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  1. You're welcome! :D I think any more than at most 5 minutes removes the point of it not showing, if that makes sense. Ideally once they submit and review the post in question any glaring issues should be sorted quickly. Ultimately its a "grace period" not a "limit" The 'practical' use for this, I think I suggested before is a case of a "sales" forum where it is important the original post was not tampered with. I do realise we have edit history however the grace period does have some merit too, even with this. :)
  2. I think I suggested this once before. I know what you're asking for I think: An 'editing time grace period' , for instance if the content is edited within x minutes (and sensibly x would have to be a small number as in 1 to 5 minutes really) then no 'edited by' would appear.
  3. I'm not sure if it is related to the network, but it seemed the likely cause from the initial symptoms you described way back. OK, can you get the updates either via the Win-Catalog (unsure if you can) or get a new fresh (as in download it now) W10 image from Microsoft and install from that new image instead ? The reason being that should already have the updates in it.
  4. I'm going to skip the security part with regards to staying up to date as well as taking backups etc as that's well covered. I wanted to speak a little about the 'community' rather than 'sysadmin' side: I think one of the concerns admins may have with a major version update aside from any third party addons they use (although a good thinking admin will have already spent a few minutes looking for updated versions of these anyway well in advance and likely obtained and tested them) is simply ensuring two things: 1. That the community is informed it is being upgraded, this is really only a concern in most cases if its a large upgrade (say for instance coming from a competitors software or perhaps say a 2x or 3x to 4x upgrade) 2. Providing initial 'helping hands' guides where needed. Only needed really for major changes. Let me expand on (1) , by this I mean giving the community plenty of notice of this, ideally with some screenshots of the 'new' community and where possible a private test site of it where a few trusted members can post / play with it and give their thoughts. The time factor here is quite important I feel. To expand a bit on (2) A few simple guides, even if they are just a couple of sentences each such as "how do I now do xyz" or "what happened to xyz" or "where is xyz" , these things can go a long way to help avoid problems provided they are kept simple and straightforward, ideally just a few essential words. Those who need more information will be able to ask or find it easily enough. I should point out I've not read Matt's guide before I wrote the above (honest) but I expect it will likely touch on these points.
  5. Perhaps if you can see what the update is for, then look to see what's being said/complained out/praised about it ? 🙂 You using Pro ? Should be able to use G.P to delay it with that at least. Mines (although a different OS) the opposite way around its set to auto check, download and install them without intervention.
  6. I can see the value (no pun intended) in this however it might require a bit more processing time at a guess as its then got to replace a numerical value with a word value if value=0
  7. Edge or another browser ? I'm still using FF but if I'm honest I'm getting quite annoyed with it lately.
  8. Seems very good. 😀 I was actually caught out as it error'ed out but a few seconds investigation showed this was because I was running php 7.0.10 , rather than 7.1+ as indicated! 🙂 Oops! EDIT... If anyone wanted to know what the error was, I'm just posting this for reference really as it may be useful to someone, if they see this or something similar, verify your php/mysql versions in use: "Uncaught ErrorException: Class IPS\Request could not be loaded. Ensure it has been properly prefixed with an underscore and is in the correct namespace. in ***************\init.php:410" As above , ensuring that you are using a suitable php (and mysql!) version helps! 😄
  9. There was a third party plugin to allow a moderator to view the name history on the 'front end' although I've not searched for it as I write this. Regarding name history well you could use a query to do that I suppose if you needed to, however I can see why you'd possibly want an option for it, although I feel if it did appear it should be in the ACP rather than 'doable' on the profile page itself.
  10. FileZilla Client is not too bad at all, and free.
  11. One issue I do remember having with W10 about 18 months ago maybe a bit longer was it could get stuck in a loop where it would not start then try to 'repair' itself, fail then restart again and again. Back then it was surprisingly difficult it seemed to make it stop its erm 'hand holding' methods and allow me to get to safe mode. It is highly likely this issue was corrected as I seem to recall (twas the last straw for me then!) an update could cause it in some circumstances, I do remember reading similar posts on the MS forum at that time.
  12. To be honest, its rare I use that button now as I simply click into the editor window if I wish to reply. :)
  13. I'm very happy they have added this at long last, so credit where it is due. :) Thanks IPS! :D On a less positive note, upon deletion of an item the filtering ordering is still lost when the page reappears.
  14. Would be worth using a tool such as CPU-ID , Speccy or something to really determine what the network hardware is then check for updated drivers from the manufacturer perhaps. The only caveat I want to say here really is generic drivers from the manufacturer compared to the mainboard if its onboard may well work but not 100% suited, a bit like you can get generic chipset drivers. Talking of those it would be well worthwhile checking (chipset drivers) out too perhaps. Not going to bore you with why I thought it was a network issue though unless you really wanted to know lol. That is one of the main obstacles to me running W10 unfortunately in that the updates are relatively huge as in near a 'build' and I have to pay per GB so its slightly prohibitive for me to grab a > 1GB 'update' compared to say < 300MB for a previous version. This does remind me in looking into the feasibility of making MacOS run on a PC (as in run 'properly and reliably without jumping through a hundred hoops')
  15. Have you updated or otherwise changed any network drivers ? Although the above actually relates to a problem I used to see on a previous OS quite a bit, it seems during shutdown any network driver issues can result in the effects you mention. O/T: Mentioning lockups as its above, this machine I'm writing this post on will not work properly with VirtualBox despite my best efforts, it will lock solid 😞 hmm. Oh well. I think I'll start a fresh topic about that at some point.
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