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  1. bfarber

    Can you detail these cookies?

    ips4_IPSSessionAdminips4_acpTabsips4_acp_login_key To start with, these three would only ever be set by the AdminCP, so you shouldn't need to detail these to your user base. Our default cookie policy page only outlines persistent cookies as I recall, as session cookies are removed once you navigate away from the site.
  2. bfarber

    GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3

    I'm afraid not. When the attribution to a post is removed, it is removed. We no longer know who made which posts and have no way to find them in order to reassociate them (i.e. the member id, author name and IP address are all wiped out, so there's no way to even find all posts a previous user made at a technical level, which is sort of the point of anonymizing it). If you leave user name attribution in place when deleting posts, then it would theoretically be possible at the database level at least.
  3. bfarber

    Can you detail these cookies?

    For the upgrader, specifically.
  4. bfarber

    IP Address anonymisation

    Some more tools for handling IP addresses will be included in 4.3.3
  5. bfarber

    Core/Members Post

    If you require support, I recommend logging in with your client account and posting in the peer help forums, or submitting a ticket for official support in your client area.
  6. bfarber

    Trying to make the switch. :)

    There is no 'friends' feature, but let me ask you - what are you wanting to do with 'friends'? For instance, you'd typically want to know what your friends are doing, which the member follow option accommodates. Perhaps if you can clarify what else you would like to see happen when someone friends another member we can see what is possible. This is not possible out of the box. I did find this plugin which may help somewhat: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8982-profile-privacy/ This is largely doable (although ... why would you create a blog just for yourself lol). Users can upload their own cover photo on their profile, although nothing out of the box allows them to like completely change the page display/background. There may be addons in the marketplace for this however. Commenting on a profile is a function of what we refer to as statuses out of the box, but I would encourage you to simply leave the feature enabled and then adjust the language strings in the AdminCP to refer to it as comments or something else. It sounds like the only hang up here is literally the word "status" which can be changed. If you use the fluid forum view, you can hide and show any forums you want with a sidebar filter system. You can disable it. Yes, the software is fully functional even if you do not renew your license. You just lose access to updates, technical support and value-add services (such as the IPS spam service which helps prevent spammers from registering on your site).
  7. Take a look at your image sizes in the AdminCP. In 4.3, Gallery thumbnails should be 600x600 px (to account for retina displays). You can adjust your thumbnail dimensions and then rebuild all of your images after (when you save you will be prompted to rebuild images and you can choose yes). This will likely clear up the blurriness you are seeing with category covers.
  8. bfarber

    Album linking in records

    This is not possible presently, but I will raise the idea internally as a suggestion.
  9. bfarber

    IPS Connect still supported?

    OAuth is not designed to facilitate SSO. In other words, there is just no way to make a generic out of the box SSO solution simply based on the fact that the site(s) are using OAuth.
  10. Are there any other emoji besides the 'middle finger' one that you would consider unsuitable? i.e. are we talking about just one emoji character here, or is there really a need for a full 'safe set'?
  11. Please submit issues or bugs via a ticket in your client area. Thanks!
  12. bfarber

    4.3 Search Changes

    There can be some minor inconsistencies with highlighting right now when using Elasticsearch because it supports stemming natively (meaning searching for anger will find both anger and angry), however our highlighting functionality does not take this into account. It is a minor issue that we are aware of and looking to improve upon in a future release.
  13. Yes, when sorting by date we sort DESC (most people entering a container want to see the newest stuff first), but I can understand the use case for wanting to sort ASC too here and we can look into that in a future release.
  14. bfarber

    PayPal email ban

    You can use the ban filters to block specific email addresses from registering on the site (and registering is part of the purchase process for guests). This would not impact existing users, however with those users you can simply ban their accounts so they can't use the account at all.
  15. bfarber

    Defer parsing JS

    Can you please clarify this, as I'm not sure I understand what you're reporting?