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  1. We don't use the permanently_closed field from their response, so this doesn't impact us.
  2. Hello, This is not an SQL injection - he supplied a username that was longer than we are able to store in the login log column. We'll address this as a bug, but there's no security concern here. Thanks
  3. 4.5 supports adding an image for each forum via the AdminCP
  4. We have not announced AMP support for 4.5
  5. Content count includes new content items, comments and reviews (in areas that increment the user's count).
  6. I'm afraid there's no public release date available at this time. We are still wrapping up some things which you'll hear more about soon.
  7. That might explain why I can't reproduce locally in that case.
  8. I cannot reproduce with the information provided. Please submit a ticket so we can take a look at your community to determine why this might be occurring.
  9. Generally speaking you should submit a ticket to report bugs - we don't always monitor this forum religiously looking for issues. That said since I did happen across this post I'll make a note to take a look. In the future though, just drop us a support ticket to report things like this. 🙂
  10. If you mouse over the date that displays like "Wednesday at 4:21PM" it shows you the full date and time like "4/15/2020 4:21PM"
  11. This is a quick setup process for new installations. The page is "available" even for existing installations, but there's no direct link to it - you'd need to adjust your URL manually to reach the page.
  12. Installing Invision Community for the first time is a fun and exciting process. After all, you're about to launch a new community that is going to thrive and attract members from all over, and you want to make sure you set it up just right to facilitate a painless experience for your visitors. If you're new to Invision Community, however, it can be a little daunting when you think about "ok what now?" immediately after installing the software. Though experience, and researching the analytical data Invision Community installations voluntarily share with us, we identified many common settings that most communities change, and it is easy to see why. In an effort to make Invision Community more approachable to new administrators, we have devised an intuitive "new installation" onboarding process that will help you configure the community just right, and quickly. Upon first logging in to Invision Community after installing the software, administrators are presented with a welcome screen. Welcome to your new Invision Community! You can obviously skip this step by clicking away to another page if you wish, and you won't be bothered again. If you click the "Skip this step" link on the page, you will be sent an email with a link to return to the page in the future should you wish to do so. Continuing into the helpful wizard, you will be presented with a screen like so A helpful guided wizard You'll note that there's an explanation as to why you may wish to configure these settings, as well as guidance for where to find the same options later should you wish. Upon clicking next, you'll see the previous step marked as completed. You can even skip around steps by clicking and expanding on them should you wish to do so. Each step is explained in detail If you reached this page but decide that you have to do something else first, there is a "Remind me later" option at the bottom of the page. Clicking it will allow you to resume whatever else you need to do first, but will helpfully bring you back to this onboarding step at a later time to finish your quick setup. Finally, once you submit the form you will be presented with a confirmation page containing links to several other areas that you may wish to visit to get started. Things like setting up forums and setting up groups are common tasks, so we've consolidated links to those areas on one helpful screen as part of the new quick setup. Confirmation that you're doing great so far! This change is but one small way that we strive to ensure our software is easy to understand and easy to use. The next time you set up a new community, we hope these adjustments make the process smoother for you, allowing you to get the backend work done quickly so you can focus on the real goal - growing your new community.
  13. Per our blog entries regarding the mobile app, we are building out one app that communities can utilize first, and will explore white-label options (that is, allowing individual communities to have their "own" version of the app just for their community) later.
  14. I believe this has been changed for 4.5 already.
  15. It's a recommended attribute and frankly, one that's difficult to determine. https://schema.org/eventAttendanceMode The software doesn't really "know" whether the event is occurring online-only or in the real world. We could make an assumption based on whether an address is supplied, but that's not reliable. As this is only a recommended property, it can be safely skipped.
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