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    Very cutie! Give a good design to my gamer forum.
  1. Thanks a lot. But i've buy another theme.
  2. Hello, i found a bug. After i upgrade to 4.5.x your system stop to get the monthly bonus. How i fix it?
  3. Hello... i have no idea how i can cancel a montly account. The system only allow renew. My user wants to cancel and select another plan with a low price, but when i visit a account, only allow renew.
  4. Thanks for update! About Its not possible to add a limit order? for example: only allow 1 key by member. I use your limite by second, but its not so good. If i duplicate the product, and i've buy the duplicate product, i can't buy the new product. Another question, any news about Goals?
  5. Hello everybody. I'm Bruno from Brazil, then sorry about by english hahah Do you earn money with your forum? I know how much time and money i spend with this 'toy'. All month i need to pay host, new updates and brind more new to my members... But i do that because i love my forum, i've create this board when i was only 15 and i've recreate again recently, 2 years ago. My question is, if you earn... nice! But if not... why you have your forum?
  6. Great. I've paid a lot of theme and plugins, and all days i need to come here to see what was updated or not. If i own, show for me on admincp, like wordpress when had a new update. Do you know when i have a new transaction awaiting approval and show a alert? only allow this too. Allow a small button to auto upgrade.
  7. I liked your idea about introduction the mktplace inside admincp, but it's too boring search here what receive a updated and go to admin, search AGAIN and put to update. Please, add a new tab with MY ORDERS will all LICENSES, like https://invisioncommunity.com/clients/orders If i own the license, i only press 'update' and its done.
  8. When you will fix it? Enhanced AdBlocker Detector ?

    1. A Zayed

      A Zayed

      Within 2 weeks max

    2. A Zayed

      A Zayed

      Updated file will be uploaded tonight

    Perfect theme for my gamer forum. The support is very fast, you send msg via discord and boom... the support fix your theme. Only have a small bug, but soon as possible the staff will fix it. Easy to add a good header. Only need to make some chances on css to fix the logo on mobile. Don't forgoret to get the addon too ♥, only 5 usd! Will turn your forum ultra supreme! kkkk Everybody love the new style! Only a suggestion for addon, if be possible allow 1/2 + 1/2 options 🙂
  9. i've updated but don't show this options, where i need to go?
  10. Ok, please reply me when you finish.
  11. @DawPi Please, allow this links on Blog and Downloads.
  12. Same problem here. Only work if you have a 4.4.x theme. Please @TheJackal84 help us. Another point, any news about GOALS?
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