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  1. BomAle

    Call to Action Popup

    it's a main feature on this plugin 👍 Content <p> <span style="color:#c0392b;"><span style="font-size:20px;"><strong>Join our trading community</strong></span></span> </p> <p> <span>Hello, I am Kim, founder of SteadyOptions.</span><br> <span>Our mission is to help you to become a better trader.</span> </p> Template <div id='bacalltoactionpopup' data-controller='plugins.bacalltoactionpopup' class="ipsHide" data-size="{$p->size}" data-modal="{$p->modal}" data-content="{$p->content}" data-title="{$p->title}" data-close="{$p->close}" data-close-on-click="{$p->closeOnClick}" data-open-on-click="{$p->openOnClick}" data-class-name="{$p->className}" data-transition-popup-show="{$p->transitionPopupShow}" data-transition-popup-hide="{$p->transitionPopupHide}" data-transition-modal-show="{$p->transitionModalShow}" data-transition-modal-hide="{$p->transitionModalHide}" data-exit="{$p->exit}" data-scroll="{$p->scroll}" data-unset="{$p->unset}" data-align="{$p->align}" data-position="{$p->position}" data-wait="{$p->wait}" > <div class='ipsPad ipsType_center' style='background-color: #c7c7c7;background: url(https://steadyoptions.com/uploads/monthly_2018_01/IMG_7292_web_face.thumb.jpg.bbaa235164633c9ff8eac391ee5cf9fa.jpg) no-repeat scroll 100% 100%, linear-gradient(to bottom, #c7c7c7 0%,#CACACA 20%, #d6d6d6 100%);'> <div class='ipsType_left' style="margin-right:200px">{$p->msg|raw}</div> </div> {{$form = new \IPS\Helpers\Form( 'form', null, \IPS\Http\Url::internal( 'app=core&module=system&controller=register', 'front', 'register' )/*, array( 'data-controller' => 'core.front.system.register')*/ );}} {{$email = new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Email( 'email_address', NULL, TRUE, array( 'accountEmail' => TRUE, 'maxLength' => 150, 'bypassProfanity' => TRUE, 'placeholder' => 'Email' ) );$form->addHtml( $email->html() );}} {{$form->addHtml(\IPS\Theme::i()->getTemplate( 'forms', 'core', 'global' )->button( 'sign_up', 'submit', null, 'ipsButton ipsButton_primary ipsButton_small', array( 'tabindex' => '2', 'accesskey' => 's' ) ));}}{{$form = preg_replace(['/data-ipsForm/', '/<div class="ipsAreaBackground_light ipsClearfix ipsPad ipsType_center">[.\s]*<\/div>/'], '', $form );}} <div class="ipsPad" style="text-align:center; background-color: rgb(11, 11, 11); box-shadow: 0 6px 3px -3px rgb(0, 0, 0) inset;">{$form|raw}</div> </div>
  2. BomAle

    Call to Action Popup

    Now I'm on the phone... tomorrow I'll write you a template as follows: - set the image at an angle at the bottom right, use a background gray taken from the image - overlap and align a full-height box and half width on the left for the content and registration form.
  3. BomAle

    Call to Action Popup

    Thanks for purchase it 🙂 remove the highlighted part and save (deselect "Last Edit" to avoid the cancellation of cookie) add this code after last </div> inside "Template" field <script> ;( function($, _, undefined){ "use strict"; ips.controller.mixin('bacalltoactionpopup', 'plugins.bacalltoactionpopup', true, function () { this.after('setup',function(){ $('#'+this.bacalltoactionpopup.dialogID) .find('.' + this.data.className + '_content') .css("background-color", "rgba(255, 255, 200, 0.7)") .end().prev('.ipsModal') .css("background", "rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.7)") }); }); }(jQuery, _)); </script> you must change second parameter inside "css" function with color value you would. I suggest https://www.css3maker.com/css-3-rgba.html for choose it. Into Documentation tab you can read all explanation about usage and interaction with plugin
  4. I will test this week
  5. BomAle

    SendMail Advanced

    Yes in your case 450 is raccomanded, keep in mind that email tests are not counted so it is right to remove some numbers from the maximum allowed (there are no other cases into IPS framework). I advise you to set up bulk mails with lower priority because they could delay the most priority emails.
  6. BomAle

    SendMail Advanced

    This setting work when try to "send a new mail with IPS framework"1 and if MTA (not only smtp method, but anyone you have configured) is offline the email logged as "421 error" are processed when the service return online. 1. the counter increment before send is called, regardless of errors arising within send (\IPS\Email\Outgoing\Exception) because currently I have not found a way to detect if error is temporary or not (only 421 seem to be temporary). As I specified in the answer above it works with the configured method.
  7. I am glad to add this feature into next version 👍
  8. just as note on safari push api currently are not integrated https://caniuse.com/#search=push api only for this is raccomanded PWA + native iOS app.
  9. I have adapted a plugin because a third party app redefine a method, I like your idea to improve relationship with clients and coders and inform about possible "workaround".
  10. BomAle

    SendMail Advanced

    Yes, I have setted the priority to 3 for some email templates (I edit this post with the list) to prioritize them like password reset, new account...
  11. BomAle

    SendMail Advanced

    I have reupload the 1.0.1 with the fix, tested with a new installation 👍
  12. BomAle

    SendMail Advanced

    New version uploaded: Added More informations to help understanding of settings Ability to increase speed of task process Priority based on Body of email Priority based on Template loaded Quick links for modules (email settings, email error logs, email templates-+) Small bug fixes (order of email dalayed revised)
  13. BomAle

    Team Talk: Show us your workstation

    I tried to use the available space and use a configuration with Santech N87. I gradually improved the desk by sawing the shelf in three and bought 4 partial extraction guides to have the possibility to slide each floor. Finally I installed an Arctic Z1 to be able to move at will the monitor especially when I have to work with friends.
  14. BomAle

    SendMail Advanced

    I add a whitelist option to exclude from defer the deliver of some mails, but always track 421 errors for resend when return into limits. Thanks for suggestion and purchase 👍