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  1. Please then understand what is going on as can't not see issue on my end one bit.
  2. So far unable to show the message with social media on sign also, can please explain to me what do so make sure can reproduce, what settings do you have in Admin CP, is your theme update to date ? what version invision running ?
  3. I was given 7 names out them 5 had current accress and 2 had expired and out 5 all them have accress to this new download so unless you provide me PM screenshot that match my infomation i been given then yes need buy again.
  4. I bet paid old dev puffysticks correct as that name also not on this list downloads
  5. fully works but then don't see you paid for the theme.....
  6. You sure don't have mins installed at somepoint as should only say hours if using hour version.
  7. Just tested on 4.4.9 and no issues with the problem you just reported, the php toggle turn on and saves go back to settings and toggle still turn on and widget shows in the black manager on front end.
  8. I only played with FA5 few times myself as really like the feel of the icons vs FA4 never noticed the toggle for loading both normal just use css to fix the issues between the to,
  9. All my files can be found here https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/81611-pete-t/content/?type=downloads_file&change_section=1
  10. At moment nope that infomation not in the widget.
  11. I am working on this as part my plans clean up past code that not needed.
  12. Yes I take look but tomorrow as heading bed as have earlier start.
  13. Pop is first one as see works fine I am unable to reproduce this issue as was fixed in 1.0.5
  14. quick sign up standard sign up via domain.com/index.php?/register/
  15. also add this html[dir="ltr"] .cGalleryExif_data li { color: #000; }
  16. only item missed was this .ipsButtonBar .ipsPagination .ipsPagination_pageJump a { color: #fff; } you had this .ipsButtonBar .ipsPagination .ipsPagination_pageJump a { color: #222; } also spotted this .cGalleryLightbox_info { background: #fff; } needs be this .cGalleryLightbox_info { background: #212629; } just add to custom.css or what css using make the custom tweaks.
  17. You sure download 1.0.5 as this has fixed the issue a should only show 1 message not double message.
  18. When click search you get this simple to fix also you got one border correct but other looks odd you need look the text here part from that the theme very good for dark based theme. the page font color is little dark.
  19. Not bad you missed few areas but good job.
  20. .swfLayout_container .swfContent img { opacity: 1; } add that to custom.css see if that will improve the logo.
  21. I care about all my customers paid or free as all just important to me, but like thank you for buying and also providing feedback 🙂
  22. I will take look updating plugin not sure if be this week as my work load been custom theme after custom theme and working with major client needs lots work done for 1st November but will get sorted in my spare downtime.
  23. 1. At moment plugin design just replace only the body text so its limited but if like make changes to the plugin so would target more then the body. 2. believe answer this above so no matter what font have its only the body being targeted. 3. No the plugin design global not per theme can look this via adding custom css into theme. I hope the above answer the question many people have paid for theme but don't really get much feedback from it so very much stayed as very standard plugin and open any feedback and suggestions.
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