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  1. Upgrade your video card gramps (I'll sell you one of my old 970's)
  2. Thankfully it was just a simple matter of uninstalling/reinstalling and automatically porting my old configuration over 😛 I've tinkered with it a bit, it's quite neat, though I still doo most of my coding in landscape mode right now.
  3. I didn't even realize I was so behind on updates hahaha. I'm guessing it's because I nuked JetBrains Toolbox from automatically starting and now it's so far behind it won't even auto-update, Thanks for pointing that out 😄
  4. Amusingly I just recently sold my ultrawide monitor for a 27" 4k monitor. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078GRM2MV/ I love it. Coding on this thing is wonderful, text is super crisp and sharp. Also, this thing can literally be turned into a portrait monitor in seconds. Coding on a massive 4k portrait monitor is quite a spectacle, hahah. It can be very nice when working on massive single-file libraries and the likes.
  5. Yes, I use a curved monitor. I think they're rather pointless for TV's, since you're sitting so far away from them that the curve would probably look more awkward than anything. For desktop monitors ,however, a curved ultrawide monitor is great.
  6. The new attachment links are absolutely lovely.

    test.html test.txt test.zip

  7. On that note, thank you for this. Detailed change logs will make things easier on everyone moving forward, for sure.
  8. Now I'm curious, what was the comment? lol
  9. @Kevin Carwile since you'll be taking over this app, The $container parameter in tagsFormField() can by definition be NULL, but this applications hook does not account for that. Here's a simple patch to fix this in order to prevent compatibility issues with other third-party applications or future IPS updates. container_is_null.patch
  10. There are indeed some known issues with the editor in 4.3. I have a bug report open highlighting some mobile specific issues. I don't know if Rikki and the team are familiar with all the issues you demonstrated in the above video, however, so.. pokes @Rikki
  11. Important notice if you are currently using the Advanced Favicons application:


  12. This is just an update with 4.4 coming around. As the features and functionalities of the Advanced Favicons application are being integrated into core in the next major release of IPS, support for this application will subsequently be discontinued after this point. If you are using this application on your site, you will want to uninstall it prior to upgrading to IPS 4.4 to avoid conflicting with IPS' new native Application Manifest support. For more information on this feature, please refer to IPS' blog post here: Though the repository will be archived after 4.4 is released, the source code for this application has now been made public for academic use (if anyone wishes).. https://dev.taiga.sh/makoto/IPS-Advanced-Favicons
  13. What about it isn't smooth on IPS4?
  14. Looks neat, though it does feel like you're trying to reinvent the wheel a bit. Having something with full IPS integration could be useful to some though; good luck with it!
  15. Yep, it is very annoying and blatantly illegal in the United States (at least in some states, if not all.) It's false advertising. You can't advertise false sales like that here. Naturally some people will do it anyways, thinking they can get away with it. Generally smaller stores/companies. But major retail chains have been caught doing it as well, and gotten in trouble over it. https://www.nbcnews.com/business/consumer/jcpenney-sears-macy-s-kohl-s-sued-fake-sale-pricing-n694101
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