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  1. Okay, so you still run MariaDB 10.6.9? I just want to do this MariaDB upgrade once so trying to get to the latest working version. I know that comment was made in 2022 which is why I was asking.
  2. Now we are in 2024 could you please let me know what the latest version of MariaDB is supported for Invision Community? It appears MariaDB I'm running is very old at 10.3 and in reviewing what is the current latest version of MariaDB is 11.3 but I don't want to upgrade to that if its going to kill all my IPB sites.
  3. Could you help us cancel some of our subscriptions? community.mywiseguys.com flrf.eventguyz.com kcrf.eventguyz.com mirf.eventguyz.com mnrf.eventguyz.com strf.eventguyz.com We are going to keep our other sites eventguyz.com maf.eventguyz.com gearcrushers.com
  4. I've been a customer of Invision for years (maybe decades) and I slowly got into using Pages and could never make my pages look great and figured it was because I'm just not a programmer BUT recently discovered the bundle opentype offers and jumped onboard and DANG.. my website came alive. I'm so happy with what opentype has created with these that I feel so much happier about my website. I sure hope v5 has the same capability and if not.. I hope opentype updates these for v5. Thank You!
  5. I love the addition BUT I wish you offered an option to either go the Blacklist route and select countries you want to blacklist OR whitelist route which you can select a country or countries to only allow access. Its a great first step though.. maybe my suggestion might be added in the future. Would make things a lot easier.
  6. Thanks Marc.. its annoying but I guess if its not hurting my site then I'll try and ignore it.
  7. Some reason xmlprc.php is constantly getting hit. Should I worry? If yes, best way to block them.. why are they keep hitting that file?
  8. Not sure how to address this system error... when I click on the System Error I see the following #0 /eventguyz.com/system/Member/Club/Club.php(1418): IPS\_Log::log() #1 /eventguyz.com/applications/core/tasks/clubrebuild.php(58): IPS\Member\_Club->nodes() #2 /eventguyz.com/system/Task/Task.php(375): IPS\core\tasks\_clubrebuild->IPS\core\tasks\{closure}() #3 /eventguyz.com/applications/core/tasks/clubrebuild.php(44): IPS\_Task->runUntilTimeout() #4 /eventguyz.com/system/Task/Task.php(274): IPS\core\tasks\_clubrebuild->execute() #5 /eventguyz.com/system/Task/Task.php(237): IPS\_Task->run() #6 /eventguyz.com/applications/core/interface/task/task.php(72): IPS\_Task->runAndLog() #7 {main} Any ideas on how I can fix this???
  9. First want to thank you for your efforts for this app. I use it but am not able to figure out how to add a section in the form.. seems like its possible but not sure. So I have section 1 and would like to add fields for requester to fill out and then they go to the next section and fill out fields. Can we create basically a section title? Example: Customer Information <-- section title field text: Full Name field email: Email Address field phone: Contact Number Grand Entrance <-- section title field text: Song name - Artist etc...
  10. Does anyone know of a timecard/scheduling app that could be used for Invision Community? In short I am hoping to find a way to... add staff create schedule with staff enter time each staff member came in enter time each staff member left Export CSV with check-in, check-out for each day and staff name. Any help in finding a solution is appreciated
  11. Okay, bummer and another right cross from Invision. So have to do it manually in the Database then. Feels as though software keeps taking steps backwards.
  12. Did something change in the last revision or so to prevent us from using dates in the past for blog entries. I've done it when moving some articles from my other site to current site so the content reflects when I actually made the post BUT now when I try and enter a date in the past (even if its minutes) IPS doesn't allow me anymore. Curious why this feature was taken away from us.
  13. Here is the scenario.... Club - Topic and several comments under that Topic Same Club - Different Topic So users added some comments in topic1 that are more appropriate in topic2 How do I move comments from topic1 to topic2 to help keep site clean? I was hoping I could just select the comment like this and I would be given the option (move) and I could then select where to move this comment to
  14. Thanks @Nathan Explosion So for anyone else that didn't have there coffee yet... You need to create the .htaccess file under the /api folder like it said to. Once you do and then click Continue you are given the options for OATH like you use to by clicking on System - REST & OATH its just different and some of us are stuck on the way they use to do it for years.. gotta catch up. 🙂
  15. I'm trying to connect my Invision sub sites with the main Invision site for auth (which I use to be able to do) and is still advertised as a possibility. Yes I clicked on the link "Connect Two Invision Communities" and it says the same thing. I'm running 4.7.10 but I don't see AdminCP -> System -> REST & OATH option anymore (which I use to) Can someone clue me in to how we do this now?
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