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  1. Self-explanatory; there currently appears to be no API endpoint for creating gallery albums. You can only get a list of albums or pull information of an existing album. There's no POST/creation API method in the latest release.
  2. I'm fighting a bit of sickness right now while trying to balance a few projects, but updating this is high on my priority list, so hopefully I'll have something within 1-3 weeks!
  3. Something that occurred to me recently: From what I can tell, if you utilize guest caching on an IPS community website, pages that are cached will not update the advertisement impression counter. This could be an issue for communities that utilize guest caching and sell impression based advertisements or otherwise rely on impression limited adverts. If there was a way to offer support for registering advertisement impressions on cached pages, I think this would be a useful addition. I'm not sure if this would be as simple as calling \IPS\core\Advertisement::updateImpressions(); on cached pages or if more work would be required (I haven't tested this locally yet). I feel like it might not, as the Advertisement class may fetch a different advertisement than is displayed on the cached page and thus would update the wrong impression counter if you called it on a cached page. So making this work may require at the least logging the advertisement used with the cached page output. (Actually this brings up another question, are other view counters and such updated with guest caching enabled? I imagine they aren't either)
  4. Fair enough! I hear you. I'll work on getting support for saved moderator actions implemented in the next release.
  5. Hey @Paul E., So I can get a better idea of the problem, is there any way you can send me a screenshot demonstrating this issue?
  6. Awesome, glad to hear it! Please let me know if you run into any issues and I'll be happy to help!
  7. Hi @djpretzel, The option to migrate will only appear if ATP is still installed and enabled. If it detects an active installation and you haven't migrated yet, it should show an option to there. The "lowercase all tags" tool is unrelated and always displays.
  8. Hey @Gabriel Torres, I'm planning to move away from "Saved actions" in this application, instead adding options to mass add/replace tags as a standard multimod action. I should be able to add in an option to remove prefixes as well, however, and I believe this should cover what you need.
  9. @Paul E. This should be fixed now! Can you download the latest release and confirm everything is working for you?
  10. Hey @Paul E. This should not happen and it should use whatever your default table engine is on installation - this is likely a carry-over from an older version of IPS that hasn't been changed yet. I'll have this fixed today and push out a maintenance release for it.
  11. Thanks for the additional information. We use Elasticsearch on our 4.3 production server and they seem to be working, but I'll see if I can reproduce this on 4.4!
  12. Advanced Prefixes and this app can not be used together, you'll have to enable ATP for this app to function properly. I'm afraid I don't intend to offer any Black Friday sales on my marketplace listings. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving though!
  13. Hey @SJ77, In regards to downloads not working, this is generally a server specific issue. I'm happy to look into it for you, however, but I'll need you to PM me here and set me up with temporary admin/SSH access to your server so I can review your configuration and any errors that may be occurring. Regarding button placement, I'll have that updated in the next release. Regarding customers not being able to review after bulk downloading, that is indeed a bug and I will add it to the issue tracker and have it fixed in a maintenance release. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  14. Are you using PHP or nginx sendfile to process downloads?
  15. Are you getting any errors or just not seeing the download buttons anymore?
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