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  1. Hi Matt, Thanks. Do you consider it necessary that Clear System Caches in 4.6 should clear stored objects from Redis? I realise you do add expiry to them, but to flush the object cache at the same time as other system caches?
  2. Hi @Daniel F Thanks, I still have the one open for you since 15th July from the issue with random bulk Gallery upload inconsistencies. Do you need a new one for this? Meanwhile, I have been able to copy and paste 2 of the 3 texts back in to their respective fields from the working front facing text. I should have copied all 3 before saving the AdminCP page because Guidelines disappeared as soon as I saved the Terms and Privacy. I may be able to recover the guidelines policy text from the 4.5 backup I created or my main PC.
  3. This is weird. I'm starting to wonder if 4.6 is cursed. Bring on 4.7. I posted earlier about how all my policies are gone from ACP > Terms and Privacy section, but I've just noticed they are are still showing properly on the front end! I went back to AdminCP and sure enough they are all empty.
  4. Thanks. Do you mean table prefixes in the MySQL database, if so yes.
  5. I have noticed that using the new Clear System Caches button in 4.6 doesn't clear stored data from Redis 6.2.5.
  6. Here's something to check... One of my sites, actually the first I upgraded to 4.6 seems to lost all of the privacy, terms, guidelines and cookie policies. They are all empty! šŸ¤®
  7. Hi, I'm unsure if you would class this as a bug but I've been trying for quite a while now to import some IPS Blogs into Pages via their RSS feed. I need to preserve some important team project blogs including some memorial blogs before removing the Blogs app which hadn't been used for years. The Copy to Database feature only lets you import from Forums, so I can't use that. I don't think Adriano's plugin does it either. I originally had to wait for a Import RSS Feed bug in to be fixed, now I'm having issues with the actual images in the articles. No matter which of the 3 image import options I select when setting up the RSS import, it imports the blog entry images as the lazy loading spacer image, instead of the actual image, resulting in this. <img alt="100_2089.jpg" data-loaded="true" data-src="https://example.com/forum/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" src="https://example.com/forum/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" style="height: auto;"> This is how the image appears in the source of the original Blog entry: <img alt="100_2089.jpg" data-loaded="true" data-src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v204/username/House/100_2089.jpg" src="//example.net/forum/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" style="height: auto;"> I'm now back to square one and the Blog licence is no more, I had to move it to a another site. It doesn't import the comments either but that's aside. Has anyone else had this issue and found a workaround?
  8. Hi @HeadStand When you have time, please could you update SparkPost Integration for 4.6? Seems to work okay. Many thanks!
  9. Hi @Stuart Silvester Can you confirm that this has been fixed in the recent updates, please? I think I fell foul of this recently whilst experimenting with it from a Wordpress plugin and gave up thinking it was me at fault. Thank you.
  10. Hi, Is there a timestamp available in IPS somewhere or perhaps a background task timestamp for when the theme's files (js/css) were last rebuilt/cached? Basically I need to compare it to another timestamp inside a plugin background task to decide whether to trigger a cache rebuild. I don't want to reinvent the wheel if IPS already stores the timestamp or age somewhere already. Many thanks!
  11. Hi Afro, Hard to say, I haven't done any specific benchmarking either with v6.2.5 or prior but I've found in my particular usage cases (site traffic, DB size, VPS specs etc) that it seems to be snappier and more responsive experience having it enabled for data store and reducing Mysql overhead enabled, but disabling Redis to cache pages, that definitely seemed to make things more sluggish. As Brandon once said, it make cost more in efficiency and resources to cache all the pages if you don't have that much traffic.
  12. Hi, I've added native lazy loading on some non-IPS website pages which display a up to a couple of hundred thumbnail images on each, it works fine on my iPad (2017, ios 14.6) but you do still have to enable it under Safari > Advanced > Experimental Features > Lazy image loading.
  13. Thanks! I just tried it on a 4.6.3 site and switching to IP, my Port No. and no password works on that too.
  14. IPS are looking at compatibility. It looks like a workaround by switching back to using a port and IP address instead of my usual Unix Socket. IPS still reports caching isn't working but it seems to be according to the increasing keys. Perhaps the red banner goes away after a while.
  15. Hello, I was asked to post this in the feedback section in response to my support ticket... Please could you update the Redis configuration settings in Advanced Configuration, to include a USERNAME field for compatibility with the latest stable release of Redis (currently v6.2.5). https://redis.io/download IPS needs to be able to pass the username as part of the configuration, whereas previous it was just an optional password (due to changes that came about with the improved security and ACL feature). https://redis.io/topics/acl Many thanks.
