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  1. iAwards

    Hello, Hope everyone is doing good, I sold this app the new developer is InvisionHQ.
  2. Predefined Topics

    Sure You can download now.
  3. iAwards

    Thanks for reporting I suspect what it is, will have a fix soon and will post here so you can email me & send you the new update.
  4. iAwards

    Email me so I can give you the latest version. Does this happen on all categories?
  5. Will have a look and update, haven't tested this plugin in a while.
  6. Monthly Activity

    Working on it should have an update by Saturday the most.
  7. iAwards

    Added to the description, Thanks, Chris!
  8. iAwards

    Yes, the latest version drop me a PM. Will look now.
  9. iAwards

    Will see what I can do in a future version as i see a few like the way we had it before.
  10. iAwards

    Receive: If yes the members in this group can receive the award. Self: If yes the members in this group can award themselves with this award. Restrict Multiple: If yes members in this group can only be awarded once with this award. Now we use categories and can't be displayed this way now, the reason category is used now is because some forums had many awards per category and it looked bad on the front end. Hi, Just checked and all seems fine here, some emailed me about permissions issues but were fixed when they redid their permissions.
  11. iAwards

    Hello, you need to enable the widget.
  12. iAwards

    Yes I saw the video, but so far haven't been able to reproduce the error on my dev board, I have created some users and awarded then recounted but no errors yet.
  13. iAwards

    Check the category permissions if Add Award is selected.
  14. Monthly Activity

    Posted for some help on contributors forum but no reply, for now, I am working to change the email template the way it was before till I find a way to display the post.
  15. iAwards

    Email me at raw@invisionizer.com I have replied and sent the file on email.