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  1. Most areas of the AdminCP that you supply your own text are translatable. If you are referring to a specific area that isn't, let us know. We don't implement per-user translating on the front end.
  2. We have an open internal bug report on this issue already.
  3. I am making a guess as to which page you took a screenshot of given there's only a cropped screenshot, and I'm not seeing anything like what you are seeing. Those are table rows for graphs, but Google charts takes over and shows the chart after the page loads, leading me to believe you either took a screenshot before the page finished loading, or you're running into some sort of javascript error. Either way, you will need to submit a ticket for assistance.
  4. When a subscription expires, the user is moved back into the group they were in prior to subscribing. There is no way to adjust this out of the box I'm afraid.
  5. Here's the CSS file for this site f you If you're seeing an issue please let us know, but I believe the validator you're referring to simply isn't accounting for CSS variables inside the rgb() CSS function.
  6. It's an issue with the validator. The var() call returns the three numbers, so it needs to be passed to the CSS rgb() call as is being done. With custom.css the vars are usually hex values, which is why they're not passed to rgb().
  7. There's absolutely no need to delete this topic, no - a new take or view on a feature that's been present for a while is never bad. Things evolve and we're always working to make things simpler so this is something we can keep in mind and continue to gauge opinions and feedback on.
  8. Pages and Blog both offer the ability to schedule entries to post publicly at a later time.
  9. I've been trying to understand the fundamental suggestion here and it seems like the request is basically to rename "split" to "move" in the multi-moderation tool?
  10. Thanks for bringing this up, we're taking a look. 🙂
  11. Typically a patch is exposed when running the support tool in the AdminCP if it has not been installed. New releases will show update available notifications. Patches are generally only released to address specific issues not affecting all users, and thus notifications are not sent out to all users.
  12. Eh...not really. At the software level we can largely add support for webp by adjusting one line of code in a central library. /** * @brief Image Extensions */ public static $imageExtensions = array( 'gif', 'jpeg', 'jpe', 'jpg', 'png' ); Adding video support to areas like cover photos and profile pictures requires going through those form helpers, tagging which file extensions are allowed, then adjusting the HTML output to be conditional on the top of file (i.e. <img> tag for pictures and <video> tag for videos, although the reality is we use background-image for cover
  13. You may be able to install a CKEditor plugin to allow embedding of remote videos. Additionally, some services support embedding of videos (think youtube, vimeo, etc.). For randomly linked videos, we wouldn't just automatically embed it.
  14. Another feedback topic recently mentioned supporting SSL for the MySQL database server. What if we did something like /* Connect */ parent::real_connect( $sqlCredentials['host'], $sqlCredentials['username'], $sqlCredentials['password'], $sqlCredentials['database'], $sqlCredentials['port'], $sqlCredentials['socket'], $this->_getFlags() ); and then the _getFlags() method returned nothing by default, but a plugin could add a hook to set other flags?
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