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  1. Updated to 1.0.3 New Features Added a auto play button to the audio players allowing the audio to auto play when the page loads Added the ability for members to add other members tracks to their playlists This will not duplicate or copy any audio files it will just add the ability for the track to be played on other members playlists Tracks added to playlists via sharing will not count towards the users uploads count as they are not actually uploading or adding a new track Members can toggle the ability for other members to add their tracks to their playlists easily via the audio player When a member grants permission for their tracks to be shared a new add to my playlist icon will appear next to their track names If a member adds another members track to their playlist and the uploader decides to delete their track, the tracks will also be removed from all playlists it has been added to Bug Fix Fixed the bug when deleting members what might throw a error on deleting the tracks they have uploaded
  2. there is none pre-loaded they all have to be done manually, there are too many different versions of what the gifts could be for me to of had default ones, and due to the fact the images are probably copyrighted adding them to something I am selling is probably not a good idea lol, they was all easily found using a google search though
  3. Cancel your renewal of it and when it expires send me a message I will give you a years free, Sorry for the delay in support I missed some past support posts etc and was not ignoring you etc
  4. This is the support topic for Members Shop Profile Gifts
  5. Add any of these to your custom.css STREAMING #form_tab_MSI__Tab1 { display:none; } GAMING #form_tab_MSI__Tab2 { display:none; } OTHER #form_tab_MSI__Tab3 { display:none; }
  6. Updated to 2.0.3 Bug Fix Fixed the breadcrumb bug when visiting the edit social info page Removed the font awesome icon on the users drop down menu
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Allow your members to buy or send virtual gifts for their profiles using their members shop points, you can create unlimited gifts for members to redeem Main Features Adds a new tab to members profiles for the gifts to be shown / seen Create categories to place gifts in These categories will be shown in the members profiles in the order of them in the ACP Create gifts for members to have on their profiles All ACP created gifts will be shown on the members profiles with the images in Grayscale Once a member redeems a gift the image on their profiles will be shown in full colour If a member has redeemed more than 1 of the same gift it will show how many they have in a little notification bubble Shows random gifts on the members posts / topics in the forums You can disable this via the ACP settings You can set the amount to show in the ACP settings All images use the lazy load setting if you have enabled lazy load How To Use Once installed go to the members shop tab in the ACP and select the profile gifts > category & gifts link Click the create new button and add a category Now click the add gift button and create a gift adding a name and uploading a image Repeat for all your images / categories Go to the members shop items and add a new item selecting the profile gift item Fill in all the details as you would like any other item There will be a new setting showing all your created gifts select one of them from the list to use If you want the gift image to show as the item image you will need to re-upload that image for that item ( I will be looking into it doing it automatically but will need to edit members shop for this ) The item will now be available to purchase with-in the members shop application Requirements Members Shop 1.2.4 or above


  8. I didn't know only self hosted could do it, send IPS a support request and ask them to run this query against your database DELETE FROM membersshop_points WHERE member_id IS NULL;
  9. that is because of the bug you got before when you tried to manually edit the points in the ACP, what you need to do is go to your ACP and go to support, in the right hand side you will see your system information, in there click the sql toolbox link and then run this query DELETE FROM membersshop_points WHERE member_id IS NULL; that will remove all the rows without a member_id, after that it should be all good
  10. Updated to 1.0.7 New Features Changed the error codes
  11. updated to 2.0.9 Bug Fix Fixed the bug with it not displaying the correct member shop points
  12. Updated to 2.3.0 Bug Fix Fixed the bug when replying to notes
  13. Nor would I be, But I said I forget sometimes and have lots of notifications / pm's and sometimes things go past me, I only offered you a refund when you would not accept that I forgot what else could I do? you don't accept that reason, so to make you happy I'll offer to give you your $$$ back Can't see where you were disrespected you asked why I was being defensive and I said I can't be bothered and don't think I need to explain basically all my reasons so offered you the refund what's more then most devs on here would do anyway
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