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  1. How its possible for certain membergroups to bypass "Posting Requirements" if its enabled?
  2. not working for 4.6.2 @-RAW-
  3. Why when Product "Renewals" are enabled only card payments are working , even if i have check all stripe payments.?
  4. If you click Support->Something isn't working correctly , it verify all IPS files with original .
  5. yes but last edit was Octomber 2020. let me contact them and let you know.
  6. How can i wipe all files , reinstall IPS with same database , and then reinstall plugins without affecting plugins db?
  7. /public_html/system/Login/Login.php Invision Community v4.5.4.2
  8. yes there is wordpress too , at different domain / folder but same host.
  9. I'm using the latest version always. also all plug-ins are bought from marketplace. last edit of login.php is November 2020.
  10. I have found this strange code at my Login.php . please check and let me know.
  11. Maxtor


    i want when someone clicks awards , to view them all at once, not need to open each category. still cant figure out how to do it. and you answer only question number 1.
  12. Downloads has this option: "Post a topic when a file is submitted?" The problem is we cant change later the topic link, or if topic is deleted by mistake, cannot be relinked.
  13. Maxtor


    @InvisionHQ 1) can you show the list expanded??, because i see only categories and need to click inside to view all awards. 2) also logs doenst show who gave award to who.. very important 3) at notification it shows "award given by " the same person always, not the real one who gives it.
  14. why trophies dont show active? i have award some members bust still see 0 at list.
  15. Yes i know but imagine that im a member and i want to pay someone to resolve me a problem for xxx$ money. i make the topic and telling im offering 100$ whoever solves it. i decide from replies who will get it , and then admin pays them manually or do it via point system.
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