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  1. Hi, I was looking for it (I thought it was possible or there was a plugin in the marketplace, but no) and I came across this topic. I wanted to know if there was any new because I find it really useful. I also meet the same problems and it would be really great if it was possible to reorder the images with a custom field 'upload' in Pages. 😉
  2. Thank you @Matt and @Daniel F For tv show here : https://blusteel.fr/tv-show/ Movie : https://blusteel.fr/movie/ I use Pages too for 2 others database ("contest" & "deals" with different design). I think your Pages is very extraordinary and members need it for more. That's why I'm happy to use your ips package on my site and if I say that it's because before I'm newbie with Pages but you can do many without to be a professional in coding html (I just learn many messages on your community, your help guides, download package on marketplace just for understand how work something and after I just try, try, try, try and again try different thing for to do it). 😉 (sorry for my bad english).
  3. Pages for me too. Very easy and cool to use pages in my community. I have do a Movies & Tv Shows database : Listing tv show (with 2 blocks "top 3" and "just add") : record display : And block forum (carousel with 10 items) Pages is very powerful with infinite possibility, the only limit is your imagination.
  4. scaz


    Hi @InvisionHQ an option for enable it on mobile ? with number to show in mobile ? It's possible in the future update ? ?
  5. scaz

    Origin Theme

    Perfect +++ Awesome support and beautiful theme +++
    +++ Perfect +++ @Adriano Faria is one of the best dev on this board. Very great plugin ?
  6. Oh... In my forum when I am on a specific forum, and I want use quick search, the search is in all content and not in the forum where I am I have quick search version 2.0.4 (the last version)
  7. +1 it will very good if it's implemented in the quick search
  8. I try to change my skin & logo website : actually : Later (mid-2017 with 4.2 ips update... or before "I don't know yet " )
  9. scaz


    Sorry, here in english :
  10. scaz


    @Adriano Faria I have a problem, I just upgrade your app (version and I just upgrade ips with the last version ( and now I can't do nothing (edit, add an award etc...) everytime I have error message :
  11. Hi Ryan, You know if you can add prefix for the lastest topics (widget) on the sidebar ? thanks
  12. scaz


    How I can translate "awards" in the profil panel in the topic ? (I'm not found in the customization languages) [EDIT] Ok, I found it's in settings Awards
  13. @Cyboman I use ipsbadge formatting (in HTML): Members > group > edit > group formatting : Start <span class="ipsBadge" style="background-color:#b52b38"> End </span>
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