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  1. Fixed. More info on PM. The problem was generated by a plugin: Change Post Author by @InvisionHQ
  2. Please send me link to your board. This is error with sessions table. Maybe you have category name or something else with weird chars? Check demo: https://www.ipsbeyond.pl/streams/ I don't have any problems
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This integration allows you to integrate Invision Community with ActiveCampaign Turn on integration and after register member will be able to add to our „default list” Turn on e-commerce integration and follow transaction on ActiveCampaign (require Commerce app) If someone deletes account on our board his email will be deleted fro ActiveCampaign All these actions will be stored on member history You want to show custom form to subscribe e.g special newsletter? No problem - paste embed code in application settings and thats all Features API version 3 Automatically added subscribtion to „default list” after register E-commerce integration Action history (per member) Allows to show custom form More info on blog


  4. Please describe me this on PM. How do you want it to work etc.
  5. Your welcome Not yet. I working on this and will be available on new version I don't have that permission. All company profiles can be viewed by all members/guests which have permission to view category (on which profile was added)
  6. SMS contact with profile owner Check-ins Set as favorite and more
  7. New version available. Changes: Fix minor errors Lazy Loading for images New widgets
  8. Hi, you use normal version of google analytics. Could you please add new option GTM? This will be better solution than standard GA.
  9. And one more. Coupon for specific member 🙂
  10. Hello, great will be if you add some improvements to coupons. I propose: Abbility to create coupon for file in downloads More conditions in coupon settings eg. Coupon will be valid if you buy product X and product Y (both on cart) or coupon will be valid if member buing product X and have purchased product Y
  11. New in 1.3.2 Fix minor errors Lazy Loading for images Ability of duplicating streams in clubs (Option to enable in settings) Profile tab: user streams
  12. The application allows you to create a system to upload images on forum. Functionality: Uploading images (depends on group permissions) Ability to delete images (depends on group permissions) Ability to turn off application Upload image from "Create menu" Create thumbnail images Ability to apply a watermark to an image Ability to set the allowed extensions for files Ability to set up file size New in 1.3.0 Lazy Loading for images Ability to upload multiple files at the same time Ability to insert photos into the content using the editor option: "insert existing attachment"
  13. @bfarber yes output is correct, but on mobile you have always "forum", "topic" but on PC you have correct topic title or forum name
  14. Version 4.4 have problem with breadcrumbs. In google search results on PC we have correct but when we view the same results on mobile breadcrumbs are bad. Good: Bad: The same on this forum:
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