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  1. Hello I am sorry for my absence lately. But a lot has happened and is going on in my personal situation. Basically I was left on my own by my partner and this house that is way too big for me to handle, and left with lots of issues and problems that need to be dealt with as fast as possible due to partner leaving. I'm sorry. I will update it as soon as I can when my personal situation allows me. Sarah
  2. Happy to hear that! Thank you
  3. There is no demo version. Sorry.
  4. The only Promenu downloads in the Marketplace at the moment are: Promenu Basic (25 dollar) and Promenu Plus (40 dollar). I think that's some really expensive testing work LoL. Can't really afford that at the moment, so I'm afraid I can't answer your question for now. Sorry.
  5. iNetwork has been featured! N some time before that Authority got featured! I'm so happy! :D

  6. I have no experience with promenu, so I don't really know in which way promenu works with the menu and I would have to do some testing for that. If pro menu uses a " Total Replacement " of the standard IPB menu, then the menu would have to be recoded within promenu. If a replacement is in place on submenu's only, then there should be no issues at all for the main menu. And if none of the above apply, there shouldn't be so much issues that needs to be looked at. I don't know 100% sure, if promenu would cause issues or not and I don't have a license on promenu to be able to do testing right now sorry.
  7. I have removed the boxed hover from the demo version. I would appreciate if you could let me know if the problem still persists now? If not, I will update and release the theme here in this "no hover" version! In addition, the toggle buttons should be better visible now. Thank you Sarah
  8. That's quite funny hihi. If i get the same picture you're trying to explain! So in a way, you are unable to press any menu link, cause it keeps running away from your mouse? I tested the theme on Google Chrome, firefox and internet explorer and I had no issues whatsoever. The menu should not move down on hover more than 2px in normal conditions, just to give an effect. But if it's causing so much trouble, i can remove the "move down" hover from the menu, so you will only see the box effect when hovering. I will do some testing and I will report back tonight.
  9. I have started on updating Authority for you guys. Expect the update to be ready around the weekend or monday. Thank you
  10. iNetwork update released • Added Search Icon • Adjusted colors • Increased contrast • Increased resolution • Several small improvement
  11. • Need to add a dark " Advanced Search icon " next to the searchbox. • Need to add borders around the IPS CONTENT Sideblock titles. I will add the icon and repair these issues, and I'll upload the updated version tonight. Should anyone find more issues, please report them N I'll repair them, if any... Thank you
  12. File Name: iNetwork File Submitter: Sarah Joy Sokoloff File Submitted: 08 May 2013 File Category: Complex Skins iSarah iNetwork It's time to be modern! As the internet is moving on, so should communities and forums with beautiful and SEO friendly designs! iNetwork is also easy on the eyes. The colors are beautiful N the design brings a small tribute to the maestro and it can fit any kind of forum. If you want to have different colors, it requires only a few minimal changes to the code, which I would be happy to help you with! This design makes use of pixel sharp icons in the menu If you have custom menu links that need to be added with a icon, you are free to send me a message on this community or on my website and I will provide you with a matching icon. Some icons, such as a home website are already added and menu links like "home" should get a matching icon attached automatically. If not, I will provide assistance! I will also apply the icon to your menu completely free of charge if you are not familiar with coding. There is also a small protection which prevents visitors to download your main logo. Network works on all apps: IPBoard • Gallery • Content • Blogs • Downloads • Nexus • Chat • Calendar • Content Copyright Copyright removal or branding free can be purchased for an additional 15 dollar. If interested, you are free to send me a message for futher instructions. Included Included is the .psd file for the logo, so it can be easily edited. More screenshots can be found below. If any issues or improvements regarding this design, feel free to send me a message. Thank you Sarah here to download this file
  13. Thank you! That's sweet of you to say! Working on setting up a support section N setting up a demo and dev board too, so I'll be able to work in a few days!
  14. Hey everyone As promised I would continue my work in May and I'm nearly there! To view my current progress: http://www.isarah.ne...type=work-to-do Sincerely Sarah
  15. Hey everyone As promised I would continue my work in May and I'm nearly there! To view my current progress: http://www.isarah.ne...type=work-to-do Sincerely Sarah
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