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  1. AndyF


    Oh I agree. The part scepticism on my part just comes from tests that are likely lab based rather than real world that's all. One possible "non tech" practical and possibly half sensible use for a UPS type device might be either something like a tropical (or other) fish tank or perhaps some other pets (reptiles?) that need various conditions maintained. I'm thinking here along the lines of heating/air pumps for said fish though and something like heating for reptiles.
  2. AndyF


    I'd assumed most backup power supplies would have basic over-voltage / spike protection built in, obviously under voltage (or no voltage!) is what they are designed to do as in provide power for a short period of time. I will admit I am slightly skeptical of the extension leads/cords that have 'surge protection' built in, a closer look inside one of them shows nothing more than choke type coil, assumed I guess to absorb over voltage. Better ones might have a 'straight' transformer with voltage output limitations which would provide some form of isolation. Over here in the UK, most of our 'supply voltage' power is underground (once it gets near the populated area's its underground) unless you live out in the countryside then it can be on overhead wiring, farms and the like. Pylons etc obviously are very high voltage but I guess I'm saying its more common (over here) for 'supplied voltage (240 here 110 or so over there?) to be buried rather than exposed to effects such as lightning etc.
  3. AndyF


    I think they need a 'loading' present otherwise it won't switch on. By this I mean if say you had one but nothing connected to its output, and then unplugged its power feed line (from the wall socket/line) then decided to plug in your applicance/pc/other to it, it would not do a "no power in , switch on inverter and supply power" I did consider a tiny one for the freezer at one point as a year or two ago I lost quite a bit of frozen things due to a power concern but as its relatively rare (in a city at least in the UK, outer countryside is a bit different) it was not really worth it. You'd need to work out how much power the appliances you plan on connecting are drawing, an 'induction ammeter' or 'clamp-meter' would be one way as this is a safe way to measure current draw without actually having to deal with live/hot wiring, the clamp is merely usually a ring (about 2 inches diameter for the last one I saw) that you place over the wiring and the display shows you how much current is passing. Andy's disclaimer: An electrician would be able to offer more detailed and accurate advice, my hobby area (one of them anyway) is electronics rather than electrics as such. Google will provide info on how to safely work out and / or measure current without involving any direct connection or exposure. I think the listings given by the manufacturers have to be reasonably accurate although its going to be in perfect conditions I'd expect, as in new batteries fully charged etc. The ones in mine are just a pair of lead-acid types, similar to motorcycle batteries in size. EDIT... Regarding 'how long would it last' , mine was connected to just a 22" LCD (LCD not LED so a bit more power hungry) monitor and at that time a workstation which was a AMD Phenom II 6-core with two hard drives. Unsure on how much it was drawing but its obviously more than say a tiny PC would of been. With not brilliant batteries (old, very old!) it lasted a couple of minutes.
  4. AndyF


    From what I understand they are (generally speaking) more common 'across the pond' than here in the UK simply as 'brownouts' (momentary or temporary voltage drops, rather than no power!) are more common over there than they are over here, by 'common' I mean 'home use' not commercial. Having said that I do have one although its relatively old its batteries will last a couple of minutes which is more than enough time for a sensible save and shutdown if needed. IIRC its only probably been 'needed' twice in the past six or so years though, power outages are relatively rare here. The last one was about 18 months ago when the local substation went pop. FWIW the one I have is an "APC Smart-UPS 700" , in the 'Show us your workstation' on my comment you can see it sat on the lower right hand corner of the desk although the pic itself is quite old, the UPS is still in that place. Talking of its test mode where it switches to the batteries to test their loading, this is adjustable although the instructions for doing this are not too easy to find. Its not that loud when its on batteries, its only an inverter after all and some electronics alongside that. The 'bleep bleep bleep' every few seconds when it is on battery power is quite loud though! 😄
  5. AndyF

    Team Talk: Show us your workstation

    I used to think similar until I found a need for it, its just not always practical to have a huge single monitor when two or three separate ones would work better as you can have your ongoing works in one and listings / tasks / other bits in the others.
  6. AndyF

    Happy 16th Birthday To Us!

    Thanks @Matt 🙂 @MMXII As you asked earlier in your reply, the said 'A look back' screenshots still exist, although I do not currently have them hosted anywhere they are merely sat in neatly split zips per each major version. 🙂
  7. AndyF

    Team Talk: Show us your workstation

    I did say "older" ;) hehe.
  8. AndyF

    Team Talk: Show us your workstation

    Unfortunately I do not appear to have a working camera at this moment in time, however I do have an older pic and it has not changed *that* much: Mainly the difference between that pic and now: 1. The 'giant button' phone (some people mocked this but I quite liked it!) is no longer there 2. The tower unit under the desk was a AMD PhenomX6 unit, this has been replaced with a HP Workstation tower (couple of Xeon's in it) 3. The tiny desktop which was just asking at a 'monitor plinth' is no longer there either. Otherwise, its just the same. 😄
  9. AndyF

    Feed2DB - Support Topic

    'Pages' is a bit simpler to use than 'IP.Content' I've generally found. It may be best to post a new topic in the support forum with your issue/question for help. I take it you've looked at the guides for Pages yes ?
  10. AndyF

    Feed2DB - Support Topic

    As I QA'ed this earlier its still quite fresh in my mind. If you go to ACP > Pages > Under the 'Page Management' section a new link is there "Feeds Importer" Click that, add a new feed then the next page gives you choices of how to display the title and content from the feed. The user/pass section when you're filling in the details usually refers to the feed itself (if its behind a protected directory or suchlike), if its a public feed you're importing leave those two box's empty. EDIT... Take a look at the 3rd, 4th and 5th screenshot in the file listing itself.
  11. AndyF

    Upgrade problum any budy help ?

    This is true. Sometimes, some FTP clients can be a bit "too intelligent" and decide to auto-skip any file that already exists, this can be helpful in some cases but not when you're wanting to overwrite with "newer"
  12. AndyF

    Upgrade problum any budy help ?

    Redownload the files again from the Client Area and upload them again.
  13. AndyF

    Status Features and Upgrades

    I have not heard anything no. The author appeared to last visit a few weeks ago but this was about two weeks *after* my last reply to the topic... EDIT.. It was February it seems The file is (as it has been delisted for a while) likely to be removed soon. New purchases were prevented as per my last post on 4th September as they have had renew on them.
  14. AndyF

    ipb 3.4 maket place gone?

    If you know of the file you want and can remember the author it would be worth asking them as some will still provide their 3x files (both free and paid) if you ask them, certainly nothing to lose from a quick question, if its a paid file well then it benefits the author as its another sale I guess... Should go without saying to keep away from the 'dubious' sites however for such files as you never know what 'extra's' they might contain. If you cannot remember the author then a cursory Google may assist in some details, keeping in mind the note about 'dubious sites' though. Similar caveat/note about the 3x and lower series's anyway given they are no longer updated or supported...
  15. AndyF

    Mechanical Keyboard

    Tis a bit of an individual preference with a huge price variation. If possible its best to try a few in the shop if you can. I'm thinking here of a store where there are already computers out "on display" so you don't have to ask anyone to open a keyboard box to try it, or some places they have one already out so you can see it as such. I don't like the sometimes 'squishy' feel of the very cheap membrane based keyboards, but neither do I like the loud noise of the fully mechanical ones either. If its any help (I doubt it!) the current keyboard I'm using to type this is a KU556 Cherry, its only a budget unit though...