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  1. ohhhi see, i havent been really working on Valencia Orange, we are using Legacy Glow as a default, i need to disable those unused themes.
  2. not a problem, i love feedback. I am a little confused though, could you send me some screenshots here or in a message?
  3. https://gyazo.com/81afc5008cec567291d0cb4415052169 this gif should help, basically where the mouse moves over the tab it should immediately fade to black and show me the sub menu.
  4. Thanks again! One more slight issue on my side, do you know where to edit the response times for the tabbed menu below the logo? I would like to change it to css animations or remove the delay for a "quicker" feel.
  5. hey @Pete T i cannot find the element that makes the little white triangle near the postbit/content area shown in this screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/Gyxxf how do i get rid of it?
  6. @Veilon Hey, my members and I really enjoy your themes but it causes a huge trouble with the template cache systems and messes with uploads. Bugs found: Blocks added not being saved (ex. add gallary statistics to front page, press finish editing, refresh and its gone) Images and uploads not being recognized. (uploading profile pictures, saying its not the right file extension) Footer social links are not dissapearing, no settings for it Sticky header on a small screen makes the account dropdown and menu links overlap and cause a big UI mess Menu link FA icons are buggy mess I am unable to use your theme until its fixed plsfix
  7. Hey there, I tried installing your plugin today, but i get this very unhelpful error code 3C145/3 Something went wrong. Please try again.
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