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  1. @Michael.J For the "Yes/No" selection box, can you add the option "Required?" because we want people to accept a set of Rules before the application appears, the problem is, if nobody clicks the yes/no button they are still able to send the application with no fields filled in some are just clicking "Send", thus we need the option for it to be required so people cannot do this. Also when you click the Yes/No button, when you agree and click it, it should turn Green rather than Red which better signals yes rather than a color which signals no.
  2. How do you "Integrate with the registration form." It would make life much easier if this is possible, we get many people joining our Forums, but they think once they join the forums, it's the same as applying to our community, so having both Registration and the Application form somehow together would make things much easier, even a check box on the Reg form like "Apply to Community?" and if clicked, upon email confirm it directs them to the application form or a pop up of it, would make things much easier.
  3. Do you need to enable something to see it under create or did you mean you have to make a patch first for it to show up?
  4. @TheJackal84 Yes the points you earn via posting, etc we'd like to have it converted to Reputation like each hour it will run this, so if someone earned say 40 points it would convert it to reputation and give them 2 rep (since we want a ratio of 20 points = 1 reputation).
  5. Not sure if this is for here or Automation (tho i didn't see a topic there) but @TheJackal84 do you know how we can have it so XP points earned will convert to Reputation Points after say every hour?
  6. @Fosters We notice there's an area for Trophy's and Medals, is it possible to have one for Ribbons? Also is there a reason why we cannot remove a medal from someone without deleting the entire medal thus making everyone else lose it? We kinda would like to do what you can do with the iAwards, which is manually give a medal or remove it from them if need be without any automation needed. We know there is an ability to hide but we don't want to have to hide awards we just want to remove it from them. Also can you also give a quick ability to give someone an award like we could in iAward, this way we don't have to give people access to the ACP, example: click on Award then opens a pop up box:
  7. Yes that's how you do it, it won't break anything. @-RAW- Still trying to figure out where this "stacked" feature is or how to enable it. Edit: NM. Thought stacked awards should take all the awards someone have and just show 1 icon with a number of how many they have, seems like stacked here is if you earn duplicate. One thing we wanted to do is have Medals + Ribbons, but because you only get 1 setting to change the size/shape to display awards we can't have both, as if we have it set to display ribbons all our medals will be that shape too. Is it possible to have another category for a setting so we could do both? If not we are forced to buy Fosters awards on top of yours.
  8. just wondering, whenever I refresh the page it does this before returning to the normal normal widget. not sure why, you can try it at https://forums.uwsgaming.com/
  9. @TAMAN are members able to join a team or an admin able to manage a team?
  10. @Adriano Faria said there is an option to email or PM all the members of a club. Can anybody tell me how to do that? Edit: Nevermind found it ?
  11. Just thought I'd bring this back up again since we would (along with anyone else who owns this) would love such a feature.
  12. Anybody know if this is compatible with 4.3?
  13. @Fosters Hoping to maybe get an update on this soon, we have been getting a few complaints since we integrated our Teamspeak and Website which has been working great, but for those that are MIA don't get set back automatically and are having to wait until a Staff helps out, or they log on Teamspeak as MIA but not the website and we can't help them until they actually log into the website (if we set them to member it will just set them back as MIA until they log in unless we log in AS them via a password change which we don't want to do)
  14. Seems to be okay for now Ahmad, Ill let you know when it start happening again. Thanks.
  15. Our users are experiencing this problem as well. Is there a fix or a way around for this issue?
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