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  1. It's working now. Perhaps it was getting mixed up - I noticed that there was an alert next to the plugin saying 'update' available, clicking on the update took me to another developers site, so I reckon it must have been having a nervous breakdown lol. All is working well now - I guess this one will remain a mystery. Many thanks for the reply.
  2. Having an issue with installing the latest version 1.4.4 during the install process everything is going as planned and then this: Getting this in the system error log: The times reflect my attempts to install. Any ideas? With thanks
  3. I suppose it depends on what you intend to capture. Some programmes are better than others depending on your needs. The one thing I like about Snagit is that you can capture short videos as animated gifs, so if you are looking to save bandwidth then this may be what you need. Again, it all depends on your needs and what you are looking to capture.
  4. Snagit - the best there is out there with so many options to choose from, both in how and what to snag as capture and what you do with it afterwards. It's a paid for option but well worth it and it is regularly updated. I wouldn't use anything else. Google it and try it for free to see what it can do.
  5. Well done on taking on JCDEsign's themes

    1. Steph40


      Except for the one theme that I have 😛 

  6. Always sad to see someone leave the fold, but if your priorities are elsewhere then that's where you need to be. As for your themes, why not hand them over to someone else who is a theme developer if any are interested in taking them off your hands? That way, not only do you see your work continue forward, but you also allow those who supported you to continue forward too when changes are required. Have a think about it before asking IPS to remove them. Good luck in your future endeavours.
  7. Is there a way to enhance the marketplace experience by adding a shopping cart so more than one item can be purchased at a time? I ask this because sometimes if you buy several items one after the other singularly, your bank may query the transactions as being a possible fraud. By utilising a shopping cart it makes the experience easier and less likely for a report from your bank. It can be a real pain having to enter card details over and over when you want more than one item. Any chance of this happening, or is there a reason why it can't happen?
  8. Further update to https://lonelypeople.co.uk Using @TAMAN excellent and very versatile Infraskew theme and @opentype SuperBlocks addon along with @batarjal addons for thread starters. There was also a fair number of CSS changes to tweak things a little and some template changes to again tweak things a little. The site has always been in a state of 'Work In Progress' but I believe we are about at the end of that road and almost everything is now in place - having said that, there are still one or two little additions to add that I have in mind, I guess you could say 'Watch this space'. The colour used for section heads throughout was derived from research into tranquil colours and this particular shade was appearing regularly at the top of the tree. The forum icons and section head colours may change in the near future as I further research colours. I would recommend to anyone to research colours and not just stick with what catches your own eye - well worth doing. Oh! As an aside, it was decided to make to emoji's (or emoticons if you're old fashioned like me lol) quite large which in some way will hopefully persuade members not to go overboard with them with lines of them stretching from one side of the page to the other lol. Enjoy!
  9. Davyc

    Infraskew Theme

    Absolutely one of the best themes I've ever used. It is so versatile in what can be changed in the ACP without having to resort to loads of custom.css changes (although I have added some of my own). Support is first class with great attention to detail and continuous feedback when needed. All in all, this is a superb experience from start to finish. Don't even hesitate in buying one of Taman's themes, but this one is a real peach.
  10. PM sent - many thanks for taking the time to look
  11. Is there any reason for this to happen just because I change the width of the body in the theme settings? Before I change width: After I change width: White background disappears and borders appear. Also when in the ACP and changing settings in theme, when you click Save and Reload, it doesn't reload; it takes you back to where you choose to edit theme settings as in here: Also when changing settings, they don't always change - for example when I change the section head title as shown by arrow to a different color it doesn't work and when I go back it is reverted to white: I just paid the renewal on this and updated the file for 4.4 but this is what's happening and it's bizarre. Any help or explanations would be appreciated. If you need ACP access just say and I'll PM this to you. This is a self hosted site BTW and not CIC. With thanks
  12. Hi Mike I've downloaded and installed your addon Auto Welcome, but something seems to be amiss as it isn't doing anything. Firstly I have set it up to give a welcome PM and to add a welcome to a topic post reply as shown below: However, when I go back to check the topic that I originally selected, it is gone. I turned on and off the 'create topic' to see if it made a difference but it didn't and I'm not sure whether that should be on or off when a specific topic is selected to post the welcome in. Any ideas as to what could be the issue and am I selecting the settings correctly? I'm on IPS 4.4 BTW: The welcome PM and Email work, but this particular part does not. With thanks for your kind attention Dave
  13. Hey Mike I've sent you a PM about the Auto Welcome which isn't working in one particular area. With thanks
  14. @TheJackal84 Hey Jack just a quick line about sticky notes in 4.4 there appears to be a container issue with long content in the sent sticky notes section; see image below: Looks like the icons are being pushed out of the container. Thanks for taking a look.
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