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  1. Hi, I was looking for it (I thought it was possible or there was a plugin in the marketplace, but no) and I came across this topic. I wanted to know if there was any new because I find it really useful. I also meet the same problems and it would be really great if it was possible to reorder the images with a custom field 'upload' in Pages. 😉
  2. Thank you @Matt and @Daniel F For tv show here : https://blusteel.fr/tv-show/ Movie : https://blusteel.fr/movie/ I use Pages too for 2 others database ("contest" & "deals" with different design). I think your Pages is very extraordinary and members need it for more. That's why I'm happy to use your ips package on my site and if I say that it's because before I'm newbie with Pages but you can do many without to be a professional in coding html (I just learn many messages on your community, your help guides, download package on marketplace just for understand how work someth
  3. Pages for me too. Very easy and cool to use pages in my community. I have do a Movies & Tv Shows database : Listing tv show (with 2 blocks "top 3" and "just add") : record display : And block forum (carousel with 10 items) Pages is very powerful with infinite possibility, the only limit is your imagination.
  4. Hi @InvisionHQ an option for enable it on mobile ? with number to show in mobile ? It's possible in the future update ? ?
    Perfect +++ Awesome support and beautiful theme +++
    +++ Perfect +++ @Adriano Faria is one of the best dev on this board. Very great plugin ?
  5. Oh... In my forum when I am on a specific forum, and I want use quick search, the search is in all content and not in the forum where I am I have quick search version 2.0.4 (the last version)
  6. +1 it will very good if it's implemented in the quick search
  7. I try to change my skin & logo website : actually : Later (mid-2017 with 4.2 ips update... or before "I don't know yet " )
  8. Sorry, here in english :
  9. @Adriano Faria I have a problem, I just upgrade your app (version and I just upgrade ips with the last version ( and now I can't do nothing (edit, add an award etc...) everytime I have error message :
  10. Hi Ryan, You know if you can add prefix for the lastest topics (widget) on the sidebar ? thanks
  11. How I can translate "awards" in the profil panel in the topic ? (I'm not found in the customization languages) [EDIT] Ok, I found it's in settings Awards
  12. @Cyboman I use ipsbadge formatting (in HTML): Members > group > edit > group formatting : Start <span class="ipsBadge" style="background-color:#b52b38"> End </span>
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