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  1. That's the point, i don't set nobody and the link work, then the prize for the invite need to work.
  2. How work the referal? I've setup the settings, send a link to a friend and he create a account... but don't receive the points. How i fix it?
  3. Hello everybody! I want suggestion from you about my idea. I've removed all contact method from user account, like STEAM, PSN etc... and only allow this: https://contato.bio - I want save space on comments. I want to know what do you think about this function. Now my user only add your link profile and show all information about him, like your profiles or if we was playing (streaming) any game on twitch. My profile: https://contato.bio/403 (if you to add in your board, be free... the tools is free).
  4. @devu4 i have a question. It's possible to create category? i want to allow my users to add your own servers, its possible?
  5. I've done this 4 weeks ago... nobody say nothing. 'GGames' is a customer from ips. We spend a lot of money here, if was a problem, the moderation already contact me to remove it.
  6. The printscreen? I only print the picture and past on the topic. I don't ask if can or not.
    Work fine! Only want to know how i fix the zindex.
    Everybody love this simple app! If you want to see the results, access my playstation 5 forum. PS: if you have a problem with ZINDEX, use this code to fix on your custom theme. .xlsf-light.undefined.top{z-index:500;}
  7. Hello... it's possible to hide the description? Only display the title without image?
    Good idea! i've install this on my gamer forum, and get a good results ... but after 3 month, i've remove it. All new members prefer to ask on chatbox then ask on topic area. Now i moved all 'chat' to oficial discord. Maybe i use this plugin in another project.
    I bought this module 2 years ago. It never helped me. The module needs another one to handle the delivery of medals and awards and this other module is not supported for almost 2 years either. It has been updated to continue useless. The only advantage of this module over another that does the same function (which I already have in my game forum) are the widgets, they are more beautiful. // About your reply - I've read your description before pay the module... but forgot the see if the automatic rules was avaliable... and never was. You have a good module... i know when a see o
    Love this function! Now i can make a spam with notification using my own gamer forum. Thanks a lot. Must have tools if you want to send a alert to all members or staff.
  8. Thanks, i take this! Thanks... i've take 3 new plugins.
    A great plugin, ideal for maintaining the engagement of your forum. After installation I had a good increase in comments and quotes on my playstation 5 forum.
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