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  1. Not much of an idea but would be nice to have an option to hide poll results while its open until it closes then results will show.
  2. Edit your field and go to Display options at the very bottom.
  3. Alright. Looking forward to that update 🙂
  4. I am part of a community that uses the Donations application. Just have a question about it (sorry if this been asked before). If your goal has been reached 100% and people have donated over that. Is it possible to transfer the "extra" money from previous month into the new month letting the community know where its currently at? Something that is currently available to do or you might able to do?
  5. Liking it so far 👍 I tried so hard to figure out how IPS does it for their support (commerce) and probably got it somewhat. Remove <span class=' ipsBadge ipsBadge_large ipsType_success'>{$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('db_field_status', 'processed')}</span> Replace {{if $row->author() == $row->lastCommenter() || !$row->author() == !$row->lastCommenter() || $row->locked()}} {{if $row->locked()}} <span class='ipsType_negative'>Closed</span> {{elseif $row->author() == $row->lastCommenter()}} <span class='ipsType_issue'>Awaititing Response</span> {{elseif !$row->author() == !$row->lastCommenter()}} <span class='ipsType_success'>Customer Response</span> {{endif}} {{endif}} For anyone whose looking for little bit more automatically for status updates.
  6. Woot! Definitely will give it a try.
  7. Is it something you might do in the future? I am quiet interested if there was something for Pages.
  8. I have a question or few Can this apply to Pages as well or is it only for Forums? If not, do you have something similar for Pages?
  9. https://invisioncommunity.com/index.php?app=core&amp;module=system&amp;controller=plugins&amp;do=diff Before, I made this topic did some quick search for this kind of topic which I haven't found and suck at searching topics. The theme difference is really a nice tool to look at if there any theme/code difference between each release. What I find hard is what exactly changed for each product (pages, commerce, gallery) and not everyone would have all of them. I was wondering if a filter can be applied to what products you have. So If I only have pages, I could filter pages and see all the changes for that without having to see others like blogs, gallery, commerce, etc. Even then, its all not category with each other. The community I am part of (not owned) is running 4.2.7 and making a custom theme. So I just happened to look what would it be to update from 4.2.7 > 4.3.4 (mind blown). I am not sure when they will upgrade to the latest version. With the amount of changes between the two; I would probably scrap it and start fresh on 4.3.4 and adjust the theme from there (from the custom theme). Main reason for the topic was too see if we can filter the product we owned without see other products we may or may not purchase ?
  10. I get that you can set private blogs and assigned members, but how does it determined what staff can see blogs that are set to private if their name isn't assigned to view that blog.
  11. I am playing around on my friend's license Blog Application before making that hefty 75$ to see if it does what I needed. Pages would actually do what I wanted but it just doesn't let anyone to create their own journal / create entries under that sort of speak. Will there be an option to set by group who can see these blogs instead of members that you choose. If you put in private mode, but don't put any names listed, it will still save as public. If you add a person in the list, what is the option as a staff member to see if its private or not. Something like the pages / forums does have an option to turn on/off if other user can see other topics or not
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