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  1. we'll take this to PM, I will send you a message
  2. Who adds all the data? maybe could make a application what will hook into teams on the tournaments app where all that info can be shown
  3. If you ever wanted a custom app made to do all that directly via your site let me know
  4. No I mean like a application, do you add the players to a members shop item?
  5. what do you use to buy and sell the players?
  6. alright no probs. Members shop is basically done just a few more bits then the testing, I would imagine you are the only one using millions lol, I will see what I can do for you, maybe just make you a patch what will show them that way or something
  7. OK I think I see where the problem might be now, gimme a couple hours and send me a PM I will crack on with it now and hopefully by the time you PM me I will have a update what you can test for me ( if that's OK with you )
  8. No not that, there are language packs you can install and also edit ( search language in the ACP ), there was someone had a problem with the decimals etc here he managed to fix it by editing his language pack, I also just made a 13/8 bet like your odds and it was all fine 13/8 = 1.625 x 1000 = 1625 + 1000 back = 2625
  9. have you changed / edited your language or language pack? I can not seem to duplicate that, I created a test bet with 7/2 odds and placed 1k points on it, 7/2 = 3.5 x 1000 = 3500 + 1000 back ( UK rules ) = 4500 total returned I know that some number formats get messed up with different language packs, same as some lose the decimal if they don't select the correct language
  10. TheJackal84

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    Sorry been busy lately and not really had the time to reply to requests etc, just been doing support while I have been here, I am not to sure if I will be adding new items to the next update as it is more of a makeover and want to get it published, I have some ideas for more items anyway so after this update is released I will look into another one with some new items, I was hoping this would of been finished ages ago but custom stuff keeps poping up and I have to make them the priority over updates what are not like bug fixes, but I do always go through these topics for ideas when I am making the updates
  11. Send you the css code for 1 & 3 in a PM, 2 I will need to look into it in more depth, it might require a html edit for the font colour etc
  12. I must of forgot to change the files version on update, and we are all special in our own kind of ways
  13. Gimme a few hours mate and I will check it all out, I am just finishing writing a update to another app and am nearly done, but getting confused when I jump back and forth lol
  14. Add this to your custom.css file aside.ipsComment_author.cAuthorPane.ipsColumn.ipsColumn_medium.euip_PanelWidth { height:100%; } ul.cAuthorPane_info.ipsList_reset { margin-top:10px; }
  15. Yeah sorry, that has been requested quite a few times, I will add it to a update ( hopefully next week )