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  1. 4.2.6 - Is Redis now the better option?

    Like I said all I know was when I had bad info in there when setting up Memcached my site wouldn't load so I'm figuring it must be working since it's loading. Maybe Matt or Lindy will confirm one way or the other. I wish there was a way to test.
  2. 4.2.6 - Is Redis now the better option?

    This is how I have it setup and have the constants.php file uploaded and my site is loading and working with no problem. As you can see it's running as a socket and no port number defined and no server password either. When I was trying to setup Memcached and had incorrect vales in the constants.php file my site would not load at all. Would just be a blank white screen. So I don't know what to tell you other than what I am showing you in the screen shot and the fact my site is loading and actually working.
  3. 4.2.6 - Is Redis now the better option?

    Same way I did with memcache. Copied the info my host uses for socket and pasted it in the area for the IP address and saved uploaded the constants.php file. Keep in mind I’m assuming it’s working because my site is actually loading and loading pretty quickly. I’m assuming if you have bad info in the constants.php file your site won’t load at least mine didn’t when I was trying to get memcache to work before.
  4. 4.2.6 - Is Redis now the better option?

    As far as I’m aware of I’m using Redis as a socket with no port defined. My hosting provider runs both memcache and Redis as a socket.
  5. Our Picks Homepage - Supporttopic

    I’m sure the forum still works it’s just not the first thing that pops up when you type the url of your site in. I seriously doubt this application crashes your forum. I’m guessing right now your forum is probably set as default so it loads when someone goes to your site. When you set this as default this will be what people see first sorta like a landing page but I’m sure your forums are still working you’ll just need to add /forums/ to the end of your domain name and there will also be a link in the navigation that says Forum probably under the Browse heading.
  6. Caffeine by ThemeTree

    Awesome theme and even more awesome support. Was having issues that I thought was a bug (which turned out to be user error and a small bug) and @Brian A. got me all sorted out. Loving how the theme is looking on my site.
  7. Kraken.io is fairly cheap and works great used their service with an addon for xF. Hopefully something will come out for IPS soon.
  8. (NB41) Topic Cover

    Then go under Applications and install there then. Plugins install with an xml file and applications install with a tar file.
  9. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    I'll be surprised if they keep y'alls coach after this year. That QB they started Saturday looks like he could be a good one just need a better coach to develop him. Anyways I run a college football site myself but mine is for all Power 5 teams. My site Nice site. Not much of a NFL watcher especially with all the kneeling during the National Anthem going on. As a veteran of two branches of the military to me it's like a slap in the face, Back on topic it would be nice to see this app updated to work with the newer version of IP.
  10. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Pretty nice site.
  11. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    See y’all October 21st. Mind if I take a look at your site?
  12. Support Tickets - Let me reopen tickets

    This would be nice.
  13. Level up in speed site - 2 s

  14. Thanks to Daniel F for great support :)

    True but that’s with anything really but so far I’ve had good luck.
  15. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    @Volstate a little off topic but with your username does it mean you’re a Vols fan or you’re from the Volunteer State?