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  1. i get an error while choosing 70€ option only on 70€ option get this error:
  2. can you update your theme so i can buy it?
  3. yes looks better. can i choose number of columns at settings?
  4. I can buy it instantly , if columns show as mention in this topic! @Pete T otherwise i cant use this theme.
  5. screenshot is not working! im waiting for update! @Pete T
  6. as you can see the categories are saperated with commas, and for members its difficult to find categories. if its lineup in columns its easier. can you do that? @Pete T
  7. Hello,im interested about this theme but i need a small request. Can you lineup subcategories like the photo : (in 3 or 4 columns) @Pete T
  8. ok done that. i now get this:
  9. @Adriano Faria if I drop these tables manually it will affect new "pay to pin" mod too or settings? because I have already customers running now.
  10. ok i have disabled app but still i cant register new member. i think ill have to wait for the update i guess
  11. hello i get an error at registration. i got this reply from technical support:
  12. I would like to suggest a small fix for commerce: 1) When a product expires , there should be stock ammount +1 (from zero). 2) members should be able to see the expiration date of product/banner so they can preorder , or wait until expires and becomes available again.
    5 stars! Everything is working perfectly for 4.3.x ! i was waiting for this mod for a long time!
  13. Can you add PM Expire after x time (to be deleted) ,or an option to reverse our action, because i dont want my database to be full of those spam PMs (Advertising pms for my case).
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