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  1. I've read and followed the installation instructions but still isn't allowing me to see any servers, not even voice servers. Which ports for Left 4 Dead 2 and CS Source need opening for UDP/TCP connections? I'm assuming this is the issue as I'm having a UDP/TCP connection issue with SourceBans too.
  2. Are you still going to update this for the latest IPS version?
  3. That is one reason why I always use DMCA on all my sites and even go as far as to take advantage of their "Protection Pro" because I have jerks that try to steal my graphic designs, save them on their computers and then attempt to threaten me with takedowns over "stolen graphic designs" claiming my own work as their own.
  4. Unified Gaming https://unifiedgaming.net Discord: https://discord.gg/bTW3sGW Facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/unifiedgamingofficial
  5. I'm hoping not because I'm getting an error in online list on my IPB 3.4 board. App version is v1.3.0 Fatal error: Class 'publicSessions__servermgmt' not found in /home/unifiedg/public_html/admin/applications/members/modules_public/online/online.php on line 252
  6. Aww Golden Retrievers are cute!
  7. Anyone else aware of this issue on 4.4.0, Application Forms v2.1.1?
  8. Sounds very useful though honestly. If it is like a 1:1 addition other than tickets/email then I'd say it's a good addition!
  9. Thanks for your response, @Mark H! However unfortunately I cannot reply to the thread now as I don't have an active license. My license status is expired though I have no need for my license to be renewed at the moment. This question was for a community that I have Admin CP access to.
  10. Do any staff still check the Community Admin Tips forum at all? I posted a thread last Thursday but it's not been approved. 😕
  11. Kyle F


    What's with the screenshot? lol Is it possible to download it somewhere?
  12. Kyle F


    Oh the those days of IPB were good! If there's one IPB site I miss the most is Invisionize. Some of the people I can still remember who I haven't seen for ages, like Elad, Skobel, Giggs, Steve777, Master_Odin, villabus, emoney, Oliver etc.
  13. Who remembers good ol' IPSBeyond and the earlier versions of IP.Board? Also is it still possible to download the old IPSBeyond skin for 2.3.x?
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