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  2. Hi Guys check out this. More Goods news coming from google for PWA FUTURE 🙂 PWA NATIVE FEATURE
  3. 58 Voted YES !!! For IPB PWA or Mobile App But still No Positive Response From IPB Team Regarding Mobile App RoadMap, What Do you Think Guys ? Will we ever Get The IPB MOBILE APP OR NOT ?
  4. HI GUYS :) @Morgin @BomAle Here My 2 cents for Apple IOS and PWA : It Disappointing ios is not supporting push notifications yet . I think in future apple will revise push notification policy again when PWA become mainstream. Bigger companies adopting the PWA apps day by day. PWA is not just another Buzz word, PWA again transferring the power back to Web Developers which was lost during native mobile app era. I think REST API based apps for IPB not right approach, From developers point of views, it will make mobile apps hard to maintain and compatible with every new version of IPB and updates of hundered of IPB plugins. However PWA just uses Mobile Responsive of Website. Forums Founders spent both Time and money to make his/her community sustainable. sometime new users like the forums but forget url and browser history deleted,at that time website looses one member ? this same things happened with me many times and may be other members share the same experience. For iOS users or Android users there is more chances, new users of clients Forum website click on App icons (Installed by PWA ) again than open browser inside the mobile, remember the website URL and hit the enter. No matter whether PWA support push notifications for particular mobile os or not :) Moreover for just one mobile OS. it is not good idea not to implement for other too. PWA fully supported in Window 10 redstone 4. We can't ignore the billions machine running window 10. Window 10 PWA app would be huge opportunity to keep the website users engage with website. Just imagine clients Forums apps are installed on users PC. Even They don't open browser and enter forum URL, with single push notification you can make users again engage to your website ? More and more adopting the window 10 @Rikki @Matt @Charles Thanks IPB team showing positive response toward IPB mobile apps, Hope You Guys will make it possible very soon :) You guys just make mobile apps i will buy without see the price Tag and i think other members also do the same :) Thanks
  5. IPB is Light Year Ahead from Its Competitors , Best Software purchase of my LIFE !!! Thanks to IPB Team for their Hard Work :)
  6. @Aiwa Majority of Community members are demanding the hybrid solution like PWA not native ones which may IPB team tried but Failed (i don't know IPB team mobile app history) PWA solution require just javascript skills not native one like java and swift which most of web developers already have :) I hope one day one of IPB developer or IPB TEAM hear all of voices and do something for us to compete against Telegram groups, discord server, Facebook Groups, Whatsapp Group and make our communities users more engage to our sities thanks :)
  7. because i am not programmer and IPB expert i am just posting for hope IPB TEAM listen and develop for all community members "THE possibilities, and money to be earned, are limitless! " for IPB Team not for YOU ( @Aiwa) and ME. !!!! If you really "code for Fun" then why not develop some mobile app for IPB and show IPB community how much fun u really have ? Thanks
  8. Hi Guys PWA for WINDOW 10. Just Think Your Forum PWA app installed Your community Memembers window 10 PC :) Possibilities are Limit less ?
  9. @ossipetz Hi :) I visited your site and used the rocket chat it is very cool. i would like to implement same with my community too. My question did u use the IPB out of box or used wohali Oauth server for this ? How Profile pics from your forum IPB imported to rocket CHAT ? I would be highly thankful to u for this Help :) Thanks
  10. Gill

    Mind Theme

    @Heosforo thanks :) hope u will nail it soon ?
  11. Gill

    Mind Theme

    Hi @Heosforo Thanks A Lots for theme it is amazing :) . I m in love with theme especially user profile UX I have one suggestion for next release only if you have enough Time ? Sticky autohide navbar would be nice feature to be part of this theme :) moreover it will take very less time to implemenet with headroom js http://wicky.nillia.ms/headroom.js/ Now no IPB theme has this feature. i will improve the user experience a lots. Now user have to scroll to top to view top bar navigation again. it is very frustrating Again thanks a lots for this amazing theme God Bless U :)
  12. Hi @Firdavs Khaydarov Thanks for reply. I know you spent lots of time on native app solutions and it is quite frustrating when new tech things come out everyday and developer have to learn some of them everyday. Big company can afford to maintain and develop native app solution. But now they are again migrating to web based solutions that more cheap and easy to maintain in long run. I guess you are only developer who know both IPB and Mobile app :) it will take you couple of days to implement PWA for IPB. But revenue stream regarding IPB mobile app is huge :) it would be totally worth for you :) IPB mobile APP would be Gold mine for any developer :) Mark my words Please Help IPB community :)
  13. Happy 4th July :) Love from Canada :) Everyday New and New PWA and mobile app plugins popping out for wordpress and buddy press
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