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  1. I just can't understand it. 🙄 Opting to limit the amount of content in the email should surely be an option out of the box, especially when we're already battling the blight of social media. The "You might also be interested in" section of the email is truncated with the intention of driving engagement activity back to the site.
  2. I thought it was me! It was too small before!
  3. No worries, at least you know where to look. Hope the forum grid is improved in 4.4, but not tried it yet.
  4. Hi Ocean West, The Grid Layout for forums is a bit dull. I checked and Opentype has a great looking template but it's for Pages topic blocks, not Forums. However, this may help, I did this for my site some time back, it makes use of the ability to place an uploaded image attachment into and at the top of your forum description. If you do that it works but the image doesn't fill the container, so I tweak it a bit: Step 1 - Edit the relevant template I'd recommend using a child theme or custom parent theme for this, don't edit the original default IPS theme: Edit line 73 of your theme template forums > front > index > forumGridItem <div class='ipsPad'> to this: <div class='ipsPad cForumGridGSdescription'> Step 2 - Custom CSS Add some extra CSS to override via your theme's custom.css file: /* Reduce size of font so forum names show more words in grid view and optionally make bold */ .cForumGrid_title { font-size: 16px; font-weight: 700; } /* Display forum description img attachment full width of grid block in grid view */ .cForumGridGSdescription img { display: block; position: relative; top: -1; left: -1; min-width: 111%; min-height: 150px; border: 0 none; margin: -15px 2px 0 -15px; padding: 0; } Step 3 - Improve Truncated Forum Titles You can remove the rather fugly truncated forum title by editing line 43 of the same template as above forums > front > index > forumGridItem and removing the truncate CSS styles, so from this: <h3 class='ipsType_reset ipsType_sectionHead ipsTruncate ipsTruncate_line cForumGrid_title'> to this: <h3 class='ipsType_reset ipsType_sectionHead cForumGrid_title'> which looks then looks something similar to this... Hope this helps!
  5. Thanks both, a little OTT for what I need. Can't justify another external app for basic community suite search reports. Why tell me how many PMs were sent from 2008 but not tell me what my internal search facility is being used for!
  6. Yes, you can delete one, or both. I suppose to make it a bit less confusing as to why there are two entries, perhaps Esther could add another column for Type, Transactional or Non-transactional. Handy feature though, it saves having to log into SP. 🙂
  7. I checked and you were spot on, I missed this as well. I only had two out of about 10 entries that were validating members. Many thank to you and Headstand for the super quick fix. re the duplicates, looking at the suppression list in the SP dashboard, one is for opting out of transactional mail, the other is for non-transactional mail, so that is okay. There is a delay before the suppression list is updated, a few minutes, until then the email addresses continue to show. If you delete one of the unintended suppression list entries in the AdminCP as opposed to the SP Dashboard, obviously you don't know which transaction type it is from looking at it, but you get an error message if that email address and transaction type has already been removed: A configuration or server error has occurred 1ASPSL/1 NOT_FOUND As Alex says, if it is there, it deletes fine and confirms via message.
  8. Yes, they are not showing here on 4.4 either so I don't think Charles has waved his wand yet. In fact the GTM score here is in the low 80's. https://gtmetrix.com/reports/invisioncommunity.com/Fp7jIA6X The 4.4 changelog says that improvements to caching have been made, especially for guests, that must be something else.
  9. Adding front-end Pages elements to Clubs has to be a no brainier. IPS said it would be added later when Clubs were announced. The drag & drop WYSIWYG content block I think the majority of clients would first make use of the Pages front-end WYSIWYG block, to have blocks of cacheable content including text and images which they can drag where they want, into a single or multiple column layout. It would be ideal for homepages/about pages, basically any kind of information and content needed to add value, sidebar content blocks etc. Actually the same principal as that behind members being able to add custom content blocks to their Blogs several years back; to personalise and make relevant and interesting content available including text, image, video/music embeds and other file attachments, links etc. Pages Articles Giving members ability to create articles in the Club with the editor should be a basic requirement allowing for Club news, featured content, content categories, paid or free, RSS feed imports. Calendar Intergration Have to say the Calendar access via Clubs is very limited without allowing Club owners the ability to import iCal RSS news and event feeds into Club Calendar and potentially Pages Articles. This goes back to the point I've been saying for some time, Pages front-end should be enhanced to supplement the current page layout and record options with drag and drop, touch ready call to action blocks, sliders, carousels, news article sliders, pricing tables, quote blocks, image and video blocks, testimonial blocks, etc. Droppable into full-width rows, 1-12 column rows. Add those 'Divi' style features to Pages for Clubs and you've nailed it, ultimate flexibility and personalisation. Add New Page to Club, choose initial 1, 2 or 3 column layout, add row, make full width or add columns to that row. Add custom text WYSIWYG blocks, slider, image blocks. Job done.
  10. I need to come back to finish reading this, but good article. First thing I do is remove the question asking for a member's gender which is for most a throwback to less enlightened times. It can be off-putting for new members, it is limited in responses, and for most communities very likely unjustified and unnecessary. Why not ask them for their sexuality and preferences too!
  11. Yes, it's a truly royal PITA. I'm so fed up of manually adding these missing headers and invalidating Cloudfront and Cloudflare caches every time the theme JS or CSS is uploaded ,and multiply that by the number of sites you have. Have recently tried adding exposeheaders tags to the CORS setup on my S3 bucket, but it made no difference. Unless the Expires tags are manually added to the files Cloudfront or S3 won't forward them to the visitors browser. Adding them automatically when they being uploaded is still the best potential option.
  12. It seems there is still no autocomplete for address information when using Mapbox. Could this be implemented, please? Many thanks.
  13. Thanks @HeadStand I removed the existing smtp entries in AdminCP and it worked fine. However now that I'm using the EU version, it won't accept my API key. To clarify, I created a brand new API key at Sparkpost EU dashboard and it refuses to accept it in AdminCP when I select the EU version. 2S123/1 The API Key you supplied appears to be incorrect. Please check your API Key and try again. it is definitely correct though.
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