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  1. I've uploaded a new version to fix this
  2. Helen and I recently had this discussion for her new site too. In the end we went with the old school forums. Everything else seemed wishy-washy. There is still a "community" but forums is a focussed part of that and I think it lends a seriousness to the section. Memes are fine and still posted but we don't want to lose the serious long-lasting discussion, Facebook can keep the noise. It's tempting to move with the latest fads and terminology but ultimately it's all about the content and if it is valuable to your users. The terminology is secondary.
  3. The first view was removed because it wasn't possible to have them display chronologically when in a grid like that. They would position based on the size of the container and we received more bug reports for that.
  4. Hi @Wolf This is a very niche plugin but yes, if you were to supply a key for development and meet the other associated development costs then it could be developed for IPS4
  5. The plugin does not bypass any content creation functionality including whether or not items need approval. Think of it as being the new topic form replicated in a different area with only the two basic fields presented. Everything else works exactly as creating a new topic would.
  6. This was achieved using a background image with css in custom.css In my example I used .submit_topic_bg { background-position: top right; background-clip: padding-box; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-image: url("{media="18"}"); } where {media="18"} is a URL to the background image. In my case I used the Pages media uploader and the media tag.
  7. Invision Community does not currently allow you to place unique blocks on forum views. If you add a block on one forum, the same block is added to them all. It sounds like you are looking for the following which is per forum
  8. Each instance you add to a page can be set to post to different forums. You can only post to one forum per block though. The idea is to reduce the amount of thought new users need to engage on your site.
  9. I've uploaded a new version 1.0.3 to resolve this and also add better support for guest posting when post before register is disabled.
  10. Two fields are shown. The title field is the one you can always see and is required. When you select the title field, the other topic content editor field appears. Unlike regular topic forms, the content is optional. If the content field is left blank the title is used for both.
  11. Yes when you add the block to the page you specify which forum that instance of the block will post to and you can customise the text to better guide the user instead of a generic "Start new topic" button. There is no tag support. The idea is to make the posting experience as seamless as possible without any thought needed.
  12. Multiple language support is now available with 1.0.1 @kmk
  13. Split from a marketplace topic as this relates to Post Before Register not the plugin it was originally posted on.
  14. No checkbox is required. The consent checkbox is provided as part of the registration form they are redirected to.
  15. The text is changeable but not for multiple languages. I will add support for this.
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