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  1. Hi, yes I have gallery but my members usually upload their images direct in a forum topic as an attachment and discuss about their images there. Majority don't use the gallery app. It would be nice to have a feature to display the EXIF data as an overlay or beneath each photo in the forums. Can you please add this feature.
  2. I created this topic seeking for a developer to create and sell an application to achieve this at a reasonable price, but no takers. I now rely on the IPS team who has the knowledge and understandings to implement it for all their customers who're using IPS suit as a photo image forum, which are many.
  3. That's a shame. Do you have contact with him? If so Can you tell @Heosforo to release the Orion theme.
  4. It's over six months and no word from @Heosforo, is he sick, in prison or dead?
  5. Please add feature to display image EXIF data on forum image attachments We need this for Photo and image forums. Example https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4391958 
  6. I just bought this app but its not showing up on my theme it works fine with the default IPS theme but not on my custom theme. I sent you a PM.
  7. could you add option to use png icons instead of FA icons?
  8. Maybe he made a lot of money and gone on vacation in the alps.
  9. Any solution regarding this issue with your plugin?
    Great chat app, and great support. I'm looking forward to the future updates with new features especially chat room feature.
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