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  1. Coming in the next couple of days sorry for the delay, it will allow you to upload images or choose your own icon too, Sticky notes will be released with 4.4 as it uses code what only works in 4.4
  2. Send me a PM with your website url so I can check it out
  3. Sorry I missed this, it must of got muddled in with the downloads one as you posted not far apart from them Are you using 1.0.4?
  4. It is updated for 4.4 with all that added already, I did let the person know once 4.4 is released by IPS I can update it, until then the newest update won't work with 4.3 as it has no \IPS\Request::i()->referrer()
  5. Gimme 10 minutes and check your PM, I will send you a version to UPDATE, this will be for you only and it will also hook into the view function so when clicked to view the page it will throw that error, remember it will still show in the featured / new blocks on the index page but when they click into it the error will show, they can't do nothing then with the file / screenshots / reactions / even the view video button I made you won't be accessable to them
  6. I was going to say it was updated 5 days after release so that users can not buy the files if blocked So what would you want? I can make you a plugin what will hook into the view file section and disallow them to view the file, it will still show the file in the featured block etc but if they click to view it, it will throw that error ( it is not something I will add to this plugin as it is basically just block from downloading but I could make you a 2nd one what will do what I said above... No charge of course as it will only take 5 minutes )
  7. yeah it's not a big deal, it is only for the admins to view and keep track of the way points are being spent / earned etc
  8. yeah videobox, I don't know how that works with points etc, but members shop now logs all users spending and earnings in the ACP will a detailed list of how they earned points / spent points and so on, but it won't log 3rd party apps unless they are made to work with it properly
  9. core_members > shop_points although this will be changing soon as it will get it's own table Also the way the members will spend points via that app will not log to the new logging system in the ACP
  10. Updated to 1.0.4 New Features Added the ability to filter the 3d pie charts to select what to show Posts per forum ( filter by forum categories ) Topics per forum ( filter by forum categories ) Members per group ( filter by groups ) Reactions ( filter by reactions ) @Morrigan sorry for the delay, this one got away from me
  11. That is something I just noticed it don't have, I will add it to a update and throw it out before the week ends Yh that's possible, I was going to add a select box where you can select default / your own fa-icon / uploaded image anyway
  12. Have you tried zooming the screen out? or hidden that bar at the end? I don't have access to safari as I am a apple hater so will not be able to try to try and reproduce it, also try to click the top one then when it highlights either the medal or the overall select box and then click the down arrow see if it allows you to scroll it
  13. I been trying to reproduce it and can not, In your logs it should show what page it happens to, can you go to them pages and see if it throws that error?
  14. Are you on cloud hosting or self hosted? if you are self hosted I can give you a patch to upload to your server Can you send me a screenshot of what it looks like?
  15. Sorry I missed your posts. I will look into it today
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