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  1. -Can i limit maximum entries per competition? -Does it support EXIF info?
  2. Ok, commerce installed. A member can pay invoice now. I see another error when a member try to "buy offer"
  3. After the seller approved price proposal, what is the next step? Does the seller have to manually edit "Offer Actions" to "End Offer" then add a buyer's name?
  4. See this error when a member try to view price proposal. How to fix this?
  5. Can i create sports bet like poll? Example : who will win tennis grand slam? a.federer b.nadal c.djokovic.
  6. Can i use threadstarter games and threadstarter steam in same forum category?
  7. It"s working :) Thank"s for fast support. Rated 5 stars
  8. Error when try to install it on my ipb 3.2 and using IIS 7 Please help ASAP
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