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  1. That’s fine as 4.5 is what I’m using.
  2. Would it be possible to add into the basic editor a spot where you can add the FA code to add FA icons to prefixes? I know I had suggested this earlier but not sure if you saw it or responded to it.
  3. You know you can rearrange that right? This isn’t the only addon that puts itself at the top.
  4. Yeah my site only deals with the Power 5 conferences so it would still be helpful
  5. Sounds like good ideas to me. It would be awesome if there was some kind of API out there that would let you auto populate all games based on a certain criteria like certain conferences or teams and take care of adding the scores in at the end of the games. That could incorporate with this addon.
  6. That sucks but you’ll have it for next year. How about adding features for the college football playoffs?
  7. As long as it doesn’t affect college football season I’m ok. It’s the only sport I care about.
  8. He said it should be included in the next version that I believe he said would be out this week. It was supposed to have been in the most recent version but forgot to add it to his suggestion tracker or something like that.
  9. No worries. We all get busy and things slip our minds. Thank you for adding my suggestions.
  10. @Makoto I thought you mentioned this feature would be included in 1.6.0 but it’s not in 1.7.0 just curious when this will be implemented? Not fussing or anything just curious is all.
  11. That’s actually a really awesome idea so I +1 this idea and would like to see it implemented. Just curious when the next version that has enhancements to the basic editor will be available. No rush just wondering is all. You’ve made an awesome application @Makoto and look forward to see the full potential of it.
  12. Wow that’s something you don’t see many developers doing. I commend you for this. Makes me want to buy more addons from you when I have the money and see one I really want.
  13. As I stated I’m just now getting the site up and going. So I’ve just now started adding content.
  14. Just started working on my site but I’m using the addon and you can see it in use. https://www.power5fb.com/forum/2-sec/
  15. Awesome thank you for looking into adding multiple prefixes and thank you for adding my other suggestions into the next release.
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