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  1. Found photo of me from what I think was the very first time most of the IPS Staff of the time got together a year after it all started, back in 2003 this!@ God I feel old now (and certainly look older too haha!) Also love the state of the art phones we clearly all had back then..!
  2. Apple Online store is down being updated too (presumably for new macs with lion included) so almost there!
  3. Happy birthday Duggy x

  4. Nice to see you holding up the Help for Heroes medal mate. Well done buddy.

  5. Getting on a bit but it does me fine!
  6. Don't know if it's still that price, but there was a full featured sat nav app on the app store a month or two back for just
  7. Wouldn't swap mine for anything else. Amazing screen quality, build quality and finish - alot of people go on about features of other phones, but no others offer the iPhone OS, not to mention over 200,000 apps! Everyone who's used mine has instantly said they want one, guess the number of them they sell will show how good it's seen as being... Might be a total flop (england have more chance now of winning the world cup than that happening though!)
  8. Must say I;m pretty impressed with the camera on it now. Went out last night, and with my old iPhone wouldn't have considered even pulling it out of my pocket in a clube or anything, pretty good though with the iPhone 4!
  9. Unlimited data doesn't expire on the old contracts, are meant to put you on the new ones it seems! They could of course change the fair use policy to something quite low though I guess! But yeah still only get the 500 txts, but very rarely go over that anyway. Saying that I very rarely go over 500mb of data either!
  10. Apple store messed up and kept me on my existing tariff haha, get in!
  11. Off to get mine now from the Apple Store, even though I've reserved one thought i'd go now to be sure!
  12. Launched in March 2003 it seems!
  13. I'm not surprised it was poor. Apparently they didn't launch until 7 years ago haha
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