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  1. Gallery file types

    A jpeg could also be several MB - why is gif any different in this regard?
  2. Search - Include Archived Topics...

    So your primary reasons are to auto-lock old topics, and increase the speed for every day use?
  3. This looks to be a bug. I've submitted a patch for 4.3.
  4. Search - Include Archived Topics...

    To evaluate - why do you want to archive the topics specifically?
  5. Create Menu

    We also don't have "Create Album" or "Create Blog" there. There's a little bit of a difference between creating the container and the content itself.
  6. ACP Session Time Outs

    The AdminCP session timeout is based upon your PHP configuration - you can update it to extend the session timeout if you wish (using the regular session configuration options).
  7. ipad support

    You should be able to edit any text in the editor on an ipad.
  8. 4.3: REST API Enhancements

    No. But this really has nothing to do with the REST API either.
  9. 4.3: Videos

    With javascript, we can detect if the user's browser supports the video file that was uploaded. If it does, we show it as a playable video instead of just as a downloadable file. In short, this is a "progressive enhancement". The backend functionality has not changed at all - users go to a topic and can upload a video (if permitted), just like they can now in 4.2 and below. The only difference is, when a user comes along and sees the post later, if their browser is capable of natively playing that video format then it will. Otherwise they will continue to see a download link like they would now.
  10. 4.3: REST API Enhancements

    The first time a user visits the community when they login through a remote service, if any details that are required are missing (username or email address) the user will be prompted for those details. Naturally we will be unable to email the user if we do not have an email address for them. Please post requests in the appropriate requests forum. For now I recommend just including the image remotely linked in the event description field.
  11. Maximum number of groups?

    (Just so no one thinks this was ignored, I've spoken with the author via PM about this a little further already)
  12. Timeline for IPB?

  13. 4.3: REST API Enhancements

    We have not implemented REST API Schema yet, however it was brought up in our internal suggestions tracker as a result of that topic.
  14. 4.3: Videos

    This entry actually has nothing to do with Gallery (which still requires you to upload a thumbnail/poster if you wish to use one, yes). All this blog entry is indicating is that when you upload a video to a post (or any other comment area) it will now embed if possible instead of just showing a link, just like an image would.