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  1. Fantastic - I'll be buying when I get my next pay check 🙂
  2. This fixes it in Chrome and Edge - whether it raises any issues in Firefox or other browsers I can't say as I don't use them. .SG_record_image { margin-right: 1px; }
  3. Nothing - I make my sites because I am passionate about something I want to share with others. I try something, it if works it sticks, if not it goes, and I try something else. I don't want other people to fund my endeavours, so I make nothing but ultimately, I lose too. But that doesn't matter because it's what I do. I know other people monetize their sites and if they can make something from them, that's great. Everyone makes their own choices as to what to do, what to dip into and what they're prepared to do to see their vision become a reality. In this day, it's virtually impossi
  4. There were issues with the IPS addons that were used (the resolution of which was far too into the future) and XF opened up a route without those issues. I've also had an idea for a site in mind for several years that has never been given the chance to mature, until now. My IPS license will be a good fit for this idea because of the features IPS offers above other vendors. Whether this idea will be any good or not will only be determined over time, but this is a long-haul project that will fit nicely into my impending retirement. I do enjoy the creation of something, probably more than
  5. Life can throw many unexpected hurdles in our path, but this was one hurdle that could not be surmounted, and it is a great sadness that descends when someone with such great potential is snatched away from us. Thoughts and prayers are with his family who must be so distraught at their loss. Just remember that as long as Dawid stays in our thoughts he will always be with us. Rest in peace.
  6. Yes, sadly I had to go down this route for numerous reasons as I have another project in mind for my IPS license which is better suited to my needs. I will be using the Fluent Design theme for this new project. Xenforo apps for the movies side are more in line with what I want from the site, so it was down to which platform would best serve my needs; IPS was way too powerful for such a simple site 🙂
  7. I read most of the article, skimming some pieces I had already read elsewhere under a similar umbrella. Two parts really stick out - the need to be accepted, therefore you believe in the group beliefs to be accepted, and how your own beliefs can be destroyed to achieve that acceptance. There are also two concepts where this applies, politics and religion. Another example is based around the principle of an idea dying if it is swathed in silence. Take racism, the black actor Morgan Freeman is quoted as saying "stop talking about it and it will go away" - an idea vanquished by
  8. Perfect - thank you for your help, very much appreciated 🙂
  9. Hi @aXen | 1s2k love the theme but having a little issue with the navigation icons. Everything works great and I can change the values in the ACP but, when I have two menu items using the same app I can't isolate the individual icons for each menu item: Home and articles both use the same app (Pages) so applying an icon to pages shows the same icon in both places. I'd prefer to have different icons. Same with the Movie Discussions and General Chat, both use the forums app but I'd like to show different icons for each. Is this possible by turning off the icons in the ACP a
    Stunningly easy theme to work with and packed full of goodies to delight even the most pernickety. I have yet to try out all of the features but this theme is a delight to work with. Highly recommend this for anyone wanting something 'extra' and well worth the asking price. Fantastic work @aXen | 1s2k
  10. Just updated to @aXen | 1s2k Fluent Design theme and it's a real treasure trove of options and so easy to customise. I haven't played with some of the features yet as I have been busy making changes; almost every change I made was done with CSS in the custom.css file to get the effect I was looking for, but it was a breeze doing so. The changes for the Darkside were a little fiddlier, but it was easy once the CSS logic was understood. I can highly recommend this theme to anyone and I'm sure that @aXen | 1s2k will making some more tweaks and feature additions as the theme moves forward.
  11. When you go to manage purchases there are lots of incredibly old items going back years (in my case 2012) many of which are no longer available. Can you add a means for users to remove these purchases? It can become difficult to navigate those items that are still of interest when the list goes on and on. With thanks
  12. Raise a dispute with Norton - here's a link for you: https://safeweb.norton.com/report/show?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.socialaustralia.com.au%2F There are no reviews and according to the page your site is not yet rated by the community so when you raise a dispute ask them how they come to the conclusion your site is dangerous. Don't expect a quick reply as they are a PITA to deal with. That's why I dropped them after years of use and switched to ESET, much better.
  13. @newbie LAC Will this be updated for 4.5 as it has potential for different sites for this to continue forward?
  14. Few people care about forum sites these days, I create and run mine for the fun of it and the pleasure it brings me, so when I pop my clogs and the fun stops so do my sites. End of days, end of era. I landed here in this world without consultation and like everyone else I'll leave without my consent 🙂
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