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  1. it would be great to have the option to only show unused to admins only.
  2. Nice job IPS looking forward to 4.5
  3. as far as i can tell yes, the slider is there as a guest as it should but when i log in it will show up with no images but you can see the slider im not sure if having admin will override the permissions but i only have guests checked.
  4. Thanks for the update however the slider permissions are buggy, after setting this to guest only it will still show after logged in.
  5. hopefully you will add the ability to turn it off and on for all groups.😀
  6. @TheJackal84 does this have the ability to have widgets on both sides of the home page? im moving an old gaming site for a friend he is moving from phpbb to IPS.
  7. Is there a way to turn the slider on for guests and off once the user logs in? currently its the other way around unless im missing something. Thanks
  8. would be nice if there was a forum just for releases and patches instead of searching for articles. Announcements Forum maybe?
  9. Looking good sir, are you releasing in the next day or so?
  10. Is there any way to clear the activity streams after doing a bunch of test posts and ads on a new board or even a plugin that could be used? its a little messy an i would like to clean things up before i open, i did not see alot in the marketplace if there is such a plugin. Thanks
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