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  1. Anonymous Login Issues / Tracking

    Admin CP > System > Login Handlers > Login Settings. Alternatively, if you search for "anonymous" in the search bar, it will take you right to that page.
  2. Remove Followers

    Sure - you can always just submit a ticket in your client area and we’ll be happy to take a look for you. https://invisioncommunity.com/clientarea/
  3. Remove Followers

    I would suggest submitting a ticket, actually - when a member is deleted, it should also remove them as a follower. If it is not, then that sounds like a bug.
  4. 4.3: Announcements Article Returns 500 Error

    Yeah, we're looking into it. It seems to be specific to that article in particular.
  5. Search

    Nodes don’t necessarily need to be only nodes. In Gallery, for instance, albums are both nodes and content items which allows them to be searchable.
  6. January Wrap Up

  7. Big vBulletin 4 board to IPS 4

    Infractions and Reputation are imported at the same time as the actual member accounts, as well as when the content they are associated with are imported.
  8. Feedback on IP.Commerce Support

    This should already happen, actually. It will be logged inline with the replies.
  9. 4.3: Scaleable search and interface improvements

    Solid Sister Act 2 gif.
  10. A Lot Of Typing

    Actually, I would suggest your desk and chair set up would likely be the problem, if you’re having back issues. I had the same problem for ages and I resolved it with a new chair and eventually, a new desk.
  11. Addon Domain Outside Public Directory

    It depends on the server and the domain. If the domain is simply an alternate for your main domain, then you should simply redirect. If it’s unrelated, or is a sub-section of your main site, then yes, you should use a separate isolated area.
  12. One special note about the guitar, that I didn't include - it was actually passed down from my great uncle, if I recall correctly, to my Dad and then to me. It was given to me back in 2004 or so, when I first decided to learn, and was my first official guitar.
  13. A Lot Of Typing

    I really need to get a riser or something for my desk. I don't really need a full-on standing desk, just something I can place on top of my desk to sit my keyboard and mouse on.
  14. Build a fortress: stop spam in your community

    Actually, this does exist - you can configure individual member groups to require moderator approval of content before it's shown to other members, and even define a time or an "approved posts" limit for when that restriction is automatically removed. In this instance, it will only show to the user making the post, and to moderators, as you mention.
  15. Top tips for optimizing your community's SEO

    Ultimately, it will largely depend on your sites needs and configuration of Memcached versus Redis, however we've made various improvements to Redis support in 4.2.6. I would recommend trying both out and see which works better for your specific needs and your environment.