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  1. That’s fine as 4.5 is what I’m using.
  2. Would it be possible to add into the basic editor a spot where you can add the FA code to add FA icons to prefixes? I know I had suggested this earlier but not sure if you saw it or responded to it.
  3. You know you can rearrange that right? This isn’t the only addon that puts itself at the top.
  4. Yeah my site only deals with the Power 5 conferences so it would still be helpful
  5. Sounds like good ideas to me. It would be awesome if there was some kind of API out there that would let you auto populate all games based on a certain criteria like certain conferences or teams and take care of adding the scores in at the end of the games. That could incorporate with this addon.
  6. That sucks but you’ll have it for next year. How about adding features for the college football playoffs?
  7. As long as it doesn’t affect college football season I’m ok. It’s the only sport I care about.
  8. The flu has way more people that contract it in a single year in the US than the coronavirus has of recorded cases currently worldwide. So yes the death rate may be a higher but look at the statistics. Most people that die from the coronavirus are those that are elderly or those with an already comprised immune system. The flu doesn’t discriminate it kills old and young and has way more reported cases every year than just about any other illness. It’s funny that doctors are saying it’s not that bad but yet people believe the media. The reason it is as bad as it is is for that reason.
  9. @Davyc it’s called panic buying. Just like how in the southern part of the US where they don’t get much snow when the weather man/woman mentions snow flurries they panic and flock to the local grocery store and buy as much milk and bread as possible. It’s the same mentality. Fear of something makes people do crazy things they wouldn’t normally do. My wife and I buy toilet paper in bulk at a store that sells items in bulk but we also buy paper towels the same way because it’s cheaper and a pack usually lasts us 4-6 months so I don’t understand either why they are bulk buying 5-6 packs
  10. But educating people doesn’t get their ratings up which in turn leads to more money in advertising. Inciting panic does which is why the media does what it does. The reason they are buying out toilet paper or loo rolls as you call them is in case the government or whatever mandates a home quarantine.
  11. The media loves to cause panic. The more panic the better their ratings and the more money they get from advertisers because they know people are watching. @TheJackal84 hit it right on the head you need to worry more about the flu than the coronavirus.
  12. He said it should be included in the next version that I believe he said would be out this week. It was supposed to have been in the most recent version but forgot to add it to his suggestion tracker or something like that.
  13. No worries. We all get busy and things slip our minds. Thank you for adding my suggestions.
  14. @Makoto I thought you mentioned this feature would be included in 1.6.0 but it’s not in 1.7.0 just curious when this will be implemented? Not fussing or anything just curious is all.
  15. Well my site is still totally a work in progress but I would like some feedback. I love college football (American Football) and so my site is geared towards what is called “The Power 5” which are the 5 major conferences in NCAA football. Americans will know what I’m referring to. So here is the link and let me know what you think https://www.power5fb.com I’m working on getting the framework of the site where I invision it to be then I’ll be working on content. You’ll notice I’m using the tabbed forums addon and my content related to the conferences and schools is in the fi
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