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  1. AndyF

    Feed2DB - Support Topic

    'Pages' is a bit simpler to use than 'IP.Content' I've generally found. It may be best to post a new topic in the support forum with your issue/question for help. I take it you've looked at the guides for Pages yes ?
  2. AndyF

    Feed2DB - Support Topic

    As I QA'ed this earlier its still quite fresh in my mind. If you go to ACP > Pages > Under the 'Page Management' section a new link is there "Feeds Importer" Click that, add a new feed then the next page gives you choices of how to display the title and content from the feed. The user/pass section when you're filling in the details usually refers to the feed itself (if its behind a protected directory or suchlike), if its a public feed you're importing leave those two box's empty. EDIT... Take a look at the 3rd, 4th and 5th screenshot in the file listing itself.
  3. AndyF

    Upgrade problum any budy help ?

    This is true. Sometimes, some FTP clients can be a bit "too intelligent" and decide to auto-skip any file that already exists, this can be helpful in some cases but not when you're wanting to overwrite with "newer"
  4. AndyF

    Upgrade problum any budy help ?

    Redownload the files again from the Client Area and upload them again.
  5. AndyF

    Status Features and Upgrades

    I have not heard anything no. The author appeared to last visit a few weeks ago but this was about two weeks *after* my last reply to the topic... EDIT.. It was February it seems The file is (as it has been delisted for a while) likely to be removed soon. New purchases were prevented as per my last post on 4th September as they have had renew on them.
  6. AndyF

    ipb 3.4 maket place gone?

    If you know of the file you want and can remember the author it would be worth asking them as some will still provide their 3x files (both free and paid) if you ask them, certainly nothing to lose from a quick question, if its a paid file well then it benefits the author as its another sale I guess... Should go without saying to keep away from the 'dubious' sites however for such files as you never know what 'extra's' they might contain. If you cannot remember the author then a cursory Google may assist in some details, keeping in mind the note about 'dubious sites' though. Similar caveat/note about the 3x and lower series's anyway given they are no longer updated or supported...
  7. AndyF

    Mechanical Keyboard

    Tis a bit of an individual preference with a huge price variation. If possible its best to try a few in the shop if you can. I'm thinking here of a store where there are already computers out "on display" so you don't have to ask anyone to open a keyboard box to try it, or some places they have one already out so you can see it as such. I don't like the sometimes 'squishy' feel of the very cheap membrane based keyboards, but neither do I like the loud noise of the fully mechanical ones either. If its any help (I doubt it!) the current keyboard I'm using to type this is a KU556 Cherry, its only a budget unit though...
  8. AndyF

    Really happy with my purchase!

    Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback.
  9. Have tidied this topic slightly, lets stay on topic for this. No need to descend to insults. From a personal point of view I do appreciate the idea of an admin selectable choice for the seller (dropdown list maybe) in some circumstances although its obviously not gong to fit all sites, the idea does have merit in itself.
  10. AndyF

    IPS 4.2 backwards compatibility

    Although your question was not directed at me, you could start your search via the Providers page. What I would then suggest is to look at their submissions here (where appropriate) to determine the type of designs they are producing. I would also recommend taking a look at any support topics for said submissions (usually linked on the file descriptor page) to determine the 'quality' of replies and relative time lapse of questions being answered. Bear in mind this "method" is far from an exact science as things such as people being away on vacation/holiday and time zone 'effects' too. Consideration should also be given when reading replies from the author to those for whom English is not their primary language, by this I mean (in my personal opinion) to not really be overly concerned with any grammatical or spelling issues with any replies if the reply is satisfactory to the original client asking the question. Ultimately, you're looking for a designer not a language tutor. As long as you both can communicate clearly with each other there should be no misunderstandings about what is required. I think from perhaps 30 minutes possibly an hour spent doing this small bit of research would be very worthwhile for yourself as by then you should hopefully be able to at least narrow the list down to a practical number, and from that stage you could then if you wished simply contact them for availability, likely time-scales and costs.
  11. AndyF

    Admin Account Lock

    This is quite an old topic, the information above may relate to the 3x series or possibly even older. It would be best to ask this afresh in the Support forum I think, where someone will be able to provide said query.
  12. AndyF

    Whats next on the docket?

    No reason other than I do not know personally what is (as my roles are Marketplace only really) but if I did I could not say...
  13. AndyF

    Status Features and Upgrades

    I have asked the author to clarify the situation regarding this file and its compatibility. For the immediate moment I have temporarily prevented new purchases of the file to avoid disappointment to new clients expecting it to function on IPS4.2, until I hear from the author. Thank you for your patience.
  14. AndyF

    Managing purchases

    Hello, If you are unable to submit a ticket at all (to any department) you could use the form here to explain what you require: https://invisioncommunity.com/contact-us Change the dropdown choice to "Customer Service" from "Sales" Thank you.
  15. Different types of addons will suit different communities. We would need to know a little bit about the general niche/subject(s) of your community really to provide suggestions...