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    If you are out there looking in. do come back, you was a master of theme designing.

    Or please release that orian theme even if it's not completed.

  2. Hello,

    I was looking at purchasing your Chocolate theme but it seems it is no longer available for sale.

    Do you plan to restore this theme?


  3. bonjour,

    la version du thème ne fonctionne pas avec la mise à jour ips.

    Pouvez vous m'aider


  4. There are a lot of issues with your theme "Chocolate" if you could come out with an update it would be greatly appreciated

    1. Eric BXL

      Eric BXL

      User: Test
      Password: test

      The password you entered is incorrect! 😞

  5. UtahWeddingForum.com, I have the exact logo size added to the admin side that its showing in photoshop yet on the forum it looks blurry... any idea why? Bugging me lol.

  6. How can we remove the bar below "browse and activity" in mind? so its just a small bar

  7. Heosforo

    Mind Theme

    Hello @ntrivilino@alice.it Sorry the delay 😅 Please would you mind to send me your site URL? (privately if you want) so I can take a look 👍
  8. Hello. Please go to PAGE MANAGEMENT -> Templates -> Database Tickets Records -> Entry Replace all that code with this new one: <div class='ipsGrid ipsGrid_collapsePhone ipsDataItem'> <div class='ipsGrid_span1 ipsType_light ipsType_center ipsPad ipsResponsive_hidePhone'>#{$record->primary_id_field}</div> <div class='ipsGrid_span1 ipsPad'>{$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('db_field_priority')|raw}</div> <div class='ipsGrid_span4 ipsPad ipsType_left'> <div class='ipsPhotoPanel ipsPhotoPanel_tiny'> {template="userPhoto" app="core" group="global" params="$record->author(), 'tiny'"} <div> <div class='ipsType_large' data-ipsTruncate data-ipsTruncate-size='1 lines' data-ipsTruncate-type='remove'><a href="{$record->url()}" data-ipstooltip="" title="{$record->_title}">{wordbreak="$record->_title"}</a></div> <p class='ipsType_reset ipsType_medium ipsType_blendLinks'> {{if $record->canEditTitle()}}{{if $record->unread()}}<i data-ipstooltip="" title='{lang="calperm_perm__reply"}' class="fa fa-commenting-o" aria-hidden="true"></i> {{endif}}{{endif}} {expression="\IPS\Member\Group::load( $record->author()->member_group_id )->formatName( $record->author()->name )" raw="true"} </p> </div> </div> </div> <div class='ipsGrid_span2 ipsPad ipsType_light ipsType_left ipsResponsive_hidePhone'> <a data-ipstooltip="" title='{$record->container()->_title}' href="{$record->container()->url()}">{$record->container()->_title}</a></div> <div class='ipsGrid_span2 ipsPad ipsType_light ipsResponsive_hidePhone'> {{if $record->locked()}}<span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_new ipsBadge_small ipsBadge_icon ipsType_center ipsBadge_warning' data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="locked"}'><i class='fa fa-lock'></i></span> {{endif}} {{if $record->isFutureDate() || $record->mapped('pinned') || $record->mapped('featured') || $record->hidden() === -1 || $record->hidden() === 1 || $record->hidden() === -2}} {{if $record->isFutureDate()}} <span><span class=" ipsBadge ipsBadge_new ipsBadge_small ipsBadge_icon ipsType_center ipsBadge_warning" data-ipsTooltip title='{$record->futureDateBlurb()}'><i class='fa fa-clock-o'></i></span></span> {{elseif $record->hidden() === -1}} <span><span class="ipsBadge ipsBadge_new ipsBadge_small ipsBadge_icon ipsType_center ipsBadge_warning" data-ipsTooltip title='{$record->hiddenBlurb()}'><i class='fa fa-eye-slash'></i></span></span> {{elseif $record->hidden() === -2}} <span><span class="ipsBadge ipsBadge_new ipsBadge_small ipsBadge_icon ipsType_center ipsBadge_warning" data-ipsTooltip title='{$record->deletedBlurb()}'><i class='fa fa-trash'></i></span></span> {{elseif $record->hidden() === 1}} <span><span class="ipsBadge ipsBadge_new ipsBadge_small ipsBadge_icon ipsType_center ipsBadge_warning" data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="pending_approval"}'><i class='fa fa-warning'></i></span></span> {{endif}} {{if $record->mapped('pinned')}} <span><span class="ipsBadge ipsBadge_new ipsBadge_small ipsBadge_icon ipsType_center ipsBadge_positive" data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="pinned"}'><i class='fa fa-thumb-tack'></i></span></span> {{endif}} {{if $record->mapped('featured')}} <span><span class="ipsBadge ipsBadge_new ipsBadge_small ipsBadge_icon ipsType_center ipsBadge_intermediary" data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="featured"}'><i class='fa fa-star'></i></span></span> {{endif}} {{endif}} <span class=' ipsBadge ipsBadge_large ipsType_success'>{$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('db_field_status', 'processed')}</span> </div> <div class='ipsGrid_span2 ipsPad ipsType_light'> <p class='ipsType_reset ipsResponsive_hidePhone ipsType_medium ipsType_light'>{datetime="$record->mapped('date')"}</p> <p class='ipsType_reset ipsResponsive_hideDesktop ipsPos_right ipsType_small ipsType_light'>{datetime="$record->mapped('date')"}</p> </div> </div> 3. You need to edit the ticket to change his status.
  9. Damn, I had forgotten about this topic. If you still need help, please send me an MP and I will gladly do it for you 👍
  10. Hello @TomoEmstories Please go to Theme settings -> Chocolate (tab) -> Add CSS: Add this little CSS: .ipsApp .ipsDataItem_new, .ipsApp .ipsDataItem_success { background-color: #1c1c1f; } Let me know if this helps 👍
  11. @kmk Thanks mate, I will try to make every suggestion, interesting points, thanks a lot 👍
  12. @kmk great mate, I'll do it your requests, thanks really, that helps a lot, please keep doing your sugestions, are great. you will have a nice present
  13. Hello guys 😅 I'm doing some tests, this still needs work, so maybe you wanna take a look and give me some ideas? https://heosforo.com/demo/ (go to footer and select Orion) User: Test Password: test Cheers!
  14. Hello What do you mean with renewal? The support is forever, at least while I'm still alive 😅
  15. Hello @Ezaco I can not reproduce this, have you tried disabling plugins? I could check your site if you want and see if I can reproduce it there, let me know 👍
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