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  1. My sales ActiveCampaign Integration - 33% OFF Call to Action (Popup) - 25% OFF SendMail Advanced - 25% OFF Truncate & Format Feeds Content - 10% OFF
  2. BomAle

    Facebook unsync photo & cover

    I have updated the plugin with explanation and adding support for other login methods
  3. BomAle

    Facebook unsync photo & cover

    I have done this plugin for a solution to a bad behaviour explained here I must check also streams as soon as possible.
  4. Yes, that's exactly how it works 🙂 If I have understand, a setting allow registrations only with this feature/method? (post before register) also +1
  5. BomAle

    SendMail Advanced

    I suggest to report this on other third party app like "mail boucer", because all mail logged into core_mail_error_logs are available to be resent. Perhaps, I would add on next version a global filter to avoid resent email to banned/spam accounts and other member filters. There is a prune setting removing after specific time the logged email with cleanup task I add some stats in future with ability to detect some issue like: email delayed more than X time (avoiding loop email and mark under review) unprocessed email delayed (interval from logged date to sent date must be at most X days, otherwise them are marked under review on a specific page purpose-built) I would personality add this feature on app but not on upcoming release, I am busy with other projects and jobs.
  6. Version 1.0.1


    This plugin is a revision of the synchronization options of the login methods, therefore only with the permissions to modify the profile the photo and cover will be synchronized.


  7. BomAle

    SendMail Advanced

    Some email service provider limit outgoing mails because the IP of machine could be banned by "block list" for possible spam. This app help you avoid exceed limit and process the queue of email with 421 error (temporary unavailable) automatically based on configuration. A rudimental counter to understand how many emails have been processed. Contact your hosting about a SMTP server and ask what are the limit of service (often it is included with web hosting / small plan and limit around 200 email daily), otherwise you can upgrade your plan and increase the standard limit (example)
  8. BomAle

    Call to Action Popup

    When position of mouse is less then 10px from the top the popup appear. I have to improve the functionality of the detection exit intent (track inactive window for touch device not only mouse). I don't have an ETA for major version, but I will show progress on this topic.
  9. BomAle

    Call to Action Popup

    Into next major version will be possible to add more popups, the plugin has been thought only to offer an instance
  10. BomAle

    Call to Action Popup

    it's a main feature on this plugin 👍 Content <p> <span style="color:#c0392b;"><span style="font-size:20px;"><strong>Join our trading community</strong></span></span> </p> <p> <span>Hello, I am Kim, founder of SteadyOptions.</span><br> <span>Our mission is to help you to become a better trader.</span> </p> Template <div id='bacalltoactionpopup' data-controller='plugins.bacalltoactionpopup' class="ipsHide" data-size="{$p->size}" data-modal="{$p->modal}" data-content="{$p->content}" data-title="{$p->title}" data-close="{$p->close}" data-close-on-click="{$p->closeOnClick}" data-open-on-click="{$p->openOnClick}" data-class-name="{$p->className}" data-transition-popup-show="{$p->transitionPopupShow}" data-transition-popup-hide="{$p->transitionPopupHide}" data-transition-modal-show="{$p->transitionModalShow}" data-transition-modal-hide="{$p->transitionModalHide}" data-exit="{$p->exit}" data-scroll="{$p->scroll}" data-unset="{$p->unset}" data-align="{$p->align}" data-position="{$p->position}" data-wait="{$p->wait}" > <div class='ipsPad ipsType_center' style='background-color: #c7c7c7;background: url(https://steadyoptions.com/uploads/monthly_2018_01/IMG_7292_web_face.thumb.jpg.bbaa235164633c9ff8eac391ee5cf9fa.jpg) no-repeat scroll 100% 100%, linear-gradient(to bottom, #c7c7c7 0%,#CACACA 20%, #d6d6d6 100%);'> <div class='ipsType_left' style="margin-right:200px">{$p->msg|raw}</div> </div> {{$form = new \IPS\Helpers\Form( 'form', null, \IPS\Http\Url::internal( 'app=core&module=system&controller=register', 'front', 'register' )/*, array( 'data-controller' => 'core.front.system.register')*/ );}} {{$email = new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Email( 'email_address', NULL, TRUE, array( 'accountEmail' => TRUE, 'maxLength' => 150, 'bypassProfanity' => TRUE, 'placeholder' => 'Email' ) );$form->addHtml( $email->html() );}} {{$form->addHtml(\IPS\Theme::i()->getTemplate( 'forms', 'core', 'global' )->button( 'sign_up', 'submit', null, 'ipsButton ipsButton_primary ipsButton_small', array( 'tabindex' => '2', 'accesskey' => 's' ) ));}}{{$form = preg_replace(['/data-ipsForm/', '/<div class="ipsAreaBackground_light ipsClearfix ipsPad ipsType_center">[.\s]*<\/div>/'], '', $form );}} <div class="ipsPad" style="text-align:center; background-color: rgb(11, 11, 11); box-shadow: 0 6px 3px -3px rgb(0, 0, 0) inset;">{$form|raw}</div> </div>
  11. BomAle

    Call to Action Popup

    Now I'm on the phone... tomorrow I'll write you a template as follows: - set the image at an angle at the bottom right, use a background gray taken from the image - overlap and align a full-height box and half width on the left for the content and registration form.
  12. BomAle

    Call to Action Popup

    Thanks for purchase it 🙂 remove the highlighted part and save (deselect "Last Edit" to avoid the cancellation of cookie) add this code after last </div> inside "Template" field <script> ;( function($, _, undefined){ "use strict"; ips.controller.mixin('bacalltoactionpopup', 'plugins.bacalltoactionpopup', true, function () { this.after('setup',function(){ $('#'+this.bacalltoactionpopup.dialogID) .find('.' + this.data.className + '_content') .css("background-color", "rgba(255, 255, 200, 0.7)") .end().prev('.ipsModal') .css("background", "rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.7)") }); }); }(jQuery, _)); </script> you must change second parameter inside "css" function with color value you would. I suggest https://www.css3maker.com/css-3-rgba.html for choose it. Into Documentation tab you can read all explanation about usage and interaction with plugin
  13. I will test this week
  14. BomAle

    SendMail Advanced

    Yes in your case 450 is raccomanded, keep in mind that email tests are not counted so it is right to remove some numbers from the maximum allowed (there are no other cases into IPS framework). I advise you to set up bulk mails with lower priority because they could delay the most priority emails.