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  1. I also have a plugin here that can do something similar: Adriano's application is more advanced / has more features, mine's just for more brarebones link filtering.
  2. Not really missing much, some people are just insanely stupid, vile beings. Same types of people who opened and licked ice cream containers in a grocery store just for a bit of clout. See the video I linked earlier. Some of these people get caught. One person who did this to deodorant and recorded it got arrested and is facing up to 5 years in prison for "Making a Terror Threat". May likely not actually get 5 years, but will definitely but looking at some harsh penalties. Zero sympathy for these people. They deserve severe fines and/or prison time. Edit: The person who went around coughing on groceries got the exact same treatment. Arrested and charged with 4 felonies. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/grocery-store-throws-out-35k-worth-food-woman-coughed-twisted-n1169401 These people are vile, worthless trash to society.
  3. Maybe now would be a good time to invest in a bidet! Have you seen the toilet seats Japan has? Bidets, air drying, and heated seats! They're magical. Our toilets look like tools of savages in comparison.
  4. @Morgin I know it's frustrating, but it's not worth engaging at this point. These people really aren't worth our time. Let them scream to themselves all they want. They've shown they won't listen to reason. Some of the things they say are angering, insensitive and blatantly misinformed, and I know we want to respond, but we've spent 18 pages trying to reason with them. It's just not going to go anywhere. Take solace in knowing they're a minority and just ignore them, or only indirectly respond with useful citable news and other information. I think that's the best thing to do at this point.
  5. I have a friend in the UK in a similar situation @ahc. Seeing the video above helps me get an insight into just what she's going through first-hand, and it's pretty terrifying. The PPE shortage, equipment scares and such is the same there I believe. I don't know just how bad it is, and I kind of don't want to ask in fear of the subject making her anxiety worse, but I know it's pretty bad. I wish there was more I could do to help her other than just give her all the mental support and such I can. I wish you and your significant other all the best. You're all playing an extremely vital role in our society today and I can't really understate how much appreciation nurses, doctors and other first responders dealing with this deserve right now.
  6. We all feel your frustration here @ahc. It's unfortunately a discussion that is never going to end productively. These people won't be convinced of anything. Many of us have spent the last 18 pages trying, including most of the IPS staff themselves, but it's gone and will continue to go nowhere. Just be safe and help encourage others who will listen to do the same.
  7. Hey @Zhana! Sorry for the inconvenience! Looks like this domain hasn't been added to the database yet but it should be added soon. You can also manually blacklist any domains that are an immediate problem as Bluto mentioned, though it shouldn't take long for these domain aliases to be flagged and added. If you have the application configured to force existing members with disposable e-mails to update their accounts, it will still be able to flag them once the domain is added to the blacklist.
  8. Here's some stupid people winning the stupid prizes they justly deserve. The thought that some creep may have been licking my deodorant for some stupid internet challenge (regardless of how unlikely) sends shivers up my spine. Ugh.
  9. Ah, yeah they might be the same here, I honestly can't remember. Its been many years since I've actually seen one haha. The ones here are completely harmless though.
  10. I work from home myself and get most things delivered by default, so, not a huge impact for me personally. I'm used to living most of my life indoors, haha. Only thing is I can't go out and see movies and such, just really small stuff like that. I can still work and keep busy otherwise. I picked up Half-Life Alyx yesterday actually, which is an amazing VR game if you happen to have a VR headset to play it with!
  11. These are what we call Daddy Long Legs here:
  12. Spiders in general freak me out a bit, but some spiders I don't mind or can even find a bit cute! Jumping spiders, for example. They're small, harmless and curious critters. Not really terrifying, unless they jump on you suddenly. Also they apparently kill wasps. And I have a morbid fear of wasps. So they're 100% cool in my book. Phidippus Audax-1.mp4
  13. You have a small handful of themes submitted to the marketplace, most of which are variants of the same theme. No offense, but, neither of you are really part of "the dev community" here to begin with. Those of us that are may have differences of opinions on some things, but we pretty much all agree on the same things here otherwise.
  14. Still waiting for that citation @Midnight Modding.
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