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  1. @opentype Hi Ralf, many thanks for the sidebar code, that worked perfectly. With a little bit of CSS coding I managed to get the header image to go full width - image below: I had to experiment with the CSS so that the changes I made did not affect any other areas, but it's there. Thanks again - great app BTW.
  2. @opentype Hi Ralf, a couple of things you can perhaps help me with. On the record page I'd like the uploaded cover image to stretch the full width of the screen, if this is possible. I'd also like to get rid of the sidebar in the record page, but keep it on the main listings page - see images below. Above - make that image the full width of the container. Above - remove the sidebar completely but keep it on the main listing page (image below) Apologies for oversimplifying this, but I wanted to be clear on what to lose on pages and what to keep on pages. Many thanks in advance for your help. 😊
  3. I don't like (never have liked) the overlay title and info over the image. Why can't it be on a bar above the menu and leave the image untarnished? Also, instead on clicking on the image to expand it, why not allow admins to choose between open and closed. Not everyone knows that clicking the image will expand it. Also, get rid of the overlays in the profile pages - I think they look chunky and horrible. Aesthetics plays a very important part of first impressions and this method looks like an afterthought. Other than that everything else is great 😊
  4. I think this would be a great asset to those who are adding TV series with multiple seasons and numerous episodes per season. They are there on the movie database and I have used the Xenforo version which does pull the episodes; basically you add the season number and then to add episodes all you need do is input the episode number and the app pulls in the data in much the same way as your existing app does for single movies or TV series. I much prefer your app so having the ability to add TV seasons and episodes would be a huge time saver; personally I would be willing to pay more for the app to have this functionality. Have a think about it 😉
  5. @batarjal Can you please give an update on the enquiries that people who have purchased your add-on have posted. Are you intending to advance this add-on or have you abandoned it? If you have abandoned it then I will seek to have a custom add-on made, but an update would be appreciated. 😉
  6. @TheJackal84 I have the same problem with this showing on both a custom theme and the IPS default theme 4.4.7 I have other plugins and applications, have disabled them one by one with the same result.
  7. I have no idea what you mean by that. The movie database is the source of the information, the product that draws that information is @batarjal app and I am asking if it would be possible to add to that app the ability to draw down an episode by episode population by the app. The screenshots that I added above are from an app that a Xenforo developer created and it does exactly that, so it is not beyond the realms of possibility for @batarjal to add this as a feature if he so wishes. At present the app will only draw down information about a series, not the episodes within that series, as an example: Search for Star Trek and you can populate a post with information drawn from tmdb about the series, but you can't add seasons and then the episodes that appeared in a season; that is what I am asking for, It can be done, as witnessed by the Xenforo app, so it's a legitimate question to ask the developer if he can add this feature. 😉
  8. Can you add a feature so that episodes can be added from a TV season? For example: Star Trek TOS Season 1 Episode 1 And so on for all seasons and episodes. With thanks
  9. I was wondering this too - if this is something away from the original Club Enhancements add-on is there an upgrade path or a discount for existing clients? With thanks
  10. I know just how you feel lol
  11. @TAMAN It's in the baseframework.css file: #elCopyright #taCopyright{ padding: 1px 5px; border: 1px solid {hextorgb="footer_text" opacity="0.20"}; border-radius: 3px; opacity: 1; } #ipsLayout_footer:before, #ipsLayout_footer:after { position: absolute; content: ""; top: -7px; } #ipsLayout_footer:before { left: 0; border-bottom: 7px solid {theme="footer_crbackground"}; border-left: 7px solid transparent; } #ipsLayout_footer:after { right: 0; border-bottom: 7px solid {theme="footer_crbackground"}; border-right: 7px solid transparent; } That is the latest version uploaded just now lol. 😉 @TAMAN BTW for some strange reason the images in your marketplace themes are not working - they show in the list of images, but when you click on them there is just the broken link image showing; may be a fault with the marketplace.
  12. They are part of the theme lol here's the code for them: #ipsLayout_footer:before { left: 0; border-bottom: 7px solid #171719; border-left: 7px solid transparent; } #ipsLayout_footer:before, #ipsLayout_footer:after { position: absolute; content: ""; top: -7px; } I'm not sure if they are meant to look like this, maybe they are noticeable because of some of the color changes I've made. 😉
  13. For the price you get a lot of bang for your buck - you can set limits and also who can send stickies. Admins can also send global stickies so everyone can get an update as to what's going on, much better than the built in notices.
  14. Alas the site has served its purpose and got the message out there. However there are now a huge number of sites out there promoting the insidious disease that loneliness has become and our own Government (UK) has taken up the torch to illuminate this issue. I ran the site for six months and plugged it to death (almost) on Twitter and the response was great at first, bu then, as usual, people started to drift. There's only so much you can do to bring these kind of issues to people's attention, so Lonely People is now closed. However, I am always wanting to do something to help others and as such I have a new site out now (just finished) which is something the lies close to my heart and I have seen it become less and less over the years, so I wanted to try and do something about it and so Band Boss was born. https://bandboss.co.uk the idea being to bring the three basic elements together that helps keep music live and alive - local unsigned bands, venues who want to accommodate live bands and their fans. It's a free promotion site for bands and venues and if the band fans want to come along and have some fun the site is open for them. It's a bit (understatement lol) from Lonely People, but it's a service that I wish had been around when I was playing in a band. It's not an easy road to travel, being in a band, trying to find places to play and come out on top after the event. So, hopefully this will be something that be useful to bands and venues (and the band fans). I will be promoting it on Twitter, so hopefully there will be some takers, but in this business and day and age, who knows? If it works and helps, fantastic, if it doesn't then I'll move on to something else; never give in. https://bandboss.co.uk Right now it's for bands and venues in the UK, but if it proves successful I may open it up to a more global audience. Enjoy. BTW: it uses @TAMAN theme Infraskew with a number of modifications I made myself.
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