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  1. It does not work and is not supported by the developer. This app is most recommended 👇
  2. Version 4.4.5


    This app is to encourage users to review downloaded files (IP.downloads) It is also very useful for users to view downloaded downloads and check the limit of downloaded files. features: -> Number of rows of configurable table. -> Toggle checking between reviews or comments. -> Text configurable to be displayed at the top of the panel. (Multi-language) -> Enable and disable added button in profile menu -> Allows you to place the link in the main menu -> Very intuitive application for easy learning and use.


  3. Any news on this subject latest version?
  4. @TheJackal84 Hello I believe I found a bug. Reactions do not generate points in ipdownloads. I set for each like to generate 10 points. This works perfectly in the forum. Only in the download area the like is triggered but the points are not credited to the member's account.
  5. In my community IOS accesses do not reach 1% either. But that varies depending on the target country. On average Android has more users 😉 https://deviceatlas.com/blog/android-v-ios-market-share
  6. Creed!!!! There are people who like this IOS trash here.
  7. @ Gabriel Torres This app does not work well with large communities. I had problems installing and once installed it locks the tasks. I gave up...
  8. No Android também temos a limitação? Nos EUA, a maioria usa IOS, mas não o resto do mundo. Mesmo que essa função seja implementada apenas para usuários do Android, seria um grande sucesso. https://deviceatlas.com/blog/android-v-ios-market-share
    Great! Simple and functional. It should be incorporated in the OPS...
  9. @media JI've had this problem too... Another way to fix this problem is to upgrade to PHP 7.3
  10. Version 4.4.1


    (View ban plugin) This plugin will modify the output so that the banned users appear in the forum with their name scratched like this. This is a small plugin to improve viewing of banned users. I always missed this feature on the platform. I have been using it for some time in my community and now it's free for everyone here.


  11. Is it possible to implement this feature now?
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