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  1. any news on the update for release?
  2. bump any information regarding my inquiry?
  3. hey Grant, one quick question...is it possible to edit the overall height (decrease it) of the blue bar by about 1/2 so it will show more of the image?
  4. I installed this on my forum but it doesn't show and when I activate the sidebar option I get an error...and yes I have been in the settings to try making it work
  5. I have a question, how do I edit the title of the post, it shows white against a white background? or can I change the background color more to match the forum?
  6. I apologize, I noticed on the demo that the working version is on a HOME page for you, do I need a home page myself or does it work in the sidebar?
  7. does this only work with IP.Content or portal pages?
  8. thanks..I just did it and it seemed to work. I just didn't want to have any issues if I did something wrong which is usually the way it goes for me..lol
  9. am I able to override the current files in my FTP to install this to the latest version or do I need to completely un-install and re-install?
  10. I have a small issue I can't seem to resolve....whenever someone makes a shout in the Shoutbox every word is capitalized, how do I correct this so it doesn't do that?
  11. ok, that makes sense! Thanks for all the help with this!
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