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  1. ok done that. i now get this:
  2. @Adriano Faria if I drop these tables manually it will affect new "pay to pin" mod too or settings? because I have already customers running now.
  3. ok i have disabled app but still i cant register new member. i think ill have to wait for the update i guess
  4. hello i get an error at registration. i got this reply from technical support:
  5. I would like to suggest a small fix for commerce: 1) When a product expires , there should be stock ammount +1 (from zero). 2) members should be able to see the expiration date of product/banner so they can preorder , or wait until expires and becomes available again.
    5 stars! Everything is working perfectly for 4.3.x ! i was waiting for this mod for a long time!
  6. Can you add PM Expire after x time (to be deleted) ,or an option to reverse our action, because i dont want my database to be full of those spam PMs (Advertising pms for my case).
  7. how can you show 3 ranks? in this example you have primary, secondary and the 3rd ?
  8. what is this: http://prntscr.com/le2rjx and this: https://prnt.sc/le2kfi its thousands of processes.
  9. you or someone else must continue or develop something similar , because some plugins are a MUST for IPS.
  10. images not working here: (i cant find extra information about this product)
    Can you add transparent background ? Seems its working for 4.3 edit: subforums not showing colour in 4.3*
  11. is there a howto for doing something similar to my website? i cant to block adblock but scripts such as this one not working.
  12. working for 4.2.6 fine. One issue is if you want to reduce the number of visitors, it wont . instead it will add more...
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