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  1. I will if it happens again - I had to delete the app and then install the newer version, so it's all good now; it was fortunate that the app was not essential so no data was lost 🙂
  2. Agreed, an upgrade was available for one of my apps and I could not upgrade because the system stated it was current, which it wasn't obviously.
  3. You can but it's a faff as you need to edit the image when you go into the bio of the person look under the media tab and click on profile; I used this as an example, but make sure that you can actually get a decent image of the person before you delve into the guts of the site. If you click on the + in the circle you can add an image. It's a tricky move to get to this but give it a go. I've done it and it works 🙂
  4. I couldn't have put it better myself. Interest was the prime selling point many years ago, but not anymore. It's very hard to generate something new, interesting and worthwhile for people as there is a plethora of places they can go for information. With social media they have a ready-made gathering of people they can share their time with - for whatever. This is why it's difficult for plain ordinary interest sites to gain traction - no one likes to be first and no one likes to be the only one around. My own sites are just a hobby for me - I have no interest or desire to monetise or have
  5. Yeah I checked this in the default theme and it's the same. I don't have any plugins installed as there are none available for 4.5 - I'll wait for the new version and report back - thanks 🙂
  6. Hi @Adriano Faria I've just installed this app for 4.5 from the ACP Marketplace and it's showing my country flag on my profile but nowhere else. I changed the setting from 'show everywhere' to specific apps but it still won't show the flag anywhere but on my profile. Am I missing something? Forums: Movies: Not showing anywhere at all - comments, reviews, etc A language file needs updating too, minor niggle: With thanks
  7. That is what I was doing - whenever I posted to Twitter I'd get an influx of visitors but no joiners; well, there was one who joined to complain that an image I posted of Connor Trinneer was not him (it really was lol) but then never returned. I posted in excess of 1,000 tweets and other than the one I just stated, not one joined. I have no idea if my new venture will be any different but I will try 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to post @Dean
  8. Yeah, it's a shame, but if no one is using it I may as well make better use of Invision - XF is just too tedious to use and I've let my license lapse on it and concentrating on Invision and may add the gallery app with the money I've saved on XF 🙂 Hopefully this new site will generate a bit more interest, but I can be both an eternal optimist and eternal sceptic when dealing with people - especially in this day of heavy mobile use and social media. There's just no way I could use the Internet on a mobile - much prefer my desktop. Thanks for mentioning and noticing @Maxxius
  9. That option exists with WYSIWYG rich text editor option in the Pages list of options - the problem with the WYSIWYG is that you don't have the finite control that you have with the text box as it is limited in scope; the text box removes those limitations, but with a caveat - you need to understand code. It's really not difficult once you grasp the basics and the more you learn the more creative you can become. I can understand your frustration - but turning it into a WYSIWYG edit would just be a duplication of what's already there. I doubt very much that the advanced options can be app
  10. I love the new text box as it allows you to get creative. Yes, you need to have a grasp of HTML and CSS but it's really not that difficult and there are loads of generators online to help you get the look you want. I created a simple box with a welcome message inside - this: The HTML part is: <div class="box">Welcome to Movie Buffs</div> And the CSS part is: .box { font-family: Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif; text-align: center; font-size: 36px; color: #FFF; font-weight: bold; line-height: 100px; background: rgb(103,9,121); background: radial-gradient(circ
  11. Nope that didn't help - I added the htaccess file as instructed and got this message as I attempted to proceed: I'll raise a ticket as I have another problem too which is preventing me from upgrading lol - it's all fun 🙂
  12. Will do - thought it may have been something someone else happened across and could give some direction 🙂
  13. That's why I originally started the topic because they were not prominent as they always have been - and therein lay the issue. For those who do use them and they can't find them where they usually are, it can be an issue. In a future update why not make it optional for them to be where they usually are and where they are now? A switch would be good for those that are used to seeing them in their usual place and not for those who never use them. It's a request to appease those who look for them but can't find them 🙂
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