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  1. Yes, this is possible. EXIF info is currently saved for each entry but is not displayed in any meaningful way in this version. I have added this to the todo list to add for a future version.
  2. @OliverKapunkt Is correct on both counts. Great idea on video support/support for other file types. I'll see what I can do.
  3. You can opt in to anonymous usage reporting from your admin control panel under system > settings > general
  4. Good idea. I’ll add this to the suggestions list for future versions. For the next release I will be focussing on voting fraud prevention but this is a nice easily implemented suggestion that could be added after that.
  5. It is not currently possible to limit by category. All items within the selected database will be added to the news sitemap but this is a great suggestion. Thanks.
  6. You can only specify a single news sitemap (one database). The sitemap will be at /newssitemap and needs submitting to Google via search console.
  7. Support topic for the News Sitemap application.
  8. Version 1.0.2


    Get more exposure for your news content in major search engines and news aggregators. This application allows you to export a Pages database such as the default articles section as a news sitemap. Includes URLs for articles published in the previous 2 days. Updates immediately when a new article is published. Limited to the latest 1000 articles as per the News Sitemap spec.


  9. There is currently no concept of a time period where people can enter but not vote. When a competition opens anyone can enter at any point up until the close date. I am currently working on 1.3 which should allow more flexibility here. Anonymising entries is not currently a feature.
  10. Sorry, I missed this. 1. This isn't currently a feature unfortunately. 2. You can edit the "Photo Competition" text to something else but it isn't possible to set this individually. I have added this to the todo list for 1.3 however at it is a logical feature suggestion. 3. You can currently set the number of entries all users can make in the global settings. A per group setting is a good suggestion however.
  11. That looks like a bug, it's an old permission that is no longer required. I'll look into why it's still displaying. Thanks for letting me know.
  12. Do you have any errors in the logs? It looks like the task ran twice. If you check the competition history database table you will have duplicate entries and the duplicates can be removed. This isn't currently possible but I will add it to the list of future improvements.
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