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  1. you can do it via the ACP for now anyway if you needed it ASAP, Go to your ACP and clubs then click edit on the club, go to the chatroom tab and you can edit / delete it from there
  2. reviews are reviews like everywhere, 2% of people will leave a review if they like what they are reviewing, 90% of people will leave a bad review if they got a issue, and 95% of the 90% will leave a review before they try any support 😀
  3. could make it so 😀 ( you mean the admin / club owner )
  4. 21 teams can be raised, I think it's about 55 teams what I had worked out for holding, but bare in mind the amount of posts with asking for it this week / wanted it now to start, and when it will be released etc, so 21 teams was the max I was doing if it was to be released this week
  5. One big ladder looked ridiculous placed in the middle, there was 3 ways I looked into doing it and this way was the best looking 1st is horrible looking and would use a big page for a tiny ladder what would just be long 2nd looks so much better 3rds good but I think 2nd is better as it place number 1 on top I have the 3rd one too wrote up to 15 teams but quit that and went for the 2nd You should still update anyway even if you dont want to use them tournaments I can tell you how to manually remove the option from being picked when creating a tournament
  6. I don't have a demo site for ACP access etc, the ACP is simple, imagine creating forums, thats what you would do but they are categories for tournaments instead, most of the app is done by tournament creators and moderators with edit permissions for the categories
  7. Updated to 1.0.5 New Features Added Ladder tournaments Choose from either 6 Teams, 10 Team, 15 Team or 21 Team tournaments Once all teams have joined and the tournament is started it will calculate the order of the ladder by the teams skill with the highest being in 1st place Teams can only challenge other teams who are within 1 tier of them ( example if the team is in teir 3 they can challenge teams in tiers 2 and 4 ) Team owners will receive a notification when receiving a challenge from another team If a team rejects a challenge it will show publicy they rejected it Users who sent the challenge have the ability to remove their challenge request ( this is for if another team is ignoring their challenge ) Once a team owner sends a challenge they can not challenge another team in that tournament unless it gets rejected / removed or accepted and then the game and been played ( This is not to confuse the placing of the teams ) Once a challenge has been sent and then played, the challenger will not be able to challenge that team they just played until they play another team first Changed the joined teams tables in the tournaments to use the tournament stats for wins, loses, draws and their win %, instead of their overall stats Added a create tournament button to the teams homepage Added a create team button to the tournament index page Added the ability to create tournaments without having to add a team to it Added the ability for tournament creators ( or moderators with edit permissions ) to replace teams in tournaments When replacing a team, if that team has played say 3 matches they will not lose their stats from them 3 matches on their teams stats, BUT it will show the newly added teams name on them 3 matches of the tournament itself, the newly added team will not gain the stats from them 3 matches either Added the ability for team owners ( or moderators with edit permissions ) to change a teams owner to another member As well as changing the owner they have 2 more options Leave the team completly Stay on as a team player
  8. With-in a couple of hours it should be released, just doing the last few checks
  9. yeah they are the ones once all teams have joined the tournament, the creator will click to start it and in that tournament the last 16 bit will fill up with matches pitting teams against each other ( randomally ), then the winners will progress to the next round, and so on, there is another tournament like english football leagues where it keeps a table awarding points and the teams will face off either once or twice depending the tournament they created The new update coming includes ladder tournaments what will allow challenging, check this post all teams have a skill using the elo rating but it is overall and not per tournament
  10. the tournament creator has control over the scores and admins / moderators with edit permissions, for proof etc you can use the comments on the tournaments, after the match the person can screenshot the result then embed it into the tournament comments, them comments etc work excatly like these comments with the editor and everything
  11. the update will allow you to change the teams owner, so if you create a team yourself you will be the owner then you can change the owner to x member and it will replace you with them, Come to think of it, I will add another setting with the option to stay on as a team player, maybe some will want to leave as owner but stay on as a player Admins and moderators with permission have full control over all tournaments etc so if one is not moving along you or a mod can take control of it and sort the matches etc
  12. yeah your not wrong, this time it was the corner of my bed when I just getting up ( It woke me up for the day properly though lol ) No problem, I do get a bit carried away sometimes and think I can do it all in one go instead of making you all have to update on a weekly basis etc as there is nothing worse then constantly updating for small things, so I try and put more in them leaderboards etc is something I have in my notes to look at, highest scores / biggest loss / unbeaten run and so on, The tournament stats will be better in this update, currently the teams joined shows all the teams stats, the update will show the tournament stats for the teams in that tournament only and not overall
  13. 😂 that requires lots and lots of rewriting to the tournaments them self and also the database tables, Don't you think that using a team is better than yourself? You could call your team your username lol, It is something I thought about but will be when I have got nothing else on and also have the time to strip it all down adding the member stuff to the tournaments and telling them apart from teams etc
  14. Yeah I got quite a few updates going on at the minute, I been working on this one all week, it is not just the new tournament etc, there is a few new features added and also better coding for other parts, I am hoping to release it at some time tomorrow ( don't help that I broke my toe this morning, 2nd time in about a year looool ) so today I done nothing really, but there is only minor bits left for me to do on it so I will crack on tomorrow as I will be chilling on my sofa 😀
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