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  1. While blog entries from the public clubs are shown on the community blog index, the events of the public club cannot be find on the community calendar. Even if I choose All calendars they are not displayed.
  2. It looks indeed better with the header. But we cannot use this view because of the mobile view: in the mobile view the menu of the club is placed after activity stream. It means one has to scroll down to find a club card info (somewhere in-between the page) and then navigate. Nobody would do it.
  3. The cards view is fancy, but there is too few characters of title that are shown on the card. Example: If we have 10 schools in different cities then it is difficult to recognize what club is for what city. The full names of the clubs in this example: International school of management Cologne International school of management Hamburg The same for forum cards.
  4. But in IPS "blog" different authors (not only community owners) write content: If one purpose of Pages is to be a blog of the owner then the club owners should have this feature as well. Right now using Pages is not possible in the club and at the same time only club owners can write in the clubs blog. Additionally club news from the blog are looking quite weird. I think if IPS would use blogs itself (also within clubs) they would better recognize the weakness.
  5. Our clubs started to have blogs recently to publish their news. Unfortunately blog and blog entry within club look very messy: Here is the example of blog with double header: one from club and the second from the blog And here is the example of the blog entry: The mobile view is also weird. I think there should be another blog header and blog entry header if shown within club. Sonya
  6. Thank you! I have figured out, that it uses picture only if uploaded, but not the club image by default used for the clubs cards.
  7. Please add a possibility to show only featured clubs in a clubs block.
  8. Another question: is it right, that the clubs block does not use the clubs cover or icon? I have only club name, description (if any), date of last activity, clubs owner name and number of members (if open)
  9. Hmmm, I have the error only on my test server. I have just tried to create a block on the live server and there is no issue there. I do not know why, I will investigate further.
  10. Hi, I am using latest IPS version and latest version of SuperBlocks. I have tried to add a block for the clubs, but I get a template error. Running support tool does not help. All other blocks work as desired. Sonya
  11. The same for your own forum Development Gateway. (Almost) no votes, hence no popular questions for the past month. Looks ridiculous. In case the votes for questions can be disabled, the popular questions tab should show the questions with the most answers.
  12. We use forums of type "Questions", the answers are rated and the best answers are chosen. The only thing that our users do not need and do not use is votes for the questions themselves. We have over 300 questions and not one of them has votes. It just does not make sense for some of our forums. In the list of questions number of votes 0 for each question looks not good. Like nobody is engaged in the forum: We wish we could switch off votes for questions for some forums but keep votes for answers.
  13. @All Astronauts, just wanted to know if you are alive...
  14. Perfect! It is even valid for the featured club features, not only for the club's homepage.
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