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  1. I don't know, I not support anymore this resource
  2. I stopped support, if anyone interested continue the work for this app is free to do.
  3. I stopped support for all my files
  4. 1.0.16 released, fix xss for username contain malicious code (thanks @newbie LAC for report)
  5. Yes, you can disable it into "Customize Modal" tab or recolor with a custom code to add into content field, see Documentation tab section Interact with the plugin
  6. by clicking outside the popup even if off the screen the popup must close. If it were not so, you can send me the site where the problem occurs in private, so I can identify and correct it.
  7. I would like to talk about my experience before answering the other opinions so I write two lines below. I interrupted the development of different apps and plugins because I know that they need continuous updates and a good amount of work (especially of quality). I want to guarantee good maintenance to those released in the marketplace. In my life I do two jobs and I find it difficult to organize the activity on the invisioncommunity in a professional way as for the rest. I read on the forum the intention of IPS Staff to create paid clubs to encourage the activity in the marketplace. This could help to form new collaborations, and other benefits such as: - advertisements (from sponsors, other third part dev, clients ...) - manage job (queue, todo, future, portfolio) - reviews. Currently, when a potential customer finds interest in a resource in the Marketplace, he wants to know what guarantees are offered to him after the product or service, but personally I want some advice on how to fill description to avoid loss of interest and bad situation (prevention is better than cure, AIDA).
  8. You can define the return path (bounce mail for undeliverable email) inside MTA configuration (like exim, see 15 paragraph return_path_add option).
  9. or contact your hosting and detect the source of problem
  10. I will look for future version
  11. My sales ActiveCampaign Integration - 33% OFF Call to Action (Popup) - 25% OFF SendMail Advanced - 25% OFF Truncate & Format Feeds Content - 10% OFF
  12. I have updated the plugin with explanation and adding support for other login methods
  13. I have done this plugin for a solution to a bad behaviour explained here I must check also streams as soon as possible.
  14. Yes, that's exactly how it works 🙂 If I have understand, a setting allow registrations only with this feature/method? (post before register) also +1
  15. I suggest to report this on other third party app like "mail boucer", because all mail logged into core_mail_error_logs are available to be resent. Perhaps, I would add on next version a global filter to avoid resent email to banned/spam accounts and other member filters. There is a prune setting removing after specific time the logged email with cleanup task I add some stats in future with ability to detect some issue like: email delayed more than X time (avoiding loop email and mark under review) unprocessed email delayed (interval from logged date to sent date must be at most X days, otherwise them are marked under review on a specific page purpose-built) I would personality add this feature on app but not on upcoming release, I am busy with other projects and jobs.
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