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  1. Go to settings > Posting and look to the arrowed check boxes and choose what you feel is best:
  2. Davyc


    Hi @Michael R I'm always happy to help out with anything to do with CSS - I've spent hundreds of hours tracking down codes to make changes with CSS across a number of platforms, so if you need help with anything PM me with the changes you want, with links, so I can take a look and advise you. If you will pardon the analogy, my custom CSS file is like a christmas tree lol. But it's fun tracking things down and making changes. With regards to not being able to find specific movies, that's down to TMDB which is a different database to IMDB. TMDB allows you to add movies once you've registered with them - if you do this yourself then those movies will become available for you to add to your own database. You can add the movie title, poster images, actors, directors, crew, YT trailers, and general images and whole bunch of other data. It's fun to be able to do that too, because you get to add what's important for you. Always happy to help 🙂
  3. Davyc


    @Michael R Add this to your custom CSS and it will fix it 🙂 [data-pagecontroller=view] .ipsDataItem_main, .ipsDataItem_stats, .ipsDataItem_lastPoster, .ipsDataItem_generic, .ipsDataItem_modCheck, .ipsDataItem_icon { display: table-cell!important; }
  4. Thanks guys appreciate you taking the time to reply - I'll raise a ticket and see how it goes 🙂
  5. I'm looking to purchase a new self hosted licence and was wondering if it's possible to move apps from one license to another? I already have my site up and it's pretty much the way I want it, but I don't use the forums, I would like to purchase the core and pages but don't want to go to the expense of buying forums when I already have that app in another license, so can apps be moved from one license to another? I really don't want to have to dismantle what I have built to change licenses - or can this be done via the license numbers? With thanks 🙂
  6. The only way to uninstall a plugin, AFAIK, is to reset the editor to default - of course that means any other plugins will also be removed. As far as plugins are concerned, make sure that you are sourcing them for the correct version of the editor, on IPS it's version 4. Hope that helps 🙂
  7. We have ratings in the system, but they are not available everywhere. It would be fantastic to have a rating drag and drop box that could be put anywhere in the site - ratings for everything. Obviously there would have to be settings to determine what IPS app the ratings are being collected for, but that shouldn't be an issue. It would be fantastic to be able to add a ratings box to any part of the suite without having to rely on the current system, which is lacklustre and sporadic. Just a thought that may turn into something a little more productive 🙂
  8. I've watched this topic with interest and have evaluated the responses, both positive and negative. My own personal take on reactions is that they should emulate the forum type, both in its fundamental basis and consideration for its members. These two combined should be the foundation of the reactions types, along with their meanings so that people can 'react' accordingly in reference to the topics generated. Reactions should be carefully curated to enhance rather than detract from the responses you want from people. If there are no defined meanings to the reaction images and their alternate text references, they become meaningless and pointless. I would imagine that as a base admins would want reactions for the following (all entirely optional): Like Thanks Agree Funny Sad Disagree The above cover most of the reactions people will respond with to potentially the vast number of responses to topics/posts. What images are used can be anything that reflects the nature of the site. Anything else can be added as an optional, but there must be some significant interpretation to them otherwise they would be unproductive. The Meow Cat on here for example; what does it mean or signify? Reactions are emotive symbolism and as such need to be curated to accentuate an emotional response - whereby a written response should be deemed as objective/subjective depending on the topic and it's responses. These are important aspects of a site and should be added with consideration, rather than a whim. Just my two penneth 🙂
  9. Easycron will sort you out in the blink of an eye, and they're cheap too. I use them and have never had any issues. I use their starter pack which is $12 a YEAR. https://www.easycron.com/user/register 🙂
  10. Fantastic that this great app has been given a new breath of life by a fantastic developer; you must, eat, drink and sleep coding lol. Well done mate and it's great to have this app back in action 🙂
  11. Instructions on what you did to achieve the results you mentioned 🙂
  12. Here's a little slogan we adopted for one of our sites, anyone can feel free to use it. 'Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean' Any step-by-step instructions or information will always be appreciated 🙂
  13. @CoffeeCake Magic - thank you 🙂
  14. OK so this is the issue - my client has IPS Commerce for subscriptions using Stripe; two transactions have been flagged for manual approval, however these do not look like genuine subscribers as Stripe has flagged them as an elevated risk. What we would like to do is get them off the system, but because we are new to this type of issue I was wondering do we Void or Delete these within the commerce system. Image below shows the options:
  15. We agree to disagree then 🙂
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