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  1. Marketplace-Downloads Theme Issue-IPS

  2. About using Custom Skins

    There are themes in the marketplace that only CSS edits, and if they are all in the custom.css file, that theme will be fine between minor upgrade's and most major.
  3. Marketplace-Downloads Theme Issue-IPS

    @Rikki Another Issue in Docs
  4. Runscape

    Upgraded to 4.2
  5. Gray Chrome IPBV4

  6. BlueBoh IPBV4

    New Version
  7. Simple Blue IPBV4

    New Layout. for 4.2
  8. Black Chrome IPB4

    New change in the box css code,
  9. I'm still here. :sorcerer:

    1. Adlago


      That's great magic:thumbsup:

    2. Terry - AKA Dumbledore

      Terry - AKA Dumbledore

      Been working on theme and the new version.

  10. Black Chrome IPB4

    Added new Reversed Background Version.
  11. Old School V4 Medevil Theme

    Version 1.1.0


    A skin I used for a medevil theme forum. Updated to Version4.2x Installation instructions. 1 ). ADMIN CP - CUSTOMIZATION - THEMES - ADD THEMES - UPLOAD THEMES 2 ). CLICK BROWSE- (THEME).XML FROM YOUR COMPUTER 3 ). CLICK NEXT 4 ). WAIT FOR PROCESSING AND THEN THE THEME IS INSTALLED. [Copyright Notice] You are allowed to use this skin free of charge. You are not allowed to sell the skin or make profit directly from the skin. You are not allowed to remove the copyright notice at the footer of the page or edit it in any way. You do have the right to edit any logo files and profile images. You do not have the right to redistribute this skin set in any way. Please respect my wishes by simply keeping the copyright intact and I will continue to release my skins.


  12. Black Chrome IPB4

    That was am Issue that IPB fixed. Updated to 4.1.11
  13. Support for PHP 5.4 ending soon

    I think its more the corporate cost that is the bottom line. At this time and until it becomes critical, I won't be afraid to go directly to the CEO and challenge him. I've done it in the past with other companies.
  14. BlueBoh IPBV4

    Am moving design site to a new host server and rebuilding the theme files. Will work on ASAP