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  1. Hi, you use normal version of google analytics. Could you please add new option GTM? This will be better solution than standard GA.
  2. And one more. Coupon for specific member 🙂
  3. Hello, great will be if you add some improvements to coupons. I propose: Abbility to create coupon for file in downloads More conditions in coupon settings eg. Coupon will be valid if you buy product X and product Y (both on cart) or coupon will be valid if member buing product X and have purchased product Y
  4. New in 1.3.2 Fix minor errors Lazy Loading for images Ability of duplicating streams in clubs (Option to enable in settings) Profile tab: user streams
  5. The application allows you to create a system to upload images on forum. Functionality: Uploading images (depends on group permissions) Ability to delete images (depends on group permissions) Ability to turn off application Upload image from "Create menu" Create thumbnail images Ability to apply a watermark to an image Ability to set the allowed extensions for files Ability to set up file size New in 1.3.0 Lazy Loading for images Ability to upload multiple files at the same time Ability to insert photos into the content using the editor option: "insert existing attachment"
  6. @bfarber yes output is correct, but on mobile you have always "forum", "topic" but on PC you have correct topic title or forum name
  7. Version 4.4 have problem with breadcrumbs. In google search results on PC we have correct but when we view the same results on mobile breadcrumbs are bad. Good: Bad: The same on this forum:
  8. Thank you. I'll fix it
  9. IPS merge permission not my app Mod no, but admin should have access to gallery
  10. If comments waiting for approve you can see its on ModCP If this is addtional group IPS merge permission for each user groups Admin or profile owner? Will be. First I integrate Gallery with (SD) Sales Portal Pro. Next in this app but inner "galleries" will be available Profile owner?
  11. Without changes in core - no.
  12. And 24h after offer adds you should can bump
  13. You can bump if: You are owner or admin Offer is not ended offer is not expired package allows to bump package bump limit if greater than 0 offer was bump less times then package limit since the last bump it's been X time (x you can set in package settings)
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