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  1. This is the official support / feedback thread for the Attachment Download Restrictions application.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Attachment Download Limits For communities making heavy use of forum attachments, bandwidth costs can quickly become an issue. With IP.Downloads, you are able to restrict how many downloads members can make in a set time period to alleviate this. However, with forum attachments, no such feature exists. That's where this application comes in. Attachment Download Limits is an application that enables you to easily restrict how many attachment downloads set member groups can make per day, just as you can with IP.Downloads file submissions! Note: Restrictions can not be applied to image attachments, only regular file attachments. Main Features ✔ Group Restrictions Download limits can be configured on a per-group basis, so different groups can have different (or no) download limits. ✔ Custom Error Messages Particularly useful for communities that make use of a premium membership system; this way you can easily provide an upgrade link to members that exceed their download limits. ✔ Customizable Templates For more advanced users, the error pages are templated so you can edit and customize it however you like! ✔ IP Address Logging Review the number of attachment downloads for members and individual IP addresses in the ModCP and AdminCP IP address tools. ✔ Guest Support Guest downloads can also be restricted! For guests, the downloads are simply limited by the users IP address.


  3. Yep. My account deactivation application supports grace periods for account deletion request as well. Additionally, during the grace period the account is considered deactivated and the only way the user can access the account again is to abort the deletion request on login. This can also be combined with required moderator approval (where the grace period starts after a request has been approved).
  4. Personal information from their profile, maybe. But deleting all of their posts and everything else, I doubt it. I even have a specific clause in my Terms of Service to act as a protection against such claims, It's a bit aggressive, but it leaves no room for dispute or argument.
  5. Yes, my account deactivation application is one of the applications I've sunk the most time into. It is very comprehensive and prioritizes features to prevent abuse or "hacked" account deletions as @Lindy referenced. It's written with extensive testing and such in mind as well, which is run with every new release to ensure all of the security features remain working properly with every update. It sounds like a simple enough feature to add, but it takes a lot of care and work to ensure it's done properly and safely.
  6. Hi Makoto, how are you? Please can you send me the files for the module you developed for me? I could really do with them!

    1. Makoto


      Hey Tait! I'm doing okay. I sent a reply to your PM Monday but forgot to give you a ping here!

    2. Tait Pollack_19680

      Tait Pollack_19680

      Thanks, I just replied. I appreciate you coming back to me please let's finish the project so I can get the store live on www.metalforum.com.

    3. Tait Pollack_19680

      Tait Pollack_19680

      Also as an aside - are you on MAL? My username there is dilatedMind

  7. Gallery Enlargement

    Version 1.0.0


    By default, I've always found the gallery to be a bit small for my tastes. This becomes exceedingly evident when using Clubs, as the additional header for the club title and information forces the gallery to shrink even more by default. This plugin allows you to finely tune the size of your Galleries responsive image preview box. The simplest way to do this (and how I personally opt to use it) is to disable the default methods which subtract the height of the navigation menu and image scope, and instead set a custom base image height as you so desire. This is exceptionally useful for sites that host comics, manga, or other images that need to be large enough for members to be able to read text in the images.


  8. Reactions +2 reputation?

    Just because it didn't make it this release doesn't mean they aren't working on it
  9. I'm curious, what do you consider an "exorbitant" amount? I recently purchased an excellent theme from @OsmanK for only $30. I would have happily paid twice that.
  10. Liva 4.2 & by IPSMake

    This is presently my favorite theme in the IPS marketplace. It's clean, flat and easy to navigate. I love themes that offer custom header backgrounds with overlays as this one does - they let you easily give your site a unique quality with minimal effort. The settings for this theme are pretty extensive and the only thing I really find lacking in this regard is the ability to toggle the sticky header on and off. But if you're already familiar with theming in IPS4, disabling this manually is as easy as removing the custom Javascript snippet that toggles it. Everything else is easily configurable in the theme settings. As a general rule of thumb, if you are not using a boxed layout, I would strongly recommend disabling the page background setting. I have found that this setting alone has a significant impact on page performance (to the point it causes significant scroll lag on my Surface Book), even though it is normally not visible unless you are using a boxed layout. But overall, an excellent and super clean theme at a very good value - these are the types we need more of here.
  11. Account Deactivation and Sendfile are passing all tests for IPS 4.2 👍



    Please contact me if you run into any issues!

