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  1. @opentype clearly put a lot of time and effort into this. I don't know if it was addressed or not but disappointing the topic never received any official IPS replies.
  2. I like WP myself and use a mix of Pages and WP, but even Wordpress has a hugely popular plugin to improve SEO, made by Yoast. I'd be surprised if you weren't already using it. Some of it seems like overkill (Google actually wants and needs your content) and their reputation got tarnished for abusing every users admin dashboard with ad banners in the last BF sale (the line of etiquette and sanctity nobody must ever cross), but the CEO handled it really well, and the product itself remains very good. You can do much of that in Pages, just add the relevant fields to your article entry form. I still don't see the need for it personally. It's another 'do what we say idea' that's better off being a W3C standard rather than Google's own proprietary standard. Cloudfront can generate AMP versions of your site on the fly. In the days of fast 4G and 5G, even 3G, do people really want or need websites that look like they were from the 1990's in WAP format? I love many of Google's products and ideas, but how often do you see them shutdown, neglected or abandoned? They don't even follow their own Pagespeed recommendations when you use their own products like Analytics, so in turn your Pagespeed ratings drop as a result. It would be nice to see machine learning/AI used for things like that, image recognition that auto generates relevant and publically safe metadata and attributes. Sounds nasty! 😬
  3. Hi Claudia, I think they look at the editor from the perspective that most end users (your members) will never need or take the time to use correct tag formatting especially from an SEO aspect. It's different and more important for you as an admin or site owner, or contributor. Users often abuse things like bold button which drives me nuts (making their entire post bold!). However you can add plugins to the CKEditor Toolbars and assign permissions as will if you like. I use this plugin for article content and it works fine: https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/format This one that offers font selection may be available already I can't remember, I think we normally just have font size: https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/font
  4. Great, thanks Michael! Well I was actually thinking the tags which you can add to a topic. The ones that get separated with a comma if you add more than one. Yes, just for the topic template that you set up in the AdminCP. Currently every Birthday topic's first post looks identical, but if as an admin we could create a few templates instead of just the current one template (with varying fonts, images or wording), the it would add a bit more variety as the app would choose one at random each time it created the topic. Thanks Mike, have a great New Year!
  5. I just finished AHS:1984 last night and felt so old after watching this perfect homage to the 80's. In fact I found out afterwards that I can't go to the 'fortress of solitude' (the bathroom) for some peace and quiet without hearing Billy Idol's "In the midnight hour, she cried... more, more, more..." in my head, over the tinnitus. (Now you have to suffer that 80's ear worm 👂🐛 too). Then I read this blog, and now I feel, even older! Great entry Matt and perfect way to finish the year and decade. With you since Ikonboard. For better or worse.
  6. Hi IPS, I never noticed until now when I landed on https://invisioncommunity.com/ intending to do a search, your main website lacks a search box. Obviously there is the one here in the community suite. Oversight or intentional as deemed unnecessary?
  7. Honestly, improvements are almost always nice and appreciated but I can see the points made about there being more useful and priority improvements. The Commerce store front end is boring and bland in particular if you only use Subscriptions, all you can do with it is add a widget to your available subscriptions, terms and conditions or change the currency in this one place. So yes, this one really feels more like it could have been suggested as a third party Marketplace mod.
  8. Season's Greetings @Mike John Just a few suggestions for Birthday Greeter, if that's okay! When the Birthday Greeter sends out an auto birthday email, if there is also a birthday topic that gets/got created, perhaps the email could also include a link to it? This way an absent member would be even more likely to visit the forum if they know there's a topic with greetings. (This occurred to me because I think we had such a member visit this week after their birthday, but they didn't choose to post in their birthday topic, and I wondered if they'd missed it for some reason.) Secondly, I wondered if it was possible for the birthday topic to include a tag with the person's name? Before birthday greeter, I used to add a tag like 'Happy Birthday membername' to birthday topics, which was handy as we could click to see previous years greetings. Last suggestion! The birthday topics only have one template, so all topics look the same and contain the same message and images/emoji. If we could add up to say 3, or maybe 5 topic templates and birthday greeter used 1 at random, it would add some more variety, they'd have a less automated, more personal feel. Thanks! P.S. I lied. Here's another one. Through the use of extra language strings, perhaps the birthday greeter could also optionally send out anniversary greetings based on a member's join date?
  9. Thanks for these nice improvements. One small improvement that I'd personally hoped to see in 4.5 Clubs was the awful default style of Club forum card displayed on the main forum index. It always looks unwelcoming and doesn't show the cover image, only a tiny photo. The cards in Clubs (like the Blogs) are really nicely presented, why not just reuse them on the forum index as a quick fix? Another was RSS feeds import into Club calendars (already asked for RSS into Club Forums!).
  10. Hi @Pete T Thanks again for this great plug-in! Spotted a small bug that's causing W3C Validation errors for each member photo listed. The opening and closing HTML li list tags are missing from the template in two places, but it's because of the ul tag line preceding them. I moved that line down to above the comma separated list (no photos, text only) and it seems fine. <ul class='ipsList_inline ipsList_csv ipsList_noSpacing'> to: {{else}} <ul class='ipsList_inline ipsList_csv ipsList_noSpacing'> {{foreach $members as $row}} <li>{template="userLinkFromData" group="global" app="core" params="$row['member_id'], $row['name'], $row['members_seo_name'], $row['member_group_id']"}</li> {{endforeach}} </ul> {{endif}} and moved up the closing ul tag above the endif. Regards
  11. Hi, Currently the option to select a preferred currency seems limited to the Store's front page. I couldn't find it in Account Settings or elsewhere. This limitation means users clicking on the available subscriptions widget or landing on the subscriptions page, won't see it and don't release they can choose to view prices or pay in their preferred currency. I also think the option for reviews/comments on Subscriptions would be nice to see and might encourage others to upgrade to a premium account.
  12. Hope they've added RSS Import into Clubs to generate activity!
  13. Thanks for this, yes I think we've asked for RSS Import into Pages with proper image handling since IPContent was probably released! It's great to see it finally arrive. Nice. Combined with services like Zapier and Feedly, there must be a lot of great possibilities aside from importing news feeds. The only thing I can see is that Gallery is missing out on the integration party, it would be a nice workaround for the lack of a backend bulk import tool and you could combine Image RSS feeds with Gallery in some good ways, such as selective Flickr or DeviantArt, featured background wallpaper site feeds etc. Once they are in Gallery or Pages it would be nice to be able to feed them into the IPS Carousel/Slider.
  14. Outrageous! I'll have you whipped with your own Ipad charging cable.
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