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  1. bfarber

    'Random' gallery image... not so random

    Are you accounting for block caching (widgets are cached for a period of time and so the same image would be shown to everyone while the block is cached)? This is not specific to the "random gallery image" block but really to any block.
  2. The "core" includes all of the core system functionality shared by the applications: registration, login, account management, and other core features not specific to an application. Based on what you've presented, you would need at least Pages, but you may also want Gallery if you wish to include a Gallery feature on your site (or you may find creating a custom database in Pages and then tweaking the templates appropriately is sufficient if you aren't aiming for user interaction). Using Pages, you can definitely support a News/articles database (with or without user interaction), create custom pages for things like "about us" or "follow us on social media", and you could optionally create a Gallery within it as well if you didn't want to leverage the robustness of a separate Gallery product.
  3. bfarber

    Custom Page

    Using our Pages application, you can build custom pages and more.
  4. bfarber

    Use an external member database

    You can use an external database for logging in, however Invision Community will still need to track the member through a locally stored database record. To use an external database for login purposes, you just set up the appropriate details/conditions in the AdminCP under System > Login & Registration.
  5. This looks like, somewhat, of a bug. You'll note if you look in the language system that we have the same language string for _date_this_week and _date_this_week_c. For both, we simply pass the value of %A returned from strftime. I'll make a note to take a look at this, but in the future if you experience something not working as expected I would encourage you to submit a ticket. It's often easier to see the issue "in action", especially when it comes to languages - as an English speaker, the day name is always capitalized so this type of issue does not always stand out.
  6. bfarber

    php-vips support for images

    I looked, and while interesting - exactly 0% of our clients (who have usage reporting enabled) have this installed, so it doesn't really make much sense to invest time in developing integration for the new library. Hopefully that changes in due course and we can revisit this.
  7. bfarber

    xenforo 2.0 to ipb

    The Invision Community Downloads application supports the same functionality, so this would be inherently retained during the conversion.
  8. bfarber

    Hide standard login method

    Yes, it is possible to do so. If you need help with doing so, please submit a ticket in your client area and we can provide additional information/steps.
  9. I just want to be sure - is the issue that you're reporting that the thumbnail isn't used in the album view (the larger image is)?
  10. bfarber

    Gallery 4.3.x - Resize original image

    The original image must be retained. You can quite easily break certain functionality or degrade the quality of your images if you do not retain the original image. There is no option to not retain the original image.
  11. bfarber

    Image resizing automatically

    Yes, you simply need to allow larger files to be uploaded first, and then configure the appropriate options to downsize (which are dimension-based, but naturally the lower you make these dimensions the lower the filesizes will be).
  12. bfarber


    The cpanel/WHM integration is largely there to allow you to sell hosting accounts to your user base and would likely be a bit overkill if you are simply wanting to allow users to edit a single page on your existing site. The Commerce software allows you to sell advertising space, which may be a solution for you since you indicated you wanted to allow them to advertise their products. Alternatively, you could use Commerce to promote/demote users based on purchasing a product (and optionally renewing it, if you wanted), and then only allow users in the promoted group to post in a Pages database or in a specific forum.
  13. There's some nice ideas here in the comments, and I'll try to take note of them for future releases, but please also remember if you have any requests for changes in the software you're always welcome to post in our feedback area as well (for those who may not have). 🙂
  14. bfarber

    Legal adult only content ?

    Yes, the license agreement allows you to use the software for any legal purpose, including adult content. https://invisioncommunity.com/legal/license
  15. Many of our enterprise clients leverage the REST API to add community-specific data to their front end websites. Things like "recent topics" or (in more advanced cases), user-specific data such as the number of private messages a user has on the community (e.g. recreating the header bar). It really sort of depends on your needs. When you say "managing purchases", what are you after specifically?