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    Forum issue??

    I didn’t know where to post this. Why can’t I see my older lounge threads, etc? I get this:
  2. Where is the login.php file located? 4.4.10
  3. Shoot, I didn't realise anyone replied to this. Thank you, Morrigan, I appreciate you response and help! 🙂
  4. I wouldn't want to be the guy to test drop these then... I'd have a heart attack!
  5. That's an expensive option. Myself and @rymich13 use CentOS 8.3 for our cPanel server. our entire dedicated server is virtualised using VMware ESXi. We have Linux and Windows Server virtual machines. We use OVHcloud for our server and our specs are: CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) E-2236 CPU @ 3.40GHz (12 logical cores, 6 cores 12 threads) RAM: 32 GB DDR4 8 TB hard disk We run the Linux VM as the cPanel server and Windows Server for TCAdmin as we run game servers. We're essentially a starting game community (merged and brought back from my old gaming community and clan from 2007)
  6. Are you looking for an SSH terminal based VPS or a Windows Server VPS? If Windows Server, you'll need to purchase a legitimate license (product key) for it. For a VPS I'd say you'd need perhaps 2GB RAM, 20GB (?) disk space (depending on the size of your home directory) and 2 Core CPU which would handle it fine.
  7. Depending on the size of your board (both activity of users and posts, resources, files, etc) you can base your specification requirements upon that. If it's a relatively small board, 2 CPUs, 2 GB RAM and 2-4GB disk space. It's usually up to the webmaster's preference on how much they're willing to spend on hosting and your hosting needs.
  8. So after restoring my cPanel accounts via WHM with all of my domains, all data successfully restored. However, the forum database seems to be corrupt. I checked the tables in phpMyAdmin, no issues, yet in the ACP under "Support" and "check database" it's saying that there are errors with the database, and then when I click "Fix automatically", I get this. IPS 4.4.10 (I can't update to the latest because my forum theme isn't compatible. MySQL database engine seems to be both INNODB and MyISAM on a lot of tables. EDIT: When repairing tables in phpMyAdmin also I get this: The storage engine for the table doesn't support r... Whatever that means.
  9. Ideally I wanted to be able to show a custom styled page to banned users. 😅
  10. Hello. I’m not sure where I’d find something like this, or if this is the right forum for posting in (on my iPhone and the forum layout has changed, I don’t know where things are now). I am looking for something that redirects banned members to a specified page.
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