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  1. So test done and yes will need minor update not checked beta 3 as been major busy but I sure will be fine on update done do far.
  2. There is one that does both but paid plugin and does few other area also.
  3. That good then 🙂 I need test it first but few plugins already been tested and then look Mind see what i need to do.
  4. depending where download come from if here its very much out dated due to owner has left IPS i have taken on the theme but only been tested for 4.4.9 working on 4.5.x items slowly.
  5. Once removed it need click finish from the block manager.
  6. I thought was working back August? When I last tested work fine in Chrome.
  7. Can't see why unable to translate is this still the same ?
  8. I doubt that would be easy due to way the plugin works via username vs ID number I would look this when and if 4.5 comes.
  9. Version 1.0.9


    Description This app allows you to run elections on your board, good for members who wan't to run for staff positions etc. How it works Admin adds an Organization. Admin then adds the Positions. Admin then adds the Ballot. Admin then adds positions for those Ballot. Admin then adds Nominees for those Positions. Then the Voters vote.
  10. https://invisionfocus.com/file/48-mind/
  11. If downloading theme directly here its outdate and has no support direcly from the old developer, i have update the theme but the update is not here but direcly my own site and run prefectly for 4.4.10.
  12. He has left that why and all item removed before he left due issues around other items. I did require all the files but not sure if looked this file as yet I been so busy client work and other items I not had time, but I will take look later tonight and update you then.
  13. lambdaeverupdated="7"" has nothing in my plugin will display this.
  14. core_widget_areas is where data is stored sorry been busy
  15. Nope was never design for that it transforms the full fonts on the forum.
  16. Not for 4.4. nope will be looked at 4.5.x as we no plans on any updates unless required in terms making plugin broken or unsecure.
  17. You should be able to sort via phpmyadmin
  18. First the plugin is one them if you install it you one that understands the point of the plugin removes notifications, also why would need notification from back years ago ? don't see need make plugin have extra settings if you click it you know what says...
  19. My one only at my own site but unless mistaken believe yours also goes into clubs correct ? if so that would be only difference mine just targets the main forum and turns them into tab style.
  20. Ok I take look making changes to this.
  21. Please then understand what is going on as can't not see issue on my end one bit.
  22. So far unable to show the message with social media on sign also, can please explain to me what do so make sure can reproduce, what settings do you have in Admin CP, is your theme update to date ? what version invision running ?
  23. I was given 7 names out them 5 had current accress and 2 had expired and out 5 all them have accress to this new download so unless you provide me PM screenshot that match my infomation i been given then yes need buy again.
  24. I bet paid old dev puffysticks correct as that name also not on this list downloads
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