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  1. I didn’t know where to post this. Why can’t I see my older lounge threads, etc? I get this:
  2. Where is the login.php file located? 4.4.10
  3. Ideally I wanted to be able to show a custom styled page to banned users. 😅
  4. Hello. I’m not sure where I’d find something like this, or if this is the right forum for posting in (on my iPhone and the forum layout has changed, I don’t know where things are now). I am looking for something that redirects banned members to a specified page.
  5. If you have access to phpMyAdmin you should be able to reactivate it through the database. To do this; login to phpMyAdmin -> (select DB) -> (in the Filters search type "login") -> Browse 'Core Login Methods'. Under "login_classnames" look for "IPS\Login\Handler\Standard" and click "Edit". Make sure "login_settings" says "{"auth_types":1}" and "login_enabled" show "1". Then "GO" to save. Report back here if it worked for you. If not, we'll try to help another way.
  6. I wasn't looking for these kind of words.
  7. I need (for now) a free news CMS solution and Pages just doesn't have the right type of "news/announcement feed" I'm searching for.
  8. Hey people. Is integration a thing between Joomla and IPS 4.4.x?
  9. I was literally trying to restore the rules page for almost 2 hours along with getting extremely cross! 😂
  10. Hey people. So I did a complete mess up with my forums... I accidentally misplaced or 'deleted/overwrote' my board guidelines page (Pages) and had to upload a full backup to a separate directory (subdomain) but I'm unsure what the non-fURL link is to the board guidelines. Does anyone know? EDIT: I'm a genius! Fixed it. Thank goodness for dedicated server system and account backups!
  11. Thanks for your input, Paul. Hm, fair enough. Thanks for your input also, Brandon!
  12. That's the problem. I want Pages as the default app.
  13. Yeah the URL set in the conf_global.php is "https://forums.evogaming.co.uk". I don't know why it has "/forums/" at the end? Unless I have made a mistake somewhere? At the time of doing it I was also doing multiple other things as well.
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