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  1. Correct - but we shouldn't have to build new page templates, and not everyone is up to doing this, so whilst you are correct I am asking for something out of the box and not having to make new templates. I can do this myself, but I am asking on behalf of those who can't πŸ™‚
  2. The Pages app is a very powerful application but is hamstrung by inflexibility. We are restricted to three possible layouts; 1 column, 2 column and 3 column, but even these are rigid. There is no scope to determine the widths of these columns, nor is there a way to stack them in different configurations. This is not only incredibly limiting in terms of layout, but also in terms of flexibility. It really shouldn't be that difficult to adapt what is already there and make it even more powerful. For example, I would like to start of with a row based on three columns, each of a width deter
  3. Won't install. It throws up an error stating that the forums column (or something like that) is missing and it just won't go any further. I can try again and take a screenshot of the error if that would help.
  4. @kmk OK here we go - first you need to make a change to the Club Card template - you can see where I commented out the original positioning of the code that need to be moved and where I moved it to. {{$coverPhoto = $club->coverPhoto( FALSE );}} {{$memberStatus = $club->memberStatus( \IPS\Member::loggedIn() );}} <div class="cClubCard {{if settings.clubs_require_approval and !$club->approved}}{{if $approvalQueue}}ipsBox{{else}}ipsModerated{{endif}}{{endif}}" {{if $approvalQueue}}id="elApprovePanel"{{endif}}> {{if \in_array( $memberStatus, array( $club::STATUS_MEMBER, $club::
  5. I'll dig this out for you and post later - it requires a template change too, so I'll post the details on that too πŸ™‚
  6. The group tag can be changed to whatever, but I prefer to remove it altogether and replace it with a ranking that makes them and me one of us - I have to work for my rank as does every member, but movement up the ranking system has to be realistic, raising the bar too high turns people off. It also has to be fun and people must 'want' to see what comes next and they know they have to contribute to get that rank. The headache side is deciding how many ranks and what to call them, but that's something that needs time and thought to execute. I did consider, at one time, offering an Ama
  7. @Jordan Invision I did a similar thing with the clubs (renamed to groups) and moved the text link out of the image and made the image bigger: Added some CSS changes to the background colour and the text weighting - also added so extra padding to give the text some breathing room πŸ™‚
  8. With a few simple template changes and some custom CSS I've change the way grid forums appear: Forum name is under the image as opposed to being over the image and the last entry is shown below. It just makes things look neater and tidier, at least it does for me πŸ™‚
  9. Magic - I knew you could do this πŸ™‚
  10. Sleeker and more applicable. Makes it easier to see where to post and what. Great improvement.
  11. Got it! Thanks for pointing the way - you're correct too in that the settings are scattered and not always obvious. Now I just need to get @Adriano Faria to allow ratings in the Movie app which appears to run along the lines of Pages without using the Pages app, if that makes sense lol.
  12. At present if someone wants to rate an article in Pages they also have to add a review. This can be counter productive by inhibiting users to simply rate which gives a similar insight as to how popular a pages article is seen to be. Many would happily rates (click on the stars) but insisting on a written review in order to rate will likely put a lot of people off, which means articles that are well received may not be perceived in that way by the author. Topics can be rated, so let's have to the option to rate a Pages article without insisting on a review. I would ask that ratings be a
  13. One of the things that I have noticed a lot in people (this is a general observation and not limited to online experiences) is that they tend to react rather than pausing and think through an appropriate and considered response. That is, instead of taking a step back and taking a longer look at a situation, comment, post, topic (you get the picture) there is the infallibility of people to instantly react. It's obviously a people issue and one that has become more noticeable over a period of time. Whether it's the pressures of modern living or something more sociologically ingrained is somet
  14. There is one hole in this line of thought, not that I totally disagree with it, but vulnerability can lead to exploitation, so you would need to measure this with some other form of displaying firmness. How you would do that will depend on the individual. Some people don't like to portray vulnerability, because of the issue of potential exploitation. I would replace the word and the meaning with "understanding" and finding out what leads to the toxicity. It's extremely easy to ignore the root of an issue and react rather than discover. Some people are just generally nasty, that's in th
  15. I suppose this is why the word 'archive' was mentioned in @Jordan Invision post. Personally, I couldn't care less whether the data is kept or not, they (whoever 'they' are that needs this data) can keep it, burn it, trash it, archive it as long as I can get rid of it from my purchases list because it is littered with items I no longer need and items that are no longer available to buy. This long list makes it unwieldy and laborious when trying to find something I want to renew or even just find if I can't remember buying it. I would also like to see marketplace purchases appear in the AC
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