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  1. @AlexWright In this version you can turn off only map, but In next release I'll add "hide location"
  2. Version 3.9.0 Fix minor errors Ability to define your own character set that will be used to filter the list of companies Additional stats in grid view Notification about new news Lazy Loading for images Ability of pinning profiles Ability to choose the time between the 24-hour and 12-hour (for opening hours) Map of all companies New SMS provider: smsapi.pl Ability to enable moderation entries per category Ability to enable comments/opinions per category Ability to enable comments/opinions moderation per category Changes in additional profiles (adding edit options to the entry, additional fields like name and state, changing the sorting of entries) Ability to select fields for opinions per category Ability to create own photo gallery (beta version) Niestandardowa wiadomość na wybranych stronach
  3. Version 3.2.0 Fix minor errors Ability to define the minimum "step" for bid Ability to defining the minimum starting price Lazy Loading for images Notifications enhancements Integration with Gallery (ability to attach the user's album to the offer) Multilingual news
  4. Version 1.1.0


    Available payment gateways: PayU Dotpay.pl Dotpay.pl - sms Przelewy24.pl InPay.pl Nmi.com RushPay.pl Multiple payment gateways


  5. In theory, this is a problem with the template, because the standard template works. Send me PM details so I will try to help.
  6. @Unlucky As I see something is wrong with patchwork. On default theme working fine, but on this disappearing. Probably something is wrong with DOM structure.As I see something is wrong with patchwork. On default theme workings fine, but on disapearing.
  7. On company directory plugin, can you link that to a persons account so they can edit it? I want to have a vendors list and have vendors pay me to list their account with us.

    1. Spanner


      Please check PM

  8. Version 3.8.0 released Fix minor errors Ability to disable contact by e-mail and/or PW New template for the "information window" on the map Ability to define zoom values for maps Remembering search parameters on the "nearby companies" page Ability to send an SMS to the company at certain times, specific days of the week and by users of specific groups (integration with Twilio.com) [Available on selected packages] Ability to connect all the contact methods in one button Ability to suggesting a new company to the catalog Notification about adding a new city
  9. Hey, in the last few months, I created my first online course. In the course I tell you step by step how to create the first application for Invision Community. The course is in Polish and after New Year I will create further parts ... More information about the course on the website: https://www.baruch.pl/kurs-invision
  10. If you want resize image you must upload this image. You can't upload image 5mb if you allow only 1mb
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