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  1. I've just noticed this in the Marketplace - it doesn't appear anywhere else that I can see and I'm wondering if this is something new for 4.4? Bottom right corner.
  2. @JustHatched nice site and well laid out. I don't personally see any dire connotations in the site name, it's quite catchy. And I do think it's a good idea to give mentions to the people and developers that have helped us to make our sites the way they are with the features we needed to add something extra to the mix for our users. Great kudos to them all, whether we use their apps and plugins or not. 😉
  3. Updated Lonely People site which is almost ready to be launched out into the wild. The site is active now and has been very much a work in progress for some time; I've learned that it takes time to realise a vision and I guess I'm just about about there - I have a few more little tweaks to make before giving it the big push. The site is UK based, as am I lol, but the site is for anyone, anywhere in the world who suffers from loneliness whatever the cause. The site uses one of @ehren. themes (Novus) and a number of addons from the marketplace thanks to @batarjal @Adriano Faria @TheJackal84 @InvisionHQ @A Zayed for giving the site a little more pizazz; another few I have my eye on but I will now wait for 4.4 and see what addons are updated. It's taken a long while and lot of experimentation to get where the site is today, but I'm pretty happy with the results. The custom.css file is loaded with customisations, some of which took a lot of head scratching lol, it would probably stretch a distance if it were printed out and laid on the ground 😉 https://lonelypeople.co.uk There are a lot of people I'd like to thank for their time, efforts, patience and support, but the list is a little too long for this topic; you know who you are and my appreciation and gratitude is unbounded. If you know of any groups of people who need catering for I'd be pleased to hear from you via PM. Many thanks and I hope you enjoy.
  4. I second that for the Novus theme from @ehren. very easy to work with and slick 😉 I also give praise to the IPS team - what they have delivered recently (and to come in 4.4 for our sites) is remarkable and support is top notch too.
  5. Hi Jack User infopanel is great and provides a lot of useful info - just a quick question and potential suggestion; the user time zone basically give a location (Europe/London etc) is it possible to have the actual time showing for that users timezone - for example 16:20 for London. I ask because whilst a location is useful it doesn't tell you how many hour ahead or behind a member is in relation to the member say replying to a post. It would be very helpful in that members won't be expecting a reply anytime soon if the member they are replying to is sleeping lol. Not even sure if this is possible, but it would be a great addition if it were. With thanks as always for creating great apps for our enjoyment.
  6. Hey Jack, I sent you a PM regarding my licence key - can you take a look please.
  7. Top notch statement of facts regarding privacy and anonymity on forums vs social media platforms. This is one of the issues that I promote to people when they consider joining; THEY are in control of what is and is not seen. This is why I prefer forums to any other kind of social interaction between people; the opportunities of flexibility are almost endless with forums, whereas social media is rigid and contrived. I believe that this is an important and relevant statement in a world where privacy almost often comes with a price, but not on forums; it's been there since day one and remains today - it's a shame that more people out there do not realise and appreciate this simple fact. Great article and one which I will happily link to and promote from my own site. Thanks Matt, job done!
  8. I've not seen this myself, however I do believe (correct me if I am wrong) that a Reset removes all your apps and programs but leaves your files intact. If this is so, then I would save your files out and the do a reinstall (basically a reset) by reformatting your drive and install as though it were a new PC. It's a painful experience that steals at least a day from you, but at least it would rid of the cycle of resetting every time you start up. Windows 10 is a good operating system, it's the updates that are causing all of the problems that people are seeing. If you do decide to do a fresh install once you get to where you want to be with installing your programs, etc., I would take an image which will be easier to restore than doing complete reinstalls. 😉
  9. Thanks for the heads up on this @Adriano Faria Status says fixed, but it is still showing. Unless it hasn't been uploaded yet.
  10. I've just noticed this in the Marketplace - is this a bug or error that needs attention? Not showing the compatibility.
    As with the other Threadstarter apps this is a great way to introduce members to authors they may never heard of and for those that have heard of an author, it's a great way to begin discussions. Alternative reading is also added to the thread with books that are similar. Lots of information added too so it's a brilliant execution of an application to get people both talking and reading. Excellent support from the developer who never ceases to improve the app and deal with any issues swiftly and effectively. Well worth having.
    Excellent addition to any forum that has a music section - allows a great deal of information and detail to be add to a topic with a simple search and select method. Album covers, track list and more are automatically added to the topic. Top notch support from the developer too, cannot be faulted and is speedy and informative keeping you up-to-date on any issues. Brilliant execution of a very worthwhile application.
  11. Having no luck with this at all - it doesn't matter what I type into the music field all I get is this: There isn't a choice of albums just the band name, yet when I go to the audioDB site this is what I find (11 albums): I get the same results for Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and a whole load more: Any help you can give would be appreciated as I'd like to get this working.
  12. I'd like to be Charles' butler - good pay, good accomodation, good food, good wine and I get to know all of the secret innovations planned for IPS 10 (did I mention good wine?). For myself, nothing - I have all that I need and there is no 'want' left in me for anything material; I have no family left, last man standing, but I have found a nice place to live surrounded by mainly nice people and I am content. But if I could have a real wish then it would be quite simply for a kinder, more compassionate world that values peace, harmony and a progression to better times for all.
  13. A very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New Year to everyone on this site and the staff who work so hard to give us the best they can. Remember the Spirit of Christmas, Charity, Giving, Kindness to others and most of all love and blessings to all your family and friends.
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