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  1. Heosforo

    65th Birthday Sale

    Happy birthday Sir. 🍻
  2. Heosforo

    Mind Theme

    Hello @Unlucky Please could you show me a live example to take a look? Thanks for reporting 👍
  3. Heosforo

    Chocolate / Support topic

    Hello @Subdreamer Sure, please send me the login details privately.
  4. Heosforo

    Database Tickets / Support

    @MJL Tickets is for your community, has no relation with IPS support. So everything that happens will stay on your website. I think that's what you mean, otherwise please correct me
  5. Heosforo

    Database Tickets / Support

    @MJL Once you have installed Go to: Page Management -> Pages -> Add Page (Page Builder or Manual HTML). Fill the data and once is finish you would be able to add the database when you open te page. If you still can't solve I can do this for you, just send me an admincp access, privately.
  6. Heosforo

    Chocolate / Support topic

    Hello @sirspider Thanks I will update it today. On the image, it was a little fix to show only the text, I'll leave it normal if necessary 👍
  7. Heosforo

    Database Tickets / Support

    Hello @MJL What kind of error does it throw? Just in case, this is not a plugin, is a Pages database and must be installed trought: Page Management -> Databases -> Create new -> Upload database. Let me know if you need help 👍
  8. Heosforo

    Chocolate / Support topic

    Hello @Subdreamer Thanks 1. Please see this doc Remember you must have Pages App installed to use this feature. 2. Information with register and login buttons can be set through Theme settings -> Slider (tab) Let me know if you need anything else 👍
  9. Heosforo

    Mind Theme

    Great 👍
  10. Heosforo

    Mind Theme

    Hello @Realife coil Thanks Please go to: Theme settings -> Mind (tab) -> Add CSS Add this: .cke_wysiwyg_div { min-height: 200px !important; } Let me know if that works.
  11. Heosforo

    Mind Theme

    Theme updated
  12. Heosforo

    Chocolate / Support topic

    Hello @OliverKapunkt Please update, I added a new option: See Theme settings -> Chocolate (tab)
  13. Heosforo

    Chocolate / Support topic

    Hello @KenuFHR Thanks Unfortunately no, they were made with that intention, in fact I try to make a white version, but it looks a bit ugly 🤭
  14. Heosforo

    Mind Theme

    Yes, when you like.
  15. Heosforo

    Mind Theme

    Please check if you have this option enabled: Theme settings -> Mind (tab) I can take a look if you want, let me know Theme updated. - Added URL to buttons (welcome message) - Option to add CSS, see "MInd tab"