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  1. NoSpy

    What's new in 4.6.0?

    Can you change this information in client area like :
  2. NoSpy

    What's new in 4.6.0?

    Will PHP & MySQL 8 be supported?
  3. Spam on the contact form is a disaster, there is no verification of the domain name via the whois function to know if it exists or not. As well as forbidding the HTML format and remote images.
  4. Hello, Would it be possible (in a future release) to make this feature evolve in member group: Viewing -> Highlight replies (YES/NO). That the choice to make Highlight replies is proposed to the member at the time of the publication of the topic and not forced to all the topics as currently. So having a button like "Follow topic" but with the mention "Highlight topic"...
  5. It lacks a feature that would prohibit during 24 hours at least to send a second request via the contact form if the email address is identical.
  6. Hello, I noticed a bug in the Ban Settings function, duplicates are allowed.
  7. It will be handy to be able to export the "Error Logs" after doing a more specific search like IP...
  8. Hello, Is it possible to add Microsoft Authenticator ?
  9. Hello, In Features Pages can modify Author in Publishing Settings. But it's not possible assignate to an member. I am the author Chose a member Define Owner Define Group When the wiki mode is activated it would be useful to be able to define a user or a group as with the blog.
  10. Hello, Where are new web link of https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/suite-applications/pages/tips-tricks/advanced-using-pages-under-your-community-root-r244/?_fromLogin=1
  11. You should read this report: Persistent Tracking in Modern Browsers solomos-ndss21.pdf
  12. Hello, The management of support tickets request of past from the admin interface. Why don't I create a copy of the ticket "locally" on the forum to have a follow up and make the pictures also be stored on the client's web site "locally"?
  13. It's a good idea when the website is in multiple languages or deals with different themes, having the possibility to create categories for clubs would simplify the life of the members.
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