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  1. Hello i see this on a user profile page what award would this be?
  2. Is there a stackable offer if we need to pick up several items? @Adriano Faria
  3. Looks like that fixed the issue thanks @TheJackal84
  4. i did the same, disabled them all went through one by one and found this happening when i enable yours.
  5. Good day I have installed your app on a new site i seem to be getting a shading error just below the ad, please see attached. 😀
  6. Hey @TheJackal84 when i enable this plugin my forms toss this error.......see attached
    Awesome theme great dev, went above and beyond to answer questions in a timely fashion, would recommend his products to anyone looking for great theme work and support ! 😀
    As always the Jackal provides great stuff, works great easy install !! 😀
  7. I have all of your thread starters, would be great if that could be moved up.
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