  12. Anime convention / cosplay photos

    Thanks for the feedback ^^! I just got back from another comic-con like convention here this weekend: https://niveous.pixieset.com/raleighsupercon2017/
  13. Power Tools

    Version 1.0.0


    Power Tools Introduction Power Tools is a third party command line utility for Invision Power Suite developers. It aims to aid in development by packaging several useful command line script and applications together in one easy to use application. Installation If you are on Linux, there is an optional executable included in the release package which you can extract and copy to /usr/local/bin for convenience. Otherwise, just extract the included ptools.phar file to the directory of your IPS installation. Then, from your terminal window, navigate to the applications directory and run ptools.phar as you would any other PHP script from the command line, $ php ptools.phar Power Tools version 0.2 Usage: command [options] [arguments] Options: -h, --help Display this help message -q, --quiet Do not output any message -V, --version Display this application version --ansi Force ANSI output --no-ansi Disable ANSI output -n, --no-interaction Do not ask any interactive question -v|vv|vvv, --verbose Increase the verbosity of messages: 1 for normal output, 2 for more verbose output and 3 for debug Available commands: classmap Generate a map of error codes for classes in an IPS application help Displays help for a command list Lists commands tinker Launches an interactive shell interpreter for an IPS installation generate generate:activerecord Generates an Active Record boilerplate class generate:content-comment Generates a Content Comment boilerplate class generate:content-item Generates a Content Item boilerplate class generate:content-node Generates a Content Node boilerplate class proxy proxy:regen (Re)generates all proxy classes for the application Features Tinker Tinker is one of Power Tools most.. well, powerful features! The name tinker was inspired by Laravel's own "tinker" command, and it essentially operates in the same manner. Both are powered by PsySH, an application that provides an extremely powerful PHP REPL for your applications. Stop making your life difficult by executing arbitrary code in random modules for testing, or worse yet, actually trying to use the native PHP CLI interpreter. Need to test if your Item class is working correctly? Just pop into the REPL and give it a whirl! Everything in the tinker shell essentially works as your application does when run through the web browser. You can even get documentation on class methods right from within the interpreter, PsySh is a truly awesome tool. To learn more about it and all the features it offers you, check it out on PsySh.org. Proxy Classes Due to IPS 4.x's monkey-patching based framework, several useful features of your IDE will be rendered non-functional (suggestions, code completion, etc). This command generates proxy classes for your your IDE (including support for 3rd-party applications), so it will be able to properly reference IPS' classes regardless of monkey-patching. The proxy class generator can even automagically generate property mappings to all your database columns! Class Generators Power Tools comes with several powerful and fully featured class generators for IPS Nodes, Items, Comments and generic Active Record classes. These generators take care of all the necessary boilerplate for you automatically. For example, generating a new Content Item class is as simple as running a single command and following the on-screen input prompts: <?php namespace IPS\induction\Test; /* To prevent PHP errors (extending class does not exist) revealing path */ if ( !defined( '\IPS\SUITE_UNIQUE_KEY' ) ) { header( ( isset( $_SERVER[ 'SERVER_PROTOCOL' ] ) ? $_SERVER[ 'SERVER_PROTOCOL' ] : 'HTTP/1.0' ) . ' 403 Forbidden' ); exit; } class _Item extends \IPS\Content\Item { /** * @brief Application */ public static $application = 'induction'; /** * @brief Module */ public static $module = 'induction'; /** * @brief Database Table */ public static $databaseTable = 'induction_items'; /** * @brief Database Prefix */ public static $databasePrefix = ''; /** * @brief Multiton Store */ protected static $multitons; /** * @brief [ActiveRecord] ID Database Column */ public static $databaseColumnId = 'id'; /** * @brief Default Values */ protected static $defaultValues = NULL; /** * @brief Node Class */ public static $containerNodeClass = NULL; /** * @brief Comment Class */ public static $commentClass = NULL; /** * @brief Review Class */ public static $reviewClass = NULL; /** * @brief Database Column Map */ public static $databaseColumnMap = array( 'container' => 'category_id', 'author' => 'author_id', 'views' => 'views', 'title' => 'title', 'content' => 'content', 'num_comments' => 'num_comments', 'last_comment' => 'last_comment', 'last_comment_by' => 'last_comment_by', 'last_comment_name' => 'last_comment_name', 'last_review' => 'last_review', 'date' => 'date', 'updated' => 'updated', 'approved' => 'approved', 'approved_by' => 'approved_by', 'approved_date' => 'approved_date', 'pinned' => 'pinned', 'featured' => 'featured', 'locked' => 'locked', 'ip_address' => 'ipaddress' ); /** * @brief Title */ public static $title = NULL; /** * @brief Icon */ public static $icon = 'file'; /** * @brief [Content] Key for hide reasons */ public static $hideLogKey = NULL; /** * @brief Form Lang Prefix */ public static $formLangPrefix = 'induction_'; /** * @brief Reputation Type */ public static $reputationType = 'id'; } Class Mapping The classmap command maps unique ID numbers to your applications class files. These ID numbers are then stored and maintained for use in error codes. By maintaining and actively using a proper error code scheme, you can easily and transparently map the location of errors that are triggered in production. For more information on this feature, refer to the original Classmap script.


  14. Reactions +2 reputation?

    I like this idea. You could take it a step further and allow restricting specific reactions to member groups, so high ranking members could give a unique award like reaction to a post with an extra boost in reputation to go with it.
  15. Currently, there's no way to follow custom activity streams outside of using RSS readers. I think this would be a useful and extremely powerful addition to the suite. By allowing members to follow their activity streams, people can easily create custom streams for just gallery images or file submissions from their favorite authors, for example; or follow content containing specific tags of interests and so on.