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  1. Remember when IPS update their software if they make any edits to the template you have edited then the template will not update with what is needed so you would need to restore the template then make your edits again, It is not recommended to edit the templates directly as it could cause errors if a update adds something new to it and now it can't be found cos of the edited template
  2. I don't need a solution I am happy with it as it is, You want a page with don't use the IPSWrapper, not sure with pages but give it a try if not then try a html page you can upload to your server
  3. I werent giving a solution, it was a idea for the breadcrumb, Every application / plugin / page will use the IPS wrapper as that's how the suite is built
  4. not it don't, it has 1 js file and 1 css file, if you have nexus it also loads a nexus css as it needs it for some of the nexus stuff No, every application made the html is automatically placed into the main sections of the suite, you could probably use a custom.css code to hide the breadcrumbs
  5. Not sure could be many reasons, caches, your actual internet connection / upload / download speed, silly cloudflare checks etc like the 5 second checking your browser it sometimes throws up what takes longer than 5 seconds didn't do the bottom link on the tab as thats a different app altogether
  6. thats with it when you said 10, I have lots on mine, I reckon the 200 odd people uisng it has more than 5 showing, I am confident it is not a problem with the app plus you have a 12.9 MB image trying to load https://csblackdevil.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2018_09/8XAWJqp.gif.a2815b74f5589f78e90e58897d32b1c7.gif
  7. I had a quick 5 minutes to login and check the settings, I changed them from 100 to like 15 and
  8. On the index page what do you have the amount to show set to? It seems like it is trying to show like 500+ odd items, set the limits to like 10-15, Thats problaby why your timing out as your server can't handle the amount of requests you have it set to pull in
  9. yes you told me you have a problem, You did not say if you have error logs, Maybe you have a error log and then it will be easier to find the problem I should be available tonight to check it out
  10. I like dark themes but I am not sure about them 2 colours, they look bland mixed together and also white text on dark background??? would be better if all grey
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