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  1. it is not just adding a code. it will require another database table and columns, then you need to edit another 2 database tables to add columns then you need to edit the files so that afer buying the item it will send the data to those tables storing the columns, then you need to write it so that it will duplicate any images linked to the item and re-create them to be placed in the users myitems page database tables, then you need to write a code so that when a user claims the item it will then delete all images linked to that item, it is not about server load, it is about having 1000's of the same images depending how many people buy the items
  2. there is not much to work with on the core with ips and the members last visit, login, activity etc those are the options available, like I said use last activity and then if they like a comment or do what ever it will log it, I won't be making none to go with the calendar app, I don't use the calender app and lots of others don't either login is logging in, if you don't sign out you don't login, I visit here daily without logging in because I already am logged in
  3. Sent you a message 🙂

  4. Are they logging out before re-visiting the next day? if they don't login then it don't class as a login so to stay logged in and visit the next day won't award them, the best one to do is the last activity because they need to post or do something in the day
  5. no not really, there is already a couple of extensions in there but this one was made to run scripts after a item is purchased, used in the chat application to send a message etc etc, this way I don't need to hook into anything or edit the members shop app to apply features to others app from it
  6. Updated to 1.0.6 New Features Bots Standard Message Create a message via the editor and the bot will post the messages each cycle Random Messages / Quotes Create messages / quotes from a stack setting allowing you add as many as you want and the bot will post random ones each cycle Standard & Random Message Cycle Settings Run cycle every 5 minutes Run cycle every 15 minutes Run cycle every 30 minutes Run cycle every 60 mintutes Run cycle every 3 hours Run cycle every 6 hours Run cycle every 12 hours Run cycle every day Members Shop Create a message when a user purchases a item Lottery Create a message when a new game is created Create a message when a game has been drawn Create a message when a member claims a winning ticket Sports Betting App Create a message when a member places a bet Create a message when a member claims a winning ticket Media Uploader Create a message when a member uploads a image Create a message when a member uploads a video file Create a message when a member uploads a audio file Create a message when a member uploads a document
  7. It will allow multiple uploads, but it won't send the images to the myitems page, they are for the shop store items only Yeah there is a referrer setting. go to the point systems and click the more button then it will show to enable / disable it
  8. Will be sorted in the update, I have wrote a new way and new tables for the download points Seems fine to me lol, you can change it via the ACP searching for ms_dTakePrice_desc Honestly an audio file don't make sense to me the announcement of it seems wrong, you uploaded a audio file I know Images have been a drag for me with this, it might need a image and a icon, the icon will be used for stored items and images for the shop items, the way the app works is it stores lots of data for each item and purchase and I don't want to have to duplicate images when a user stores it instead of buying & using it Where would you say would be the best place to put it? I can always add a setting to show / hide it so if others don't want it there they can just disable it
  9. try 50x50 remember you can compress images etc online to make them smaller in size ( less to load ) I have never seen a site with as many problems 😀 Send me a PM with login if you can and I will check it out, the app don't have anything inside related to members emails so I will need to see it in action
  10. explain that a bit more... I'll see what I can do 😀
  11. that's because on the demo site you are adding your message inside the private members bit, you need to click where it says click here to send a message, and the editor will open up
  12. no it don't do that mate, In a future update I am going to make it so that you can sell points via the actual application, maybe a widget what will get clicked and you can select a package etc etc
  13. what do you mean? is the classifields not where members sell stuff and not admins? Not a problem lol. glad you are enjoying them all 😀
  14. Sorry, I must of missed your last post, have you tried clearing your cache? If you have etc and you can then send me login details via PM and I will look into it for you
  15. if you go to the ACP and the actual chatrooms if you click the dropdown you can choose to delete or move all messages, even with filters I will be making a couple more ways for it to be, just need to sort out the best ones lol All depends the setup of the thing you want to post, what is it? what does it do? are you manually adding things to it? is it a IPS app? there could be many factors let me know and it could be possible
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