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  1. Pete T

    Classic Blue

    Version 1.0.0


    This is new version of Classic Blue using simple style make your site look different and stand out from the rest this has dropdown menu's that hover over and clean lines this uses all css and very little template changes.


  2. Not sure what issue is i have 7.3 php with 4.4.7 and have no issues topic, posts and every plugin and app works.
  3. Pete T


    This English based site so little unsure what asking.
  4. Widget are differnt to your example the website more based on html vs this would need lot work if could be done, and item i would not look at right now.
  5. I never seen any thing done like this before and believe would be hard in my view.
  6. So guessing when click share would share that post/topics
  7. @Bluto would you like option have a widget or just removed ? as after few mins looking into this i found the template that calls the members widget but was shocked that called by hard coded into main view.php file.
  8. I might look see what can do as club add on getting alot requests or questions on how do items.
  9. Yes IPS aka Rikki did have one but was not supported and believe was removed when IPS did clean up on the files as can't find it.
  10. Have clear your suite cache ? To do this click support via Admin CP - having problem with site and will run the cache tool
  11. IPS did have a version but not sure if it's around but closes one seen is
  12. Only work around would be remove the IPS Focus css for the navigation icons no plugin will over right any theme css.
  13. It will be in the theme itself when click edit you have tab for template and tab for css click the css and you will see custom css might be few its in one them maybe best ask in support topic as don't have accress to any the themes.
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