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  1. Font awesome 5.0

  2. Pages SuperGrid support

    How do I skip a record? I have a custom block to showcase the latest article and below that the supergrid begins. This is for the SuperGrid Frontpage template.
  3. PM me if anyone needs help fixing any issues and get a higher score.
  4. Anyone here a domain investor?

    Maybe in like 2002 lol.
  5. Member Map

    I just upgraded and I'm still getting this error. It appears to not work for any of the outdated apps, not just membermap.
  6. Member Map

    Unfortunately, Commerce isn't installed. I can wait until 4.1.10 comes, thanks.
  7. Member Map

    I'm getting an upgrade error. 1.) member_map db info is still present in PMA. 2.) Files are still present. 3.) core_apps is still showing it. 4.) Could it be because the admin directory is renamed?
  8. Have you tried not using gradients and just use a solid color? Just an idea.
  9. Cloud hosted IPB examples?

    There is a site showcasing some IPS4 sites, http://ips4sites.com/ . There are a few that are labeled as hosted with IPS. Thanks!
  10. I think they are priced reasonably. IPS is a smaller market than say Apple.
  11. Design Problem?

    It's super easy to change language strings like Charlie stated. You can even use the live translator on the front-end to quickly change items as well.
  12. Taking Ideas for my Semester Projects!

    Do you want to do stuff with APIs? I feel like that could be fun, maybe this would help? Then you can build functionality on top of the data you bring in.
  13. Really great support!

    The staff members live all over the place. Rhett lives in on the west coast of the US. While others are in England, Austria, and even Ohio .
  14. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Added, thank you.