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  1. No problems for me when using MacOS with Safari or Chrome.
  2. It should have happened immediately after he said he created it. Have you checked your spam folder to make sure it did not get caught up in a filter somewhere?
  3. Tested from my Mac laptop on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox without issues. 🙂
  4. It’s not happening on my mobile either via safari or chrome. Will check from my laptop once I get home.
  5. When this happened to me it was due to a permission error. Do guests have access to the page?
  6. My guess is you’re running into an issue with content security policies which prevents your site from being embedded into third party sites Search the admin CP for: Allow community to be embedded in an iframe You might need to change from the default X-Frames-Options which allows content to be linked from just your domain to a custom Content Security Policy. You can Google how to generate a custom CSP header that you can paste into that section when you choose the option.
  7. FYI. In order to install the certificate, it has to be installed into the web server itself. Meaning within IPS servers like Apache or NGINX or whatever they use. Any very that you deployed was not actually working as it should be since the only ones who could install it would be IPS. Part of CiC includes the same capabilities provided with CF including object caching (CDN) and bot filtering. Adding another layer can cause issues such as JS not rendering correctly, or CiC blocking random CF IP addresses since they one or two CF IPs would be reaching out to CiC making it look like a DDoS attack. You’re paying for a managed service when using CiC. If you really do want to just play around with this kind of stuff you’re better off self hosted.
  8. I've had a LOT of spam registrations from both China and Russia. It got to the point where I finally used the Cloudflare WAF to deny traffic from those two countries.
  9. Just to add an additional perspective… I’ve run all releases of 4.6 since it’s release with no issues. I’ve generally had new versions applied within 24 hours and the most that I’ve had to do was flush the system cache.
  10. If the above suggested steps have not worked, have you also tried rebuilding your caches from inside the AdminCP?
  11. It was most likely a system cache that updated. Next time just go into the ACP and have it rebuild caches. That fixed my issue.
  12. Force it to rebuild from the achievements settings area. 🙂
  13. Compatibility for the file is marked as 4.3 and 4.4. So if you’re running 4.5 or 4.6, it’s most likely excluded it as it’s not known to be compatible.
  14. Think of rank as of "quantity" recognization. It's the number of content items you post, the amount of replies, the number of likes you give, etc. Reputation is recognization for "quality". It's the number of positive reactions to a member's content from other members.
  15. Someone is assigned or is part of a specific member group. (Such as a Contributors group, or Publisher group, etc.) Someone makes a purchase. (Existing rules are for Subscriptions or recurring subscriptions.) Someone makes a donation. Add photo is already included... add "New Content Item Is Posted" and set "Its a Gallery Image". (You could also do one for an album.) I love specific date, as there are certain big events that have happened.... the day we converted to IPB, a day that we recovered from a large outage, etc. Giving a "survivor" badge would be fun for members as of X date.
  16. I just checked my self-hosted license and it displays "/ 6 months". By any chance are you using CiC? Given the 105 price point matching the 6 month renewal price for all applications, I'm assuming not, but just covering the bases.
  17. Awesome plugin! With the release of 4.6, I'm noticing some issues with badges on the notifications page... Could you help by any chance please? Thanks!
  18. Delete all of the available ranks. To keep new points from being accumulated, edit the rules to remove things that add rank points so it stays at zero.
  19. Can you create a separate set of credentials with your merchant provider and limit those credentials to test mode only?
  20. You can do this outside of IPB through the use of robots.txt. Some examples of robots.txt blocking bots can be found at: https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/website/how-to-stop-search-engines-from-crawling-your-website/
  21. Invision Community represents what I've looked for in community management software for nearly a decade. Simple/intuitive content management - CHECK Powerful member management tools - CHECK Robust engagement capabilities - CHECK Ability to extend built-in capabilities via API - CHECK I can now easily deliver a fully dynamic and engaging user experience to my members from within a single tool. Rob STSF.net
  22. Out of curiosity... what is the URL? If you're getting a mix-mode error message, we should be able to tell you what is causing it. Having a link pointing to HTTP instead of HTTPS should not cause a browser warning. Most likely it's an embedded piece of content like a CSS file or a JS file like an analytics tracker.
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