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  1. Are you using PHP or nginx sendfile to process downloads?
  2. Are you getting any errors or just not seeing the download buttons anymore?
  3. An update has been pushed out adding support for additional features and hopefully resolving the issues mentioned above, Let me know if you run into any problems with this update or if there's any other features you'd like to see that haven't been ported over yet.
  4. On mobile, imagine this as a bullet-point list of ideas/suggestions. For Gallery Albums and Categories, add the cover image to the API response For Blogs and Blog entries, the same as above. Add the ability to react to content. Add endpoints for featured content and top members.
  5. @Koper74 Sorry for the confusion, this issue has been resolved and will be fixed in the next release.
  6. Ah, thanks @newbie LAC, I'll make sure this is resolved in the next build.
  7. Hey @Koper74, I'm afraid I can't reproduce the issue you are seeing. The application does not use the ModeratorPermissions extension as everything is configured back-end and thus only uses admin based permissions. Are you running the latest release of IPS? If not, what version are you running? You mean the setting that requires using prefixes in specific forums, right? I'll have this added in 1.3 which will be released by Monday at the latest.
  8. Hey @USS, I'm looking into this for you now, my apologies for the delay! @jp this app is still being developed, I'm working on pushing out more updated between custom work and other projects right now but I should have some things ready soon!
  9. Hey @USS, Thanks for the report - I'll look into this. Do tags work when the application is disabled? If not, it might just be a group permissions issue you'll need to fix.
  10. Hey Kooper, I'm sorry for the delay! I'll look into this for you and let you know as soon as I have more information.
  11. Are you running the latest release of Radical Tags? I upgraded my test/dev installations to 4.4.5 with Radical Tags installed and didn't see this issue, I'm not sure what would cause this error at a glance. If you can message me on here and provide me with a temporary ACP account I can look into this for you further.
  12. What page(s) do you see this error on? Is it just on any page with tags, or somewhere specific?
  13. This should be fixed now. I've also added the ability to mass approve/reject account deactivation or deletion requests from the ModCP using the multimod tools (instead of just being able to delete them).
  14. Hey @Trippβ˜…, I'm not able to reproduce the issue you are experiencing; however, I believe this was a bug that I have fixed in the current release of the application. Can you please make sure you are running the latest version? If you are and you're still experiencing the issue, just send me a PM and I'll track down the cause of the bug.
  15. I believe every URL in there should already be flagged as disposable in the application - it queries domains remotely to check if they are disposable and then caches the result for a short while at the moment. This ensures that it always remains up to date, without needing to manually import a database of URL's from various external sources.
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