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  1. Its could be php code using is out of date as the widget works fine and I am using 7.3 php and no issues.
  2. Do have any php added to the widget ?
  3. @Faqole is no longer updating any files and I am supporting all files and updating on my own site due to rules around transferring files.
  4. this how tested added image via article option add test in article box and saved, then clicked clear cache, checked article and image still there have missed any steps.
  5. That very odd if losing images when running this tool as does same as support tool part from loading the form up but I take look later today on test site.
  6. It's only way get show correctly on my app as ips did update.
  7. no problem was not sure if was aware.
  8. @Adriano Faria you have bug with this widget the code using making lot extra width due to ipsGrid but i also found better way display the grouping via change this <ul class='ipsList_inline ipsList_csv ipsList_noSpacing ipsType_normal ipsGrid'> replace with <ul class='ipsList_inline ipsList_csv ipsType_normal'> and get above less space
  9. Well done on taking on JCDEsign's themes

    1. Steph40


      Except for the one theme that I have 😛 

  10. This was one many that sadly could not be transferred to myself due to rules added at very same time.
  11. If any you have paid for the theme i will issue you updated but will need provide screenshot sorry 🙂
  12. If any one owns this theme please contact myself as will be supporting the updates from now on.
  13. I think still getting confused never been more option.
  14. Please explain what mean by more options ?
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