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  1. how does it install? is it required to provide access to ftp or something? some might not want to provide server logins to install them
  2. No mate it only starts from the install date you would probably be better off getting a custom add-on made for your item, if you are selling lots of them and constantly then a add-on would make sense, with a add-on the items can do nearly anything you wanted when redeemed, for example I have made add-ons what adds data to another database when redeemed, one what will pop up and ask the members for information to manually post a item to them with a address field etc, items what will start a download of a file when redeemed and so on, it's limitless basically if using custom add-ons, if
  3. I don't understand what you mean, If you are awarding points for posts / topics, then go to the point settings and select the amounts for each forum then once a member creates a post / topic it will award them the points you set
  4. Will send it over tonight Mystery points box Min amount 10,000 etc / Max amount 100,000 etc 0 Price in points Allow only 1 purchase a week / month or whatever you want to do Choose the usergroups who can buy it
  5. You don't, 4.5 updates n hold are new features etc, bugs will be fixed, 4.5 could take another 3-6 months etc who knows?, they have not even released a BETA yet and that will be out at least a month before stable versions I have a version wrote with some bug fixes for the bank and trophies & medals etc do you want to test it before I release it?
  6. sorry, I'll get a update for a fix for that over the weekend, most feature updates etc I will be waiting for 4.5 etc
  7. that's a bug with it and trophies and medals it should have nothing to do with the donation aspect of it, It has been addressed for the next update though all good, will know in future then if support is needed you are entitled to it don't rush with the setup as depending what you have installed can make it a large setup with lot's of settings and features, when 4.5 comes it will get a nice new update too along with all the updates, plus a new redesigned ACP menu for adding items
  8. would be good but unless it's something to manually download or something they can't add anyhting good, can't allow them to execute a code when redeemed, god knows who will add what, if it is a file they want to sell etc then they could use the downloads app and charge points for them yeah I can see what I can do in regards to that, dunno what or how but will try and think of a good way to do it, but will wait for 4.5 before any big updates once 4.5 is out I will check into it and see what can be done Message where? via PM? support requires a purchase of the fil
  9. Sorry have been really busy lately, I will be online properly and I will help you out with it then send me a shout to remind me, I am currently going through lot's of PM's and posts so could get a bit on top lol same as above what items? most items run a script / code so members can't really add things like that, if you are talking about a file what others can download etc etc then you can use it with the downloads app will do I have lot's of unread PM's from the last week so am going through them
  10. all the points are done automatically depending what you have it set on etc, In the ACP you can manually award points to users / groups etc I don't understand that 😕
  11. that's how IPS anonymous function works, if you logged in anonymously as soon as you logout your session expires meaning so does the anonymous browsing making you have to go anonymous again will see what I can do, A update is coming to this but not sure if I should just wait for 4.5 as it will need a update for 4.5 I am sure even with the css changes IPS made to the themes alright I will look into it and see whats what moderators with permissions to edit profiles should be able to delete them from their profile, if not you always have their profile in the ACP what is ed
  12. admins and moderators buy items for free by default, Go to the ACP and moderators then click permissions and disable buy for free in the members shop tab Go to the ACP and to the member you want to add / edit points for and click the button edit preferences then go to the members shop tab and you can add / edit the users points there
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