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  1. The category selector changes other options in the submission process (e.g. whether albums are allowed, or even required, and whether the tagging system is enabled or disabled). You must select a category first so we know how to tailor the submission process.
  2. It changes size between the various steps/options and the interface to upload images. I'm not entirely sure it would be a good experience for the box to change size multiple times through the process unnecessarily, just to make the initial box smaller. I'd think as a user, the box changing size 2 or 3 times might feel jarring.
  3. bfarber

    Where did the All Activity go?

    We're looking into it, thanks
  4. bfarber

    Official SVG header/logo support

    Just to be clear, the SVG mention in the blog entry relates specifically to the Safari Mask Icon, not the theme header/logo. A custom theme can add custom theme options, including the ability to upload an SVG logo.
  5. bfarber

    Will the next version of IPB be made with Node.js?

    The next version of Invision Community will not be written in Node.js, no. Our software will remain PHP-based for the foreseeable future.
  6. bfarber

    4.4: Application manifest and icon management

    I didn't create this image, so it's probably not the exact color you're inquiring about, but this gives you an idea of how it works: Here's an example of how the theme color may affect a device. Keep in mind that it is up to individual consumers (devices/user agents) how they will use these elements: https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2015/08/using-manifest-to-set-sitewide-theme-color The background color is generally used as the background/splash screen color when launching your site from a saved home screen icon. https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/web-app-manifest/#splash-screen Remember that each device can decide which elements it will read and support from the manifest, and how it will use those elements. The Safari mask icon is a very specific element which requires an SVG. This image is not used anywhere else presently, except for the Safari mask icon. It's not so much about making it "Apple-only", but rather using an SVG here is a requirement of using the feature in general. https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/AppleApplications/Reference/SafariWebContent/pinnedTabs/pinnedTabs.html As the Blog notes, we create Microsoft's special "browserconfig.xml" file to better support Windows-based devices as well. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/dn320426(v=vs.60) It's interesting to note that we can build off of this functionality to better support Windows Live Tiles (where you get live updates of a site right in your start menu, or on your home screen for devices with more enhanced live tile support (XBox for instance).
  7. Who remembers the earlier days of the internet? Back when you popped your logo at the top left of your site and you were largely done? Invision Community has continually developed to account for all the new services that have been built during our 16 years. We now have social media sharing images, favicons and more to consider. Invision Community 4.4 also adds mobile application icons, Safari mask icons and data for an application manifest. Handling of these logos and icons was a prime candidate for improvement in 4.4. Moving our current options Step one for improving our handling of these images was to move our current options out of themes and to allow them to be managed suite-wide from a single area. You can still upload a logo image per-theme (which shows in the header area), but the rest of the options have now been relocated to a new area: Customization > Appearance > Icons & Logos. Adding new options After giving favicon and share logo management its own dedicated area, we took a look at enhancing the configuration options made available through the interface without requiring theme template edits. Multiple share logos You can now upload multiple share logos. If you elect to upload more than one share logo, Facebook and similar sites will generally either show a carousel to allow you to choose which logo to use when sharing, or simply use the first image referenced. Application icons You can now upload an image to represent your website which will be used to generate the "home screen" icons for iPhones and Androids automatically. Uploading a single image will result in several different copies of the image (in different dimensions) being generated, and mobile devices will automatically choose the best option from the list as needed. Safari mask icon You can also now upload a Safari Mask icon, which is used to represent your website in certain areas on Apple computers (such as on the "touchbar" of certain keyboards). This image must be an SVG image with a transparent background, and all vectors must be 100% black. Additionally, you can specify the mask color which is used to offset your image when necessary (e.g. to represent it as "selected" or "active"). Application manifest In order for devices to support the application icons that you upload, a file known as a web manifest must be generated and delivered to the browser. This now happens automatically, using details and icons specified in the AdminCP. Certain details, however, can be configured explicitly from the Icons & Logos page: Short name This is a short name to represent your site in areas with limited screen space, such as below your application icon on a mobile phone home screen. Site name This is the name of the site. The "Website name" setting is automatically used if you do not explicitly override it when configuring the manifest. Description A short description of your site Theme color You can choose a (single) color to represent the general theme of the site. This color may be used by devices in areas such as the address bar background. Background color You can also choose a (single) color to use as the background color for your site when the application is launched from a shortcut saved to the user's device home screen. Display mode Finally, you can specify the display mode your site should launch in. For our more astute designers and developers, you may have already realized that generating the manifest file lays the groundwork for future PWA (Progressive Web App) development and support. Additionally, some Android devices will automatically prompt users to add your website to their home screen now that a manifest file is generated by the site. Oh, and for the sake of completeness, we also generate the special browserconfig.xml file that Microsoft products (including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, X-Box, and Microsoft-based mobile devices) look for when pinning sites and generating live tiles. There are no additional configuration options for this file - everything is automatically generated from the aforementioned options. The end result? Your community can now better convey, automatically, certain details to the myriad of devices out there that may be accessing your site, and you now have much better control over those details. You can more easily fine-tune the "little things" that help paint a complete picture of your web presence, and the groundwork has been laid for bigger and better things in the future as standardization and adoption of PWA functionality improves. This blog is part of our series introducing new features for Invision Community 4.4.
  8. bfarber

