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  1. I have left to support customers on my paid themes only and little support only needed to slow down.
  2. All this can be done by yourself just tweak all the settings as nothing much to do.
  3. yeah currently on my site but has small bug effect selected sites.
  4. I am unsure if we have new mod ModeratorCP option to remove a selected post or have small bug, but i am unable to remove 1 or 2 topics within a post no idea why reason wanted check did miss new setting first.
  5. Pete T

    Mind Theme

    mine please and list the issues in details the theme version etc.
  6. I am sure have another plugin that does this but do need to check as been major busy.
  7. @clickco tom is no longer the owner of the plugin i will be getting uploaded to here show works for 4.5 but current version works just found time get all information updated.
  8. Pete T

    Mind Theme

    just sent you a PM few seconds ago check that 🙂
  9. its ready but with sadness its not allowed to be added here in the current format i will be working on update soon plan to be ready before November but when i can't 100% say due to working on few themes updates.
  10. Pete T

    Mind Theme

    The mind theme been updated on my site and is ready 4.5.x
  11. again still missing the point ? you showing me the block using custom theme nothing missing.
  12. I never tested the full amount of options as in both text widget and phone widget but all my text did stay with the upgrade, but I always say any client/custom backup first before upgrading just incase.
  13. Did work now correct version number is there ?
  14. @JohnnyUSA2k14 I am unable get your error when installing the file to 4.5.2, i can also confirm that version here is 1.0.1 and i now uploaded 1.0.2 but will be waitting for approval
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