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  1. I've gotten my domain changed over on the 13th and while I was busy for 2 days. I figured I was good to go by then while I tried to access the site, it gave me the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. Now i've tried the following Flushed my DNS cache browser cache restart router/pc Gave one of those ismysiteisdown website and it appears its down for everyone. emprv.us
  2. A quick question, does this also include pages app (fields) as well?
  3. @batarjal Are you working on 4.6 compatible?
  4. @Jordan InvisionSorry to bump an old topic but wondering if we can get this documented?
  5. I know about the designer mode going through that route but for those who wanted to get started like on CIC (which I was doing on my cic demo site), designer mode isn't an option unless you go with self-hosted. This is my first actual attempt to use parent themes and I thought I read somewhere that it should inherit css but it isn't. Least I know there a bug for that to be fixed.
  6. The image is from me editing html in chrome elements Not sure how difficult it will be to implement this but it probably really difficult how the theme system currently built? However, it would be really cool that allow us too: Create a Parent Theme handles all CSS/HTML from a single theme Child theme only handles the theme settings (color schemes) and that's it. Currently, if you create a main theme and then a child theme for that main theme. The child theme doesn't inherit the CSS changes from the main theme (not sure if this intended bug or not). Also, when updates do come around you'll need to update EVERY child theme you have to the latest version. With the parent system, one theme needs to update while your child theme doesn't since its using the parent theme files. Myself and probably many people who do not know javascript at all (jsColor or something similar) this is probably the easiest alternative for us to use.
  7. I am wondering if we could expand the following to include database as well. When you have 10+ (9) categories, it is tedious to follow every category just to follow the database. If we can add the follow in the Category Index > Index; that would be great ๐Ÿ‘
  8. I had a similarity of the situation. We were on 4.4 upgraded to 4.5 (which was compactable but needed to be upgraded, previous owner had the app). I purchased the app and tried to update it then the error popped up. Got hold of support, letting me know that we needed to change CMOD files/folders for it to work but I've tried numerous times but still didn't work. Ultimately, I uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app which worked smoothly.
  9. I do have a question, does this app allows for custom build forms? For example, I made a custom form inside one of my page database that searches only for that database. This will definitely come in handy if it works the same way as normal searching.
  10. So surprisingly, I am too trying to figure out how to auto-populate database relationship. I made a custom form inside the record which allows certain groups to use and got the relations to show and able to use but can't figure it out about auto-populate.
  11. Update, there is a bug in the current release. Fix is underway but don't know which version it will be in ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. So I thought it was my template but reverse the database back to default form listing/display and found out: Create record 1 link record 2 after creating record 1 using the update record form does not show in record 2 create record 2 link record 1 after creating record 2 using the update record form does not show in record 1 create record 3 link record 1 and 2 during the editForm after creating the record, it shows in record 1 and 2.
  13. Small update, I have found if both topics are in the same category, it will not show up. Did a quick test, creating 2 different topics in different categories and getReciprocalItems will show up.
  14. I have added multiple of topics for it but not able to display ๐Ÿคจ
  15. Anyway possible, if we can use getReciprocalItems in the same database like it would be using remote database. In the current form, the relationship database in the same database would use the listing/display and not the getReciprocalItems. If it is possible, how? One of our database we use it as a bug tracker, many users in our community would report bugs to us the same issue but wording it differently. Also, in pages we cannot merge records together so if we use getReciprocalItems and customized {$item->customFieldDisplayByKey('my_key', 'listing')|raw} would be great ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  16. Editing the forum you don't want users not see other people's topic by unclicking the "Users can see topics posted by other users?" Now, if you want other groups to see other people topic in that forum. You can add "verified" group in the staff > moderator, give it restricted access, uncheck all then going under forums, select the forum you want them to see all and finally check i believe can see all hidden topics
  17. Hi doc, Great theme btw. My only frustration with the forum menu that I have to create a new js call for every dropdown I want to make. Possible toggle if we want to use the built-in navigation or not? Edit: The EMS Tab is the orginal while others just a copy of the orginal with different js call.
  18. <form id="form{$row->primary_id_field}" class="ipsForm ipsForm_horizontal accept-charst="utf-8" action="{$row->url()}" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" data-ipsform> On the recordRow, you're missing a " after ipsForm_horizontal but otherwise looks amazing ๐Ÿ™‚
  19. I am hitting a roadblock upgrading my apps/plugins to 4.5 from 4.4 (already install). I do not want to delete the app (losing everything and rebuild again). When trying to download the file manually, there's no options for 4.5. Any way we can let manual upload to be transferred to marketplace? I'm stomped.
  20. You can search for TopicHover template then towards the bottom find <div class='ipsType_richText ipsType_small' data-controller='core.front.core.lightboxedImages'> {$tabData[1]->content()|raw} </div> replace <div class='ipsType_richText ipsType_small ipsTrucate' data-ipsTruncate data-ipsTruncate-size='4 lines' data-ipsTruncate-type='remove' data-controller='core.front.core.lightboxedImages'> {$tabData[1]->content()|raw} </div>
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