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  1. Buy a new license. Don't show the option to renew. Maybe when i get your plugin, don't have this option. Here: When I bought your plugin it didn't require renewal and now I need to buy a new license.
  2. I can't download the update. I need to buy another license?
  3. Hello. We have a very dirty method to show the tag page, for me it's very important this pages, to organize my topics and content in another category. I want to clean up, How i remove the ' ' between the tag name, dot after tag name? I've tried with translate, but don't work.
    I love it! Now i can use both option! See here the result.
  4. Maybe this will help you : Working fine with 4.6.x See my source code: view-source:https://ggames.com.br/files/file/3405-trainer-police-stories-mrantifun/
  5. How i fix this? https://ggames.com.br/tutorials/categoria/44-forum-perfil/?controller=browse
  6. And about the addons, it's working too?
  7. @Adriano Faria any news about 4.6 compatibility?
    Another theme, another good experience! First, my 5 star it's for the good structure and small details to turn this theme special. left a good documentation to instruction the theme owner how to edit all details and colors... but for me it's not a problem. You need to expend a lot of time to remove all orange color... you can't do that on theme panel, but for me it's not a problem, i just edit all VAR CSS to have a perfect color combination. 1. You have a two types, white and black version... its perfect for who have no idea which style choice. 2. Another important point, the theme is very fast, if course i own my dedicated server with a lot of addon. How its very important to google your site be fast, look this before and after: Now: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/ggames.com.br/ido9sMJk/ Before: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/ggames.com.br/VAch3gNs/ 3. I love the fixed panel on topics (see a example). its good, but why you don't active a fixed sidebar too? 4. About the footer, it's to limited... if i own the social midia on left and top of forum, why you put again on botton? i prefer to use another block for texts like colunm 1, 2 and 3. 5. Another point from footer... where i which the background image? 6. The theme work perfect which TUTORIALS, MEMBERS SHOP, DOWNLOADS, BLOGS, RAFFLES, TROPHEUS, etc... only need a small ajusts. If you want a good this, i recommend. To to my board and read all comments about the theme here and here. its important to see the users... that why i will use this theme now.
  8. Hello! Have a method to select which post/content will not allow this function? because some times we sell articles or topics... and this topics we don't want to use the auto links. thanks a lot.
  9. For this example, I will use Downloads as a demonstration. It would be interesting to add a way for members to buy directly from the seller. For example, if a seller sells something on Downloads, he would provide a paypal or other form of payment, so the member would make the purchase directly with the user who is selling.
  10. Suggestion: Replace the time limit to buy to minutes, day or week for example. Now just work by seconds. Another suggestion is allow one order by user, in special to code and vouchers.
  11. About this error... if the user access the board, he don't receive the extra points too. ticket member history points register
  12. Yes, i know. Have any other method to send a monthly bônus to this group? If you create a new type of rules, this will help me a lot.
  13. Yes, because he paid for VIP account.
  14. Hello! Have a method to send the bonus to user if he don't access the board?
  15. It's not working more the integration with membersshop.
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