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  1. Depends on the performer and the city. I saw Hootie and the Blowfish last month and I think prices were around $50 each.
  2. When I need expert advice, I always talk to myself.
  3. Do you only get this on an Android device?
  4. Supporting a store front within clubs would require a fairly huge change from how our commerce software works presently. I know the suggestion has been posted in the feedback forum already, and we will evaluate it, but this isn't something we'll just drop in and do in a minor release.
  5. I would recommend using something that already exists and is well tested. If you try to build something this large from the ground up, not only will it take a very long time and require a lot of money to fund the development, but every single problem (bug) will have to be rooted out from the ground up (vs an already available and tested software where beta testing and bug fixing has/is already occurring). What to use specifically? Well, I can only recommend our software. For the LMS portion of this, since you indicated you have a budget to fund that development and are uninterested in using third party resources, you could always email sales@invisionpower.com to get in touch with our custom services department. But if you were looking elsewhere besides our software, you'll probably get better and more balanced recommendations posting on a neutral third party site.
  6. So, specifically when setting up a "MySQL Database" login handler? That's a pretty uncommon thing to be used which is why I wanted to be sure that's what we're referring to here.
  7. I think if you need advanced statistics and the ability to retain and review sent emails, you might be best off using a third party service such as Sendgrid.
  8. Gallery already supports this - is there any reason you don't just use Gallery instead (which is software designed specifically around image sharing and processing, so it has many more functions specific to image handling, such as EXIF viewing)?
  9. The problem is that while many admins would probably like such functionality, they also don't have the infrastructure for it. Logging every page view and every action can be quite intensive. We have finite resources so we have to focus on things that the majority of clients may benefit from and/or that get requested a lot.
  10. I don't see how that is even possible at a technical level. We'll need to review the ticket.
  11. We used to have more robust logging options (including logging to syslog, logging to files, logging to the database, etc.) and virtually no one used them. I think you're probably going to be best off with a plugin if this is something you need.
  12. FWIW, if I double click on a logged email file, it opens in my email client (HTML formatting and all). You don't generally need to import them (they're saved with .eml extensions which generally get registered to whatever email client you use).
  13. We've addressed the concern for the 4.4.5 maintenance release already.
  14. Where/for what, specifically?
  15. You can redirect all registration requests to an external site via the existing AdminCP settings already.
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