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  1. This sounded great until I read you have to pay Apple for the privilege of being able to make use of it! Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot? ๐Ÿคจ Still, nice addition to 4.5, IPS!
  2. Hi @Matt @Andy Millne Please, pretty please, with donuts on, can you extend stock photos to include Unsplash for 4.5? Would be brilliant to have this choice built in on release rather than write a Marketplace mod. Many thanks ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
    Thanks for this, you saved my sanity! ๐Ÿฅฐ
  3. Agreed, a typography appreciating man such as yourself may find appeal in the FA5 literature improvements, I don't really know much about them. Don't get me wrong, v4 was certainly great possibly even awesome in its day, but it's all relative and things obviously move on. No, I don't have actual bench tests to hand. I do recall members here saying they didn't like the v4 caveat in terms of having to load them all at once, other libraries were starting to adopt single icon support. The way the newer variations of SVG and JS are implemented in FA5 offer faster, compressible resources, when
  4. Nice little touches, and restricting a member from further topic participation is a thoughtful suggestion, could have done with that years ago when I had a more active community!
  5. Yes, I think justification for upgrading outdated third party libraries extends far beyond just the oranges vs lemons design scenario of the icons, it's also about performance and efficiency as well. Bells aside (!), to take perhaps another analogy since the early 20th century the humble car has still had wheels, a motor, seats and lights but mankind didn't stick with the Ford Model T or the 4th era of vehicles because it was essentially the same thing. People upgraded their for cars for aesthetics, safety, security, performance, availability and efficiency when the designers and manufactures
  6. Thanks for that @Rikki The free version would indeed be fine but couldn't we just utilise our own Pro Licence credentials if we have them or opt to buy Pro later?
  7. Thanks @Rikki, yes I definitely agree about the shim quick fix, I removed it after trialing it, but it might be worth another look as the additional icon designs aside, the modern FA5 SVG files are very fast, efficient and the individual icons can load as needed by the page, without having to download the whole mother-lode of icons. Plus you could probably remove the whole separate Icomoon web font library as I bet those few icons it provides are now included within FA4 or FA5 these days. TBH I always kind of assumed you could do some careful automatic search and replace within your so
  8. Hi IPS, Just to let you know the credited link mentioned in the gallery.css template redirects to a site with a Hong Kong based domain. No idea what it is but I recognise a certain footballer! /* This is to make the video responsive in size See: http://3strandsmarketing.com/video-fluid-2.php */ /* top/bottom adjusted to avoid the 'fade' area */
  9. No, I may be wrong, but I think that was EmojiOne that you're recalling. I remember IPS staff kept stating it would be done in a future release but not a minor one.
  10. FA4 was rather amazingly last updated in 2016 and almost 3 years since FA5 was released, but despite multiple requests from clients, IPS didn't/wouldn't support it. Somewhat frustrated, but fortunately not in a sexual way, we chuckled cheekily that FA6 would be out by the time FA5 was integrated, but more seriously it is IMHO still a missed opportunity as there were a lot of really good features like Pro, Duotone and Light icons and of course the super useful themed Icon Packs. So I personally think, respectfully and sadly, that IPS 'dropped the ball' by not utilising a team member to upd
  11. Nice to see these improvements to subscriptions! Thank you. On a personal note... Funding an IPS Community is certainly challenging when you can't do it as a hobby anymore. I've had no regular income since 2017 following redundancy due to austerity cutbacks. It's hard to keep justifying the expense when you can't pay your mortgage or food. So I invested in Commerce for subscriptions when they were relaunched and Braintree was touted as the next 'big thing' in order to help save my main community site going after almost 2 decades, and unfortunately it was a huge financial mistake. I
  12. Nice video, nice feature! This is a really good start towards bringing Pages into the inevitable realms of being a proper Divi style page/site builder! It would be really nice to extend this functionality to members who are Blog owners, enabling them to be able to add some much needed personalisation and individuality to their IPS Community Blogs.
  13. Nice improvements to topic views, thank you! What happens if you already have a sidebar with widgets on topics? Does it still show those blocks dropped underneath the bottom of the topic posts on smaller/mobile displays as it does now?
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