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  1. Yes, we prefer separate tickets for separate issues as they are easier to track if they need to move between different teams.
  2. Try using the like() method instead. Also, you do not need to pass your query to query() - simply convert $select to an array using the iterator_to_array() function. $select = \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'news_artcms_news', array( \IPS\Db::i()->like( 'categorynum', 'main', TRUE, TRUE ) ), 'news_artcms_news.num DESC', array( 0, 12 ) ); $results = iterator_to_array($select);
  3. Thanks, we'll be patching this issue.
  4. The link is linking to where that admin currently is in the Admin CP - that is why there is no arrow next to your name, because it would just link to the page you are already on. 🙂
  5. We attempt to account for renamed admin directories. If that is not working, then there's possibly a bug somewhere and you should submit a ticket.
  6. In your Admin CP > Members > Groups, edit each group and under the Blogs tab, make sure the options are enabled.
  7. Yes, you should be able to specify the positioning of the parameters. Try this (of course adjust for your language): <a href='%2$s'>%3$s</a> %1$s's in <a href='%4$s'>%5$s</a> was marked as the answer The parameters should be able to follow PHP's sprintf() function identifier rules.
  8. I'll take a look. The original change was introduced for security, so we'll want to test any changes thoroughly to ensure there's no regression on that front.
  9. I corrected my post to clarify shortly after as I realized I forgot to mention that part specifically. 🙂
  10. Yes, when IPS4 checks for updates for itself, it also checks 3rd party items. That being said, however, that is largely dependent on the author setting a URL to send the update check to. 3rd party items linked to the marketplace will use version information from there.
  11. Take a look in your System Logs under Support. You should see some entries for template_exception which will provide the actual error.
  12. If you are on Cloud, we are aware and the issue should be resolved shortly.
  13. That's fair - however I should note that the handling of banned members has not changed between the two versions.
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