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  1. BomAle

    SendMail Advanced

    Yes, I have setted the priority to 3 for some email templates (I edit this post with the list) to prioritize them like password reset, new account...
  2. BomAle

    SendMail Advanced

    I have reupload the 1.0.1 with the fix, tested with a new installation 👍
  3. BomAle

    SendMail Advanced

    New version uploaded: Added More informations to help understanding of settings Ability to increase speed of task process Priority based on Body of email Priority based on Template loaded Quick links for modules (email settings, email error logs, email templates-+) Small bug fixes (order of email dalayed revised)
  4. BomAle

    Team Talk: Show us your workstation

    I tried to use the available space and use a configuration with Santech N87. I gradually improved the desk by sawing the shelf in three and bought 4 partial extraction guides to have the possibility to slide each floor. Finally I installed an Arctic Z1 to be able to move at will the monitor especially when I have to work with friends.
  5. BomAle

    SendMail Advanced

    I add a whitelist option to exclude from defer the deliver of some mails, but always track 421 errors for resend when return into limits. Thanks for suggestion and purchase 👍
  6. If anyone running php 7.1.x on windows change it with 7.2.x I have found this bug: https://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin/issues/13175 it will cause issue for tasks see on SQL Toolbox something as:
  7. regard 421 too many message I have made a plugin to limit email usage. currently it is not retro-active, but I can add a batch tool to add it into queue and resend as soon as.
  8. BomAle

    SendMail Advanced

    Version 1.0.1


    This app permise you to limit email sent per time, avoiding exceed some limits imposed by hosting or server mail provider (MTA) It extend the standard IPS mail sending with: some settings for prioritize or limit the relay; log and process the mail queue; count how many mail are sent per time; HOW IT WORK increase sent counter when send a new email and if exceed the restrictions delay the email inserting a custom log into core_mail_error_logs (format: DELAY(attempt) PRIORITY(n) UNTIL date) a task try to: updating count of emails sent by IPS (into this year, month, day, hour, minute, second) run callback function until timeout for handle DELAYED logs (also 421 errors into 1.0.1): if exceeded the restrictions update the log with attempt done (how many time the task is ran, the mail connection is not initialized) try a new attempt deleting current log and on occurrence insert a DELAYED mail log ROAD MAP Create a graph to show how many email are sent by time, and custom option to have a history (detailed graph) Add into task callback also 421 mail logs Notify when 421 errors are logged Autocalculate restrictions on install (WHM,keliweb,inmotionhosting,etc..) Possibility to increase how many logs process (currently 1 log x run, the frequency of task is 1 minute)


  9. Support topic for
  10. BomAle

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    well done condoweb 👍
  11. BomAle

    GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3

    One question: is scheduled for future release a way to prevent specific cookies to be stored? (can members disable some cookies during navigation?) Thanks for updates
  12. Hello, I would ask to integrate also social notifications when I am mentioned on forum. Some guide I have seen is: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/v3.0/user/notifications
  13. take a look at this post If it is what you ask like 👍
  14. I read a lot of articles about Commerce but don't find any CLEAR words on C2C transations, I am suggest to add this type of market soon because a "Commerce" for definition it is supposed integrate at least the main types of business. I know any work made from third part developers but I waiting as many others clients from IPS 4.0 expetations it will come. WHY, more transations, members of each community/club appreciate it (not only digital products with Downloads integration but also fisical) and increase satisfation and products offered. WHY NOT, require a long term development, disadvantages of C2C (theft, fraud website...) WHAT, not only classifieds but also auctions.