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  1. Sorry was meant to reply to the other one last night, Glad it's showing now, it could of been a cache issue, I will send you a code tonight when I am back with a way to add your own icon to it, you will need to add it to your custom.css file
  2. you will need to speak to the people who make them apps and ask them to add the ability for that, I personally can't support all 3rd party apps myself, Adraino has this app so possibly could do it but I reckon it will be if lot's of people request it
  3. the only other bug needed fixing what others posted is the one in the ACP when manually awarding points to members, I think 1 other had the problem you have with a error on the front and that was fixed for them months ago and that is cos it clashed with another
  4. pretty sure you can't delete reviews yourself and you only get 30 days to edit them here this is a bug unique to your site no one else, but I know the reason and you will get it fixed for the update it's fine leave it, reviews don't bother me 1 star or 5 star makes no difference 90% of reviews are posted when people get a bug like I have said many times, and I currently have 39 unread PMs not just 1 so it's not just as easy as sending a quick PM to each and every one
  5. I have said a few times but people don't like back tracking posts or reading any before they create a new one, Yes it is a bug with adding points via the ACP and is fixed for the next update, the next update is taking a bit longer then expected but should be out some point next week yeah sorry I am not available 24/7 but sometimes things happen in life where it needs more attention then here and I might need a week off, the update will be next week and it should be sorted, don't worry about changing your review once its done leave it be, it took you a year and 1 missed support request to actually want to leave one anyway
  6. Hi there. Are you the person who created the Commerce plug in?

  7. This is the support topic for Enhanced Store
  8. Yeah there should be a way, I will look into it and let you know, If you don't hear back with-in a few days send me a reminder as I am a bit busy at the minute
  9. This will be fixed in the next couple of days I just need to finish putting in some updates to it, Like time delays with purchasing items etc Same as above I will check it out Do you mean the actual items page? I am seeing all the images on my board, I will look into the coding anyway Something along them lines are already in the works Send me a PM with login details if you can and I will look into it It should show up on the registration page with a little select member setting you can only award points like that to all new members who joins, there is a setting for awarding new members starting off points
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This plugin will change the look of your store ( COMMERCE ), and will add a single index page for all products and categories, you can choose to allow your members to filter and sort the products in various kind of ways Features Adds multiple tabs showing all product categories with items for sale in Allow your members to sort the products by Name Price High to Low Price Low to High Rating Allow your members to filter the products by Price Minimum Rating Only Products In Stock Sorting or filtering will not cause the page to reload and you can sort & filter in multiple ways at the same time Requirements IPS Commerce is required to use this plugin Please note... The plugin setting for filtering by price etc overrides the category ones set


  11. something must of added it lol, Once I am back and online properly I will send you a code to run in your SQL via the ACP what will delete that table, unless you have access to you phpmyadmin then just go on there and drop that table ( make sure you only do that though lol )
  12. have you installed any other versions of it for the table to already be there?
  13. I will be looking into a update where you can add your own ones via the ACP so you could add like a fb page then group etc, Not sure when though but won't be ages away have a few other things need doing first
  14. does the user have any points already or is it blank? I will look into it with-in the next couple of days I will be looking into adding more items etc but depending on the coding required will depend on if it will be a add-on, I will look into something along them lines
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