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  1. It only does teams at the minute but your members could just create a team and only have them self in it and name the team after them self etc
  2. the version for 4.5 will be released this weekend probably Sunday then IPS will need to approve it so that could take a few more days, If I get enough time I will also make it multilingual for the ACP based sticky notes otherwise that will be done on another update
  3. go to the group settings in the ACP and re-save them while checked / unchecked for use of it and it should be OK, to allow members to buy points you need to go to the members shop settings in the ACP and click the commerce button top right and set the values, once done go to the front and add the points widget and it will allow people to buy them
  4. Sorry for the delayed response, it got updated on Sunday and just waiting approval to be able to get downloaded, not sure when as it's all down to IPS
  5. with the black jack table for members shop how do i get it to display in members shop? i cant figure it out it no where to be found not in the list of member shop items and so i havent a clue how to get it runing.


    1. Donald Meek

      Donald Meek

      figured it out its a seperate menu item


  6. IPS no longer allow us to transfer purchases to here from other sites etc, the refund way won't work either as you only have a couple months left of the license there must be a bug not to show, I will sort it out, don't manually edit html templates it's not a good thing to do
  7. depends where you put it, If you put that code in the profile then that code won't load the points of the member who's profile your using as it is getting the logged in member not the member who's profile it is
  8. Anytime i click to login to the IPS app it just reloads the page Screen_Recording_20200901-091654_Invision Community.mp4
  9. After I finished checking the one I am on I will look into that so hopefully it will be updated tonight, Bare in mind IPS have a lot of files to go through and check at the minute so it might not get approved for a couple of days
  10. Gifts is pending approval Goals will take a little longer as it has new features included in what need finishing first 2.0.5 is pending approval and will fix that
  11. I'll look into it mate, for now disable the points for registrations
  12. All 4.5 releases should be starting to come from tomorrow, I was waiting for final version and it looks like it's been released
  13. All 4.5 releases should be starting to come from tomorrow, I was waiting for final version and it looks like it's been released I have thought about a black market where members buy what they want they sell it at a price they set etc, but anything else for members to sell is impossible really with this app as it requires code to be added to run the items and the only way to allow members to add their own items would require their own scripts added which is a big no Didn't stop will check it no their ain't mate, people earn and use their points to spend so to wor
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