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  1. Page does not exist (Pages) I think.
  2. This might be a bad idea I'm not really sure, however it is I think valid feedback so only appropriate I post it. 🙂 I found myself reading a multipage topic a short time ago and realising I was on the second page (this would apply to any topic really that spans multiple pages) , I wanted to click on the title text to go to the first page. I'm well aware of the pagination links 🙂 Although it almost seemed instinctive to click the large neat topic title text for this. They say a pic speaks a thousand words so picking a multipage topic at random, it was the one I was reading but its content is not relevant to the feedback provided here: It could be said that the date here aka "April 4, 2018" could be linked to the start instead, but something almost as I say "instinctive" made me want to click the title here.
  3. Thank you! 🙂 I cannot currently test the dev version (its a long story) but I'm happy to await it to be packaged up so I can, if its a few weeks so be it. 🙂 I do use a real domain name on my dev board if its any help ? Although its in a sub directory aka : /IPS43 in this case . Testboard is not on 44 yet as I need to sort out the other bits/pieces on there first to be sure they will work on php7.1 instead of php7.0 EDIT... Off topic but the rich embeds may possibly be due to no outbound access and/or it trying to grab external resources js etc (I'm guessing on this)
  4. I wanted to expand on this slightly, to avoid a new topic as its related due to it being a further point on link/redirection forums: My new suggestion here is there should be an option (a checkbox would be perfect perhaps) to give the option of "Display Redirect Count" or not as the case may be, Although you can manually 'chop it out' so to speak, that's not ideal and there are cases where some redirects you'd want it and some you do not. It does not always add relevance to have the counter displayed. I was thinking of placing the checkbox to the right of the 'count' numerical area or perhaps a yes/no above the 'Pass protect' option. 🙂 Thanks! 😄
  5. Before I read this article I had wrongly assumed the 'F Word' was going to be FaceBook :D Regarding the naming of forums @Matt yes I know what you mean exactly, this seems sometimes more prevalent in those who perhaps started their 'online life' when other social media platform were already in existence. A small point I do recall a time where it was more common to call 'Forums' 'Boards' instead , whereas now generally speaking 'Community' seems more appropriate and slightly more all-encompassing even if the site only contains a 'forum' , people seem to be happier to recognise it from that descriptor word, at least as I see it anyway. :)
  6. I understand. 🙂 I don't think it likely in this case the 'dev' would go awol however I can appreciate what you are saying in not wanting to (for want of a better phrase) "rely upon" a third party for something for your site. At least you're aware (you probably were anyway if I read it correctly?) there are a couple at least of third party solutions to your concern. 😀
  7. There is a third party file or two that may interest you (for the moment) :) I realise your topic is in Feedback however I thought it prudent to perhaps link you to two quick alternatives... https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7372-donate-sidebar/ (free) https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7615-donations/ (paid)
  8. Its difficult to decide which is best for these as both are suitable. The slight, and it is very slight, I'm not even sure I'd call it a bug really is the 'link forum' such as the Contact Us we have here now, shows as "unread" The issue is you cannot click the forum 'icon' to make it read (as you'd expect as there's nothing to read, so in that regard it is WAI and not a bug) , however if you mark the entire site as read then it appears in a lighter shade. A quick combi pic illustrates this best: I'd like to suggest that it is made clickable to mark it 'read' simply so it does not (for want of a better phrase) catch the eye so much.
  9. I too recall when it was way way way back part of the actual 'board' as it was then in the 2x series. Then if memory serves around the early part of the 3.x series (possibly the first 3.1 version) it was removed as a 'stand alone' application and I think as a community project. There certainly was a third party version of it for the very last 3x versions although I am not immediately sure if with the exception of the Donations file listed above if there was a 4x 'stand alone' subscriptions package. Although not completely related to the questions of concern I wanted to mention mainly as a random fact: It is actually quite possible to get from a 2x 'board' with subscriptions to the IPS4 suite with them still there although the actual procedure to do this (although quite easy) does require a couple more steps than a standard 2x to IPS4 upgrade given that a certain specific version range of the IPB3x series needs to be used to facilitate this.
  10. No don't worry about that at all. 🙂 If you have a question/concern/enquiry feel free at any point to simply ask in a support ticket.
  11. There are good restrictions in place regarding the number of conversations permitted and time limits etc but I see what you're saying. I'm aware there was a third party file to do this. For the immediate moment you could use group promotion to do what you're asking, not 100% ideal I know but its not difficult and it would work plus it would also give you an advantage in that you could promote after x period of time and/or content count if preferred too. Just my suggestion to help for now. 🙂
  12. Excellent. If you do not mind @Joel R I wanted to slightly expand on this. Those looking to move from VB to the IPS Suite should not see the quoted text as any form of barrier at all. On the contrary: It is highly likely that a suitable replacement Theme (VB owners may be more familiar with the term 'style') will be available for their newly converted IPS Suite that either closely matches their original design or is something highly suitable. A look at the quality themes on offer in the IPS Marketplace by third parties should I think satisfy the majority of those converting over from their VB based community to IPS in that they will be able to find something their community approves of. Speaking very briefly of modifications, it is quite possible the functionality they required a third party addition on their VB site is possibly built into the IPS Suite, negating the need to look for a replacement. Again a cursory glance at the Marketplace may well reveal something suitable to use in the cases where its something specific in mind, or alternatively a post perhaps in the Peer to Peer support forums where other IPS Suite clients would perhaps be able to point the newly converted Client to a suitable file in the Marketplace to suit their needs. My closing remarks to those considering the move 'over' if you're in any doubt then why not just try out the free 5 day demo to get a feeling of the IPS Suite 'under the hood' so to speak, and I think you'll be very happy with what you see here. 🙂
  13. Seems this idea was taken on board. :) Thanks! :D
  14. The 'compromise idea' was simply to get it "out of sight" for a short period of time to keep everyone happy. That was the theory behind my small suggestion anyway. :)
  15. As I've seen in the P-2-P forums about the upgrade banner on the front end, despite it only showing for those with ACP access , some do not wish it to display. I can see this from IPS's side too in that not everyone lives in their ACP so when an upgrade is available, it is only right that reasonable steps are taken to ensure the client is aware of this. After a little bit of thought on the issue, I wanted to make a very small suggestion that could if it was implemented possibly be the "best of both worlds" and keep everyone happy: The 'banner' should have an 'X' on it to dismiss it *however* (and this is the main important thing) the dismissal should *only* last for say an hour or two or perhaps that session if a hard time limit is not practical. A time limit however does seem more appropriate. This way IPS will ensure 'its seen' and also the client will be able to hide it albeit temporarily if it annoys them. I want to say if the site has multiple admins it should not hide it from all of them, merely the one who choose's to dismiss/hide it. Perhaps a cookie or such could be set to do this. I want to point out it does not personally bother me being on display, I merely wanted to try to find and post a little bit of potentially helpful feedback and an idea. Thanks. 😄
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