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  1. Thanks for following up and glad it's sorted. Let me know if you have any issues in future.
  2. This isn’t currently an option. I’m not against it and it could probably be achieved with a cookie but it would be very open to abuse.
  3. Reverting the theme change will do no harm. The notifications page itself actually hasn’t changed it has always been this way just you were less likely to notice it as most simply use the pop up. We are discussing this change internally.
  4. The best implementations of infinite scroll I've seen use a load more button like our activity streams. I support this idea but like Matt says there are other things to consider.
  5. New in 1.2; Added IP addresses to who voted dialog. Added support for merging entries. Added an option for members to be able to vote on their own entry. Added entry thumbnails to previous winners page. Added a link to the full competition results from the pevious winners page. Added support for following competitions. Added a group setting for who can see who voted. Fixed an issue where competitions may show to users without permission. Fixed an issue where scheduler settings were being cleared.
  6. No, it is standalone. No other apps are required other than the Invision Community core.
  7. There is not currently a setting. It is a default. User cannot delete their own photos but moderators can.
  8. Hi Claudia. Yes this is possible. You can limit the number of entries users can vote on or let them vote on as many as they want. They can add and remove their votes any time up to the competition close.
  9. You can edit the competition name from the admin control panel by editing the competition. You don’t need to use the language tools
  10. blogs is intended for multiple user submitted blogs whereas Pages is better suited to content from the community owner. There’s no story.
  11. The first is an error from the old block. If you open the block manager and remove it that should clear that up. The second is because of the url change. Redirects are listed in the change log to fix that or you can edit the furl settings in the admin control panel to set it back to potm.
  12. Support has been added for manually scheduling competitions in 1.1 which is now in the marketplace. There are also some other features added based on feedback in this topic.
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