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  1. I have all of your thread starters, would be great if that could be moved up.
  2. hello Taman, When i look in the browser console i see the following error, seems that the theme is linking to a font that don't exist i have looked anywhere i could think of but cant find the link. any idea?
  3. I was looking at this app for my community, I guess its better to wait for the update than?
    Great app, Dev is super responsive and willing to assist in anyway he can! Messaged me promptly when i had questions. Also had Dev develop another app for my community - Stellar 5 star for this and the customer support Great job @Adriano Faria
    Really great plugin with stellar customer service! I was up and running in no time! This will be a great addition to my community, and I look forward to getting a lot of good use out of it along with the other apps i have from @TheJackal84 Great Job Sir!
    This is an great addon for any community owner looking to offer more to their forum with very little effort from members to post, the install was easy and everything worked as described, getting the API key took only a few minutes. Good job @batarjal
  4. 100% agree on this, knowing your audience is the key and its very easy if your living in a smaller community.
  5. Hello sir and merry Christmas, I have your Enhanced User Info Panel along with a few others, I also have the Feedback trader for my classifieds but it seems i cant run both together, if i enable Enhanced User Info Panel it blocks the itrader feedback from the user profile, is there a way to get them both working without cancelling each other out? Thanks in advance
  6. From Canada Happy new year all.
    I have been using this for a few weeks and it's now at a stage where I am happy so far We use it for a simple classifieds system with transactions disabled and have had no issues so far. Thanks for the awesome app.
    Great App, a must have Works great with Classifieds.
    Excellent app and very easy to install, Everything is working as expected- A few questions i asked we answered minutes later.
    5 stars for this app Everything is working as expected..........
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