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  1. The Old Man

    Font awesome 5.0

  2. The Old Man

    Font awesome 5.0

    Font Awesome 5 changelog v5.6.0 - 2018-12-07 Huh? Wait...! Is that...? 😃
  3. Yes, I'm sure the others are due imminently! They are normally out every year. My main community is about a very dark 90's TV series, serial killers, criminal profilers etc and my members still love the Xmas themes even though some are probably bit too cute for my community, something for everyone though and I've never seen anything top them. Sometimes I've combined with the falling snow plug-in.
  4. It's been tradition for over a decade to install a seasonal theme, actually seasonal themes on my forums from IBTheme.com. They range from cute snowmen to traditional colours, but no photo backgrounds, all hand drawn style. https://www.ibtheme.com/forums/
  5. The Old Man

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Marketplace Black Friday Sale

    Holy moley, that's some good involuntary, spending! I found this link for you and anyone else affected by this year's excellent BF sale.... Hope it helps. That Joel has a lot to answer for. 😳 https://tinyurl.com/y99k9wcx
  6. The Old Man

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Marketplace Black Friday Sale

    Just bought Birthday Greeter, from @Mike John ! Couldn't hold out any longer, just bought Feed2DB - RSS Feed to IP.Pages Database Importer from @Fosters
  7. The Old Man

    Donate Sidebar Support

    Hi Mike, It was enabled but I just realised that my Current Donations Total in AdminCP was 0 out of 1000. I changed it to 5 and it displayed the bar saying 0%. So if you haven't received a donation it doesn't show the bar. So my suggestion would be could it be set to still display if the current donation is at 0 as this might encourage someone to make the first donation. Aha, that's awesome, thank you! Adds a whole new level!
  8. The Old Man

    Who Was Online (Hours)

    Superb, free little plug-in with great support from well loved coder Pete! Now made even better with hour display optional medium sized user photos!
  9. The Old Man

    My moderators want a better search

    +1 Nice idea. If there was a little icon or greyed out text visible to moderators near by the top right 'Report post' link or the '+ Quote' links below that users post, they could quickly hit it to filter that person's posts in the topic (so it would effectively resemble only a topic that person has posted in).Then the usual checkboxes could be used to select/select all from that filtered topic for the relevant moderation action.
  10. The Old Man

    Who Was Online

    Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated. Personally, for me, we liked members online today (from midnight). Once I removed it and my community went nuts, as they like to see if their friends have been online today. Also moderators liked to instantly see if a troublesome member had signed-in yet, that day. That said, I currently have this mod reinstalled and set to 1440 minutes, but only visible to staff for now. I still think if it's possible it would be great to have a choice of 4 options: Online Today (aka since Midnight - in users time zone if poss, or server time if not). Online during the last 24hrs. Online during the last X hours. Online during the last X minutes.
  11. The Old Man

    Pages SuperGrid support

    Okay, thanks for confirming. I wasn't sure if I'd missed something.
  12. The Old Man

    Pages SuperGrid support

    Hi @opentype Very happy with Supergrid, it looks great. I noticed I have a page showing all categories which is still using the default template, but I wasn't sure if it's my site or not, as the url isn't the usual seo friendly style url. However I just looked on your demo site and it's the same there. https://www.opentype.space/supergrid/?show=categories Do you think it's possible to the Supergrid templates there, too? Many thanks.
  13. The Old Man

    Who Was Online

    I'm sure I must be getting too old, or thinking of some similar named mod, as I'm sure it used to be configurable to either today or last 24hrs. There is a default widget that mention last x minutes. Did this plug-in used to be called Members Online Today or something similar and then it switched to minutes? As DonPetru mentioned, hopefully it will allow a choice of Today (since midnight in users time zone) Last 24hrs Hours Minutes Then it would cover every angle?
  14. The Old Man

    ips 4.4 will it have a decent homepage builder

    Hi @Claudia999 I'm using various combinations of IPS Gallery, Pages & Wordpress front end too but I also have a site that uses my own html/PHP/MySQL database front end with IPS Forums, Blogs and Gallery, and so I think one quick and easy solution that worked for me is to use the free edition of Google Custom Search. It provides guest friendly search results from both my front end (could be Wordpress in your case) and IPS Community. Plus if you tweak it, you can add categories to filter specific categories or just IPS forums, Gallery etc.
  15. The Old Man

    Donate Sidebar Support

    Hi Mike, Donate Sidebar is great, I've looked at the full version but it's a bit overkill for me. However I haven't had a single donation this year via the Donate Sidebar, everything is configured okay but I wondered if the 'total raised progress bar thingy' could perhaps be displayed all the time on the widget, even if it was an option to do so? This might encourage more donations if members and visitors could see if donations are low. Perhaps some members assume others are donating so they don't need to. Also do you have any plans to support Stripe as I understand it's better than PayPal, or even options for donation themed providers like BuyMeACoffee or crowdfunding sites? Many thanks.