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  1. Not sure why this was moved, it was a Feature request?
  2. Many have posted on this in the past and a few managed to have it done reading some of the posts on here maybe it is time to look at this again, I currently have 5 Licenses that i keep current, a few of them have the full meal deal with all the apps that IPS sells however i have one license that i do not need lets say blogs why is it IPS cant (or wont) move my app to the license that i need it on? It is crazy to have to pay another 75.00 for an app i have on another licence that i dont need this particular app, i could see if my licenses were expired it would be different. I dont think it would be that hard to move an app from one license to another if they are all current on renewals would it. Thanks
  3. I started up an old site from a few years back is there any way to reset all of the current members in the DB to opt in for emails? Thanks in advance
  4. Make sure your permissions are set correctly for each group, and check your tabs (where to show). I have this on my boards since the update, seems to be working fine.
    Another great app by Adriano, very nice for testing site permissions and customer view points.😉
  5. Noble~


    Ok so does you app have a block then, or does it use the standard IPS? Thanks @Nathan Explosion
  6. Noble~


    @HeadStand Is there a trick to getting the sign up for our newsletter block to work? I have put my information into the editor but nothing is showing up?
  7. I have not had time to mess with it yet i just installed it myself, I will do some testing on it and report back.
  8. I understand it has not been a good time for anyone this last year, I have since deleted this app and looked at something else.
  9. Very disappointing, been waiting months for this and have spent a ton here like many others, now only cloud customers get this? Cooled off a bit now.
  10. I think it makes the site very neat and clean, going to a site all jammed up with ads and a crammed side bar is an instant (leave the site) for me.
  11. Disappointing there is no support for this, I expected better for $60.00 Shame @Jordan Invision maybe put this to the Team, If a Dev stops supporting an app maybe stop all sales for it and close the thread. 5-10 bucks i can live with but 60.00 ya im a little pissed.
  12. if a duplicate IP is detected is there a setting to stop a user from signing up ?
  13. @CodingJungle any word on how to fix this issue?
  14. Thanks for the update it seemed to fix the other issues however im now seeing this error on the default theme even after i run the support tool. [[Template stratagem/front/projects/controls is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  15. I know i have spent a fair sum of $ in the MP and i don't mind at all paying the renewal fees for any app that i purchase and the IPS software itself, I will be looking to build more sites soon but if i have to pay the full fee again to use an app that i have already have i may look at other software, I like the MP the way it is now as its easy to use and i don't have to mess around with keeping files but to pay for an app more than once i will not do.
  16. I'm just testing this on a closed board did this one ever get implemented?
  17. Looking forward to it. Thanks
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