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  1. Thanks @opentype Don't the existing notification options deliver the same objective, to keep members aware and ultimately engaged?
  2. Sorry all, I still don't get it. IPS has notifications coming out of its ears. How many notification choices and options does Invision Community need? What am I missing, why are more notifications a positive thing in a world where every app and program wants to notify you 24/7 about something? Have to say I'm increasing switching to digests for things, you can quickly scan for the highlights that interest for everyday content. That said, it surprised me yesterday that I can follow a file like Chatbox for years and receive immediate notifications of new releases which are more important than replies to a topic, then when my IPS upgrade fails, it transpires I've somehow been unsubscribed from that file so wasn't aware of a necessary compatibility update. Are iOS notifications a way of preventing this situation from happening?
  3. Hi @FabioPaz Sorry I don't have a comparison test with them, to be honest I'm not a huge fan of the current Pagespeed Insights. I don't see why there wouldn't be a performance and scoring improvement similar to those visible via GTMetrix because additional caching response headers are being added via the plug-in. I find that these days Insights gives me so many different readings every time I run a test, not just a small variation either, but wide deviations with scores fluctuating anywhere from 80s to 90s then suddenly down to 70s without me changing anything; it's just too much all over the place to have much faith in whereas other PI's are more consistent and helpful. It also always states "Ensure text remains visible during webfont load", but I'm already using the new Font Display as advised in my CSS and it doesn't recognise it. It would be nice to place a tick next to Page Insights as it supposedly is reflective of the speed scoring now used in their search ranking, but I think GTMetrix have the right approach in finding some sensible middle ground with the Pagespeed tests it uses and we should similarly take a balanced view across multiple performance analysis services. Happy to provide a demo version of the plugin for you to test with to see if it's for you, just drop me a PM anytime.
  4. Awesome, makes sense, thank you. 🙂
  5. Hi @Mike John Located in applications/core/modules/admin/support/support.php, line 828 onwards Confirmed the email address (and user names) as: $supportAccount = \IPS\Member::load( 'nobody@invisionpower.com', 'email' ); $name = 'IPS Temp Admin'; $name = "IPS Temp Admin {$number}"; Perhaps you could add a similar filter to your Birthday Greeter app as well? Many thanks.
  6. Yes it is always the same name and email address that gets created for use by IPS tech support. Thank you!
  7. Thanks Matt and Parisian for this, I've brought it up before plus some other issues. Every time I use any software or Wordpress plug-in which supports Redis there is an option to select a database when inputting the Redis settings. However IPS only uses db0. I've been told it's because Redis doesn't actually have databases, yet you can clearly configure how many databases in the Redis config and also the AdminCP Support page it states which it is using. Also, if you have multiple IPS Communities on your server, the IPS Support Page stats assumes there is only one so they get blended together. If we could select or enter db0, db4 etc then each IPS community could be assigned it's own dB and therefore the AdminCP stats would be more relevant. I was just watching my Redis usage charts using Netdata and whenever I refreshed the IPS AdminCP support page, the Redis keys stat matched accurately what was shown in Netdata which is nice to know!
  8. I'm confused, not hard to achieve these days but I must be missing the glaringly obvious. IPS keeps you up to date with activity and content which you can extend further with services like Zapier. There are browser notifications, in-line IPS notifications and I receive notifications coming through of replies to this topic via Gmail app. Admittedly, those notifications are actually notifications of new unread emails, but a snippet of the content is displayed, there is an audio alert, a pop up I can choose the format of even on my lock screen etc. So is there any benefit or improvement with say end user experience with these extra proposed push notifications that we are currently missing out on? Or is it just reinventing the wheel? 😊
  9. Just confirming that Afterburner has been tested and works fine with v4.4.4. Updating to IPS 4.4.4? No need to remove, disable or update the Afterburner S3 plug-in when upgrading to IPS4.4.4, it will continue to work in the background as your updated, compressible 4.4.4 JS and CSS theme files export to your S3/Wasabi bucket. Or if you prefer, you can also transfer your theme files only back to the default storage method, upgrade to 4.4.4 and then transfer your upgraded theme files back to your S3 storage.
  10. Agreed, this is the type of thing that is frustrating with Pages. Testing just now, I even tried to achieve it using custom RSS feeds, custom activity stream feeds, fed the not an RSS feed block but nada.
  11. If you don't get much that's really rather fortunate, but some of it is really nasty and illegal, not just your friendly Nigerian prince who needs your $10 to reclaim his millionaire inheritance or another advert for magic, blue M and Ms. Secondly, if you run a community for a client like a local charity or organisation, they don't expect to receive stuff about indecent images of children etc, and neither do you of course, as an admin. If IPS can help block even some small amount of this stuff received through its software, whether it's integrating a new version of ReCaptcha or integrating or improving their anti-spam spam facilities, or other blacklists or honeypots, why not simply help? As an admin of your server you can do a lot to help reduce spam, but you also leave yourself at the mercy of others to do their bit too.
