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  1. My English level is not so high to understand all the posts above, but in simple English the only that I can definitely say is that: "If any company outside EU, wants to sell within EU or to EU citizens, they must agree and follow EU Laws. It's up to each company to decide what they'll do. If they want to keep their rules is fine. BUT IN THIS CASE THEY MUST RESTRICT sales to EU citizens". In this case, IPS didn't put any country restrictions, which means that they decided to accept EU Law.
  2. Does anybody of you who can't download files while their license for the plugin/theme is active, have got any official email from IPS, informing him for these (important) changes in Terms of use of Marketplace?
  3. For sure it's against EU Law but I need to confirm it with my daughter who is Lawyer specialist in EU Laws. IPS products and Marketplace products are totally different. The facts that they have them in separated section and not all in Client Area under "Manage Community" is a proof. A bad (and childish) trick from IPS side to push clients to renew their license. My license is since Feb 2011, so almost 10 years old, and I've more than 40 plugins and themes in my Marketplace account. Nobody can restrict my access to something that I bought less than a month ago. From now on, I'll
  4. What's this? Is this a new rule? My license has expired 4 days ago (Nov 8th, 2020) and I just tried to install something from Marketplace and I got this message. I'm not talking for a new order, I'm talking for a plugin that I bought less than a month ago and is active. To not be able to download IPS core update is understandable and acceptable. But not be able to download something that is active, I don't think that is even legal at least according to EU Law. Anybody else having the same issue? EDITED: I just tried to install from Admincp and this time the message was more clea
  5. I know that bombing a coder/designer with new features requests is always frustrated. Especially if he/she has to deal with many mods/styles. But there are sometimes, where, these requests, even not bugs, are important. eg With movies. At least in my opinion a simple addition to Movie Feed widget-> Short by-> RATING is very important. Most of the sites are using Movies for Reviews. If they don't have any option to show eg Top 10 Movies what to show? Random? Thank you Chris
  6. Ahaaa,,,,,,,,, Thank you. And I was wondering if I lost my visual at all. Now it makes sense. Thank you again. PS: I added !important; at the end and works fine.
  7. Here is the link. https://www.diziask.com/forums/topic/1-welcome/?tab=comments#comment-1 I want to find it in Button Colors settings
  8. Could you please tell me which button is in settings the "Share" button? Have changed almost all and can't find it. The bad is that I'm using similar shades or color and is difficult to locate it in settings by color.
  9. Simple question. If I buy Club Categories from the link below which indicates that is IPS 4.5 compatible, do I've to pay the full license ($20) or the renewal ($7.5) https://flashmodding.com/index.php?/files/file/53-club-categories/
  10. @optrexnz Must be on the file applications/competition/modules/admin/competition/competitions.php Before (Line 21): protected $nodeClass = '\IPS\competition\Competition'; Insert: public static $csrfProtected = TRUE; This way the final class should be: class _competitions extends \IPS\Node\Controller { public static $csrfProtected = TRUE; /** * Node Class */ protected $nodeClass = '\IPS\competition\Competition'; /** * Execute * * @return void */ public function execute() { \IPS\Dispatcher::i()->checkAcpPermission( 'competitions_manage' ); p
  11. This can be fix by adding: public static $csrfProtected = TRUE; But I need to re-download the file as I never used this mod. This is no way underestimates the value of this mod. I just changed the target of my community. By the way, as I don't remember anything, can this mod work like: AAA team VS BBB team? I mean to have 2 teams, or 2 persons, or what ever 2 competitors and the user to vote one of those 2?? Something like this:
  12. Even if I've Sticky Notes and some other Mods of you, I can wait. But Club Categories have been released in your site since Aug 31, and here we're still waiting. In person, I've did 2 posts in the Support Forum plus a PM. No response at all, even if I've seen you online here replying to other posts/forums.
  13. I think that we're just wasting our time waiting for updates for 4.5 https://flashmodding.com/index.php?/store/ I don't know if Sticky Notes has been updated, but Club Categories and some others that I've from him, have been updated there, but not here.
  14. Take your time. It's not something so important. Just I was wondering if I miss something in settings. Or if I removed by mistake something from the templates. But the issue exists even in Default theme.
  15. Sorry no. It does not display any subcategory in sidebar. I can see subcaterories only in the main (left) section. I gave a look in the widgets, but there is nothing there, even if I believe that this is a predefined widget. And actually I can't understand why there no any widget for it. eg I want to have the categories structure in sidebar for fast navigation is seeing a movie page. https://www.diziask.com/movies/category/1-tv-series/
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