  16. Thanks Daniel, I've just created one with site access. Yes, I'm sure there is some QA in place, and a lot of hard work going on, but it is frustrating. It's quite possible one user may never experience the same issues I'm having, and vice versa.
  17. Hi, if it answers your question, I was able to upgrade from 4.6.3 to 4.6.4 correctly this time via the internal upgrade facility. First time that's worked on 4.6 for me. All the bugs are still present though, 4.6 should still be in beta testing IMHO. I still have a locked task coming back to haunt me every time I unlock it from for RSS imports, even though I deleted the actual feed import back in! Uploading 1920x1080 photos into the Gallery, is buggy as hell, a truly horrendous experience. I have plenty of spare RAM available, 40 cores on a 6GB VPS that barely ticks over in terms of load. I'm not uploading straight to S3, and PHP settings and PHP memory all fine. I've been trying to upload 340 photos that 4.6.2 lost on S3 storage and it's taking days, because on 4.6.3 and now still on 4.6.4 it sometimes works, but mostly it fails on the progress bar at 5% when processing them, even if I do just 10 at a time. I try again and it might work, next batch will fail 3 or 4 times times, then work again. It just suddenly aborts processing them and returns me to the Gallery, with 1 or 2 images having uploaded, which I then have to delete as they are not in the order intended, not that Gallery can sort them correctly anyway. It's agony. If I try more 20 at a time, I risk more time consuming failures but also I suddenly get dozens of pop up error modals, one for each image I think, and have to abandon the tab: Honestly, it feels like when you start using it for more than half an hour, barely anything seems to work reliably. I've never known a release like 4.6, aside maybe perhaps the original v4 release, maybe. I honestly wish BFarber was still at IPS, because he would have been all over this before this unstable release got out of the door.
  18. Hi Daniel, Yes, actually the CSRF happened when I was using the default IPS theme at the time. I had switched to it to see if the lack of spacing on the follow and promote buttons was limited to my theme or not. (Taken in Ipad tablet mode) Re templates, I'm using Supergrid so yes, custom template.
  19. More bugs in 4.6.3... Pages Articles for some reason are locked by default when using 'copy to pages' feature: When editing the article, unticking the Locked option and saving, it has no effect, the article is locked. : However if you use the Article Actions drop down menu's Unlock option, it works 100% and the article becomes properly unlocked: Here's another Pages article bug but seems intermittent and nothing shows in the Error Log... Edit an article and save it... A Sorry you don't have permission to do that message shows with: You only have to use Pages 4.6.3 for a few minutes to experience these bugs, so why they got through beta QA testing I don't understand. QA testing seems to have disappeared.
  20. Well, I'm amazed. Came back to my IPS 4.6.3 and noticed the achievements are finally showing! I had just created a new Pages article database and page to display it, perhaps that's what caused it to sudden display the achievements. Also despite the AdminCP earlier insisting otherwise in terms of not accepting I'd updated my constants file, the Redis cache is listed as active and working on the Support Dashboard. Still showing I have a locked RSS Import task though, even though I keep unlocking it and I don't have any RSS imports at the time...
  21. My 4.5 to 4.6 upgrade hassle continues..! Despite having only 24 registered members on this particular site, and no background task running, its now been 4 days since 4.6 has been saying "Ranks are being recalculated. We'll show your current rank here soon."! What the heck? Anyone having issues changing their constants.php file to enable Redis caching? Just tried and it won't accept I've changed the constants file, it keeps telling me to do it, but I'm watching it using the dedicated and passworded Redis connection I set up for it live via Netdata! I edited the existing constants.php first (complete replacement) and now downloaded and uploaded via FTP the generated file, but it still won't have it! Now discovered 340 images missing from one Gallery category alone, lots more throughout my site. I've set all file storage locations back to my server from S3 but somehow there's 100's of files and folders left marooned on S3. I have plenty of backups, it's just so time consuming. When I first tried 4.6 as a clean new install, the installer was broken, it kept insisting I change the permissions on the datastore folder to 0777 (yike!), yet when I FTP'd into it I found its because the installer had completely failed to create the datastore folder in the first place! I manually created with default 0755 permissions and the installer let me proceed. Then My first attempt to sign in to the AdminCP failed, never seen this error before! Eventually I was able to gain access. Some very minor bugs still in 4.6.3: An AdminCP live search for WebP fails to produce any results, yet it's a setting mentioned in the Files > Image Settings page (JPG and WebP Quality). Search AdminCP live search for the word image and it shows a missing language string for [Gallery] gallery_medium_dims
  22. Latest version working great, thanks Nathan!
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