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  1. Is it possible to get the items in the nexus block to show full photos. The photos for the items in the shop does not display correctly on the landing page .
  2. Example better layout for commerce shop. bigger item image, with left and right arrows to switch through the item images when open in Lightbox. commerce needs an overall to be more modern looking store.
  3. Is there any way you could code it so I can use this app on any IPS pages. I now realise this can only be used as one landing page main page.
  4. Totally waste of time creating this feature. IPS time could've been spent creating more useful features than this👎
  5. Plus it's kind of none productive releasing a tapatalk like app when there is already tapatalk, which many don't implement to their board.
  6. Plus by posting comments the IPS customers who are more interested in the white label app displays their interest. Some members on here are very rude and pig headed. Just add them to your ignore list. You are right All that would be needed to submit the app to apple is, change IPS branding if needed, pay apple £99 for a developer account and submit the app. A dedicated app for our board would make a positive impact for our community.
  7. True say. A whitelabel should be the first option release to the customers. I don't want to bundle my community with all the other IPS community out there using Central tapatalk like app. A white label is far more professional looking, example having the pop up telling users there is a mobile app when they visit the forum from using a mobile. No need for IPS to lock down the app to a central tapatalk style app, as I guess the white label will only works with IPS community.
  8. Will IPS customer have access to white label app so we can submit to apple ourselves when 4.5 is released?
  9. Too white. Please do not change the admin color or code option to use dark theme. Dark mode is the latest thing now
  10. Are better tester accepted, I signed up for beta test but got no response.
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