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  1. I like the uploaded photos section good addition. Can you add option to view photo EXIF data of the uploaded photos ¿
  2. Can you add improvements for photography forums.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I've needed and been asking for this feature for a while, no one cared to create it. Today I had a look in the IPS gallery code, after wrapping my brain around IPS gallery code I figured out how to display the camera lens data on the Lightbox for the IPS gallery app. Now I need to figure out how to display EXIF data on photos uploaded in the forum app. Enjoy


  4. One of the good thing about the virus is, it doesn't matter what race you are, rich or poor it will eat you just the same. The forrest is rank with too may greedy evil people. It need clearing for new growth. Nature is the law.
  5. Could you update the share buttons to include apple mail app, Messages, airdrop, notes and reminder?
  6. I know IPS will never do this, but I write it anyway. Could you redesign the gallery app to look and feel like Redesign the gallery app to look and feel like www.unsplash.com. the Gallery app is clunky slow dated and old fashion. Need a better modern 2020 layout with faster Ajax loading of photos without the ugly Lightbox. example is www.unsplash.com
  7. Maybe IPS should charge to add features to the app. I need EXIF data to show on photos uploaded to the forum.
    Great lil plugin.
  8. Please add https://unsplash.com/ to the code. Thanks.
  9. Is it possible to get the items in the nexus block to show full photos. The photos for the items in the shop does not display correctly on the landing page .
  10. Example better layout for commerce shop. bigger item image, with left and right arrows to switch through the item images when open in Lightbox. commerce needs an overall to be more modern looking store.
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