    Confirgure All Resources to load from CDN

    This is something we want to look into closer in a future release.
  9. bfarber

    Google Updates, anyone affected?

    Most of the feedback we've read about Google's most recent changes indicate that both indexing and search engine click throughs are rising, rather than falling.
  10. bfarber

    search categories before moving a post

    The screenshot you supplied is of a form element we call our "node selector" (which allows you to select nodes, e.g. categories, from an application). This form element does actually have support for searching, however I see that this is not being exposed in the interface. I'll raise this with the team so we can take a look as to why the ability to search isn't being presented. In short, presently there is no way to search through the interface, but backend support is present and this is something we can take a look at adding in an upcoming release.
  11. bfarber

    Question about Tournaments

    I would recommend searching the marketplace to see if any of the available third party addons might suit your needs: https://www.invisioncommunity.com/files/
  12. It can be difficult to compare two competing offerings (especially when we are clearly biased towards one of those offerings). My best recommendation is to identify the most important components of the software for your purposes, and then try our demo and that of any competitors to ensure the software you choose does what you want it to do. The online user tracking takes an average of all visitors (excluding some types of bots) over the previous 48 hours, and the minimum package you can use is based upon this average. This means that a burst of users over the package limits will not cause you to go over your plan limit, but if your regular traffic is above 40 users (guests and logged in members) you would need to upgrade your plan. Yes, you can transfer to a self-hosted license at any time (you would simply need to purchase the license).
  13. bfarber

    IPS Pagespeed/GTMetrix Improvements

    Can you clarify here? The query string above is a "cachebust" key, not a CSRF key. The cachebust key changes with each version, while the CSRF key changes with each session/user, so that would be a far bigger concern in practice. Which resources are using a CSRF key? Or did you just mistake the key in the URL above?
  14. bfarber

    Contact form

    We validate that the email address is in a valid format, but it's not really feasible to validate that the email address a user provides is "correct". We could add a confirm field, but...I don't know about you, however 99% of the time when I run into one of those I just copy the email address I supplied first and paste it into the confirm field, so it rarely helps.
  15. bfarber

    Quick Questions

    1) You will not lose any data currently used by the latest version. Your members, posts, forums, etc. will all be retained during the upgrade. Your trash can forum will remain exactly as it is now (behind the scenes it's just a regular forum), however there is no longer a built in option to move content to this forum when you go to delete a topic or post. You can, however, set up a "Saved Action" that moderators can use to move content to your trash can forum (or, of course, they can simply use the regular "move" moderating option). 2) If your license is not currently active, you will simply need to renew it. The renewal cost is dependent upon the applications you own. 3) I recommend reading our Standards of Service which outline what support is available. In short, support is only available through the ticket system (although you can submit tickets right from your AdminCP in 4.x, and you can reply to ticket responses via email, so you do not need to actually log in and use the ticket system on our website), and support is only provided for built in functionality of the software. For example, if you needed guidance or ran into issues importing a theme, we can assist with that, however if there are problems with the custom theme itself we would need to refer you to the theme author for further assistance. We cannot supply custom code (i.e. for formatting custom profile fields), but you could post on our peer assistance forums here where other clients can help point you in the right direction. We can, however, show you where to enter such custom code in and verify it is working correctly. 4) You would choose the print option right from your browser, and then choose to print the topic or save it as a PDF (which most browsers support natively these days).