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  1. Makoto

    4.4: Turbo charging loading speeds

    There is no actual benefit in doing this. Those additional prefixes are also there for a reason. They're maintained for backwards compatibility.
  2. Makoto

    4.4: Turbo charging loading speeds

    This all looks wonderful. So many awesome improvements to the suite lately. Keep up the great work guys.
  3. Account Deactivation has been tested to be fully compatible with 4.3.x! This upgrade provides a great opportunity to add this additional functionality to your IPS community.

    You can learn more about the application here:

    Additionally, you can get the application $20 off from now until Friday evening!

    1. AlexJ


      Shows 75 to me. I don't see it for 20 bucks. 

    2. Makoto


      Er, that was supposed to be $20 off, not $20. Sorry about that ^^;

    3. AlexJ


      For one second, I thought, I would go for 20 one. 50 is out of my pockets. Appreciate quick reply! -  Thank you

  4. Makoto

    Account Deactivation

    Yep! Everything is good to go for 4.3.x ? But if you run into any issues, just let me know and I'll be here to help!
  5. Makoto

    Account Deactivation

    Everything should be working for 4.3.x, but I'll run some more extensive tests in the morning so you can be 100% certain everything is fully functional!
  6. Makoto

    4.3: Engagement Improvements

    You can, I just meant for the forums here
  7. Makoto

    4.3: Engagement Improvements

    I'd like to suggest a "love" reaction that I can use for some of these recent updates
  8. Makoto

    4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager

    This looks awesome and is definitely incredibly useful for me. I'm very much so looking forward to this update. Keep up the great work guys!
  9. This is the official support / feedback thread for the Attachment Download Restrictions application.
  10. Yep. My account deactivation application supports grace periods for account deletion request as well. Additionally, during the grace period the account is considered deactivated and the only way the user can access the account again is to abort the deletion request on login. This can also be combined with required moderator approval (where the grace period starts after a request has been approved).
  11. Personal information from their profile, maybe. But deleting all of their posts and everything else, I doubt it. I even have a specific clause in my Terms of Service to act as a protection against such claims, It's a bit aggressive, but it leaves no room for dispute or argument.
  12. Yes, my account deactivation application is one of the applications I've sunk the most time into. It is very comprehensive and prioritizes features to prevent abuse or "hacked" account deletions as @Lindy referenced. It's written with extensive testing and such in mind as well, which is run with every new release to ensure all of the security features remain working properly with every update. It sounds like a simple enough feature to add, but it takes a lot of care and work to ensure it's done properly and safely.
  13. Hi Makoto, how are you? Please can you send me the files for the module you developed for me? I could really do with them!

    1. Makoto


      Hey Tait! I'm doing okay. I sent a reply to your PM Monday but forgot to give you a ping here!

    2. Tait Pollack_19680

      Tait Pollack_19680

      Thanks, I just replied. I appreciate you coming back to me please let's finish the project so I can get the store live on www.metalforum.com.

    3. Tait Pollack_19680

      Tait Pollack_19680

      Also as an aside - are you on MAL? My username there is dilatedMind

  14. Makoto

    Reactions +2 reputation?

    Just because it didn't make it this release doesn't mean they aren't working on it
  15. I'm curious, what do you consider an "exorbitant" amount? I recently purchased an excellent theme from @OsmanK for only $30. I would have happily paid twice that.