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  1. 4.3: Modernizing our Gallery

    Happy to see custom permission 👍 there are some reasons for require a title as SEO (crawler don't process image but alt tag or metadata..), internal search, filter/sort from lists.
  2. 4.3: Express yourself with Emoji

    ❤ are them translatable?
  3. Chatbox Extender

    Good morning always in the language will find a string to edit, the following: frontnavigation_bimchatbox The plugin don't have this feature.
  4. Word count?

    I see this plugin for ckeditor not tested by me https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/wordcount but currently is not available when view post/comments
  5. Default Photo per Group

    Try new version, it work on demo website (read into file description) Did you check that there was no other photo with the same name (it must be unique or system append a md5 string)? Can you try with IPS 4.2+? Sorry for delay
  6. IPB Bug Tracker.

    yes, also the future changes planned (example fix for furls changes).
  7. Multiple questions problem

    currently the added question affect only members don't have already voted, them could vote the new option motomac ask for new question, not for new option/choice.
  8. Easy and friendly Blogs URL

    The main reason this is a "bad pratice" the user could choose a existing furl option like /forums and it could be unable to use the own blog.
  9. yes not tested but It should work with it. On next update I add ability to change secondary group. I have some personal commitments this week, next week I should release it.
  10. Are you interested to this plugin? @PrettyPixels Unlike adriano plugin this not have (currently) choice to change from front side.
  11. Infinite Polls?

    I have a solution: A option for leave a "content message"/comment with previous poll link when update the poll id?
  12. You could create only one forum and configure tags system properly for your needs. After forum creation configure rules with html to link each tags. Into this way you can find topics with some tags but the system currently not provide counter of topics/replies and last post for tags if you don't need it this is a good solution. The better way is to build a custom query with all tags for this forum and format for result instead of rules of forum.
  13. Call to Action Popup

    not currently, I will do for future.