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  1. It would definitely be advantageous to have an actual iOS/Android app again, like the old "IPB Mobile" one.
  2. It would likely require an API and socket connection. Would be sweet if you checked out the TCAdmin SDK and were able to integrate this app with TCAdmin by means of "connecting/linking" from the app's ACP settings. Update; response I got back from an administrator on the official TCAdmin discord:
  3. You can just merge in the "Powered by Invision Community" copyright into your custom footer. So long as the copyright remains intact, as far as I'm currently aware, you may place the IPS copyright anywhere in a custom footer at the bottom of the board.
  4. So I tried out this plugin and uninstalled it when it wasn't what I was looking for and it has completely destroyed my theme. Warning to anyone downloading this plugin, don't do it.
  5. Does anyone know if it's possible for an application where it can sync between game server SourceMod admins and the forums? Like the XenForo counter-part: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2666188 Some other applications for integrating the forum with game servers as XenForo has too perhaps, like a donation feature that links between the forum account and game server steam ID.
  6. Oh that's interesting! I might check it out on my test install on localhost!
  7. As the title suggests, what is this "Members Solved Count" in topic view now? (On IPS)
  8. I made one but of course it is up to people if they wish to join it. I have pinned a message stating that the server is in no way affiliated or sponsored by Invision Community/ Invision Power Services, Inc, and no forms of client account related support will be provided. https://discord.gg/invite/xHWSrjC
  9. Hey people. Does IPS or any other IPS skinning/modding community have an active discord and how many are about? Although my licence has expired (I plan to renew soon) I know that I cannot submit a thread Developer Led Resources or the Skinning/Theme Assistance forum, which is frustrating. That being said I understand why. It comes as a bit of a "aww shoot!" sense of feeling because I need to request a little support with a theme to 'rearrange' how the group names, avatars, member rank pips, reputation, custom profile fields, etc display in topic view. All in all, I was wondering if t
  10. I started isolating myself 3 weeks before the coronavirus hit the UK but that is down to my mental health, specifically my A/D (anxiety and depression). But this lockdown has started to affect me a lot more and am finding it difficult to actually do some things. At times during the day I get too tired to do anything, or I lose interest in doing things for the rest of the day and end up getting fed up and easily aggitated.
  11. Ah damn. Okay, thanks for your response!
  12. Hey @Pete T! I purchased the Webfonts 1.0.3 but can't figure out if it's possible to only show the font for thread posts. Is this possible?
  13. I've read and followed the installation instructions but still isn't allowing me to see any servers, not even voice servers. Which ports for Left 4 Dead 2 and CS Source need opening for UDP/TCP connections? I'm assuming this is the issue as I'm having a UDP/TCP connection issue with SourceBans too.
  14. Are you still going to update this for the latest IPS version?
  15. That is one reason why I always use DMCA on all my sites and even go as far as to take advantage of their "Protection Pro" because I have jerks that try to steal my graphic designs, save them on their computers and then attempt to threaten me with takedowns over "stolen graphic designs" claiming my own work as their own.
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