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  1. Hello, 2 pre-sales questions: 1.- Does it supports grid system in listings or only the old forum listing (one per row). 2.- Does it supports Clubs? Thank you
  2. Same question like above but for IPS 4.4.5. Does it works?
  3. Still haven't started building my site, but I plan to use your Infraskew Theme
  4. Hello, I've already bought of your themes and I'm interesting for the slider, but I've some pre-sales questions: 1.- The design feel is the same like the design of the slider that you've in your templates (which I love)? 2.- I can easily replace the slider coming with your themes with this one? 3.- As I understood (and this is the main reason that I want it), is that I can have different slider per application. Right? 4.- How many slides I can add to a slider? If I remember well your slider in themes supports up to 5 (maybe 6??) slides. Thank you Chris
  5. All modules for all forum scripts, have been created by a single person, and not by big companies with dedicated support team. They're humans and not machines. They need their time to rest theirselves. I can understand your problem perfectly, especially when you see your site down and you don't know what to do to solve it. Happen also to me. But from the other side you can understand that the author is not a slave to work 14 hours, every day. Give him a time space to reply. When you see that there are 44 pages of comments, you can't say that he does not cares to give support.
  6. Why to ask for refund while is not an issue from you addon? Noway. I asked just as a way to avoid wasting my time why it does not works. Someday, I'll renew my IPS license.
  7. What's the link? ipsthemes.com does not works. Shows directory listing.
  8. Any simple widget "My Points"? 🙂 Actually the best should be to show the total amount of points and below a button with a link to the Buy Now page.
  9. It was a custom work for me which later added to public release. I don't think that it causes problems to me as the only that I will allow the users to see is how many points they have, and a page to buy things. I seen pages like My Bank etc. I'll hide them.
  10. Do you mean Videobox? I use it just for earning points for posting videos & reviews. For spending earning I've only one usage. Upgrading usergroup.
  11. Hello, Just renewed and installed it, but I don't remember table and field names to use for integration with Videobox. Is table core_members and field name points correct or what? Thank you Chris
  12. Hello, Public pages (especially blocks showing financial statistics) can be hidden? Actually the only that I want to be visible to members is, a short description about donation goal and the donation form to make the payment. Is this possible? Thank you Chris
  13. Hello, Is there any setting that I didn't noticed, to hide/disable/remove the Members tab? Thank you Chris
  14. If the case is to install it just for me, no let it, as I'm not sure if I'll buy it or not. Have seen it in the past, when demos were active, and I remember that this theme was the best among the others.
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