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  1. It is challenging from a performance perspective to implement these without potentially causing issues, however it is on our radar (as you can see from the code comments).
  2. The issue tracker you speak of was a bug tracker, and the report would have been closed as not a bug. This forum is the appropriate place to post suggestions for changes in future versions. Issues are now addressed through tickets, or in some cases through our development gateway forum when developers have identified specific bugs (and often, specific fixes for those bugs).
  3. You should reach out to sales@invisionpower.com to inquire about this sort of thing. There are no publicly available bulk pricing discounts that I am aware of, but our sales team are happy to discuss each client's needs individually.
  4. To be clear...this is not a bug, and there is nothing technically incorrect about using full URLs. (This is not to say we won't consider the suggestion, but I just want to be clear that this is a suggestion and not a bug report)
  5. You may wish to reach out to the Chromium project (the backbone for Chrome, Safari and soon MS Edge) to relay your feedback. We don't develop the browser itself as I'm sure you are aware. 😛
  6. What browser are you using? That's generally a function of your browser, unless it does not support date fields at all, in which case we use a polyfill (which we did not develop in-house) to add date management to date fields.
  7. Quoting and attachments are both supported in Commerce tickets, both when pulled in via email and when a client manually visits the site and replies to a ticket. 🙂
  8. We don't implement every single suggestion ever submitted, particularly when only one client has ever requested it. It's not an objection or unwillingness, but rather an attempt to gauge the request and how relevant or important it is, in the context of everything else we have going on, and also to see if it's something widely needed or desired, or just something one person wants for their own reasons.
  9. Facebook behaves the same - does this concern with your site carry over there, out of curiosity? I, personally, don't have much preference. I suppose an option could be introduced to shut off relative dates/times if this is a "thing", but I can't recall this really coming up much in the past and the software has behaved this way for years.
  10. This cannot be changed in the AdminCP actually, and for the most part it's fine for a platform like Instagram, but not for a platform like ours. It does not make sense to show replies in reverse chronological order, because you lose the context of the conversation. Showing a stream of status updates (ala Facebook), the order isn't really relevant at the end of the day so you can do this, but even Facebook's comments are in chronological order (unless there are so many they use a different algorithm, like "most appropriate"). We also have an optimized mobile view (officially known as a "responsive design") out of the box for the platform....as well as a mobile app in the works (in addition to the PWA-style approaches we support as well, which you already seem to be aware of).
  11. Frankly...I don't think too many people try to edit code on an iPad. 😉 We will keep an eye out, and if you notice a new release that addresses the issue yourself feel free to let us know.
  12. I don't believe there are any plans at this time to "integrate" Zendesk or any other support platform.
  13. No, unfortunately not. Note that when you upgrade from 3.x to 4.x the option to convert 3.x friends to the 4.x "followers" concept is not checked by default. I realize it's too late for you to go back in time and leave the default the way it was during the upgrade, but just wanted to make sure others who are considering upgrades are aware, what you are describing isn't what would happen by default.
  14. You should submit a ticket so we can take a look at your site and the specific concerns you are reporting/facing.
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