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  1. Thank you so much for this, much appreciated! IPS released a dark version of the bright theme before, but it always seemed to get overlooked after a while.
  2. Yep, that is one accurate sign. I could never handle Australia, awesome country that it is. Hopefully I'll be long gone when the UK reaches Australia's hotter climate and we get more bugs!
  3. Thanks, yes ours look like that but the body is like a tiny dot. I actually don't mind those. My sister hates spiders but let's 1 or 2 of those stay because she's convinced they keep the big ones away.
  4. I was brave enough to watch that! Lol, I think if we had jumping spiders here in the UK, I'd emigrate to the South Pole! Or Mars. I know what you mean though, we've experienced more of the spindly 'dot with legs' type in recent 2 years, that people say keep the big house spiders away. I can't imagine that a house spider would fear a dot with long thin legs like hairs though. I think some people call them Daddy Long Legs spiders but that's a crane fly to me.
  5. You could try an RSS plugin like WP RSS Aggregator. https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-rss-aggregator/ I found it via https://www.wpblog.com/best-wordpress-rss-feed-plugins/ I tried the suggested method with an external Pages Block on a non WP site and it was less than ideal. Yes it works, but I quickly realised it has a Pagespeed performance hit on the page (it automatically imports all the JS files from IPS, even those you aren't making use of in your widget, which adds to page bloat), and in my case a few CSS issues.
  6. Okay, I admit it. I am scared of spiders. The reason I'm posting is because a huge tarantula appeared on the carpet in front of me this evening, my partner spotted it before I did. Okay, slight exaggeration, it was typical British household but honestly it looked really fully grown especially on a beige/cream rug. It was almost too big to fit in the spider catcher. Gross. I just detest the horrible things. I know they have a right to exist etc. They make me queasy. I'm now 50 and they still freak me out as much as in my late teens since I read a cheesy Shaun Hutson paperback called Spiders. Most regrettable £3.99 I ever spent in Woolworths Last week it took me 3 attempts, but I watched the two guys on Kings of Pain purposely endure bites from a Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula. Why? So we don't have too, that and they're a bit S&M. That and I stupidly thought it may be an opportunity to desensitise myself a bit. I've never seen one out in my home in March before though, and it freaked me out more than usual because I'm not normally on red alert for them yet until around say May until October. Last year we didn't do too bad, only saw about 3 that got in. Oops, can someone move this to General Chit Chat, please? 🥴
  7. That would be really nice! +1
  8. Sure no problem, yes I prefer it too. 😋
  9. Thanks for pouring some sugar on 4.5 @Matt ! I recently started using Unsplash, they have some stunning photos. https://unsplash.com/ They also have a modern API: https://unsplash.com/developers
  10. @opentype clearly put a lot of time and effort into this. I don't know if it was addressed or not but disappointing the topic never received any official IPS replies.
  11. I like WP myself and use a mix of Pages and WP, but even Wordpress has a hugely popular plugin to improve SEO, made by Yoast. I'd be surprised if you weren't already using it. Some of it seems like overkill (Google actually wants and needs your content) and their reputation got tarnished for abusing every users admin dashboard with ad banners in the last BF sale (the line of etiquette and sanctity nobody must ever cross), but the CEO handled it really well, and the product itself remains very good. You can do much of that in Pages, just add the relevant fields to your article entry form. I still don't see the need for it personally. It's another 'do what we say idea' that's better off being a W3C standard rather than Google's own proprietary standard. Cloudfront can generate AMP versions of your site on the fly. In the days of fast 4G and 5G, even 3G, do people really want or need websites that look like they were from the 1990's in WAP format? I love many of Google's products and ideas, but how often do you see them shutdown, neglected or abandoned? They don't even follow their own Pagespeed recommendations when you use their own products like Analytics, so in turn your Pagespeed ratings drop as a result. It would be nice to see machine learning/AI used for things like that, image recognition that auto generates relevant and publically safe metadata and attributes. Sounds nasty! 😬
  12. Hi Claudia, I think they look at the editor from the perspective that most end users (your members) will never need or take the time to use correct tag formatting especially from an SEO aspect. It's different and more important for you as an admin or site owner, or contributor. Users often abuse things like bold button which drives me nuts (making their entire post bold!). However you can add plugins to the CKEditor Toolbars and assign permissions as will if you like. I use this plugin for article content and it works fine: https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/format This one that offers font selection may be available already I can't remember, I think we normally just have font size: https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/font
  13. Great, thanks Michael! Well I was actually thinking the tags which you can add to a topic. The ones that get separated with a comma if you add more than one. Yes, just for the topic template that you set up in the AdminCP. Currently every Birthday topic's first post looks identical, but if as an admin we could create a few templates instead of just the current one template (with varying fonts, images or wording), the it would add a bit more variety as the app would choose one at random each time it created the topic. Thanks Mike, have a great New Year!
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