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  1. I'm not intimately familiar with how Disqus works (especially from a licensing and technology standpoint). Our remote commenting solution allows you to effectively create a "comments" area on an external page. Most of the time clients using this approach do so for custom made blog/article style areas on their site where they don't already support commenting built in to whatever software they are using.
  2. Randomly sorting tends to be extremely resource hungry, and subsequently is difficult to support in a software used by sites of all different sizes.
  3. We would need to update Font Awesome to v5 first, as the 'Discord' icon is not available until then.
  4. I use RSS to syndicate content from one "master" blog to several other sites in a network. It has its uses, but it's also important to know where something begins and ends, i.e. what its purpose actually is.
  5. With our feedback area here, I'm afraid we don't have the ability to come to a suggestion and tell you (within 4 days no less) whether or not a feature will be coming in a specific future version. In other words, we really can't say right now. I can say that we are focusing on wrapping up our next release (version 4.4) and these suggestions will not make it into 4.4 since it is feature complete already.
  6. You can add an unlimited number of products for sale in the Commerce application.
  7. Did any actual issue result from this, or are your concerns centered around the extra-long ticket title?
  8. Our community in the cloud environment is load-balanced and set up this way. The "nodes" are transparent to the end user and administrator, however, and we do not attempt to provide statistics on a per-node basis (it is irrelevant to the functionality). In other words, cluster support is already there We have style guidelines which we try to follow. We are also human, however. The software also already supports this. We used to use it on our community in the cloud environment until recently, but all you have to do is define the right additional settings in conf_global.php to enable this, and ensure the constant \IPS\READ_WRITE_SEPARATION is set to TRUE (the default). Look in the Db.php database driver class for the settings to define in conf_global.php.
  9. As @Joel R suggested, you may want to just quickly ask for your ticket to be passed over to Lindy so he can review and make a final decision. Management have been known to make exceptions to policies in specific one off goodwill circumstances for long-time clients such as yourself. 🙂 I can't promise that will happen here, but you'll get a more direct and definitive answer either way.
  10. Ah, I see now. You can create saved actions with our software, and when creating them you can specify post content to automatically add to the topic (as well as actions to take, such as locking the topic). You can use this feature to add a message with specific CSS classes, and then style those classes however you like. If you require assistance setting this up, I would encourage you to submit a ticket in your client area. Otherwise if you are just looking to confirm it's possible, it is possible yes.
  11. Only one "position" is offered when creating the advertisement, however you can move it around within the email by editing the email wrapper template. You only upload one image for email advertisements.
  12. Those screenshots look like they might be the Announcements feature in our software. If you need assistance using built in functionality of the Invision Community software I would recommend submitting a ticket in your client area for technical support, or logging in with your client account and posting in the appropriate peer assistance forums.
  13. I'm not sure if you are referring to the payment gateway (Braintree) or the integration within our community suite. If the former, Braintree was founded in 2007 (over a decade ago), acquired Venmo in 2011, and has been owned by PayPal since 2013. They're not really a "new kid on the block" in terms of payment processing.
  14. You don't, it's handled automatically based upon your php upload_max_filesize when a file storage engine supports chunks. If you require assistance I would encourage you to submit a ticket for technical support.
  15. The thing (with RSS at least) is....even if we did include the value by defining a new namespace, the consumer (i.e. whatever you import the feed into) isn't likely going to show the author data because it would be defined in a non-standard element. Sort of a lose-lose situation, unless this is for a specific custom purpose. ATOM does open up more options in that regard, yes.
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