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  1. Unfortunately this has already been decided. Who didn't like it to go away. 😟 IPS more and more plastered!!!
  2. I have how to disable? Some users are complaining that notifications don't work.
  3. @TheJackal84 Hi This translation is missing for two keys: TW_REACTIONS_HEADER TW_MEMBERS_PER_CLUB_HEADER
  4. DSystem

    Radical Tags

    I have the same problem here and found it to be a bug related to Elasticsearch. I changed the engine to Mysql and rebuilt the search and prefixes appeared. Note: I have not put the application on the server in production. I am testing on the backup server.
  5. Searchlight does not work here. I use default theme. IPS 4.4.8 I cleaned up all cached data and tested it in the development and production environment and was unsuccessful.
  6. DSystem

    Radical Tags

    Where is the 50% discount? ? ?
  7. Yes! I tested Elasticsearch. Search behavior is exactly the same as MySql
  8. Is it possible to activate or any plugin that activates the wildcard before the search term? Example: *shines -> Can't find the word monkeyshines So it works: monkey* -> perfectly finds words like monkeyshines My community really needs this feature because we need to research many models of incomplete electronic equipment. Ideally, wildcard searches at the beginning and end of words are possible. Example: *keys*
  9. It does not work and is not supported by the developer. This app is most recommended 👇
  10. Version 4.4.5


    This app is to encourage users to review downloaded files (IP.downloads) It is also very useful for users to view downloaded downloads and check the limit of downloaded files. features: -> Number of rows of configurable table. -> Toggle checking between reviews or comments. -> Text configurable to be displayed at the top of the panel. (Multi-language) -> Enable and disable added button in profile menu -> Allows you to place the link in the main menu -> Very intuitive application for easy learning and use.
  11. Any news on this subject latest version?
  12. @TheJackal84 Hello I believe I found a bug. Reactions do not generate points in ipdownloads. I set for each like to generate 10 points. This works perfectly in the forum. Only in the download area the like is triggered but the points are not credited to the member's account.
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