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  1. I'm afraid we don't really have the ability to directly reply to every suggestion posited and give a thumbs up or a thumbs down, especially in between release cycles. Your suggestion will be taken into consideration for a future release, based on client demand.
  2. Unless I'm misunderstanding, you can already use any CDN you wish. You set up where to store the files in the file configuration area, and then you can enter a custom URL (so you could store the files on a subdomain which your CDN sits in front of, and then set the custom URL routed through the CDN however your chosen CDN requires). We use CloudFront with our Community In The Cloud offerings, however the code is not specific to CloudFront.
  3. As it happens, this is on an internal discussion tracklist - but there's nothing else to report right now. I can't say if support will be included in any specific upcoming release yet.
  4. Yes, we considered "more efficient" ways of doing this. Such a method was not found at the time. The problem is, in a nutshell, figuring out what is unread. It's one thing to run the calculations for the specific users who click the link at the time they click the link. It's another thing to run this calculation on every single topic page load especially when statistically, not that many users actually end up clicking to the next unread topic anyways.
  5. Typically you can just shut them off from within your browser. In Chrome, for instance, if I click the lock icon I can do so:
  6. The design of two-factor authentication (generally) is to leverage something you know and something you possess (i.e. a keyfob or smartphone). Sending an email doesn't satisfy that "possession" intent.
  7. I'm not sure I follow - the software already allows you to install additional languages (and you can have one or more of those languages enabled/available for users to use).
  8. If I'm understanding correctly, you are wanting to give your former subscribers less permissions than regular members who never subscribed, is that correct?
  9. You can't have accounts with duplicate display names - the software won't allow it, and it's not something we can simply toggle on or off. For instance, if I go to mention you, or I go to send you a PM, or ignore you, I do so by name, and if there were two accounts with the same name it wouldn't work (even overcoming the technical challenges of figuring out which one you meant upon submit, there is still the end user experience to consider - they won't know which one to select in the typeahead dropdown because both accounts have the same name).
  10. I was only commenting as to the current behavior, based on looking at the API code.
  11. It is probable we will expand the PWA support in Invision Community, but that's about all I can say right now.
  12. I'm afraid this is a general chat area. If you would like assistance with the software, or help looking for third party addons to adjust how the software behaves, please log in with your active client area account and post in the peer assistance forum. To answer your question, yes, you can use a pure "like" system out of the box with the right setup.
  13. Actually, so long as an end date is omitted, the event should be flagged as an all day event.
  14. This is a bug that will be corrected in our next maintenance release. Apologies for any inconvenience in the mean time.
  15. It's hard to definitively answer this without looking - I'd recommend submitting a ticket.
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