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  1. hi Invision team @Matt As a feature that I am sure everyone will welcome! For example, two users follow me and I wanna remove one of them (or both). when I did this I want that user(s) not to be able to follow me again. I hope this feature will be included in the next version that will be released this month...!
  2. This can also be logical. But we have to consider all aspects
  3. Hi my lords We use Target="_blank" to open linked pages in a new tab or window. But there is a security risk we should aware of. The new tab gain limited access to the linking page via window.opener. which it can then use to alter the linking page's url via window.opener.location. this might be a problem if the external redource is not trustworthy. Might have been hacked, the domain has chamged owner over the years etc. We should always add rel="noopener noreferrer" Attribute to all of our target="_blank" links. in order to prevent a link that is opened in a new tab from cousing any trouble.
  4. Hi my lords, Stock Replies In version 4.6.7 is a new feature that was added to the editor. I would be grateful if you could add Stock Messages to editor as new feature in the next release! Please find enclosed Image: I would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter. Best regards
  5. 6. Register popup form on mobile on the RTL mode When the users want to click on the register button, they can not see all the field of form and complete it. because scrolling up or down does not work. Video_20211011224228352_by_VideoShow.mp4 But in the LTR mode everyt
  6. 4. Discover page: 5. Rank progress in profile: To be continued....
  7. This feature that I said is to clear all users' message inboxes, not just one user. Also, a user may not be able to purchase your plugin. 💲💲💲💲
  8. hi By default, there is not an option to clear all users' message inboxes. And it is natural that not doing so will cause the database to fill up. please add an option for this. thanks 💝
  9. hi @Ilya Hoilik thanks for this plugin can you add Persian language in supported languages list?
  10. Does this plugin support Persian language?
  11. hi Invision team In the Topic/post Feed widget, add an option to enable/ disable the "display all" topics/ posts. so that all topics/ posts from selected forums are numbered pagination as shown below: or
  12. Hi @Adriano Faria I wanna add member name in Autoreply content. for example: Hi dear %member_name% we receive your question and .... I use some different attributes but I can't solve it!
  13. hi Invision team In WordPress, we can easily backup by installing some plugins and save it in a file storage (google Drive and etc) And whenever the website has a problem, we restore it, although all this happens automatically. Thanks for including this feature in future updates!
  14. Hi there In this topic I wanna report some problems that related to RTL mode and should be fix: 1. in Achievements > Rules > create new: vertical Line in RTL mode should be in right position 2. in Admin When I wanna change the language or Theme sub-menu Instead of opening to the right, it opens on the main menu 3. in RTL mode Market Icon in menu disapear (This happens when we install the Persian Language package). also we can't translate the options: note: If I see other problems, I will report in the continuation of this topic
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