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  1. It's not working more the integration with membersshop.
  2. After i update to the last version, i can't open question topics. https://ggames.com.br/topico/15447-alguem-tem-o-video-vazado-do-ultimo-boss-de-re8-village/ How i can fix it?
  3. Hello! I want to know when will allow the app for who have ips license. I don't like to use your 'shared app', it's not good. I only updated my license to 4.5.x because was prometed have an app;
  4. For example... if a buy but don't pay, will receive the msg?
  5. Thanks. I've selected the original theme and don't work too.
  6. No. This is a category from POSTS, not from BLOGS. Here what i can edit.
  7. Group Blogs i know. But i want to delete category from blog.
  8. Hello, nobody knows how i can delete category from blog? or if be possible only allow which category i want to be used inside a blog?
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