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  1. Good morning! With @teraßyte tip, will we be able to solve the problem?
  2. I'll make a video to explain it better....
  3. Yes. Here I updated the word points to credits. I made this modification to avoid confusion with the standard IPS points system. Thank you very much for your attention.
  4. I understand! But see if you can help me. With this problem, moderators end up not being able to remove credits from members who have gained credits irregularly. What could be resolved with just a warning and taking credits ends up generating a ban. My forum depends a lot on the credits system to work perfectly.
  5. @Adriano Faria But last version is from January!!! You didn't make any updates after that...
  6. What worked for me was this App: It costs $8 per year. But worth the investment...
  7. In this item the IPS is very limited. The alternative we had was this app which is currently abandoned. 👇
  8. Good morning! Do you have a forecast for this review?
  9. After the ticket was opened, I was attended by these guys: 👇 @Andy Millne @Jim M @Marc Stridgen @Stuart Silvester @Daniel F In the end, he got the following answer: I wonder if the bug was resolved in the version released yesterday 4.7.7 ???
  10. @fala @Marc Stridgen I had the same problem here! Glad I found this thread and it made the solution easier. 👍 Some observations: - The date was wrong on every platform. Not only from the Pages module - I installed the locale pt_BR.UTF-8 and it worked perfectly with the date in DD/MM/YYYY format - I believe that the date format in the IPS did not depend on some server configuration. I have Wordpress and Prestashop on the same server and it was not affected by the lack of the pt_BR.UTF-8 locale My forum works in English, Spanish and Portuguese. But when I change the language from Portuguese to English the date remains in the DD/MM/YYYY format. Is this behavior expected? I believe that the date format would have to follow the language in use.
  11. Then the option to renew appears...
  12. @Adriano Faria Can you update this app to 4.7?
  13. Ola! @Adriano Faria I found a bug with reactions and credits. I configured here that each positive reaction generates 10 credits. If the member who gave the positive reaction removes it the 10 credits are removed as they should. But if a moderator removes the positive reaction from another member of the forum the reaction is removed but the credits are not removed.
  14. I fixed FTP. It's already running. Test please...
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