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  1. I was wondering this too - if this is something away from the original Club Enhancements add-on is there an upgrade path or a discount for existing clients? With thanks
  2. I know just how you feel lol
  3. @TAMAN It's in the baseframework.css file: #elCopyright #taCopyright{ padding: 1px 5px; border: 1px solid {hextorgb="footer_text" opacity="0.20"}; border-radius: 3px; opacity: 1; } #ipsLayout_footer:before, #ipsLayout_footer:after { position: absolute; content: ""; top: -7px; } #ipsLayout_footer:before { left: 0; border-bottom: 7px solid {theme="footer_crbackground"}; border-left: 7px solid transparent; } #ipsLayout_footer:after { right: 0; border-bottom: 7px solid {theme="footer_crbackground"}; border-right: 7px solid transparent; } That is the latest version uploaded just now lol. 😉 @TAMAN BTW for some strange reason the images in your marketplace themes are not working - they show in the list of images, but when you click on them there is just the broken link image showing; may be a fault with the marketplace.
  4. They are part of the theme lol here's the code for them: #ipsLayout_footer:before { left: 0; border-bottom: 7px solid #171719; border-left: 7px solid transparent; } #ipsLayout_footer:before, #ipsLayout_footer:after { position: absolute; content: ""; top: -7px; } I'm not sure if they are meant to look like this, maybe they are noticeable because of some of the color changes I've made. 😉
  5. For the price you get a lot of bang for your buck - you can set limits and also who can send stickies. Admins can also send global stickies so everyone can get an update as to what's going on, much better than the built in notices.
  6. Alas the site has served its purpose and got the message out there. However there are now a huge number of sites out there promoting the insidious disease that loneliness has become and our own Government (UK) has taken up the torch to illuminate this issue. I ran the site for six months and plugged it to death (almost) on Twitter and the response was great at first, bu then, as usual, people started to drift. There's only so much you can do to bring these kind of issues to people's attention, so Lonely People is now closed. However, I am always wanting to do something to help others and as such I have a new site out now (just finished) which is something the lies close to my heart and I have seen it become less and less over the years, so I wanted to try and do something about it and so Band Boss was born. https://bandboss.co.uk the idea being to bring the three basic elements together that helps keep music live and alive - local unsigned bands, venues who want to accommodate live bands and their fans. It's a free promotion site for bands and venues and if the band fans want to come along and have some fun the site is open for them. It's a bit (understatement lol) from Lonely People, but it's a service that I wish had been around when I was playing in a band. It's not an easy road to travel, being in a band, trying to find places to play and come out on top after the event. So, hopefully this will be something that be useful to bands and venues (and the band fans). I will be promoting it on Twitter, so hopefully there will be some takers, but in this business and day and age, who knows? If it works and helps, fantastic, if it doesn't then I'll move on to something else; never give in. https://bandboss.co.uk Right now it's for bands and venues in the UK, but if it proves successful I may open it up to a more global audience. Enjoy. BTW: it uses @TAMAN theme Infraskew with a number of modifications I made myself.
  7. No worries I was just wondering. Thanks for the response.
  8. In the Recently Updated section in the sidebar there is room for at least another half dozen updates - can this be added as just one developer updated say 10 themes will dominated the list. Hope this can be updated. With thanks Dave
  9. @Nathan Explosion Hi, did you have any luck testing this to remove the download option? With thanks Dave
  10. @Nathan Explosion I'm not sure if this will be of any help to you, but I have replicated the audio tag in html5 on my own site, without the download button. <audio controls controlsList="nodownload"> <source src="Mike Oldfield - Man in the Rain.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"> Your browser does not support the audio element. </audio> This works in my test with the Chrome browser not showing the download option: Note, no download option is available. If I remove the command controlsList="nodownload" the download option is available: Hope this is of use and can be implemented in the plugin as it is essential that the download option is not available for my use. With thanks Dave
  11. This is for an audio file - I've disabled the video uploads for storage space reasons, plus people can grab their videos from their YT channel. In the settings this is what I have for the controls: These are the permissions I've set: That would be fantastic thanks. Much appreciate your attention and time for this. Dave
  12. Quick query @Nathan Explosion just bought the plugin and it works as says except for one small issue. In Chrome 75.0.3770.100 the no download setting is not working as you can see from the image below the download option is still available: This is in Firefox (no download option showing) And this is in Edge (again no download option showing) Any idea as to why? With thanks (and great plugin BTW)
  13. I would have tried this, but it would have been somewhat counterproductive to ban myself lol. I honestly had no idea that a spell checker could cause such problems - just goes to show that you never know.
  14. Thanks for the info, though most of it goes above my head lol. I have to say that I used Grammarly for a good while (along with a few others) and never had an issue with it. At present I have moved to another Grammarly type spell checker called Ginger and there are no problems with that either. Having said all of that, I do understand that if there are technical issues then I accept that. Hopefully, when you can upgrade to 5 Grammarly can come back into the fold. Much appreciate the response and explanation
  15. 4.4.4 Sees Grammarly disabled - I must admit I never had any problems or issues using Grammarly in any iterations of the IPS suite nor in any of the apps. Since it is now disabled it has compelled me to use another called Ginger, which whilst good, it is not as good as Grammarly. I can only say thank goodness that I did not upgrade to the paid version or I would have been out of pocket as I only use it on IPS sites. With this in mind, is there not an opportunity to discover what issues are prevalent with Grammarly and can they be surmounted? I would love to see this come back. With thanks
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