  12. Hi @Mike John, Is there any way to add blacklist or more specifically turn off autowelcome for the automatically generated IPS Support account? Many thanks!
  13. Aha, it's like a certain 'gotta catch 'em all' game! Or whack a mole. Just checking my site over as a guest (after finding some group permissions mysteriously unticked for my third party applications - grr!), and found another one I'd missed! Staff Directory Page but language key is messed up this time!
  14. If you have a busy community, push notifications could become a real endless nuisance. A lot of mobile device owners complain of too many notifications, for every single app it seems these days. Could be useful though for things like reported content to staff notifications, as opposed to the every day jibber jabber.
  15. Hi @Joy Rex Honestly, I'm sure Clubs are potentially brilliant for a lot of sites, but sadly not mine. I haven't found them as successful, enticing or being developed as I'd hoped, to some extent they seem to have stalled like many other IPS apps in terms of features and functionality. That said, and in fairness I'm only using Clubs I've created myself, the plan was to make creation of clubs a perk of member subscriptions when launched, but I'm not convinced the time is right to do that either now, given the confusion about the billing method arrangements. I'm actually thinking of closing my main community down as it's so expensive to run given the lack of activity or contributions, beyond 5-6 daily members posting mainly in the Chatbox. Subforums give you all the freedom and flexibility of forums that you're members are used to, whereas if you use Clubs to host forums, galleries and calendars you lose some functionality and features. My members were complaining and PM'ing me that they couldn't find my off topic forums that I'd moved into Clubs. Clicking on the Clubs tab or reading announcements or using the widget was not an option! So I switched on the option to show club content throughout. I liked the idea of adding dedicated calendars and galleries to my off topic club forums, but there turned out to be caveats and concessions. You lose the ability to auto import RSS content into your calendar for example. Galleries I moved or added into clubs don't get used, same as blogs. Only about 3 members joined any of my busiest off topic forum clubs so now they don't need to join them, and they still don't get used. Plus if you opt to show club content throughout the site, the club forums look so abysmal on the forums index page, almost like an afterthought. They don't match the modern grid layout forum style, or even the nice style they have on the actual Club index. Fortunately Opentype's excellent Super range of templates could save the day again if that bothers you. Clubs have a lot of plus points though, so I'd definitely consider more opinions than just mine. I think you need a pretty active forum community to start with though.
  16. Thanks Adriano, I did consider your powerful modification before posting, but in my case it was a bit overkill just for what I needed. Having the option to reverse the move is a really good idea, though.
  17. It appears there is still no ability to move existing forums into clubs, only topics into club forums. Please can you add this functionality as it's very time consuming?
  18. This is good suggestion, I'm not sure why it has to be one or the other.
  19. Thanks Jim. I disabled the post before registering feature and checked my forum guest permissions after posting the above. My guest forum permissions had gone astray again, with permission enabled to post in several of my forums including my Support Q&A forum where this was posted. Normally there are none enabled for guests, so it was a timely reminder to do a wider permissions review, since I've had this happen after upgrades in the past. I've no idea why it sometimes happens.
  20. I've just reviewed my Privacy Policy for one of my site's where I added Commerce some months after GDPR day last year. I enabled Stripe and PayPal options for donations, I don't do subscriptions yet. I noticed that the third party section doesn't include the payment gateways with links to their relevant Privacy Policies as it does with other third party services such as: Perhaps they could be added? However I did notice the Invisible reCAPTCHA bit changed automatically after I switched from the V2 older tickbox method. So thank you for implementing that!
  21. Nice feature idea but it's definitely flawed and a spam magnet. Hmm, I just read a notification of a post awaiting approval and it was another criminal promoting p*rn. I went to my site by following the email link and although I wasn't signed in, I could see the post. After logging in it says it is not visible to members, although it's possibly visible at least to guests. Hopefully it's only because I was sent a moderator/admin message that I could see it, but it should require me to sign in first before it is visible. There are no obvious options to report as a spammer or add their details to my ban filters, just an option to deny. The problem is it can lead to Sparkpost issues as the content is considered against their T&C's and is not good for clients who I don't want to have to expose to this rubbish. It's the persistent contact form abuse scenario all over again, that was poorly implemented in terms of anti spam security, so I'll probably disable this on my sites for now. Say, what? Lol!
  22. Hi, Just confirming that the Afterburner plug-in has been tested and works okay after updating to v4.4.3. Many thanks.
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