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  1. this is not a PDF application, It is not a application to upload files to forums posts , they are extra's, It a media uploader application allowing you to upload media share it, make it private, crop your images, only allow certain members to view your uploads, and yes it allows you to embed your uploads into the editors including PDF's, IPS uploader does not allow PDF's to be uploaded as a pdf file on the editor, they rename it and remove the pdf extension removing the ability for it to be embedded and only downloaded
  2. yeah mate, I'll look into them yeah, I personally like 4 rows as I like smaller boxes etc so that won't be a problem
  3. they use the permissions on who can read, You can see them your the admin, If you logout of your account they should change, I'll sort it anyway so they won't show at all the subscriptions and products / download etc will have 3 different sizes depending how many you show, If you show 1 it's full width, 2 is half and 3 is a third, I can probably add 4 will be a 4th if you wanted
  4. Will look into it today mate and get back to you, What exactly is happening? is it not moving them groups or something?
  5. might have something to do with post before register, Will check it out today
  6. so instead of saying yes this allows PDF embedding into posts, you put a file for him to try instead
  7. yes mate, the next update will have another one where you can upload your own images to the block it self via the ACP yeah to that too , i'll be doing that to all the titles
  8. @kmk @fix3r are you both having a laugh? first @kmk you are trying to push sales away from me by posting other media files on my support topics, then use my support topic for a different file
  9. will check it out, I assume this is mobile view? I can make it so you can add a widget then choose what block to use as the widget, then you can add multiple to the pages page etc creating your own one, I'll do it so you can select to use as widget in the settings and it will then ignore the disabled feature so it will be disabled on the actual landing page but will show when in a widget the middle is supposed to be blank as it is positioned to show on the left then the content on the right meaning a space in the middle, I'll check the address etc for some padding to the right I can look into something like that yeah
  10. If I remember right I think it weren't in the first couple of versions of it, If the member don't have a active purchase to download it you can download it for them and update to the latest version if you wanted
  11. I'll add a setting to remove borders but it won't make if full width unless your whole site is full width, It uses all IPS' elements and fits into IPS' elements so if you do want it full screen you need to make sure the theme you are using is too
  12. click the image to open in new window then click the image again to zoom in ( don't zoom in with the browser zoom )
  13. I will add a setting to choose to have a button or use the title, the title truncates and the topic text truncates 5 lines already
  14. yeah send it mate I will probably be able sort it for you
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