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  1. I'm getting this error from the plugin. [[Template forums/front/index/simplifiedTopicRow is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.] When I disable the reaction plugin the error goes, can you take a look at it ?
  2. True, we the users need more flexibility in this area. We should be able to place addons dormant separately until we need them without the need to purchase an ad on all over again. Not good.
  3. It's from the Orion theme Heosforo was working on.
  4. @Heosforo I really need this profile page come back.
  5. Good point. When I'm bored and in a nostalgic state of mind, sometimes I hit a Google search for my old usernames, which I used on online boards many from Windows 95 days and before. It's pretty cool to read my old stuff and glance at our discussions from the past and compare it to now. Many of those boards are gone due to admin deaths, some of those boards had a vast amount of valuable data that is nowhere else on the web. A good method used to preserve admin and digital credentials after death is a digital safe example: 1password, then hand the master key to a few close understandable trusted friends or family. I guess big companies have systems set up for these sort of things but is something to think about for the smaller admin individuals, that's if the individuals want their board data to continue to live while they're gone.
  6. Very nice template. I like the category listing effects, the option for displaying snippets of the post and the post's last commenter avatar. I had to move stuff around and edit a few bits on the record display page as I was going for a more trendy look. Maybe in the future, you could add a few other record page display designs to choose from, and an option to display the post author's avatar on the listing grid box, an example in the pic below. All in all, a great template.
  7. Can you also suggest internally an option to be able to set Pages record image field as required, Thanks 😉
  8. Can we have the option for a fallback image URL in legend settings, for database records submitted without a record image. The fallback URL will be used for both the template category listing and the record display Hero image when the record is submitted without a record image. Example:
  9. Could you code this app or make a new app like this for pages database categories?
  10. It seems to be. Hopefully, all is well and he'll be back after a long holiday.
  11. Hi, Is there a method I can use to check if this plugin works with my Mind theme fluid view before I buy?
  12. The theme worked but show errors at the top of the forum, after installing beta 3 the error at the top of the forum page went. I now find that the mind theme won't install to a clean 4.4 beta3 install. A workaround is to make a copy of the Mind theme in IPS 4.3, using IPS's theme settings, then export the Mind copy theme and import it into the 4.4 installs. The only error I see is on the profile page below followers, which can be fixed by reverting to the default flowerer template.
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