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  1. Do you have a demo site I can see for this plugin? Or is anyone using this plugin can send me their site address?
  2. Please do look at it soon I really need this option. Thanks
  3. If you're on self host. Use FTP client or cpanel to upload the 360 folder to your public_html website folder then add iframe with the 360 .html link to a IPS page.
  4. Try running the task manually. APC, advance configuration, click view task. Looks for community map, location sync.Cick the lil play button. Maybe that will fix your issue.
  5. Ahh, that's a shame, I really like this lil plugin.
  6. @InvisionHQ I bought this app, however I can't download it as it's not in 4.6 marketplace. IPS support said there is no review submission pending for the app. Can you check your app review submission and rectify so the app gets listed in the market place ASAP.
  7. Any chance you could update this plugin for 4.6?
  8. beats23

    Mind Theme

    This mind theme is now dead. I don't think it will ever come back with support. @Heosforo left a few years ago, however his user name still has +Clients that means he still pays for IPS suite. So is he really gone, or is he still here.
  9. @IPS_Support. Why submitted apps and plugins are taking very long for 4.6 review. I see some plugins and apps get reviewed and added to the 4.6 market place quicker than others. I wait now almost 2 weeks for you to review plugin and you have not. Can you tell why is this? Is there a queue? Dose some resource jump the queue? My question is for IPS support to respond and not From Know it alls who knows nothing.
  10. It's almost 2 weeks and it's not showing up in the market place fo 4.6. Did IPS reject it?
  11. Why all this insults towards the OP from know it alls who knows nothing. The OP pays for their service and has a right to post their issues on the IPS board without being belittled and insulted for doing so.
  12. I bought this but can't install as I'm on 4.6. Will you update this plugin for 4.6 soon? @Adriano Faria
  13. I ended up paying a developer who created an app which hook the fields I needed into the quick sign up pop up.
  14. I had V2.6.0 installed before I update to IPS 4.6 and it works fine.
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