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  1. No worries I was just wondering. Thanks for the response.
  2. In the Recently Updated section in the sidebar there is room for at least another half dozen updates - can this be added as just one developer updated say 10 themes will dominated the list. Hope this can be updated. With thanks Dave
  3. @Nathan Explosion Hi, did you have any luck testing this to remove the download option? With thanks Dave
  4. @Nathan Explosion I'm not sure if this will be of any help to you, but I have replicated the audio tag in html5 on my own site, without the download button. <audio controls controlsList="nodownload"> <source src="Mike Oldfield - Man in the Rain.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"> Your browser does not support the audio element. </audio> This works in my test with the Chrome browser not showing the download option: Note, no download option is available. If I remove the command controlsList="nodownload" the download option is available: Hope this is of use and can be implemented in the plugin as it is essential that the download option is not available for my use. With thanks Dave
  5. This is for an audio file - I've disabled the video uploads for storage space reasons, plus people can grab their videos from their YT channel. In the settings this is what I have for the controls: These are the permissions I've set: That would be fantastic thanks. Much appreciate your attention and time for this. Dave
  6. Quick query @Nathan Explosion just bought the plugin and it works as says except for one small issue. In Chrome 75.0.3770.100 the no download setting is not working as you can see from the image below the download option is still available: This is in Firefox (no download option showing) And this is in Edge (again no download option showing) Any idea as to why? With thanks (and great plugin BTW)
  7. I would have tried this, but it would have been somewhat counterproductive to ban myself lol. I honestly had no idea that a spell checker could cause such problems - just goes to show that you never know.
  8. Thanks for the info, though most of it goes above my head lol. I have to say that I used Grammarly for a good while (along with a few others) and never had an issue with it. At present I have moved to another Grammarly type spell checker called Ginger and there are no problems with that either. Having said all of that, I do understand that if there are technical issues then I accept that. Hopefully, when you can upgrade to 5 Grammarly can come back into the fold. Much appreciate the response and explanation
  9. 4.4.4 Sees Grammarly disabled - I must admit I never had any problems or issues using Grammarly in any iterations of the IPS suite nor in any of the apps. Since it is now disabled it has compelled me to use another called Ginger, which whilst good, it is not as good as Grammarly. I can only say thank goodness that I did not upgrade to the paid version or I would have been out of pocket as I only use it on IPS sites. With this in mind, is there not an opportunity to discover what issues are prevalent with Grammarly and can they be surmounted? I would love to see this come back. With thanks
  10. I played in a band for over 15 years and my guitar of the moment was a Gibson Flying V MK2; it was unique in that it had single coil boomerang pickups which gave it a really distinctive sound that everyone who saw us play had to come up and comment on the fact. I looked at this guitar for six weeks before being seduced into buying it. All of the trimmings, including the tuning pegs, were gold plated giving it a look that was stunning. The image above is the same as I had, there was another in maple, but the mahogany was the apple of my eye. At 65 now I don't play at all, but still have the memories, photos and tracks we laid down. I sold the guitar when we disbanded, for many different reasons (none of them acrimonious); I still hanker after those amazing times, but arthritis in my hands prevents me from even forming a chord. Happy days - image below of one of those moments in time that last an eternity.
  11. That is wonderful praise indeed and I thank you sir. I've been wanting to do something worthwhile that would help people and this issue of loneliness is something close to my heart as I've experienced it first hand, and also I have witnessed it many times in people that I loved and associated with. Until loneliness is truly experienced over a prolonged period of time, it can never really be fully understood. So this is my way of paying it forward for the help that I received when I needed it and the IPS platform, along with all the third party developers, has made it very easy for me to achieve what is seen so far - there is still a long way to go and I have plans for the future that will become known when they happen and hopefully someone, somewhere, will find some solace and peace from what is there to help them. I'm cutting close to 65 now, quite young in comparison to those I know in their 90's, and understand so much more than I ever did when I was young and daft - they say that wisdom comes with age (sometimes I would say lol) but you're never too old to learn and an old dog can quite often learn new tricks when the inspiration is there.
  12. Images, like art, is a subjective medium. The bear sitting on its own is meant as a lighthearted (everyone loves teddy bears) means of depicting a very serious issue; to have something along the lines of what you are describing would diminish the seriousness of the issue. The intention of the bear as it stands is to elicit the 'aww, poor bear' emotion from people. But, as I said it's a subjective issue - and the bear will definitely not be killed off lol. Loneliness is not to be trivialised nor underestimated, nor should it be made to look as though it is insignificant. I appreciate your comments and understand where you are coming from; I've had many conversations on this subject and almost all have agreed that the bear is perfect as it is. That doesn't mean that I am not open to further comments, but I have to weigh and balance them to achieve the best middle ground that can be achieved for such a serious issue. I had even though of using your own Titanium theme (which I purchased) as a dark alternative, but then I thought that a dark theme would make the site look even more gloomy than the issue it attempts to highlight (great theme BTW and I may use it for another project that I have in mind). I've also changed the menu system too - to avoid the possible confusion of clicking the menu button and it goes nowhere other than back to the home page; the menus now use the stock drop downs, which regrettably do not allow for hover dropdown, just click (shown below): On a final note, I will say that the site is a constant work in progress, always looking for more ways to make it easier for people to use and to add those features that actually do add to the overall experience rather than just being there for eye-candy purposes. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  13. The problem lies in the menu manager requiring a valid html link - I prefer not to link to the forum list, which can be seen if you click the links in the breadcrumb list, so I had to make a choice as to where a click on the actual button would take someone; the idea is to use the dropdown list as opposed to clicking the button. There is an addon in the marketplace that would eliminate this, but as the stock menu manager stands it won't allow a styled drop list on hover - it can be a drop list but it needs to be clicked to make it appear; my aim was to reduce the number of clicks to get to a specific place - this is as near as I can get without an addon. Perhaps in a future version of the stock menu manager a hover will be available as well as a click. I hope that explains the reasoning behind my actions. I may get the addon to remove that click, but it depends on funds as always lol. Update: I checked out the app and it does the same, so I've reverted the menus back to menu-manager dropdowns to help prevent confusion (until a better way can be achieved to allow hover menu open rather than click menu open)
  14. Have made numerous changes to the site since the last update. In order to make things really easy for people to post I've removed the immediate visible forum list and instead have use the menu manager to create direct links to the individual forums. I feel this method eliminates the confusion of have so many forums to choose from in a list and reduces the number of clicks to get people directly to where they want to be. I've also named the majority of them channels (example shown below): I added another menu for specific issues rather than general issues (as shown below): It's really interesting what can be done using the menu manager in this way - give it a try and let me know what you think (BTW this would probably be no good if you use subforums unless you want to tier the menu items, which can be done quite easily). https://lonelypeople.co.uk
    Excellent application that does wonders for making a forum look completely different. Takes a little bit of effort pre-posting to make sure you have all images in place and importantly, the same size to ensure continuity. This is definitely one to buy and support is fantastic; brilliant!
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