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  1. @Ocean West thanks for the report and sorry for the inconvenience! I've confirmed the issue on blog pages and will be applying a fix soon.
  2. Hey ImpartialGeek! I sent you a response on Discord. I'm happy to look into this for you and help you get everything set up properly whenever you're next available! It looks like something is just misconfigured somewhere and it should be easy enough to fix once I'm able to get a look at your current configuration.
  3. With the current paid club system, the only way to restrict access to the clubs content to paid members only is to make the club Closed. This, however, requires members be manually approved by a moderator before they're able to join, This otherwise works as intended. Even after approval, members are not allowed to access the clubs content until they pay their invoice. However, if the club is Open, anyone can view the clubs content whether they are a member (subscribed) or not. The problem here is, there is currently no way to make a paid club that requires membership without also requiring manual moderator approval of members. You either make it open where anyone can pay to join the club without moderator approval and give everyone access to all the clubs content whether they're subscribed or not (generally ruining the point of a paid membership), or make it a closed system and create an unnecessary burden on both the members and the club owner/sites moderation team by having to "approve" members before they can pay their invoice to join.
  4. Yes, Discord Sign-in/account integration is currently a feature being worked on, but at the moment it's just guest based. Experimental SSO (IPS integration) support might be added in the future for self-hosted instances as well.
  5. Unfortunately, you can't force all spider's to behave properly.
  6. This is the support/feedback topic for the Discord Chat Client application, If you run into any issues or have any suggestions or concerns, let me know here!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    A fully functional Discord chat widget for your IPS community! Discord Client integrates a fully featured Discord chat client into your website in the form of a “Crate” (a widget activated by clicking a Discord icon at the bottom of your screen), or embedded directly into your site via Widgets. You can also embed the chat client on IP.Content pages, allowing you to create and customize dedicated chat pages on your community if you so desire! Members of your community will not even need a Discord account to use the widget. All they have to do is pick a name and start chatting. Demo Easy step-by-step configuration configuring.mp4 Configurable drag-and-drop widgets widget.mp4 You can find a live demo of the applications Create widget on our demo site:https://www.taiga.sh/ And a demo of the embedded client here:https://www.taiga.sh/discord-chat/


  8. I had to try so hard not to burst out laughing. You just made my day, thank you.
  9. I believe I would be arrested for indecent exposure if I walked outside of my apartment without pants.
  10. They've already answered you. And I provided you an even more detailed explanation on why this directive is not necessary and in many cases should not be relied on at all, You often-times post these things based off what random website scanners tell you and try and argue developers to death when they explain to you why what you read online is not necessarily true, and it becomes rather annoying after a while.
  11. I'm sorry but I really don't have any more time or patience to go back and forth like this with someone who bases all their knowledge off of what random online website scanning tools say and can't actually take the time to research or try and understand what those directives actually mean or what they are for.
  12. Correction, IPS utilizes X-Frame-Options by default and provides CSP as a secondary option for communities that need it. Anything else?
  13. It's not an opinion, it's a matter of fact. IPS utilizes Content-Security-Policy headers in place of X-XSS-Protection by default (though you can explicitly disable these, it is strongly discouraged). There is nothing to "fix." No matter how much you repeat that. It's working as intended. X-XSS-Protection is not necessary on modern browsers when CSP is utilized, which it is on IPS. You probably just read this off one of the hundreds of random automatic website scanners you use all the time and think because it reported this header was missing IPS absolutely must use it, without actually understanding what the header does or why it is not actually used. Funnily enough, not only is X-XSS-Protection flawed and prone to being bypassed, enabling X-XSS-Protection can and has introduced new security vulnerabilities in the past, and even Facebook has had to disable it due to a bug that allowed attackers to hijack your account. So please read up on things before you complain that IPS is not doing their jobs properly or that their code is broken, when it is in fact working exactly as it should.
  14. Then use a plugin as @bfarber stated, or utilize something like headers-more in Nginx if you really want. It's not something IPS is going to help you with for the reasons reiterated above several times. It should not be edited in the core software because it already is correct. This is intended behavior. If you want to change it, you'll have to figure out how to do it yourself and live with the reality that you'll be breaking core functionality in the software and will not get support when that happens.
  15. Fair enough, but then it would change when previewing previous months winners and such too, no?
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