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  1. I was about to buy this app, then read I need to submit my site's URL to receive a licence key to us app. Don't really like this method, that's why I left Wordpress. If this change in the future I'll buy.
  2. I would like this too. Having this option for the user is ideal to let them know they have full control of their data and account status is very comforting.
  3. Here are two cool website link trick to use for discouraging members. Type whatever you want in the google box to create a search link, then ad the link to plugin settings. Let Me Google That For You An Example Also, this site. Let Me DuckDuckGo That For You
    Just what I needed to complete my in-house adds system for a multinational board to target my adds via geolocation. Great app. Thanks for coding it.
  4. @MIXOH Any chance you can add this feature to your plugin?
  5. Hi, Please add a feature in the hovercard settings to make fake members stay on for a set time. An example: I can set fake members to stay on for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours or permanent all day all night all year round. Thanks
  6. I'm interested in this app. I need to know, will the default Ips reply notification still work for topics and forums the Live topic app not activated on? when activated? Thanks
  7. If the reCAPTCHA v3 cuts out the time-wasting street signs and stoplights. Please incorporate reCAPTCHA v3 in IPS.
  8. I would be great if the google captcha would show on the contact form to help stop Spam. Ok this feature is already there
  9. @Magnus Lorvik This free plugin by @The Jimmo will show the member ID on the user post and in the profile page. You can also configure it to only show members ID to staff.
  10. Great App, A must have on a 2019 board, reminds me of the facebook save feature. Just one thing, is there a CSS code I can use to hide the bookmark tab on all message on the Private message page? I have both private and public activated in the permission settings. This kind of makes it confusing for users who might think adding a private message to their bookmark as public will actually show the PM to the public. If possible in later updates can you code it so the public option does not show when adding PM bookmarks? Thanks
  11. beats23

    Black Friday Sale!

    I miss this sale, Other than Black Friday sale are there any other dates/season stuff goes on sale during the year?
  12. Ha' Just realise the gif is part of the IPS. Kool stuff
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