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  1. I must have missed it previously - but hell yeah, spread the love, it's the most powerful force in the Universe
  2. I think the developers participation in this is fantastic. I bought @Adriano Faria links directory and @batarjal Threadstarter Books addon (though technically it's not in the BF deal) and I will be buying @opentype reviews and one of @ehren. themes (not sure which one yet as I am undecided) there's a few others that I have my eye on but not 100% sure at this point. This in an amazingly generous act by the developers taking in the spirit of the occasion and giving people the opportunity to expand their services to their members. I'm lovin' it Just purchased Dimension by @ehren. today 16 November. Next @opentype reviews
  3. Two purchases made and more to follow - this is a brilliant and generous way of adding functionality to your site. Again, a huge thank you to everyone participating in this venture. 👍
  4. I would like to take a moment to say 'THANK YOU!' to everyone in the Marketplace Community for joining in this amazing show of solidarity to bring some amazing offers to the Community at large to help us give a little more Pzazz to our own communities - I'll be supporting this Black Friday sale and taking advantage of the generosity of our community developers. Thank you for your continued support, it truly is very much appreciated.
  5. Davyc

    Feedback on Clubs

    I use the clubs app but as @Joel R points out it's well undercooked. Hopefully there will be a complete overhaul of the system for 4.4 but nothing has been said to assume that it will be updated. I've meddled with the templates and the CSS to get a look that I want from the clubs app, but it has taken a good while to sort it all and even then some of my changes have affected other parts of the site requiring even more template editing, which most likely will be lost when the templates are updated. I also use the clubs addon from the marketplace and it has helped considerably by extending the app features. You can take a look at what I have messed with (bear in mind that this site is still a WIP and will change over the coming months) here >>> https://lonelypeople.co.uk the clubs are on the home page as I made them the default, so just scroll down.
  6. Davyc

    Team Talk: What's your favourite movie?

    Classic favourite is Yankee Doodle Dandy featuring James Cagney - I love all Cagney movies but this one is a stand out for me. Anything in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy vein after that as long as it is well acted and well produced; such as The Matrix series, Judge Dredd (the Karl Urban version), most of the Star Trek Movies, same with Star Wars and Stargate. Currently, most of the Marvel and DC iterations of the various characters - most recently I thoroughly enjoyed Wonder Woman and Avengers Infinity Wars Pt 1. I never get to the cinema these days so everything is either streamed or on DVD that I watch. Always a good question to ask 👍
  7. Davyc

    The future of forums... let's talk!

    This is an interesting discussion, but as @.Ian mentioned one that has taken place many times in many different places. It is incredibly difficult for new forums to gain traction unless they are promoting something unique and well liked by a multitude of people and there is nothing out there that can compare. That is a hugely tall order when the Internet is saturated with information on just about every subject under the sun. It's basically information overkill - so whilst content is important it has to be different from what is already out there, again a hugely tall order. Of course Social Media has reduced interaction to a banal level, but it appeals to the masses and that's why it's a huge success. OK things may be slowing down somewhat and in light of recent articles of data misuse and breaches they have taken a hit. But these guys are not going to sit back and watch their babies who have made them billionaires dwindle into obscurity. This doesn't mean that forum owners should give up, they still have something worthwhile to offer the Internet community, but it needs to be appealing; the $64,000 question - how? If I knew, and anyone on here knew, we wouldn't be involved in this conversation. Forum/Suite developers also need to play their part - but there is only so much they can do before a forum no longer becomes a forum. I doubt that there is a simple answer out there for this issue; all we can do is stick with the program and see what develops.
  8. Davyc

    ThreadStarter: Movies

    @batarjal Many thanks for your quick support and help - I've left a review on the addon in the marketplace. First class help and support as well as a great addon.
  9. Davyc

    ThreadStarter: Movies and Anime

    This is an excellent addon for anyone wishing to give a lot more oomph to their movie forum/s with very little effort from members to post an amazing thread starter introduction to their favourite movies. All the information is automatically seeded into the head of the topic, poster, release date, synopsis, cast, director etc, all with clickable links back tracking to TMDb for even more information. There was a slight problem with the addon when I first added it to my arsenal of features, but @batarjal sorted it very quickly and updated the addon for future purchasers; this is what I call 'excellent' support and for which I am thankful. This addon will pay for itself in droves, well worth the outlay and very, very easy to install and setup. If you run a forum with a movie section, or you run a movie site this is one to buy. Top notch!
  10. Davyc

    ThreadStarter: Movies

    PM sent with thanks
  11. Davyc

    ThreadStarter: Movies

    Have just bought this app and installed as directed, have added my TMDB api key and set it to a specific forum, but it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? And this appears in the forum: Clicking on Threadstarter icon does nothing and there are no fields showing. I'm using IPS 4.3.6 Any help would be appreciated
  12. Many thanks for both replies - I've passed these details over to a fellow IPS admin who was looking for some clarification.
  13. Is it possible to extend the new member registration notifications to an on-screen alert as well as email alert? Sometimes emails get forgotten about in our busy daily lives and new registrations may be missed, especially if they have to be admin approved. If an on-screen alert was also available it could possibly solve a situation where new registrations could be missed.
  14. Davyc

    Q & A challenge to register

    Create a user group called, say, Family; let these people register as normal and then move them into the family group. If you create a forum called family or birthday you can set permissions to only allow the family group see what's going on; you can also make the forum invisible to other member groups. This would be the simplest way, but will involve some manual work from you to move them into that group; basically a few clicks.
  15. Davyc

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    ACP > ApplIcations > System (as default app) - open up System and make Clubs default; voila, clubs as your index/home page. Gotcha on the blue - I'm working through sections getting them all the way I wish, still a WIP but needed opening up to get the background wheels turning, Thanks for the heads up on the blue I'll get that sorted later today.