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  1. Addon Domain Outside Public Directory

    It depends on the server and the domain. If the domain is simply an alternate for your main domain, then you should simply redirect. If it’s unrelated, or is a sub-section of your main site, then yes, you should use a separate isolated area.
  2. One special note about the guitar, that I didn't include - it was actually passed down from my great uncle, if I recall correctly, to my Dad and then to me. It was given to me back in 2004 or so, when I first decided to learn, and was my first official guitar.
  3. A Lot Of Typing

    I really need to get a riser or something for my desk. I don't really need a full-on standing desk, just something I can place on top of my desk to sit my keyboard and mouse on.
  4. Build a fortress: stop spam in your community

    Actually, this does exist - you can configure individual member groups to require moderator approval of content before it's shown to other members, and even define a time or an "approved posts" limit for when that restriction is automatically removed. In this instance, it will only show to the user making the post, and to moderators, as you mention.
  5. Top tips for optimizing your community's SEO

    Ultimately, it will largely depend on your sites needs and configuration of Memcached versus Redis, however we've made various improvements to Redis support in 4.2.6. I would recommend trying both out and see which works better for your specific needs and your environment.
  6. Top tips for optimizing your community's SEO

    It's the same regardless of type.
  7. Top tips for optimizing your community's SEO

    As of 4.2.6, Redis is the recommended cache solution.
  8. QOTW: Name the one thing you cannot live without

    Interestingly, I had a difficult time answering this one (which is why I didn’t actually answer), but as a musician I’m kind of ashamed I didn’t think of this lol But yes, definitely music is a very important aspect of my life, and I can’t imagine day to day without it. It’s such an important aspect of my day to day, and something that just comes naturally, I often forget it’s there!
  9. QOTW: What was your first computing memory?

    Number Crunchers was my jam back in grade school.
  10. If you double click on the image while it is embedded in the editor, you should see the options.
  11. Inconsistent theme HTML

    <div class='ipsBox ipsPad'> <!-- HTML here --> </div> Should do it.
  12. Inconsistent theme HTML

    In this instance, you should add the wrapper manually - wrapping all Pages that use the suite wrapper can actually result in undesired effects for some clients.
  13. I would recommend submitting a ticket - I was able to upload multiple images using a Galaxy S7 just fine. Though, note that each individual image needs to be manually selected and uploaded. I do not see an option within the S7 OS to select multiple images at once from their file selection screen.
  14. Yes, our website is completely powered by our software.
  15. This depends on the software you are converting from - in some cases, including the IP Address is not possible for a variety of reasons (it may not be stored with the post data, for instance, and retrieving it from another source may cause unnecessary slowness during conversion), so we default to a, which is a valid IP address for the local machine. Conversely, if the IP Address is not a valid one, then it will also be converted to (all stored IP Addresses in Invision Community 4 must be valid).