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  1. I will look into this for you in a bit. Does the error go away when using the default IPS template? Regarding some posts missing prefixes, this would likely be an issue with Advanced Tags and Prefixes not storing the tags/prefixes correctly when you migrated, so they ended up being lost. I'm not sure what exactly is the cause of this, but as I mentioned previously, Advanced Tags and Prefixes seems to end up causing some entries in the core_tags table to be NULLed.
  2. Unfortunately there is not. As an alternative option you could move the user into a custom group that does not have permission to submit deletion requests after they've been warned, but there's no way to programmatically disable deletion requests if a user has warnings at the moment.
  3. Did you have Advanced Tags and Prefixes installed previously? Can you please send me a private message and set me up a temporary AdminCP account so I can review this? I should have it fixed for you within a few minutes.
  4. You can absolutely do this, yep! Just need to set up moderator permissions so only members in the administrator group have access.
  5. Please send me a PM here with temporary AdminCP credentials and/or FTP access and I'll look into this for you immediately.
  6. Sure! You'll just need to use the advanced editor and write up a bit of custom HTML for that. I can provide you with a demo on how to do this if you'd like.
  7. Ah sorry, I'll take a look at that for you this week and see what I can do about that for you!
  8. Hey @Paul E., Can you download and upgrade to the latest release and see if this resolves the errors you are experiencing? Thanks for your patience throughout this investigation!
  9. Right, we figured it out, it was my fault 🙂 I'll have this fixed in a maintenance released shortly @Paul E.
  10. Ah, okay. I don't mean you need to disable it permanently, just for a brief moment while you run the task for testing, but if it only happens at random intervals it would probably be hard to reproduce anyways. I'll try and see if I can maybe reproduce this locally.
  11. Hey @Paul E., I know you mentioned you couldn't provide ACP access for debugging, but were you able to try simply temporarily disabling Adriano's app and then manually running the process task for Account Deactivation and see if the error persists? You can manually run the task by searching for "tasks": Then in tasks, search for the process task, If you get an error even with Adriano's application disabled, then it's likely something I need to address. If it only occurs when both are enabled, it's a conflict we'll figure out together.
  12. I believe so. The LOCATION_UNKNOWN error means IPS can't determine where the current session location is, which Account Deactivation should not ever alter this data. Can you try disabling linked accounts temporarily, then run the task manually and see if the error persists?
  13. @Paul E. This looks like it may be an issue with Linked Accounts rather than Account Deactivation, but I can take a look at it if you'd like. I'll just need you to shoot me a PM with a temporary AdminCP account. It might be worth contacting Adriano as well and see if he can look into the error in question.
  14. Hey @Paul E., Can you send me a PM here and set me up with temporary AdminCP access on your forum so that I can investigate this further for you?
  15. I've been battling a bit of the flu or a cold this week. Hoping it's nothing more, and sure it probably is just a standard bug because of the weather shifting here. Nothing really bad symptom wise, but makes things a bit awkward right now. You don't know, so don't want to go out at all just in-case you might be carrying something, so I'm just having food dropped off at the door no contact right now and powering through it, lol. Don't think we have any testing set up in my state yet or anything either way.
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