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  1. Just an update that's I've updated my dev board and I'm working on this mod (in my spare free time >.<). I'm currently looking into the activity stream issue and I also need to recode a portion of it to adhere to the new marketplace rules about no colums in the default tables. As far as I can remember I fixed that bug quite a while ago, but for the fix to work you first need to re-install the last version available and then uninstall it. If that still doesn't work let me know.
  2. I will take a look at the compatibility of this mod with 4.4.1 (and possibly all other mods, too) this weekend. Just a quick update for everyone since I've received a few PMs about it in the last days 🙂
  3. Just a quick update that I started looking into my mods compatibility with 4.3. I've started with the few paid ones I have thought, but I'm going to release an update for anything that doesn't work. I also have a todo to check this bump up mod with the activity stream since a few people reported issues with it
  4. I planned to check this mod and the others today, but things happened... I'll try to find some time tomorrow instead.
  5. I remember updating the plugin so that it would show unread on the activity stream too. Maybe at some point with a new version they changed how things work. I'll remember to take a look at it for 4.3.
  6. I'm not sure honestly. I've been busy with other things (as I've just posted in another topic). I haven't checked all my mods with 4.2, and I haven't used fluid view myself. I do plan on checking that all my mods are working on 4.3 once it goes final. At that time I'll try to look into fluid view, but I make no promises to get it working there.
  7. I've been quite busy with work, a few troubles and other things. Everything has settled down lately though. I haven't looked much into my mods in the past months, but I do plan on checking all of them once 4.3 goes final. I can't assure my mods are working with 4.2 right now but I'll be sure to check them for 4.3.
  8. No idea yet, sorry. I recently mentioned it in another plugin thread:
  9. I haven't had the time to test my plugins/apps with 4.2 yet unfortunately (yeah I know, it's been a while already lol). I'll see if I can find some time on Sunday (tomorrow I'm away) or next week before I go away for vacation.
  10. It is possible, but that would require to save a LOT more data to keep track of the time for EACH single topic. I could maybe work around it by rewriting how the hook works to use less data, but unless it is a widely requested feature I won't consider it (at least for now).
  11. This plugin works only for topic view at this time.
  12. NEW 3.0.3 version is out: @Simon Woods Update the plugin to this new version and then try to uninstall it again, it should work properly after the update.
  13. I think I know what the issue is. I'm currently out, I'll check when I'm back home in a few hours.
  14. Looks like you forgot to add GET/POST endpoints for blog? I see only a DELETE one listed for the blogs app otherwise?
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