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Need some info about Amazon s3

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My site data has now grown. I have two options. Move to a bigger hosting plan or offload to Amazon S3. 

If I offload all files, data, and images to Amazon s3.

  1. Will it affect my Google Image links?
  2. Will links for photos in Google and other search engine still work?
  3. Or will my site need to be re-indexed by Google?
  4. Is there any negative side effects from doing this?
  5. Will all the local data automatically be deleted after moving to Amazon s3?



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If the files are moved, then those files would no longer be located in the places they were indexed. So items such as google image search, if they were direct links to the images, would indeed be affected. Files are removed from local after a successful move by the system, unless you choose to move items manually and select that you have done so. In that scenario it would be up to yourself to remove the old images

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