold and remnant inventory. They also acquire the forums before they die, if the subject of the community is interesting for advertisers. They have some writers that keep the communities live by creating new threads, making posts and trying to engage users.
  10. They do not own them. They have ad contracts with site owners so that they can spread their advertising campaigns across many communities 😉
  11. Just updated to 4.5.2. Login is still not possible. The error as quoted above. 😥
  12. Login seems not to work on Android generally. The same here 😏 I have opened a ticket some weeks ago. It will be investigated.
  13. @James101, thanks for testing. I will look into it asap.
  14. Club blogs can have entries only from club leaders. However, there is a standard group blog feature in IPS, that allows different members to write into one blog. To convert a club blog into group blog there are only some fields in blogs_blogs table. The restriction who is allowed to blog should be derived from club permissions (e. g. who is allowed to create topics?) Add button to create a new blog entry in the club group I have tested it myself by manipulating database, adding plugins and customizing club blog theme. It works. It would nice addition to your app to have c
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