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    The app is absolutely brilliant! You should fix the time in the chatrow, because it's 3 hours off. At least in my community.
  1. @LukasGr. I had to re-do the theme of my community from the beginning too. I hope this won't happen again.
  2. @superj707 I don't have problem with mentions. You should try typing some of the first letters in the username and let it show through the drop down menu.
  3. I fixed it. I guess, when I've made some changes to the skin, my keyboard choose to go a little crazy.
  4. Can you PM me a screenshot? Thanks.
  5. Updated mine when IPS 4 was in RC stage.. https://www.windowsbulgaria.com/
  6. Not sure why after I upgrade to a new version, some of my Plugins brake and i have to reinstall them.. This happened to RC5 -> RC6 too.
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