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  1. Are you running the latest release of Radical Tags? I upgraded my test/dev installations to 4.4.5 with Radical Tags installed and didn't see this issue, I'm not sure what would cause this error at a glance. If you can message me on here and provide me with a temporary ACP account I can look into this for you further.
  2. What page(s) do you see this error on? Is it just on any page with tags, or somewhere specific?
  3. This should be fixed now. I've also added the ability to mass approve/reject account deactivation or deletion requests from the ModCP using the multimod tools (instead of just being able to delete them).
  4. Hey @Tripp★, I'm not able to reproduce the issue you are experiencing; however, I believe this was a bug that I have fixed in the current release of the application. Can you please make sure you are running the latest version? If you are and you're still experiencing the issue, just send me a PM and I'll track down the cause of the bug.
  5. I believe every URL in there should already be flagged as disposable in the application - it queries domains remotely to check if they are disposable and then caches the result for a short while at the moment. This ensures that it always remains up to date, without needing to manually import a database of URL's from various external sources.
  6. Thanks! I've noted the bug and will get it fixed soon.
  7. Hey @Gabriel Torres! I should have that feature available in the next major release which should be coming in the next few weeks, and I'll be sure to get the language string fixed as well.
  8. Hey @Giray, Would you be able to set up a temporary admin account on your forum for me to use, so I can investigate the issues you are having personally? Just send me a PM here whenever you have the time if so and I'll look into your issues as soon as possible.
  9. I've pushed a maintenance release today that should resolve the issues you mentioned above @Giray, let me know if you run into any troubles updating! I'm currently working on implementing support for multi-moderation tools that will allow you to add tags and/or prefixes to multiple content items at once for the next feature release which should hopefully be available soon.
  10. I'm working on fixing some of the bugs mentioned here right now and will have a maintenance release ready by Friday. After that you should see some new feature releases coming over the next week or two. I apologize for the delays in communication and activity!
  11. @Ocean West thanks for the report and sorry for the inconvenience! I've confirmed the issue on blog pages and will be applying a fix soon.
  12. Hey ImpartialGeek! I sent you a response on Discord. I'm happy to look into this for you and help you get everything set up properly whenever you're next available! It looks like something is just misconfigured somewhere and it should be easy enough to fix once I'm able to get a look at your current configuration.
  13. With the current paid club system, the only way to restrict access to the clubs content to paid members only is to make the club Closed. This, however, requires members be manually approved by a moderator before they're able to join, This otherwise works as intended. Even after approval, members are not allowed to access the clubs content until they pay their invoice. However, if the club is Open, anyone can view the clubs content whether they are a member (subscribed) or not. The problem here is, there is currently no way to make a paid club that requires membership without also requiring manual moderator approval of members. You either make it open where anyone can pay to join the club without moderator approval and give everyone access to all the clubs content whether they're subscribed or not (generally ruining the point of a paid membership), or make it a closed system and create an unnecessary burden on both the members and the club owner/sites moderation team by having to "approve" members before they can pay their invoice to join.
  14. Yes, Discord Sign-in/account integration is currently a feature being worked on, but at the moment it's just guest based. Experimental SSO (IPS integration) support might be added in the future for self-hosted instances as well.
  15. Unfortunately, you can't force all spider's to behave properly.
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