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  1. Hi @hjmaier, I'm afraid I can't reproduce this issue locally, so I'll need you to provide me with temporary AdminCP access on your forum in order to further diagnose this issue. Can you please send me a PM here to continue troubleshooting?
  2. That's great for you, but to quote your own words, what works for you doesn't necessarily work for others. It doesn't matter what works for you. If this ever got an official implementation, this is the way it would work without any debate. Period. Sure, in that case just adding webp as a supported image format for manual upload would be all you need/want? Then you can manually compress and upload images however you want. That's fine. I support that. You're welcome.
  3. No, but where in IPS exactly are you utilizing this? This is a very rare scenario, and there's nothing in IPS that produces dynamic images like this, so you must be using a third-party application for this, right? Which means it would be more the responsibility of the third-party application developer to implement WebP support anyways. You would have to store both the 10mb PNG and the 5mb webp file, so you're increasing your image storage consumption by 50% or more in this case, give or take depending how well your images are optimized on average. WebP is not supported on most Safari v
  4. Such as? Can you link me some examples? CloudFlare won't convert images to WebP if the filesize would be larger or there would otherwise be no benefit gained. You can check the reason an image hasn't been "polished" or converted by reading the headers CloudFlare sends with the request. I've never seen any issues using it myself. What do you mean by "optimize the compression" as well? You can configure the quality level for lossy compression, but otherwise there's nothing you can or need to really "optimize". My stance remains that CDN's are still a significantly better solution.
  5. You should be able to do this in the latest release! Do you not see the options present? You can technically do this using the advanced tag editor by just leaving the HTML empty, or adding style="display:none;" to the tags HTML element. But this is an interesting idea, I'll see about implementing it officially to the standard customization wizard as well!
  6. My application linked above by @Paul E. does indeed handle this. In addition to being able to block registrations from disposable e-mail addresses, it supports detecting e-mail aliases from GSuite / GMail using the dot (foobar@gmail.com / foo.bar@gmail.com) syntax, as well as the plus alias syntax (foo@gmail.com / foo+bar@gmail.com). I foresaw this being a potential for abuse long ago and implemented these measures to protect against them before it became commonplace 😉
  7. He probably found his answer by now, I imagine 😛 The most important thing is to ensure you have "trust proxy IP's" enabled and ensure your server is set up to only accept requests from Cloudflare. How you handle the latter part will vary a bit depending on your specific server environment.
  8. You should be presented with an option to migrate tags over once you install Radical Tags if it detects Advanced Tags and Prefixes is present. I'm happy to help you with the migration process if you need it, just send me a message here!
  9. Thank you very much for the kind words, I really appreciate it!
  10. Hey @livegames.co.il! You can, sure! You'll just need to use the advanced editor and add in some custom HTML code to embed the image yourself, but I do utilize image icons myself on one of my communities and can provide an example HTML snippet you can use for this if needed! You do not have to renew to continue using the application, only for updates and continued support. If you do not renew after 6 months, the current version you have will still continue to function as normal.
  11. Did you just recently migrate from ATP to Radical Tags? You may have some NULL / empty tag entries in your database if so. If you can send me a DM and set me up with ACP access I can take a look and get it resolved for you. You should also be able to click on prefixes to go to the tag search page without issue, if this is not working I'd try running the support tool first and see if this clears up any issues.
  12. WebP is amazing for lossless image compression (or rather, maybe you could say PNG is just really bad), but for lossy compression it's a bit iffy. It can sometimes beat out jpeg while preserving the same quality level but it's a hit or miss in my experience.
  13. Hey @ekforum! Support for group restricted tags will hopefully be coming in the next major release of the application.
  14. My stance is if you want WebP support, just use a good CDN service like CloudFlare. It's a much more sensible solution. CloudFlare converts images to WebP, optionally performing only lossless or lossy compression, ensures WebP images are only served to clients that support it, and requires absolutely no additional processing power or storage on your end. The same can be done with other reputable CDN services I believe. If you are bare metal and absolutely don't want to use Cloudflare or so on, there is also mod_pagespeed as mentioned above.
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