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  1. blogs is intended for multiple user submitted blogs whereas Pages is better suited to content from the community owner. There’s no story.
  2. The first is an error from the old block. If you open the block manager and remove it that should clear that up. The second is because of the url change. Redirects are listed in the change log to fix that or you can edit the furl settings in the admin control panel to set it back to potm.
  3. Support has been added for manually scheduling competitions in 1.1 which is now in the marketplace. There are also some other features added based on feedback in this topic.
  4. I have a fixed feature set I want to get into 1.1 due for release in the next few weeks but yes, please share your feature ideas for 1.2 and beyond.
  5. Without being able to view the environment the only thing I can think of is you might not have the PHP Internationalisation extension installed. If you don't have that then install it and re-run the task. In 1.1 I have removed this requirement and added a fallback. I'm working on 1.1 and would like to get some thoughts from a few people on the subject of SEO. On the sites I have seen using this so far, most of the content aside from the image is imo "thin". Comments such as "great photo", emoji etc. Currently, I'm planning to add structured markup similar to the Gallery application as that is essentially what it is with each competition being a separate gallery. I would like to here people's thoughts on this though to see what people think should be no-indexed, no-followed etc if anything?
  6. This sounds like a bug with the task. Can you send me a PM with access info so I can look into this please? No this will work with 4.4 or higher only.
  7. Interesting. Is this specific to file notifications?
  8. You can edit the text using the normal built in Invision translation tools. Admin control panel > customisation > languages
  9. The competition starts at the beginning of the month and finishes at the end. There’s currently no way to have it span several weeks unfortunately. I can look into allowing custom durations but can’t promise anything.
  10. It will still run monthly but yes you can alter any of the text using the regular language tools in the admin control panel
  11. What would you use to do this out of interest?
  12. It's the number of votes a single user has per month. If it is set to 5 for example, a user can vote on 5 entries in that month and then the following month they get another 5. Yes. entries will stop showing in the current month view and a task runs to add the top 3 to the previous winners tab. As soon as the next month starts people can enter.
  13. Hi @Unlucky There is a widget for the current top 3 leaders.
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