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  1. <form id="form{$row->primary_id_field}" class="ipsForm ipsForm_horizontal accept-charst="utf-8" action="{$row->url()}" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" data-ipsform> On the recordRow, you're missing a " after ipsForm_horizontal but otherwise looks amazing 🙂
  2. I didn't even notice we can't 2FA here 😂
  3. @Andrey Arefuliln Basically you can make your own custom fields in Forums App. It can also expands to other apps like downloads, blogs, gallery.
  4. We have setup the discord and hit a similar wall regarding the RateLimit Unexpected response code at /guilds/94684670884585472 #0 /var/www/x/applications/brilliantdiscord/sources/RateLimit/RateLimit.php(153): IPS\brilliantdiscord\extensions\core\Queue\_MassSynchronization->IPS\brilliantdiscord\extensions\core\Queue\{closure}(Object(Closure)) #1 /var/www/x/applications/brilliantdiscord/extensions/core/Queue/MassSynchronization.php(58): IPS\brilliantdiscord\_RateLimit::limitHandle('guilds/{guild.i...', '946846708845854...', Object(Closure)) #2 /var/www/x/system/Task/Task.php(134): IPS\b
  5. I got news and it wasn't me 😄 If anyone else happens to stumble across this same issue that I am having.
  6. Block Forum settings (I did had Users without read permission can open forum? turned on/off didn't make a difference). forum permissions If I remove the read permission, it will remove the topics but now the member group cannot read their own topic if they submit one. I don't know if I am missing something but I am putting a support ticket reference this topic to see what's going on.
  7. This was all on a separate account that isn't a staff member privileges.
  8. That is a no go for me. Still displaying.
  9. How can I make a topic feed without showing other people's topic listed Forum has Users can see topics posted by other users? turned off topic block feed has Honor permissions? turned off However? It still shows other people's topic. Clicking on them would give me You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/H Wouldn't the topic block be saying there's no topic in this forum yet?
  10. Hello @HeadStand I have just purchased the app and it does what it needs to do (little confusing to get it started but figured out). Few questions Current version, is it possible to change the order of how it is displayed in the form? Editing the set, does have a few locations displays but it only changes after you made the topic. Is it possible to add an option to add a label to the main content item? This will confuse some members what to put in the box since almost everything else has a label.
  11. Now, the important question here, can I use this in the pages app?
  12. I agree. I went to Sam's Club to get a thing of toliet paper but no they are completely sold out. Since Walmart was basically right next to it, walk across and they were completely out. Target same... So maybe I thought local grocery store might have some (thank god they did). I wish people weren't so paranoid about the coronavirus.
  13. Not much of an idea but would be nice to have an option to hide poll results while its open until it closes then results will show.
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