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  1. ACP > System > Community Enhancements.
  2. If you haven't already, please submit a ticket so we can take a look at your account.
  3. With our new release notes policy, anything removed is also included, no matter how minor it is. From the 4.3.5 release notes:
  4. Not really - it was upgraded to 4.11.0, but anything else would be in the Blog.
  5. No, none of these changes will require adjustments to your htaccess file.
  6. I wouldn’t get too excited, unfortunately. 😉
  7. Actually, this is very simple to do with some template logic and a little bit of PHP - no Pages needed (though it gets easier if you do have Pages, because you have a lot more options). {{$tips = array( 'You can use the @ symbol to mention other members in a post.', 'If you hover over a members name, you can see a brief overview of their profile.', 'A star marked on a topic means that you have already participated in that topic.' );}} <p class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_info'>Did you know: {expression="$tips[ array_rand( $tips ) ]"}</p> I plugged this into the forums/index/index template just above the <section> tag:
  8. Threadloom is a hosted service, so they would likely need to build support themselves, rather than a third party. Natively, IPS supports ElasticSearch, which can either be self-hosted via installing on your own server, or acquiring a hosted ElasticSearch service.
  9. Yes - in fact, that's the default on new installs. If a third party application breaks because of that, then that would be a bug in that application.
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