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  1. Do any staff still check the Community Admin Tips forum at all? I posted a thread last Thursday but it's not been approved. 😕
  2. Kyle F

    New IPS Staff Member?

    Congrats Jennifer*!
  3. Kyle F


    What's with the screenshot? lol Is it possible to download it somewhere?
  4. Kyle F


    Oh the those days of IPB were good! If there's one IPB site I miss the most is Invisionize. Some of the people I can still remember who I haven't seen for ages, like Elad, Skobel, Giggs, Steve777, Master_Odin, villabus, emoney, Oliver etc.
  5. Kyle F


    Who remembers good ol' IPSBeyond and the earlier versions of IP.Board? Also is it still possible to download the old IPSBeyond skin for 2.3.x?
  6. As far as technology forums go, what do you think about MacRumors? Or a forum that's not related to technology but related to educational discussion such as The Student Room? They're pretty active as far as online users but I don't see many new post activity on MacRumors.
  7. Kyle F

    Sign in through Steam - IPB3

    For some reason after uploading the files and importing the XML it isn't actually appearing in the Log In Management section? O.o
  8. Hey, So as some may know I like to use the legacy 2.3.6 version of IP.Board and have subsequently gotten permission to "upgrade/update" some files and add newer features that are useful to me as long as I don't reupload the "updated" versions publicly. Proof: Is it possible to still "convert" a vBulletin 3.8.x forum to IP.Board 2.3.6? I do not have any of the legacy converters which is why I am posting about it here and requesting it. Thank you.
  9. Kyle F

    IPS' Forum Posts gone?

    Ah thanks.
  10. Hi... I just noticed on my account that since the forum was upgraded to IPS4...my posts have been deleted? My post count is now only 134 posts, I had over 700+ posts or so. How come they've been deleted?
  11. Are we still legally allowed to use legacy versions of IP.Board (such as 2.3.x (like I'm using) as long as the license key is in the IPB License Settings or is that illegal now? Because I'm NOT upgrading to v4. It looks horrible. Both the board and Admin CP. Forums are mainly used on DESKTOPs/LAPTOPS. NOT mobile devices/phones...so why make the board/ACP look like Windows 8's layout/mobile device? It's all flat...it's disgusting to say the least. I'd personally rather stick to 2.3 regardless of what bugs/errors or security issues you (IPS) seem to say it has.. As far as spam bots, I've already done my appropriate measures to counter them and stop them from registering without disturbing the smooth ability of visitor registrations.
  12. Kyle F

    If someone got my license number

    I'm not 100% positively sure it's tied to a servers IP, but is definitely tied to the URL of which the license key was entered and loaded to.
  13. Kyle F

    If someone got my license number

    If someone steals your license key, I'd advise having it reset/changed immediately. Although they can't exactly do anything with it as it's only set for your board. However some people seem to assume that if they use someone else's license key, that their "board" is licensed and verified as being licensed by IPS, which is definitely not the case here. If you suspect your key being stolen, you can file a ticket in your Client Area requesting it be reset. Please note that if you've changed your license key (reset it) once already in your 6 month period you will have to pay a fee of $15.
  14. Kyle F

    IPB Nulled Forums

    Precisely as Brandon said.. this "idea" would inevitably fail. There is no way for IPS to "automatically" take down forums that are unlicensed. That's like saying boards that still run IP.Board 2.3.6 (like mine now) is unlicensed just because it's not up-to-date. I have my IPB License key in the IPB License Settings. That's all that matters, whether or not my license has expired. Not that I refuse to renew it, but this simply just restricts me from upgrading my current software version along with support.
  15. Yeah, I haven't had a chance to renew it yet. Even though I'm using IP.Board 2.3.6 (heavily customized and updated a few things) it's actually working perfectly fine. :P