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  1. Yes, you can break in the middle of a quote by hitting enter twice.
  2. All you need to do is hit enter twice on the keyboard to break the quote.
  3. I'm not sure I understand. You can enter any text you want inside and outside of a quote box. Example: Random text following the quote
  4. Location support in calendar (i.e. the ability to add an address) was only actually introduced in the 4.x lineup while Calendar has been around since nearly the beginning of our software. 🙂 The reality is in my personal experience, more people use this to coordinate online meetups at present (i.e. gaming clans scheduling events, educational sites scheduling webinars, things of that nature). But, I also respect that this is not the only use of the software, and I have been seeing more and more people using Calendar to coordinate IRL events in recent years, which is why the suggestion is open internally.
  5. No, you set up a "webcal" import and the Invision Community software will automatically periodically (via a task) import the events.
  6. You've posted a few different things here, so I'll try to address them one by one. The time format used by the form helper (i.e. in your first screenshot) is typically dictated by your browser, and pulls from your computer's locale. We output an HTML element like: <input type="time" name="x"> While we do have a polyfill (which should respect the date/time format specified by your language pack), browsers that understand a "time" type input element automatically build the helpful parts of the input. The short version is - if you use a browser that understands the "time" HTML input element (which is most browsers these days), we have no control over the format the input asks for the time in; it is dictated by the browser, which pulls from your operating system's configuration. On the surface, this looks like it could be a bug and I'd recommend submitting a ticket (although I can't say for sure until we take a look). You see the event time based on your time zone (it actually isn't explicitly related to being logged in or logged out). While it is understandable that in this instance your event is tied to a physical location and thus has "one start time, regardless of where you live", that isn't really how the Calendar software works at present. There are really two kinds of events in this case where time is related - events that occur at a specific time in a specific location, and events that occur at a specific time but not in a specific location. If I tell you my birthday party starts at 3PM at my house, then the time is naturally going to be related to the time zone my house is located in. If I tell you the new season of American Idol airs at 7PM tonight, then that time is definitely going to change dependent upon what time zone you are in. Calendar is primarily designed around the latter types of events, but we do have an open internal suggestion to allow ways of better supporting the former type as well in a future release.
  7. We generally only allow admin-defined language strings to be translated. Right now, the expectation is that the typical end user won't be translating their submissions into multiple languages (and showing those options could be confusing to many users). I wouldn't expect we'd implement poll translations specifically unless we generally changed our approach and allowed translations on the front end entirely (i.e. topic titles, posts, signatures, etc. etc.).
  8. Hey bfarber

  9. We are mirroring the actual breadcrumb and not including the URL to the current page. We can investigate to see if the URL to the current page should be added. i.e. at the example URL you started with, you see this in the breadcrumb and you'll note the last entry isn't a URL (so it's not included):
  10. Yes, just to clarify what Jennifer said - external links should already open in a new window. I don't think it makes sense to give control of this to end users.
  11. I'll be honest - I don't think we need configuration options for how long to cache the manifest file. I'm not opposed to adjusting the caching and using sensible values, however, so thank you for the information. We can discuss it further internally and make decisions as to whether or not to change it.
  12. $cacheHeaders = ( \IPS\IN_DEV !== true AND \IPS\Theme::designersModeEnabled() !== true ) ? \IPS\Output::getCacheHeaders( time(), 86400 ) : array(); Line 174 applications/core/modules/front/system/metatags.php
  13. What is your recommendation for the caching period?
  14. \IPS\cms\Records1::getItemsWithPermission(); This method accepts parameters to manipulate the results (i.e. one of the parameters allows you to change how many results are returned). Please post in the appropriate peer assistance forums though if you need help writing custom code.
  15. Some pages (including the default "Guidelines" page) are specifically designed to have minimal UI wrappers. The "Contact Us" page and the "Privacy Policy" page are examples of similar pages that have the minimal UI.
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