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  1. Choose from default avatars?

    It used to exist in very legacy versions (2x series really) although its not present in newer versions as most users would typically prefer to 'upload/add their own' as such. I'm not currently aware of a third party addon to add this back, to be honest with you this is the first time that I can recall being asked about it for many years. We do now (in 4.2) have Letter Profile Photo's which are quite an improvement over a static 'no photo' type image too. You can read more about these in the News entry here if you wish.
  2. Control is a subjective word. Its probably not the one I would of picked personally. I'd like to say "assist in the running of" or perhaps "front end point of contact for the Marketplace" Regarding your points as such: I do agree that it is likely correct to repurchase a file for a 3x to a 4x version rather than an 'upgrade' , the same happened at 2x to 3x too. As a case in point a similar thing actually happened at 2.2 as it was sufficiently 'different' to 2.1 (and 2.0) to mean quite a lot of third party files needed major work from their authors to make them compatible. 2.3 versions files from 2.2 did not need a great deal in many cases. Enough of the legacy history lesson however I wanted to mention this as this is not a new situation as such. Speaking as a client: Taking this to more 'modern' versions the differences between say 4.0.x and 4.1.x probably do not justify in my personal opinion in most cases any extra 'fee' other than perhaps paying the renew when a file has this. By this I mean again in most cases an upgrade to the existing submission is likely enough to suffice rather than a fresh, new submission. Speaking as a client still: 4.2 is I feel different enough (but I'm not a php developer, bear this in mind) to justify either a new purchase or an upgrade fee, given that in some cases a fair bit of "rework" may be required to both ensure compatibility and take advantage of new features where appropriate: mentions, clubs etc Speaking as Marketplace Moderator: Regarding prices in general: Well I do think its an open market and the market forces will dictate pricing to a degree. If the price is too high then people will not buy. One thing that is often overlooked is perhaps the time the author has put into a file (I do code occasionally in Z80 assembly so I'm well aware of the time and effort factors in writing and testing code!). Renew fee's I feel are OK provided support and / or updates (minor version**) are being provided. ** By this I mean if the file has a renew fee and it was, for example originally released for say 4.1.4 and needed a few minor changes for 4.1.5 it is acceptable to expect that as you are "paying for something" as such with an ongoing renew. You are also supporting and encouraging the author to keep their file(s) up to date as well as possibly providing new features too. Speaking as a client again: I have seen files I think are underpriced, given the time it has likely taken to create them, moreso in the cases where they are supported. I have also seen things that (just from a personal point of view only) I think the price is too high, however it is not up to me to judge this in any way. The author will decided what is reasonable and sales will likely dictate if the price was incorrect. Finally, speaking as Marketplace Moderator: I am happy to also receive any feedback in private regarding the MP too, good or bad if anyone wishes to send me via PM they are most welcome and I will ensure it is passed on where appropriate.
  3. Not exactly a story as such (sorry!) however it is quite amusing...
  4. Modifying "You have received a message"

    Its quite similar. View the list of the emails and enter 'digest' into the "search: template name" (not the main ACP search!) box.
  5. Modifying "You have received a message"

    Try it just above this part near the top: Put it like this (add two extra <br > tags too: <br /><br />DO NOT REPLY ETC Will (probably) need to add that line to the "plain text" version too. For that one put it at the very top of the message instead and put the <br > lines after your line of text not before. The ordering does kind of work but bear in mind you may need to click the app part too, to get it to order the apps first then the name itself. As I see it you can't currently order apps *and* email template names at the same time. The search does work but I searched for 'message' rather than 'user' I see what you're saying though. Unsure if this is a bug or something else. I'd probably suggest a quick bug report though so a dev can take a look and make a decision.
  6. You are not allowed to download that file.

    Hello, You're currently showing as being in the 'Visitor' group. Please login using the same details as you used to purchase the software for access to the Marketplace. Thank you.
  7. Robots.txt - IP.Board 4.x

    I'd agree with this. If its still at plain old "admin" its OK but if you've changed it I'd not personally recommend putting the new directory name into it. Reason being I'd suspect someone interested in tampering with your site one of the first things they would look at would be the robots file to see what 'areas' are listed as out of bounds so if the "new admin directory" name is here then there was not a lot of point in renaming it anyway.
  8. Modifying "You have received a message"

    There's two to amend as such then for this. One for "new message" and one for "a reply" ACP > Customisation > Emails > Find and edit the following in the list: "User was added to a private message" "New private message notification"
  9. Reply to "Are forums dying a slow death? "

    I think those who do not wish to use it will appreciate the fact its disabled by default. So there's "nothing extra to do or configure" to not use it or turn it off.
  10. Regarding the "history" of this function: From memory the very ancient 2x series offered an option to email the messenger content based on various criteria (date ranges etc) in either html or Excel format. The early 3.x series (possibly only 3.0.x) offered this option or something quite similar from what I can recall. A third party hook offered this type of functionality in early 3.x versions too, possibly only up to 3.2.x, it might of been a DevFuse hook if memory serves correctly. Later 3x versions did offer a built in "archive conversation" which would email a single conversation to the requesters email address. Its visible if you view a conversation its under the last reply/post window area. I have not seen a plugin to offer this in the 4x suite yet that I'm aware of. It would make quite a neat third party addon however.
  11. Manage Validating Members

    I've tested it on the Client's site and provided some thoughts. I've not downloaded and tested the version here yet although I will once I have a reply to my PM regarding this.
  12. Major Props!

    Thank you for taking the time to post your positive feedback and thoughts.
  13. I can't really remember the last time there was a half decent White / Snowy Christmas over here (middle of the UK), rather than a 1/2 inch 'dusting' that lasted a day or two either a week before or after...
  14. A Battered Client

    Thank you for taking the time to post your positive comments.
  15. Bookmarks / Favorites

    A lot longer than you would usually expect, but I was not here.