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  1. AndyF

    Any "classic" screen shots of IPB?

    I know they are too small. There's a reason for that, even though the install was a test localhost one... @Matt has the full sized ones in a PM for the moment...
  2. AndyF

    Any "classic" screen shots of IPB?

    99% sure you're correct on that, Client testing etc. Ioncube / time limited etc etc
  3. AndyF

    Any "classic" screen shots of IPB?

    No. Do you remember IPSBeyond ? And from that the Resources site aka IPSResources ? That was "Nexus" powered. The ACP is dark gray(grey?) / black. Beta downloads of various elements of it were available at one time, I still have them! I don't have any screenshots of it to hand unfortunately. Think of that 'Nexus' as the 'core' and then you'd add on things like Downloads/CMS/Billing etc. Similar in a way to how the Client Area was in years past. Not related to Commerce/Nexus/Commerce that you see in the 3x and 4x series... There is this info in the News/Blog really anyway with a bit of digging and the wayback machine. EDIT... I have found some screenshots however I want to check first before I post them... 🙂
  4. AndyF

    Any "classic" screen shots of IPB?

    Probably best thought of as a CMS , we are talking about 2007 or thereabouts (I think) here though... EDIT... > https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/2097-nexus-and-dynamic-legacy/
  5. AndyF

    Any "classic" screen shots of IPB?

    Classic Blue ? There were at least a couple of versions of it for the 3x series, possibly the early 4x series too (can't remember off hand) It did suit the 2x series very well all in all imo, probably (just my own opinion/guess) why it stayed for so long with minor updates and tweaks, after all "its not broken so why fix it" 🙂 , although the newer design of the 3x series meant a new skin was needed. To balance this out the black 'Pro' skin included in the later 23x releases was slightly easier to tweak if all you wanted was a few colour changes etc etc. This skin did after a few months grow its appeal to me, twas my default. On the other side at 3x there was the VSE to make this even easier.
  6. AndyF

    Any "classic" screen shots of IPB?

    Well I may try to get some screenshot's of those too at some near future point. 🙂
  7. AndyF

    Any "classic" screen shots of IPB?

    I did at one point have a few "look back" pics of early Gallery (v2 series iirc) / Downloads (v1 series) / Blog (v1 series) but sadly cannot find them, also a few pics of IP.Converge in action and Nexus (with its apps cms/downloads/billing/hosting etc), again I think I've lost those over the years Thankfully just the screen shot's, not the products themselves! Do not appear to have anything older aka IP.Dynamic etc
  8. AndyF

    Any "classic" screen shots of IPB?

    @Matt No, I don't have any @Adriano Faria Thanks for the topic link. I am attaching zip's of each version to this reply for anyone's convenience and curiosity. These are not neatly trimmed sadly, unfortunately the neater ones I cannot find. However having said that they are all there and not bad might just need cropping if you intended to re-use them. Inside each zip there's two folders one with a couple of installer progress pics and then a folder covering most area's of the software, topic / forum view , profile view etc etc and so on: 101.zip 131.zip 200.zip 217.zip 220.zip 236.zip 305.zip 314.zip 323.zip 😄 I was once asked why I had not covered "every version", the reasoning was simple: 1. I tried where possible to use the 'last version of that 'line' to get the most up-to-date images 2. There was no visible (or very little visible) differences between say 230 and 236, the changes were mainly code based. Same for say 320 vs 323 etc 3. There is no 33x or 34x set as at the time of creation, these did not really exist or iirc 33x was the newest and current. Having said that they look similar enough to the 32x series to not justify creation of a set. Enjoy. 🙂 Obviously goes without saying the above zips contain images only, there's no products within. I still have them all actually!
  9. AndyF

    Contact form

    I did think about the copy/paste effect, then thought about some js perhaps (not my area really) to prevent it accepting pasted content in the confirm input box*** but that may annoy the user filling in the page and/or be more bother than gain... *** Just the 'confirm' box should have it disabled , rather than the initial one.
  10. AndyF

    Contact form

    The only sensible idea I have for this suggestion is to have an additional field with a 'Confirm Email Address' to ensure it matches the first one entered, so the form (using here as an example) would read: To (Dropdown choice etc) Name: Email Address: Confirm Email Address: Message: That might be a sensible and acceptable compromise without making the form too cluttered or unwieldy for someone to fill in. 🙂
  11. It would be best to open a ticket in the Client Centre for any payment/billing/account related concerns as the answering representative will have your account details/specifics to hand and be able to assist.
  12. AndyF


    I would suspect the risk of that is people may play with it and break something, for instance a typo or suchlike would possibly result in a broken site or more likely a blank page (php error) , no doubt ending up in a support ticket. As an example to this if "define" was accidental enteted as "dfine" that would cause it. If it was to be included I think it should not contain anything apart from the opening php tag perhaps, and be given a different file extension to prevent it overwriting those who already have one , for instance constants.php.dist
  13. AndyF

    Download Counter

    It is still there, have you disabled it perhaps ? Unless you meant on category view perhaps ? This is an older screenshot but it does show category download counters:
  14. AndyF

    Abandoned Attachments

    I see what you did there