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  1. For this purpose, you would visit the member's profile in the AdminCP and choose to "Download Personal Data"
  2. Without some sort of transcoding process, that's not information we have any way to reliably obtain right now.
  3. If you are getting update notifications for 4.5.0, then you must have the constant previously referenced in your constants.php file. Beta releases do not trigger the "update available" banner otherwise. I would second the suggestion to submit a ticket. You should not need to uninstall anything in order to upgrade, and you should be able to update your existing resources post-upgrade as needed.
  4. Summary: Zapier functionality will be rolled out for Community In The Cloud clients initially, and rolled out for self-hosted clients later.
  5. It's reCAPTCHA and it loads correctly for me. Perhaps you have some privacy options enabled on your phone that prevent it from being loaded, or the page loading had not yet completed?
  6. The Pages application is designed to allow you an easier way to create custom pages, layouts, blocks and so on. If you need more advanced widgets to build out your pages, then the Pages application is probably what you should look at.
  7. Zapier integration is being introduced for 4.5 which should help with automation needs.
  8. Please submit a ticket for support so we can take a look at the issue you're facing.
  9. I think this is a scenario where theme-ing it out is the best solution, personally.
  10. We are actively fixing bugs in multiple beta products. The issue was reported to the tracker, and we'll get to it. Sorry for any inconvenience in the mean time.
  11. That's what this feedback forum effectively is 🙂
  12. We used to set this header and it was removed sometime around 4.2.0. We have an internal suggestion/discussion regarding adding it back.
  13. I would recommend editing your theme template to add the title next to the logo if you want to do so. As others have indicated, in our experience most users who use a logo image don't want the site name displayed as text next to it.
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