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  1. If this is happening on your site please submit a ticket. If it happened with our emails, we don't send bulk mails from the AdminCP typically (we use Mailchimp for our newsletters) so it would not be a bug in the software.
  2. It has not, I just wanted to point out what you are asking for will be available in the next major release.
  3. The JSON+LD structure has been updated for 4.5 to remove the warnings.
  4. I've used Tawk.to service before. It gives those nifty chat bubbles, you can man it and it automatically does like after hours email contact form and so on. And it's free.
  5. No, what you are referring to is very much not a critical bug - sorting by rating when using direct ratings in Pages doesn't work, but does work correctly if your ratings are generated based on reviews.
  6. It's already fixed for 4.5.
  7. That's not how 99.9999% of sites where an answer is marked work. Think Stack Overflow for instance - one answer is marked, not multiple.
  8. 'themesetting_js_position_head' => "Inside the <head>", 'themesetting_js_position_body' => "Just before </body> tag", Use html entities in your translation.
  9. You enable this new feature in discussion forums. It's not a new "forum type".
  10. This is a new option. The existing QA forum type remains available.
  11. I've brought this up internally for further consideration in a future release now that support is starting to gain more traction. 🙂
  12. If I open applications/cms/data/lang.xml, there are no instances of "r__menu" anywhere. I am unsure how you have those in your database, perhaps this was an issue in a much older version and it has since been corrected, I can't be certain. I would recommend you simply clean them up in your own database if they're present and posing an issue. I cannot find "read_more_about" or "task__publish" in Blog. Again, those may be older language string entries we've already cleaned up but didn't outright delete. I would recommend cleaning them up yourself in your own database if they're posing an issue. (It is also possible there are changes in 4.5 that explain the difference, I am checking our working release and not 4.4.10).
  13. In contrast to Matt, I like going to a coffee shop sometimes (usually I'll go for several days in a row, then stop for a while). I don't live in a big city, so our coffee shops are never crowded, there's always space, and I simply lock my computer if I have to go to the restroom. If someone stole it, they wouldn't be able to do much with it anyways. I also use a VPN for additional wifi security.
  14. Those language strings aren't defined in Pages as far as I can tell.
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