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  1. IPB Bug Tracker.

    yes, also the future changes planned (example fix for furls changes).
  2. Multiple questions problem

    currently the added question affect only members don't have already voted, them could vote the new option motomac ask for new question, not for new option/choice.
  3. Easy and friendly Blogs URL

    The main reason this is a "bad pratice" the user could choose a existing furl option like /forums and it could be unable to use the own blog.
  4. Infinite Polls?

    I have a solution: A option for leave a "content message"/comment with previous poll link when update the poll id?
  5. You could create only one forum and configure tags system properly for your needs. After forum creation configure rules with html to link each tags. Into this way you can find topics with some tags but the system currently not provide counter of topics/replies and last post for tags if you don't need it this is a good solution. The better way is to build a custom query with all tags for this forum and format for result instead of rules of forum.
  6. Currently when delete a choice the votes is not cleared/updated based on exist choices, only the choice are deleted the votes remain (prompt a option to remove votes for deleted/moved choice?). (The image show after save and reload edit form) The data are stored into json, make this require a entire rework or intense resource consumption... example: when try to move q2-c2 on q1 before c2, the votes for q2-c2 must be moved with a query could send in timeout mysql. for questions same problem This feature could be integrated when IPS require mysql version up to 5.7.8, because it introduce JSON functions to handle results (JSON_REPLACE or PREG_REPLACE with mariadb) without rework (add position index to each questions/choices)
  7. πŸ•˜, also admins would navigation comfort 😁
  8. Yes, I have forced to avoid deleting all categories and on install the source create first category. I have adopt in-built theOnlyNode added fourth param for set specific permission (not only view, like read and add...). When go to add/create item form, the code autoload the category if there are not any others. site/defaultmodule/add/ if not request id check for theOnlyNode(.., .., .., 'add') if only load item( $theOnlyNode ) else create( NULL ) this will add into form the form/node to select a category as required. This way I can offer ability to categorize and tagging. I can go forward
  9. I am asking for future release to permise developers to have option to edit item without any category (0) because a default system not avoid to delete all category... if admin delete all category and try to edit items it will get 2S136/E error I don't know if there is some reason that IPS developers must fix before integrate this, but it could be useful for members that would use tags instead categories, behaviour for restricted content could be related only for admin moderator but members and guest could have same permissions. @bfarber @Lindy @Mark @Matt some guide talk about: "In most cases" into the \IPS\Content\Item::canEdit we have /* Do we have moderator permission to edit stuff in the container? */ if ( static::modPermission( 'edit', $member, $this->containerWrapper() ) ) { return TRUE; } ------- if $this->containerWrapper() assign the first param to true it will not trow exception $this->containerWrapper( true ) -------
  10. Error with furl changes

    +1 ❀ (could be useful also have a history, permise to redirect on current furl avoiding "page not found")
  11. premium club +1 useful to offer value to the content members πŸ†like courses advanced guides products lockable with pay recurring tax
  12. I would suggest improvements for modcp: - more stats (inspired to stats admincp, attachments/uploads, downloads last 24h, user activity, old members) - more tools --- recents users warnings (a better way to check other moderators actions) --- todo lists / tasks --- contact us for moderators / help desk ability to escalation to admincp --- mod logs viewable (if have permission to view, notification if there are new/unread logs), and some error (like permission denied ban ip filters) --- suggested actions (like item suspicios "take over" bad word filter / links blocked / ip address blocks interventions... item without tags... for security purpose), tips, votes for raccomanded replies if a moderator action is required. --- moderator messages on items --- recents content edited - modcp for clubs (I don't have check it) - redesign (clean, usability, agile, mobile) Why? I would incourage it, my mods not use it like a routine (moderators are abandoned on it self, admininistrators have a lot of option instead). Default I create forums / topics for moderators but I thinks is better to keep discussions into modcp (useful for instant message with other moderators) for not show it on forums listing. modcp could be the perfect way to handle issue (the option "Can see others user contents" is not available for guests), improve convertion guests to members.
  13. Just polls

    I have stopped it for a important bug, when 4.2 is released I will complete it. The app use inbuilt poll feature, there is a poll list page with relevant filter, a widget that extend default existing, embeddable poll on comments/reviews, I must test for 4.2 changes and improve performance. I todo a url scheme for polls if it is not inside a item like topic, article, blog if I don't mistake and extend the search system. For future I add also the feature to link/unlink or convert a poll into a item πŸ‘
  14. I am not found some ui widget on source code available from dev\js\framework\common\ui around the suite. Some of them are not documented or are incomplete or don't show how trigger some event, consider that if them are documented is easily improve each of them and permise to suggest some feature. dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.addressForm.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.alert.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.autoCheck.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.autocomplete.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.captcha.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.carousel.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.chart.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.contentItem.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.dialog.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.drawer.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.editor.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.filterBar.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.flashMsg.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.form.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.grid.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.hovercard.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.infiniteScroll.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.lightbox.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.menu.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.pageAction.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.pagination.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.passwordStrength.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.patchwork.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.photoLayout.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.productZoom.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.quote.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.rating.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.selectTree.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.sideMenu.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.spoiler.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.stack.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.sticky.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.tabbar.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.toggle.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.tooltip.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.truncate.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.uploader.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.validation.js dev/js/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.wizard.js